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Info Occupying a 500-year-old building, this 4-star hotel is situated in Bern’s Old Town, a few steps away from the Aare River.
Summary of reviewsBoutique Hotel Belle Epoque offers a charming and convenient stay in the heart of Bern's historic old town. The hotel's prime location allows guests easy access to major attractions, restaurants and cafes while providing a peaceful ambiance near the picturesque River Aare and iconic sites like the Bear Park and Rose Garden. This blend of strategic central positioning and tranquility makes it ideal for both leisurely explorers and business travelers.

Guests appreciate the cleanliness of the hotel, commonly describing it as "spotlessly clean" and "well-maintained." The rooms, often decorated in an Art Deco style, are noted for their spaciousness, comfort and quirky charm. Amenities like coffee machines, kettles and complimentary fruits and water add to the positive experience. While some rooms face challenges such as outdated facilities or inadequate lighting, the overall blend of historic and modern features ensures a comfortable stay.

The hotel's staff consistently earns high marks for their friendliness, professionalism and attentiveness. Receptionists are particularly praised for their accommodating nature and helpfulness, contributing to a warm and welcoming environment. Though there are occasional remarks about limited staff availability, the overall impression is one of dedicated service.

Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque also receives mixed reviews regarding its breakfast. Many guests enjoy the quality of ingredients and the option to dine outdoors, but others feel the cost is too high for the limited offerings provided. However, the breakfast service is noted for its attentiveness.

Family travelers find the hotel exceptionally family-friendly with spacious rooms and practical amenities adding to the ease of their stay. The hotel's convenient location further enhances its appeal for families exploring Bern.

The WiFi service is generally reliable, though some guests experience occasional connectivity issues. Nightlife enthusiasts will find the hotel's location ideal, offering easy access to restaurants and entertainment, though rooms facing the street can be noisy.

Beds at the hotel are widely regarded as comfortable with quality mattresses and bedding, ensuring a good night’s sleep despite minor issues like bed wheels or occasional noise.

While Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque presents itself as a four-star establishment, some guests feel it falls short of this standard due to outdated conditions and lack of certain amenities. Nonetheless, its boutique charm, distinctive style and blend of comfort and character make it a recommended choice for travelers seeking a unique experience in Bern's old town.

Overall, Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque is highly regarded for its central location, historical charm, cleanliness and friendly staff, offering a memorable and enjoyable stay for its guests.
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Room Types
Double Room with Bath Spacious rooms with a bathtub.

Double Room with Shower Quiet rooms with a shower, on the rear side of the hotel.

Junior Suite Very spacious room with a seating area, individually designed with Belle Epoque-style furniture.

Single Room with Shower Offering free toiletries, this single room includes a private bathroom with a shower, a hairdryer and slippers. This single room has soundproof walls, a tea and coffee maker, flat-screen TV with cable channels, as well as fruit for guests. The unit has 1 bed.

Standard Queen Room The spacious double room provides soundproof walls, a tea and coffee maker, as well as a private bathroom featuring a bath and a shower. This double room features a seating area, a wardrobe, flat-screen TV with cable channels, as well as fruit for guests. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque boasts an extraordinary location in the heart of Bern's historic old town. Guests consistently praise the hotel's prime position with easy access to all major attractions, restaurants and cafes. The central setting allows visitors to explore Bern's beautiful old town, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on foot with remarkable convenience. Many reviews highlight the tranquility of its position, combining a strategic central location with a peaceful ambiance. The hotel is situated near the picturesque River Aare and iconic sites like the Bear Park and the Rose Garden, making it a perfect base for sightseeing.

Convenience is a significant advantage with public transport options such as trams and buses readily accessible just outside the hotel. Additionally, the proximity to the train station and parking facilities enhances the overall ease of stay. The atmospheric charm of the hotel, set against the backdrop of Bern's historical center, offers guests a blend of old-world elegance and modern comfort. This location proves ideal not only for tourism but also for those attending events or meetings in the city.

Whether guests are here for a leisurely exploration or a business trip, the unbeatable location of Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque ensures a memorable and convenient stay right in the heart of Bern.

Guests' opinions on the breakfast at Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque paint a mixed picture with both high praise and notable criticisms. On the positive end, many appreciated the quality of ingredients, describing the breakfast as delicious with a variety of fresh, regional items such as croissants, bread, Swiss cheese and fruits like blueberries and raspberries. The breakfast service was complimented for its attentiveness and the possibility to enjoy meals outdoors on the terrace or under arcades added a special touch. Some found the breakfast to be the highlight of their stay with generous and tasty selections that set a pleasant start to the day.

