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Aonang Beach , , 125 Moo 3, Ao Nang, Muang,krabi (Show on Map)
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Summary of reviewsAo Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach is a well-situated retreat praised for its excellent, central location. It is conveniently positioned close to the main strip of bars, restaurants, shops, 7-Eleven and Ao Nang Beach—all within walking distance. Despite being centrally located, the hotel offers a tranquil and quiet atmosphere. Practical amenities like scooter rentals and laundry services enhance guests’ convenience, making it a highly recommended option for exploring the Ao Nang area.

The breakfast experience at the hotel garners mixed feedback. Many guests enjoyed the varied and fresh selection, emphasizing the availability of fresh fruits, cooked-to-order dishes and good coffee. Some appreciated the option of room-delivered breakfast. However, others found the breakfast minimal, overpriced and lacking in healthier options.

The on-property Italian restaurant receives high praise for its excellent and tasty cuisine, despite being relatively expensive. In addition, guests also enjoyed the nearby Thai restaurants and local market with fish stalls, offering a diverse dining experience.

Rooms at the hotel are described as spacious, comfortable, well-decorated and equipped with extensive amenities. Guests appreciate the large beds, cleanliness and unique design with some rooms offering beautiful mountain or sea views and balconies. Some concerns include the age and upkeep of the rooms with occasional issues like musty smells, noise and lapses in cleanliness and maintenance standards.

Cleanliness at the hotel has mixed reviews. While many commend the spacious, clean rooms and friendly housekeeping staff, there are reports of issues like musty smells, mold in bathrooms and inconsistent cleaning practices.

The staff at Ao Nang Colors Hotel are frequently praised for their attentiveness, friendliness and helpfulness. The reception team, including members like Pinky and Gigi, are noted for their reliability and customer service, significantly enhancing the guest experience.

The hotel’s Wi-Fi receives mixed feedback with some guests finding it sufficient while others encounter slow, dropping connections, especially on the top floor.

The pool area provides stunning views and a pleasant space for relaxation, especially enjoying sunset vistas from the infinity pool. However, maintenance and cleanliness need improvement with reports of chipped tiles and murky water detracting from the experience.

The hotel's proximity to Ao Nang Beach and various attractions is a significant highlight, even though the beach itself may not be the most beautiful. The short walk to the beach and vibrant surroundings make it an excellent base for exploring.

The hotel is noted as a family-friendly destination, offering spacious family rooms and a welcoming environment, particularly enjoyed by children.

Guests generally find the beds comfortable and spacious, contributing to a satisfying sleep experience, though some found them too hard or noted occasional maintenance issues with the bedding.

While some guests feel the hotel doesn't fully meet four-star standards and leans more towards three stars, it still offers a satisfying experience with a commendable price-quality ratio, making it a great value for budget travelers.

Overall, Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach offers a blend of comfort, convenience and friendly service, making it a solid choice for those looking to explore Ao Nang and its surroundings.
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The hotel features a Honeymoon Suite which offers luxurious and comfortable accommodation to all couples. Boasting an amalgamation of Thai and Mediterranean elements, this suite will become the most romantic love nest, offering you and your loved one unique private moments.

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Room Types
Deluxe Double Room The spacious double room features air conditioning, a tea and coffee maker, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower and a hairdryer. This double room has a wardrobe, a tiled floor and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The unit has 1 bed.

Deluxe King Room The spacious double room provides air conditioning, a tea and coffee maker, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower and a hairdryer. This double room features a wardrobe, a tiled floor and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The unit offers 1 bed.

Penthouse Apartment This spacious apartment includes 1 living room, 3 separate bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a bath and free toiletries. Boasting a terrace with sea views, this apartment also offers air conditioning and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The unit has 3 beds.

King Suite with Balcony This spacious suite comprises 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a bath and free toiletries. This suite features air conditioning, a tea and coffee maker, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a terrace. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
A stay at Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach offers guests a well-situated retreat with the convenience of its location frequently praised. This hotel is perfectly positioned for easy access to the main strip of bars, restaurants and shops, making it a great base for those looking to explore the vibrant surroundings. Many reviews highlighted its excellent, central location that allows visitors to be close to the beach, food market and night market, all within walking distance. Despite being centrally located, the hotel maintains a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, offering a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of Ao Nang's main attractions.

Close proximity to a 7-Eleven and the Ao Nang Beach ensures that guests have everything they need within a short walk. The hotel’s strategic location makes it easy for guests to enjoy excursions and evening entertainment with both Ao Nang and Noppharat attractions easily reachable.

Furthermore, the convenience extends to practical amenities such as scooter rentals and laundry services, which are available on-site. The hotel's serene setting on a small hill offers a tranquil environment while still being just minutes away from bustling areas. All in all, the combination of a central yet quiet location, easy access to various points of interest and comfortable amenities makes Ao Nang Colors Hotel a highly recommended option for travelers seeking to explore the Ao Nang area.

