The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá

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Info An urban-chic hotel situated 13.2 km from downtown Bogota.
Summary of reviewsThe Click Clack Hotel Bogotá stands out for its exceptional features and overall high-quality experience, garnering notably positive reviews from its guests. Located in the vibrant Chapinero neighborhood, the hotel benefits from its proximity to Parque 93 and Zona T, offering easy access to numerous dining, shopping and nightlife options. Its modern and chic atmosphere makes it an attractive spot for both business and leisure travelers.

One of the hotel's standout features is its breakfast, frequently celebrated for its extensive and delicious offerings. Guests praise the varied selection, including fresh fruits, hot dishes like pancakes and French toast and made-to-order eggs, all served in an inviting and well-appointed restaurant setting. The service and ambiance contribute to making breakfast at The Click Clack a memorable start to the day.

Dining at the hotel extends beyond breakfast with the rooftop café and indoor dining areas receiving high marks for their food and atmosphere. Guests particularly enjoy the "Foods of the Future" culinary experience and the vibrant rooftop bar, known for its exceptional drinks and social vibe. The culinary offerings, coupled with kind customer service, make dining at the hotel an enjoyable experience.

The rooms at The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá blend stylish design with modern amenities, albeit with a compact size. Many guests appreciate the clean and well-decorated spaces, which feature unique details like complimentary snacks and thoughtful amenities. The rainfall showers are a favorite among guests, although some have noted issues with soundproofing and room temperature. Despite these minor concerns, the overall room experience is positive.

Cleanliness is another strong point with guests frequently highlighting the hotel's immaculate condition. Both rooms and common areas are maintained to a high standard, supported by efficient and friendly cleaning staff. This commitment to cleanliness enhances the hotel's welcoming and vibrant atmosphere.

The staff at The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá are consistently praised for their friendliness, attentiveness and professionalism. Their bilingual capabilities and extensive knowledge about the city add significant value to the guest experience, making visitors feel well-cared-for throughout their stay.

The hotel's nightlife scene, centered around its lively rooftop bar, is a major attraction. Guests enjoy the energetic atmosphere, good music and social opportunities, although it does mean that noise can be an issue for those seeking a quieter stay. The youthful and vibrant ambiance appeals particularly to night-clubbers and social travelers.

While the Wi-Fi receives mixed reviews with some guests experiencing connectivity issues, the overall tech support and provision of amenities like a mobile phone guide are well-received. Beds also receive varied feedback; while many guests find them comfortable with plush pillows, others cite issues with mattress firmness and size.

The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá is often likened to a modern boutique hotel, exuding charm and a unique design that sets it apart. Ideal for business travelers and those seeking a stylish and distinctive stay, the hotel combines modern luxury with thoughtful, playful details, ensuring a memorable experience for its guests. Although some believe it may not fully align with a five-star rating, the hotel's strong points in design, cleanliness, dining and service make it a highly recommended choice for travelers visiting Bogotá.
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Hotel Taking Steps Towards Sustainability
What makes your hotel/accommodation eco-friendly?
Written environmental policy statement in place
The structure maximizes air flow to reduce the need for air-conditioning
The structure maximizes natural light to reduce the need for lighting and heating
Use of non-toxic cleaning products
Bicycles provided to guests
Waste is separated into at least 3 categories
Organic waste is composted
Automatic system or key card that turns off the light and electrical appliances when guests leave their room
Most of the ingredients used to prepare meals are locally produced
A vegetarian alternative menu is proposed in the restaurant
Is there anything that you would like to highlight, add or clarify?
The amenities (cream, soap, shampoo and conditioners) are 100% natural plant extracts so that no water pollution is generated, these amenities will be available in each room of the hotel located in the city of Bogota and Medellin, this change goes beyond the amenities, this project is also to achieve significantly reduce plastic waste by 91.7%, taking into account that plastic was used for single use and without control of the final disposal of the containers, with this project we have organic amenities and zero waste.

In addition, the food products in the minibar are healthy products that contain natural drinks such as coconut water, protein bars and cereals, typical Colombian drinks.
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Room Types
Economy Double Room This room features a double bed, private bathroom and a flat-screen TV.

Standard Double Room This room features a double bed, air conditioning upon request, private bathroom and a flat-screen TV. It has a working desk and big windows.

Superior Double Room This room features a spacious terrace with views to the vertical gardens. It has a fireplace, private bathroom and flat-screen TV.

Junior Suite This spacious room features big windows with stunning mountain and city views.

Suite Providing free toiletries and bathrobes, this suite includes a private bathroom with a bath, a shower and a hairdryer. The suite provides Smartphone, a minibar, a coffee machine, a wardrobe and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá boasts an exceptional location that has garnered much praise from its guests. Situated in the northern part of Chapinero, right on Carrera 11, the hotel is near a host of dining and shopping options. Its proximity to Parque 93 and Zona T makes it a standout choice, offering ease of access to numerous restaurants, bars and cafes, all within walking distance. The area is described as safe and vibrant, perfect for both business and leisure travelers.

