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Summary of reviewsHotel Altes Badehaus in Bad Dürrenberg enjoys widespread acclaim for several notable features, ensuring a delightful stay for its guests. Centrally located along the picturesque Saale River and adjacent to the Saale cycle path, the hotel offers an idyllic and serene environment perfect for relaxation and exploration. Its proximity to the LAGA Landesgartenschau 2024 garden exhibition, spa park and countryside trails makes it an excellent base for outdoor activities like hiking and biking. Additionally, the hotel's strategic position provides easy access to Merseburg, Halle and practical amenities such as the nearby train station and highway, blending natural beauty with cultural intrigue.

Guests rave about the breakfast experience, which is described as ample, delicious and varied, featuring fresh rolls, cheese, cold cuts and scrambled eggs. The option to enjoy breakfast on the terrace during sunny weather adds to the appeal. Despite minor critiques of the selection, the overall sentiment remains highly positive, emphasizing the good quality and presentation of the breakfast offerings.

The on-site dining experiences receive high praise for excellent cuisine, featuring traditional specialties like horse roulade, venison stew and schnitzel. The cozy beer garden and terrace enhance the dining atmosphere and the friendly, attentive service rounds off a highly recommended culinary experience.

The rooms at Hotel Altes Badehaus impress guests with their cleanliness, modern decor and comfort. Many rooms are newly renovated, brightly lit and spacious, offering a cozy and tasteful environment. The beds are particularly commended for their comfort, though a few guests mentioned that some rooms near the reception could be noisy.

Cleanliness consistently stands out as a key feature throughout the hotel with guests repeatedly commending the well-kept environment. The breakfast room and guest rooms are particularly noted for their neatness and modernity, despite a few isolated comments on bathroom cleanliness.

The staff at Hotel Altes Badehaus receives glowing reviews for their friendliness, helpfulness and attentive service. From the cheerful reception team to the courteous restaurant staff, guests appreciate the warm and professional atmosphere that enhances their overall experience.

Parking is hassle-free with free spaces available in front of the hotel, accommodating both vehicles and bicycles securely. This provision adds an additional layer of convenience for guests, especially those traveling with two-wheelers.

Hotel Altes Badehaus is also celebrated for its dog-friendly atmosphere, providing water and treats for pets, creating a welcoming environment for travelers with dogs, although some found the pet fee to be a bit high.

In summary, Hotel Altes Badehaus offers a pleasant and comfortable stay characterized by its excellent location, delicious breakfast, outstanding dining options, clean and modern rooms, friendly staff, convenient parking and pet-friendly policy. The combination of these elements makes it a highly recommended choice for various types of travelers.
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Room Types
Single Room The room features satellite TV and has an en suite bathroom.

Double Room The room features satellite TV and has an en suite bathroom.

Suite These suites feature a view of the garden. Some have a bathtub.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Altes Badehaus boasts an exceptional location that has garnered positive feedback from guests. Nestled in Bad Dürrenberg, it offers a variety of advantages for visitors looking to explore the region. The hotel is notably positioned along the scenic Saale River and the Saale cycle path, making it a prime spot for cycling enthusiasts and those who enjoy picturesque riverside views. Its serene and peaceful surroundings create a quiet, pleasant atmosphere perfect for relaxation.

In close proximity to the LAGA Landesgartenschau 2024 garden exhibition, the hotel serves as an excellent base for event attendees. The nearby spa park and countryside add to the tranquil appeal of the area, making it an ideal retreat. Guests have noted the hotel's convenient access to hiking and biking trails, enhancing its attractiveness for outdoor activities.

Moreover, the strategically central location provides easy access to notable destinations such as Merseburg and Halle, as well as practical amenities like the train station, which is just a 10-15 minute walk away and the highway. The setting, in a beautiful historical site, further enriches the experience by blending natural beauty with cultural intrigue.

Overall, the hotel's location receives praise for its idyllic and peaceful environment, set against the backdrop of the river and lush greenery, ensuring a delightful stay for guests.

Hotel Altes Badehaus in Germany offers a breakfast experience that has garnered largely positive feedback from its guests. The breakfast buffet is often described as very good, ample and delicious, leaving visitors satisfied and ready to start their day. Many guests enjoyed the variety of options available, including fresh rolls, cheese, cold cuts and scrambled eggs, which were particularly praised for their freshness and taste.

The breakfast is served in a pleasant setting with some reviewers highlighting the opportunity to enjoy it on the terrace in sunny weather. This adds a delightful touch to the overall dining experience. While the breakfast selection is often noted for its variety and sufficiency, a few guests felt that it has potential for improvement and could include more diverse options.

Despite minor points of critique, such as the occasional mention of a modest selection or absence of hot dishes, the overall sentiment towards the breakfast at Hotel Altes Badehaus remains highly positive. Guests appreciate the consistent quality, good presentation and the seamless blend of taste and variety that it offers, making it a highly recommended part of their stay.

The dining experience at Hotel Altes Badehaus is highly praised by guests, who appreciate the convenience of having a restaurant on-site. The cuisine has been consistently described as excellent with many guests highlighting the delicious and varied menu options. Traditional specialties like horse roulade, venison stew and schnitzel are standout dishes that have received particular acclaim.

