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Summary of reviewsHotelboot Zwaan is a unique and memorable stay in Amsterdam with a fantastic and strategic location in the heart of the city. Guests appreciate the central location, quiet and cozy atmosphere onboard and the friendly and helpful owner. The breakfast is highly recommended with guests raving about the rich and diverse spread served on a banquet table and buffet style. The rooms are small but well-equipped, clean and comfortable with private bathrooms. The staff, including the owner and captain, are fantastic, friendly, accommodating and understanding. While the wifi can be slow and parking can be tricky, guests generally find that the convenience of staying on a hotel boat in a central location is well worth it. The beds are super comfortable and excellent with some guests describing the stay as romantic and warm. Overall, Hotelboot Zwaan provides a relaxed and unforgettable experience that many guests would love to return to.
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No, some rooms only: 10 € per night, one dog per night and pls make reservation!
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Yes, € 10 per night
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Yes, During the booking process
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Room Types
Twin Room This simply-furnished cabin includes a private bathroom.

Triple Room This simply-furnished cabin includes a private bathroom.

Double Room This simply-furnished cabin includes a private bathroom.

Mini Suite This snug cabin features a small double bed, romantic décor and a private bathroom.

Double or Twin Room This air-conditioned twin/double room features a private bathroom, a tea and coffee maker, a wardrobe as well as a patio. The unit offers 2 beds.

About Hotelboot Zwaan
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Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotelboot Zwaan has a fantastic and strategic location in the heart of Amsterdam with panoramic views of the city. It is ideally situated within walking distance of the central train station and the city center, making it the perfect base to explore all of Amsterdam's must-see places. The location is also very convenient for those who want to visit the red light district. Guests have praised the boat's central location, as well as the quiet and cozy atmosphere onboard. The owner is also very friendly and helpful. Overall, the location of Hotelboot Zwaan is highly recommended for a unique and memorable stay in Amsterdam.

If you're a breakfast person, Hotelboot Zwaan has got you covered! The reviews rave about the breakfast with guests mentioning how rich and diverse it was, served on a banquet table and buffet style. The host himself served the delicious breakfast which had a lot of different healthy options to choose from. Guests praised the tasty, amazing and delicious breakfast with some using terms like "perfect", "fantastic" and "amazing". The breakfast was fancy enough and the spread had everything you could imagine, including fresh fruit and vegetables, various types of bread, jams, yoghurt, coffee, tea and freshly squeezed juice. A vegetarian guest was delighted with the breakfast and a few guests mentioned the host's efforts to provide a variety of options. There were even guests who were impressed with the takeaway breakfast boxes provided by the host. Overall, the breakfast experience seems to have been excellent with only a few guests who had a slightly different expectation.

Hotelboot Zwaan offers a unique stay in Amsterdam aboard a lovely cosy hotel boat. The rooms are small but well-equipped and correspond to the photos with private bathrooms and enough space for a comfortable stay. Some guests mention that the beds are a bit small and hard, but generally, they are comfortable and the rooms are really clean. The cabins are small but functional and some guests found them cramped, but others appreciated the compact design. One of the issues mentioned is that the rooms are very small and sometimes have a bad smell or are noisy. However, the accommodation is excellent for those seeking an unforgettable and atypical experience. The location is great and the attentive owner makes the stay even better.

Hotelboot Zwaan offers guests super comfortable and excellent beds, according to guest reviews. Some guests noted that they were not cold at night due to provided heaters, while others found the beds to be a bit narrow or small. However, many guests raved about the comfort and cleanliness of the beds, as well as the private bathrooms that come with each room. Some guests did mention noise as an issue, but overall, the bed comfort level seemed to be a highlight of the hotel.

Hotelboot Zwaan has received many positive comments about its cleanliness from its guests. Rooms were described as clean, comfortable and well-serviced with extremely clean facilities. The hotel has an authentic feel and a well-maintained interior. The breakfast was praised for being delicious and varied. The staff were friendly and accommodating and the location was described as convenient. However, a few guests did mention issues with foul smells and some cleanliness concerns, including stained sheets and blankets and the presence of bed bugs. Overall, the majority of guests found their stay at Hotelboot Zwaan to be clean and comfortable with attentive staff and well-maintained facilities.

Hotelboot Zwaan has received a lot of positive feedback regarding its staff. The owner, Rick and the captain are described as fantastic, friendly, accommodating and understanding. Guests appreciate their kindness, cleanliness and willingness to go above and beyond to make their stay pleasant. The owner is also mentioned as being a great host who is always open to offering support and assistance. Guests were welcomed warmly and felt taken care of during their stay. There were a few negative comments about the host rushing guests during check-out or having a cold reception, but these were few and far between. Overall, guests appreciate the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff at Hotelboot Zwaan.

If you're looking for a hotel with great wifi, Hotelboot Zwaan might not be the best choice. Some guests complained about slow speeds of 1-3Mbps and some even said they couldn't connect to the internet at all. However, others mentioned that wifi is available onboard the ship and while the connection might be limited, it didn't really bother them during their stay. It's important to note that in some rooms the wifi didn't work at all, while in other areas of the hotel there was no internet connection. So, if staying connected is a priority for you, it might be best to look for other options.

Hotelboot Zwaan is a great choice for visitors who want to be close to the city center and the train station. However, parking can be a bit tricky in Amsterdam with many guests noting that on-site parking is expensive. Some guests recommend that visitors explore alternative options, including nearby parking garages and Park and Ride facilities. Despite this, some guests note that the location of the hotel is perfect with affordable parking just a few minutes' walk away. While parking may require a bit of planning ahead, guests generally find that the convenience of staying on a hotel boat in a central location is well worth it.

Hotelboot Zwaan offers a relaxed and romantic experience that is highly recommended for those seeking a cozy stay in Amsterdam. The fantastic boathouse boasts a great view of the city and an old-fashioned, fancy feel. Sleeping on a boat provides a unique and unforgettable experience with some guests expressing that the view from the small porthole in the morning was delightful. Visitors describe the stay as romantic and warm with a fantastic location just a stone's throw away from downtown. Many guests say they would love to return to this wonderful and extraordinary stay on a boathouse.

No, Hotelboot Zwaan doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotelboot Zwaan.

Yes, Hotelboot Zwaan welcomes dogs. For more information, read the answers to the Dog Friendly questionnaire

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotelboot Zwaan.

No, Hotelboot Zwaan doesn't have a gym.
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