Guests consistently highlight the hotel's convenience for exploring the city with many major tourist attractions just a short taxi ride away. The surrounding neighborhood is considered one of the best with the added advantage of being less noisy than other parts of Chapinero. The hotel also benefits from a modern design and chic atmosphere, attracting a young and relaxed clientele.

Whether for a business trip or a vacation, the hotel's central location is ideal for those looking to experience Bogotá's lively scene. Its safe and inviting environment, combined with the excellent amenities, makes The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá a top choice for travelers.

At The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá, breakfast stands out as an exceptional part of the guest experience. Numerous reviews highlight an extensive, varied and delicious selection of morning fare. Diners can enjoy a wide array of fresh fruits, scrumptious hot dishes like pancakes, French toast and made-to-order eggs, making each morning meal a delightful event. The breakfast is often described as one of the best guests have ever had with particular praise for its taste, variety and the quality of bread offered.

The restaurant itself also garners positive reviews for its ambiance and service, contributing to the breakfast's appeal. The staff is noted for being professional, friendly and attentive, ensuring that guests feel well cared for. Vegan options are available, catering to a range of dietary preferences, adding to the inclusivity and appeal of the morning spread.

Overall, the breakfast at The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá is frequently celebrated for being not only delicious but also thoughtfully curated, making it a highlight and a strong reason for guests to return. While a few reviews mention minor inconveniences such as slow service or poorly located breakfast stations, the overwhelming consensus is of a positively outstanding breakfast experience.

The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá offers a culinary experience that stands out for its excellent food, modern vibe and splendid atmosphere. Both the rooftop and indoor dining areas have received high praise. The rooftop café is described as a nice spot to enjoy drinks while watching the sun set, complemented by great tunes and spectacular cocktails at the Apache bar. The rooftop bar is often highlighted for its amazing food and drinks, making it a must-visit for guests.

The hotel's restaurant is frequently mentioned as very good, consistently serving delicious meals that have left diners satisfied. Guests particularly enjoyed the "Foods of the Future" culinary experience and the breakfast area received accolades for its delicious offerings. The dining experience downstairs was noted for its kind customer service, further enhancing the overall experience. While there were some concerns about specific instances of service delay and technical issues with room amenities, these did not overshadow the positive reviews of the food, which ranged from excellent burgers to crazy good mojitos.

Overall, the dining options at The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá, including the excellent breakfast, the in-house restaurant and the rooftop bar, are highly recommended for their tasty food, great drinks and enjoyable atmosphere.

The rooms at The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá are a blend of modern, stylish design and practicality, although they are notably small. Many guests appreciate the clean, well-decorated and comfortable atmosphere with some rooms featuring quirky and unique details, such as complimentary snacks, a minibar with healthy products and thoughtful amenities like face masks and skin massagers. The rainfall showers are a highlight for many, offering excellent water pressure.

The hotel's location receives high praise and the rooms often reflect the chic, updated ambiance of the property. Despite the limited space, the rooms are well-equipped and thoughtfully laid out, making them suitable for short stays. However, some practical issues such as poor soundproofing, inconsistent air conditioning and noise from the street and rooftop bar can detract from the overall experience.

Overall, while the rooms’ compact size is a recurring point of feedback, the modern decor, cleanliness and comfortable beds leave a positive impression on many guests. The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá is recognized for its stylish and innovative room designs, although future visitors might want to consider potential issues with room temperature and noise.

Reviews for the beds at The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá present a blend of both praise and criticism. Many guests found the beds to be very comfortable, noting that they were super clean and equipped with good sheets. The pillows received high marks for being super big and fluffy, contributing to a pleasant sleeping experience for some. Cleanliness and comfort were recurring positive themes with numerous mentions of fantastic and comfortable beds.

However, not all feedback was glowing. Several reviews highlighted issues with the size and quality of the mattresses. Some guests were disappointed with the firmness or springiness of the mattresses, describing them as either too firm or lacking bounce. There were consistent complaints about the beds being too small with some rooms having double beds that were only accessible from one side, causing discomfort. Additionally, a few reviews mentioned problems like beds embedded in the wall or being bitten by mosquitoes during the night.

Overall, while many guests enjoyed their sleep experience, attributing it to comfortable beds and plush pillows, there were significant concerns regarding the mattress quality and bed size that suggest room for improvement.

The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá garners high praise for its impeccable cleanliness. Guest reviews highlight the hotel's commitment to maintaining spotless rooms and common areas. With modern and stylish decor, the hotel creates a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. Rooms are described as very clean and neatly presented with daily cleaning routines ensuring that even the smallest details are attended to. Staff efficiency and friendliness also contribute to the hotel's clean and comfortable environment.

Though some visitors noted issues such as small room sizes and overlooked window cleanliness, the overall impression remains highly positive. The cleaning staff receives commendation for their thoroughness and reliability, keeping rooms fresh and tidy for all guests. The combination of a beautiful, modern design and top-notch cleanliness makes The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá a standout choice for travelers seeking both style and spotless accommodations.