'At Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach,' guest reviews about breakfast present mixed opinions. Many guests found the breakfast delightful, highlighting a varied and abundant selection with items like fresh fruits, eggs, toast, fried rice, pancakes and good coffee. Some praised the quality and freshness, noting dishes were cooked to order and enjoyed the option of having breakfast delivered to their rooms.

However, other reviews pointed to limitations. Several guests felt the breakfast was minimal and overly basic with comments on the limited variety and lack of healthier options. Some mentioned it was overpriced for Thai standards and others described it as poor or subpar. The breakfast occasionally failed to be ready on time, adding to some guests' dissatisfaction. Negative feedback also included remarks on it being extremely sugary, lacking in hot dishes or just not worth its price.

In summary, while some guests appreciated the breakfast at Ao Nang Colors Hotel for its freshness and variety, others felt there was room for improvement in terms of diversity, value and healthier choices.

Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach features an on-property Italian restaurant that receives high praise for its quality and taste. Guests consistently describe the food as amazing, excellent and super tasty with some specifically highlighting it as fantastic. Although the Italian cuisine is noted to be on the expensive side, it remains a favored dining option among hotel visitors. Beyond the Italian offerings, there are several good Thai restaurants nearby and a local market with fish stalls within a short walk, providing a diverse dining experience for guests.

Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach offers impressively spacious rooms with a comfortable ambiance and a unique design. Many guests appreciated the large room sizes, large beds and extensive amenities including TV, mini fridge, kettle and hairdryer. The rooms are generally described as clean, comfortable and beautifully decorated with some offering nice views of the mountains or the sea and even featuring balconies or terraces. The Italian-style furnishings add a touch of charm and the luxurious bathrooms with spacious rain showers and clean facilities further enhance the experience.

Guests also enjoyed the quiet atmosphere of the hotel and were pleased with the friendly and helpful staff. The hotel maintains a tidy appearance with clean linens and daily room cleaning.

However, there were some criticisms regarding the age and upkeep of the rooms with some guests noting issues like moldy smells, noise and rundown conditions. A few guests reported lapses in daily cleaning and maintenance standards and the facilities could benefit from modernization. Despite these drawbacks, the overall impression of the rooms is positive, providing a comfortable stay with ample space and pleasant decor.

The beds at Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach have generally received positive reviews from guests with many highlighting their comfort and spaciousness. Descriptions such as very comfortable bed, soft and comfortable bed and large and comfortable bed are frequent, indicating a mostly satisfying sleep experience. Several guests particularly appreciated the enormous and huge beds, which seem to offer ample space for relaxing.

However, some reviews do point to issues with the beds. Comments about uncomfortably hard beds, rock-hard beds and beds were quite uncomfortable and hard suggest that the firmness of the mattresses did not suit everyone. There were instances of beds looking pre-slept in, stained bed linen and bedsheets had holes, indicating occasional inconsistencies in bed maintenance.

Despite these occasional complaints, many guests still referred to the bedding as clean and found the beds to be a positive aspect of their stay. The consistency in comments about the beds being comfortable suggests that most visitors leave satisfied with their sleeping arrangements at this hotel.

Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach receives mixed feedback regarding its cleanliness. Many guests commend the hotel for its spacious and clean rooms, which are regularly cleaned with fresh towels, water and toiletries provided daily. The bathrooms also earn positive marks for their cleanliness and the friendly housekeeping staff contribute to an overall pleasant experience. The swimming pool and general hotel facilities are often described as clean and tidy, adding to the comfortable atmosphere of the hotel.

However, there are notable criticisms. Some guests report rooms that were not thoroughly cleaned before arrival with instances of musty smells and damp sheets due to humidity. Issues such as mold in the bathrooms, dirty pools and chipped tiles are mentioned. Reports of dirty rooms, stained sofas and unclean corridors and front desk areas also detract from the hotel's appeal. Additionally, complaints about minimal cleanliness and a lack of attention to detail suggest that the hotel's cleaning practices may occasionally be subpar. Certain areas like the bathroom walls and shower nozzles are identified as needing more thorough cleaning.

Overall, while many guests find the hotel to be clean, spacious and comfortable, there is a clear need for improvement in consistent cleanliness and maintenance practices to meet all guests' expectations.

Ao Nang Colors Hotel has garnered significant praise for its attentive, welcoming and always smiling reception staff. Guests frequently mention the overall friendliness and helpful nature of the staff, highlighting their willingness to go above and beyond to assist. The hotel manager and the team, including receptionists like Pinky and Gigi, are often noted for their knowledge and reliability. Several reviews mention the help received with excursion bookings and local information, reflecting the staff's dedication to customer service.

Despite a few comments on language barriers and occasional unavailability, the general sentiment towards the staff remains overwhelmingly positive. Many guests appreciated the punctual transfer service and excellent service at the breakfast area. The hotel staff's genuine manners and pleasant demeanor contributed significantly to positive guest experiences.

Overall, the hotel's staff is consistently described as friendly, super helpful, accommodating and polite, which greatly enhances the guests' stay at Ao Nang Colors Hotel.