The restaurant also boasts a cozy beer garden and a beautiful terrace, providing a pleasant atmosphere for enjoying meals. The wiener schnitzel and upscale dishes have been noted as perfectly prepared. Despite the menu being described as small, it is considered fine and interesting, offering a wide range of traditional options.

Service at the restaurant is commended for being friendly and attentive, contributing to an overall positive dining experience. Meals are available until 10 pm and although some guests noted a waiting time for dinner of about 75 minutes, the quality and taste of the food made it worthwhile.

In conclusion, the attached dining options at Hotel Altes Badehaus are diverse and satisfactory, making the restaurant a highly recommended part of the stay. With its great atmosphere, traditional cuisine and excellent service, dining at the hotel is a delightful experience for guests.

Hotel Altes Badehaus offers a range of room options that have impressed guests with their cleanliness and modern decor. Many visitors appreciated the beautiful, brightly lit and spacious rooms, some noting the well-maintained and newly renovated interiors. Rooms were often described as comfortable, cozy and tastefully furnished with modern amenities, including clean and functional bathrooms. Suites, in particular, received praise for their size and comfort, making them a good choice for those needing extra space.

Though some rooms were noted as small, they were still considered functional and neat. Guests found the newly renovated rooms to be especially appealing, highlighting their cleanliness and modern design. The beds were mentioned as comfortable, contributing to the overall positive experience.

Despite the largely favorable reviews, there were a few criticisms about certain rooms being dark or noisy, particularly those near the reception. A couple of guests pointed out issues with musty smells and small room sizes, but these aspects did not seem to overshadow the generally positive feedback regarding the hotel's rooms.

Overall, Hotel Altes Badehaus appears to offer a pleasant stay with its clean, modern and well-furnished rooms, supported by friendly staff and comfortable amenities.

Hotel Altes Badehaus receives high praise for its beds with many guests describing them as comfortable, very comfortable, or even super comfortable. The beds are frequently noted as being of good quality and numerous comments highlight them as either good or very good. Specific mentions include beds being great and soft, contributing to a restful night's sleep. However, a few guests found the mattresses or slatted frames to be a bit too hard, although some appreciated the firmness as perfect. While the beds were a standout feature, it was noted that the curtains in the rooms are too transparent, which might affect privacy and light control. Overall, the hotel offers a generally positive sleeping experience with quality bedding.

Hotel Altes Badehaus consistently receives positive remarks regarding its cleanliness, making it a standout feature for guests. Visitors frequently commend the well-maintained and clean environment, extending from the breakfast room to the individual guest rooms. The breakfast room, in particular, garners positive mention for both its decoration and cleanliness. The rooms are described as generally clean, modern and tidy with some newly renovated and particularly attractive. Despite an isolated comment about the bathroom cleanliness not being thorough, the overall sentiment praises the spotless and well-kept nature of the hotel’s facilities. The emphasis on cleanliness, coupled with a good location, makes Hotel Altes Badehaus a reliable choice for travelers seeking a tidy and comfortable stay.

Hotel Altes Badehaus boasts a staff that consistently receives high praise from guests for their friendliness and helpfulness. Both the reception team and restaurant staff are noted for their courteous, cheerful and attentive service. Guests frequently commend the overall friendliness and warmth of the staff, including the owners, who are seen as very accommodating and service-oriented.

The staff members are repeatedly described as super friendly, efficient and always ready to fulfill any requests, making guests feel genuinely welcome. The positive atmosphere created by the friendly reception and attentive service significantly enhances the guest experience.

Many guests appreciate the helpfulness of the staff, who are always polite and considerate, ensuring that special requests are handled with ease and immediate attention. Even when the restaurant was understaffed, the unwavering friendliness and accommodating nature of the service staff left a lasting impression.

Despite a few remarks on less-than-ideal friendliness from the owners, the general sentiment remains highly favorable towards the employee's dedication to providing excellent service. Overall, the warm and professional approach from both the staff and the owners contributes greatly to the pleasant ambiance and high service quality at Hotel Altes Badehaus.

Hotel Altes Badehaus offers a convenient and hassle-free parking experience for its guests. There is free parking available in front of the hotel, which remains accessible even when the hotel is fully booked. The parking area is easy to navigate with adequate spaces available for vehicles. Additionally, the hotel provides specific parking spaces for bicycles and motorcycles, ensuring secure storage for those traveling with two-wheelers. Guests have also noted the availability of secure places to store bicycles overnight, making it a suitable choice for cycling enthusiasts. Overall, parking at Hotel Altes Badehaus is noted to be simple and satisfactory, accommodating a variety of needs.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Altes Badehaus is praised for its dog-friendly environment and accommodating staff. Many reviewers highlight that their dogs were warmly accommodated with water and treats, making it an ideal choice for travelers with pets. The hotel's welcoming stance on animals is frequently mentioned with guests appreciating the general dog-friendly policy and the great location that suits pets well. However, some guests found the €15 nightly fee per pet to be a bit steep. Despite this, the overall sentiment is that dogs are happy and well-catered for at this establishment.

No, Hotel Altes Badehaus doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Altes Badehaus.

Yes, Hotel Altes Badehaus welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Altes Badehaus.

No, Hotel Altes Badehaus doesn't have a gym.

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