Fairmont Banff Springs
Resort in Banff
From $460
From $460
5-Star ResortSummary of reviews related to the '5 Star' categoryThe Fairmont Banff Springs hotel is a luxurious five-star experience that is second to none. Guests have raved about their wonderful stay with great people and exceptional service from the staff. From the beautiful mountain view to the amazing pools and fantastic bars and restaurants, everything about this hotel exudes luxury. The rooms are spacious, modern and comfortable with top-notch amenities including luxury coffee and toiletries. Guests have described their experience as faultless, superb and exceptional. The gold floor is particularly recommended and the spa is perfect for a relaxing holiday. The hotel is set in a truly magical location which is perfect for a romantic getaway or a dream destination. Overall, this hotel is a brilliant choice for anyone looking for a superb 5-star stay whilst experiencing the royal treatment in this beautiful location.
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The Rimrock Resort Hotel Banff
Hotel in Banff
Very Good
From $233
From $233
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5-Star Hotel

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Hotel with Rooms With Fireplace

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Lady DeVine Bed and Breakfast 12.7 mi from Banff
Bed & Breakfast in Canmore
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5-Star Bed & Breakfast

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Bed & Breakfast near Ski Resorts

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