The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá boasts an impressive reputation due to the exceptional quality of its staff. Guests have consistently highlighted the team's friendliness, attentiveness and extensive knowledge about the city, including local restaurants and tours. The staff are noted for their politeness, professionalism and efficiency in addressing any problems quickly. They go the extra mile to ensure guests feel comfortable and well-received from check-in to check-out. Bilingual capabilities, particularly in English, make the experience even smoother for international visitors. Overall, the attentiveness, hospitable nature and dedication of the staff contribute significantly to the hotel's appeal, creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for all guests.

The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá has received mixed reviews regarding its Wi-Fi. Some guests found the Wi-Fi to be excellent and praised the strong internet connection, noting that it worked very well during their stay. However, others experienced issues with weak signals or found the Wifi to be not very good, leading to connectivity problems. Additionally, some guests faced challenges with the hotel's tech setup, such as being unable to connect USB, HDMI or other devices to the TV for streaming. Despite these tech issues, some positive mentions include the hotel's support in scheduling a COVID test onsite and offering a free mobile phone guide. Overall, while the Wi-Fi experience can be inconsistent, many guests appreciated the efforts made by the hotel staff.

The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá positions itself in the heart of a vibrant nightlife scene, making it an attractive choice for those looking to experience the city's energetic vibe. Notably, the rooftop bar stands out as a highlight of the hotel, offering a lively atmosphere with good music and cool design features. Ideal for socializing, many guests enjoyed the rooftop's bars and restaurants, often gathering with friends and family there. The youthful and partying ambiance of the hotel appeals to night-clubbers and those who enjoy live DJ performances and musical bands.

However, the same elements that make the hotel exciting for some may be drawbacks for others. The noise from the rooftop terrace and bar, which can continue until late into the night, is a recurring theme in reviews. The sound from musical parties and rooftop events often penetrates the rooms, reducing the comfort for those seeking a quieter stay. Despite some efforts to minimize noise, it remains a persistent issue.

Overall, The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá offers a perfect nightlife experience with a dynamic atmosphere, especially in its social areas and rooftop bar, but potential guests should be prepared for the late-night sounds that come with it.

5 Star
The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá has garnered mixed reviews about its five-star rating. While some guests find it to be a lovely and beautiful five-star hotel, others feel it falls short of the five-star standard. Many praise the hotel for its excellent amenities and services, describing it as clean and stylish. However, some guests believe the value for money does not correspond to the price, noting that the amenities offered do not live up to five-star expectations. Despite these differing opinions, the hotel has strong points like its stylish spa and overall design, but inconsistencies in service and facilities seem to be a common theme among some visitors.

The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá proves to be a commendable option for business travelers. Guests appreciate the good space tailored for work needs and the hotel’s strategic location, ideal for business engagements. The facilities, such as a kitchen in the basement and a trendy rooftop bar, add to its appeal, providing options for both work and relaxation. The hotel is often recognized for its excellent service suited to business guests and is praised as a good value for money. It stands out as a highly recommended, boutique-style hotel full of thoughtful details, making it a preferred choice for those on business trips in Bogotá.

The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá is a standout destination that exudes the distinct charm of a small design hotel. Reminiscent of The Ace Hotel in the States but with an even more boutique feel, it offers a blend of modern and bohemian style that appeals to those seeking something unique and stylish. The hotel's innovative concept is evident in every detail, from the cool design elements to the fun and funny room decor that adds a playful touch to the experience.

With its hip and clean environment, this modern boutique hotel is praised for its stylish ambiance and meticulous attention to detail. Each bedroom is thoughtfully designed, showcasing a perfect combination of comfort and aesthetics. Guests often highlight the hotel's unique concept, which sets it apart as one of the best boutique hotels they have ever stayed at.

Overall, The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá is celebrated for its blend of modernity, cool design and stylish atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for travelers looking for a distinctive and enjoyable stay.

The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá exudes an air of unbeatable luxury, offering guests an experience characterized by polished design and a general sense of glam. The hotel maintains a high standard of cleanliness and organization with surfaces consistently cleaned and shined to perfection. Patrons can expect a top-class stay, where every detail is approached with glamor and sharpness, creating an overall atmosphere of indulgent comfort.

The hotel features luxurious facilities that are well-maintained and abundant, providing a superior level of comfort and quality. The skilled staff contribute to an extraordinary experience, ensuring that everything is in pristine condition. This high-quality hotel delivers clean luxury and elegance that is noted to be very good for the price.

While some guests mention that the hotel lacks certain amenities like a gym and pool, which made them question its classification as a five-star establishment, it still offers a luxurious stay. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Click Clack Hotel Bogotá stands out as a luxurious option for travelers seeking glam and comfort in the heart of the city.

The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá is praised for its stylish location and cozy atmosphere, creating an inviting and romantic setting perfect for couples. Guests highlight the hotel's romantic vibe, making it an ideal spot for special occasions or a surprise getaway. The hotel’s ambiance and attention to detail provide a special touch, ensuring a memorable romantic experience.

No, The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá.

Yes, The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá.

No, The Click Clack Hotel Bogotá doesn't have a gym.

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