However, several guests expressed dissatisfaction with the value for money. Many found the CHF 19-21 price tag too steep for what was offered, remarking that the breakfast was basic, lacked diversity and could benefit from more generous and varied options. Additional costs for egg dishes and other items ate into the perceived value and some were dismayed by the limited selection and the late starting time of 8 AM. Furthermore, some guests noted that the breakfast room itself was a bit sad and small, contributing to an underwhelming experience.

Overall, while the breakfast at Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque was appreciated by many for its quality and pleasant service, the high cost and limited offerings were common points of criticism.

The rooms at Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque generally earn high marks for their spaciousness and cleanliness. Many guests found the rooms comfortable with well-equipped amenities like coffee machines, kettles and complimentary fruits and water. The decor, often described as quirky or beautifully decorated in an Art Deco style, adds a unique charm to the hotel experience.

Large windows and small seating areas contribute to the bright, airy feel of the rooms, although some guests noted that rooms facing adjacent buildings could be quite dark. The family rooms and junior suites, particularly those on higher floors, are highlighted for their coziness and ample space.

Despite the overall positive feedback, some reviews pointed out areas in need of improvement. Some rooms were described as outdated with specific references to aging bathrooms and window blinds that didn't work properly. A few guests mentioned musty smells and inadequate lighting. Additionally, certain rooms lacked basic facilities expected in a 4-star hotel, such as a refrigerator or air conditioning and some rooms suffered from noise due to poor soundproofing.

Nonetheless, the hotel's blend of historic and modern features, its cleanliness and comfortable furnishings make it a pleasant stay for most guests. The added touches like welcoming chocolates, fruits and good quality toiletries enhance the overall experience, making Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque a recommended choice for travelers looking for a mix of comfort and character in the old part of Bern.

At Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque, guests generally find the bedding to be highly comfortable with many reviewers praising the beds as very comfortable, comfy and cozy. The hotel features impressive, well-arranged and nicely decorated rooms with good quality bed mattresses. Several guests highlighted their appreciation for the extremely comfortable beds and impeccable bedding. Comfortable pillows and solid mattresses add to the overall positive sleeping experience.

Despite the mostly favorable feedback, some guests mentioned issues such as beds sliding apart, overly soft or hard mattresses and lumpy or thin pillows. The presence of bed wheels and occasional noise from street-facing rooms were also noted as minor inconveniences. Nonetheless, the positive reviews consistently emphasize the comfort and quality of the beds, making it a pleasant stay for those prioritizing a good night's sleep.

Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque consistently garners praise for its cleanliness, a key feature highlighted by many guests. With words such as "very clean," "extremely clean," and "impeccably clean" frequently used to describe the accommodations, visitors clearly appreciate the high standards maintained here. Rooms are often described as "spotless," "well-maintained," and "well-appointed," adding to the overall comfort and appeal of the hotel.

Guests commend the hotel for its "clean and comfortable" environment, noting that rooms are "modernized" and "functional." The cleanliness extends to specific areas such as the bathroom and the common spaces, although a few reviews mentioned isolated concerns with bathroom cleanliness and occasional issues in common areas.

The hotel's strong cleaning standards are complemented by its prime location near Bern Old Town and its cozy, chic ambiance. Despite some minor criticisms, the overwhelming consensus from guests is that Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque offers clean, comfortable and centrally located accommodations, making it an excellent choice for travelers.

Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque is renowned for its exceptionally friendly and helpful staff, who consistently provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Guests frequently highlight the professionalism and attentiveness of the reception team, noting their proficiency in offering advice about the city and handling various needs with charm and competence. The staff's ability to speak clear English is a noted advantage, ensuring seamless communication and making guests feel at home.

The hotel's receptionists are particularly praised for their accommodating nature and eagerness to assist, always ensuring a pleasant check-in experience. Many guests appreciate the staff's readiness to go above and beyond with instances of them helping with parking arrangements and even providing complimentary fruit and water in rooms as thoughtful touches.

Though there are occasional remarks about communication issues and limited staff availability after certain hours, the overall impression is that of a dedicated and service-oriented team. The staff's warmth, friendliness and consistent willingness to help leave a lasting positive impact on visitors, making Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque a delightful place to stay.

The WiFi experience at Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque has received mixed reviews from guests. Many appreciated the excellent, secure and reliable WiFi connection, highlighting that it was easy to connect and perfect for most needs. However, some guests reported significant challenges with the WiFi not working at times or the connection being weak and unreliable, making it difficult to work or make calls. Despite these occasional connectivity issues, the hotel's free WiFi service generally met the basic expectations of most visitors.

Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque is a well-regarded destination for families traveling with children. Guests appreciate the hotel's excellent family-friendly atmosphere, noting the spacious and comfortable rooms that cater to families, including those with babies. The hotel's practical amenities, like a welcoming fruit plate, add a thoughtful touch that makes stays more enjoyable. The location is praised for its convenience and easy access to main attractions, especially on foot, making it an ideal choice for exploring the area with children. Families have highlighted the attentive and cheerful reception and described the hotel as a place with heart. Overall, Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque is highly recommended for its family-friendly environment and practical features that make travel with kids a pleasant experience.

Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque is perfectly situated near an array of restaurants and offers easy accessibility to the city center via tram and bus. The location provides superb options for nightlife and entertainment, making it ideal for those looking to enjoy the city's vibrant atmosphere. The hotel's position in a bustling area ensures a cosmopolitan experience with the lively sounds of the city adding to the charm. However, it's worth noting that the vibrant street-facing rooms can be noisy with external noises at high decibels being a constant both day and night, especially near the entrance. Despite occasional noise from cobblestones and street activity, the accessible location and rich nightlife options contribute to an engaging urban stay.

4 Star
Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque presents itself as a four-star establishment, but numerous reviews suggest that it falls short of this standard. Guests have highlighted several areas where the hotel does not meet the expected criteria for a four-star rating. The absence of a concierge for most of the time, a front desk that is not staffed 24/7 and a lack of included breakfast options were points of concern. Cleanliness issues were also noted with mentions of black mold in the silicone joints of the shower adding to the dissatisfaction.

Reviewers found the hotel's condition outdated and not worth the high cost associated with a four-star hotel. Despite some of the standard amenities being present, guests felt that the overall features and services provided did not justify the four-star rating. There were numerous comments from individuals who expected much more in terms of service and comfort from a hotel claiming to be of this caliber.

In summary, while Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque may carry a four-star label, the general consensus from guest feedback indicates that it does not meet the expectations tied to such a designation.

Belle Epoque Hotel is a delightful boutique establishment that captivates guests with its charming old building and beautiful location. This small, yet well-furbished hotel, offers an experience highlighted by a cozy atmosphere and retro style interior. The charm of the hotel is indisputable, exuding an undeniable boutique atmosphere with intricate details and lovingly furnished spaces.

With a well-preserved Art Nouveau theme, the hotel's striking Belle Époque atmosphere is further enhanced by the beautiful decoration, including nods to Mucha's works. Large, pretty rooms offer both comfort and elegance, adding to the cozy and inviting ambiance.

The attention to detail throughout the property is evident, making it a great little boutique hotel with a personality all its own. Guests appreciate the blend of boutique decor with new touches, which collectively contribute to a memorable and enjoyable stay. This charming hotel comes highly recommended for its unique style and comfort.

Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque in the heart of the old town offers a luxurious experience with great value for the money. Guests frequently describe the hotel as having a high luxury standard, evident in the meticulously designed suites and common areas that exude a sense of opulence. The decor and ambiance capture the essence of the Belle Epoque, transporting visitors to a bygone era of sophisticated elegance.

The spa bathrooms are a particular highlight, adding to the overall luxurious feel of the stay. Cleanliness and comfort are prioritized, ensuring that every detail contributes to the guests' luxurious comfort. The hotel maintains a retro luxury charm, accentuated by its beautiful old architecture.

While some guests noted that the elevator is narrow and old, the overall feedback emphasizes a sophisticated level of luxury and comfort. Ideal for those seeking a lavish experience in a picturesque, historic setting, Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque stands out as a luxurious choice.

Nestled in the heart of the old town, the Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque stands out as a well-located haven for romantic getaways. The charming hotel exudes a beautifully romantic atmosphere, perfect for couples seeking a serene escape. Its rooms, some featuring a cute two-level design, are nicely decorated to complement the hotel's overall romantic vibe. The thoughtful decor and cozy ambiance add to the allure, creating an enchanting retreat for lovebirds. With its intimate and charming character, guests find themselves immersed in a beautifully romantic experience, whether enjoying the hotel's atmosphere or imagining a romantic walk through the picturesque streets. The Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque clearly embodies the essence of a romantic stay, making it a memorable destination for those looking to cherish special moments together.

Dog Friendly
Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque warmly accommodates guests traveling with pets, providing a dog-friendly environment that ensures pets are just as comfortable as their human counterparts. The accommodations are highly praised for being perfect for two people and a big dog, making it an ideal spot for those with large pets. Guests frequently note that their pets, including multiple dogs, enjoyed their stay, suggesting that the amenities are well-suited to canine companions. The staff is noted for being particularly welcoming to guests with dogs, reflecting a genuinely pet-friendly atmosphere. Pets are allowed, ensuring that all members of the family, furry or otherwise, can enjoy the duration of their stay.

No, Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque.

Yes, Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque.

No, Boutique Hotel Belle Epoque doesn't have a gym.

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