Travelers must note that the Wi-Fi experience at the Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach has garnered mixed reviews. While some visitors found the Wi-Fi to be good in their rooms and mentioned that the signal strength improved, others faced challenges. Several guests pointed out that the internet connection was slow, unreliable and prone to dropping out. Those staying on the top floor reported particularly poor signal strength. Although air conditioning is consistently praised alongside the Wi-Fi in some reviews, the overall reliability of the internet connection appears to be an area needing improvement.

The pool at Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach seems to be a hit or miss among guests. On the positive side, many reviewers described the pool as great, beautiful and lovely. The infinity pool, in particular, received compliments for its gorgeous views and stunning sunset vistas. The rooftop pool was also highlighted for being a fantastic spot, especially at sunset with some describing it as refreshing and enjoyable. The pool area is reportedly quite nice, quiet and equipped with lots of sunbeds, making it a pleasant space for relaxation.

However, there are notable concerns. Maintenance appears to be an issue with several guests mentioning chipped and cracked tiles, detached tiles and general signs of aging and neglect. Additionally, cleanliness seems inconsistent with reports of a musty smell, algae and murky green water. Some even found the pool not usable due to cleanliness issues. Despite these setbacks, the pool area is still appreciated by many for its views and the relaxing experience it offers after a day of touring.

In summary, while the pool at Ao Nang Colors Hotel has its drawbacks, it remains a highlight for many due to its beautiful views and generally pleasant atmosphere. Improvements in maintenance and cleanliness could significantly enhance the overall guest experience.

The Ao Nang Colors Hotel boasts an enviable location that is widely praised by guests for its close proximity to Ao Nang Beach and the surrounding attractions. While not situated directly on the beach, the hotel is a short walk away, typically around 5 to 10 minutes on foot, making it very convenient for guests eager to explore the coastline. The nearby beach offers stunning sunsets and access to longtail boats, enhancing the overall beach experience.

The hotel is also strategically positioned near various restaurants, shops and the Ao Nang Night Market, which guests find particularly convenient. Additionally, the quiet street setting ensures a peaceful stay while still being close to the vibrant main street and communal beach areas. Beach access is uncomplicated and the provision of free beach towels is a thoughtful touch that guests appreciate.

Although some reviews mention that the beach isn't the most beautiful, the general consensus is that the location remains a major draw with easy access to multiple beaches within short walking distances. This makes it an excellent base for exploring everything Ao Nang Beach has to offer, from the bustling promenade to the quieter, more secluded spots.

Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach is highlighted as a family-friendly destination offering amenities well-suited for families, such as spacious and comfortable family rooms. Numerous guests note that the hotel is ideal for family stays, accommodating families of various sizes, including those with young children. The family-run establishment stands out for making families feel welcome with reception staff being particularly accommodating. Children particularly enjoy the pool, contributing to a memorable family experience. The hotel provides a suitable space for family gatherings and celebrations, ensuring that guests of all ages enjoy their stay.

4 Star
Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach offers a range of four-star services and amenities that provide excellent value for money, making the stay a great choice for travelers on a budget. Guests have praised the fantastic facilities, highlighting the commendable price-quality ratio. Despite mixed opinions on the actual star rating with some suggesting the hotel falls short of a true four-star standard and leans more towards three stars, many appreciated the quality offered at such competitive prices. Overall, while not all reviews feel the hotel lives up to a four-star promise, it nevertheless delivers a satisfying experience for the cost, ensuring great value.

Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach seems to cater well to business travelers, offering a range of amenities tailored to their needs. The hotel provides business services at the reception and has a business center on-site, making it convenient for professional tasks. Guests appreciated the small rooms furnished with tables and chairs by the window, which are suitable for work. The cleanliness and spaciousness of the rooms, along with daily cleaning services, are additional positives.

Furthermore, the staff are frequently described as very friendly and helpful, ensuring a welcoming environment for visitors. The good wifi in the rooms supports the necessary connectivity for business purposes. The hotel is also strategically located, adding to its appeal for business travelers. Transfers and excursions available on-site add an extra layer of convenience, while the overall professional atmosphere makes it a four-star accommodation option.

However, a few guests noted that certain amenities necessary for business travel could be improved with wifi issues being a highlight. Despite this, the overall feedback leans towards a positive experience for business travelers choosing this hotel.

Outdoor Pool
Perched on the 3rd floor, the infinity pool at Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach offers an exquisite touch of luxury with its spectacular views and relaxing ambiance, making it a popular spot among guests for unwinding after their tours. Visitors frequently praise the pool for its stunning sunset views and overall pleasant experience. The pool area itself is often described as lovely and great with comments highlighting its cleanliness and the availability of clean towels for guests. Although feedback occasionally mentions issues such as a dirty or green pool, the majority of reviews emphasize the pool's aesthetic appeal and enjoyable atmosphere. The rooftop location further enhances the swimming experience, making it a notable feature of this charming hotel.

Yes, Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Rooftop Pool, Outdoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach.

No, Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach.

No, Ao Nang Colors Hotel - Aonang Beach doesn't have a gym.

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