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Summary of reviewsBGA Hotel is a well-regarded accommodation option in Bucaramanga, praised for its exceptional location, cleanliness and dedicated staff. Nestled in a central, safe and vibrant part of the city, the hotel provides easy access to various amenities including shopping centers, restaurants, bars and nightlife, which makes it a fitting choice for both leisure and business travelers.

The hotel's breakfast offerings receive generally favorable reviews with guests appreciating the variety and quality of the buffet. Starting as early as 6:30 am, the meal options include a range of items like soups, breads, fruits and eggs cooked to order, adding convenience for early risers. Despite occasional critiques about limited variety and service speed, the breakfast experience is chiefly positive.

Rooms at BGA Hotel are frequently described as comfortable, spacious and clean with modern decor. Many guests value the high ceilings and peaceful ambiance, although some have mentioned issues with room size, natural light and amenities like mini-fridges and steam irons. While occasional maintenance issues and noise disturbances are noted, overall, the rooms are considered well-maintained and conducive to a restful stay.

The staff at BGA Hotel consistently receive high marks for their friendliness, attentiveness and helpfulness, positively impacting the overall guest experience. Although there are sporadic remarks about slow service and infrequent room cleaning, the hospitality and service provided by the team, including commendations to specific staff members, stand out significantly.

While the hotel faces challenges with its Wi-Fi reliability, which many guests find weak or non-functional, other facilities such as the gym and parking also receive mixed reviews. The gym, located in the basement, is considered basic with outdated equipment, while the parking, though available and included, is sometimes described as narrow and difficult to navigate.

BGA Hotel is also recognized for its family-friendly environment with rooms that can accommodate larger groups and a location that facilitates easy exploration of nearby shopping centers. However, potential noise from nearby nightlife establishments might be a concern for families with young children.

For those looking to immerse themselves in Bucaramanga's nightlife, the hotel's strategic location near numerous bars and clubs is a notable advantage, albeit with the trade-off of potential noise disruptions.

The beds in the hotel are generally well-reviewed for their comfort with many guests appreciating the quality mattresses. Nonetheless, some feedback highlights varied comfort preferences and occasional issues with bed linens.

In summary, BGA Hotel shines with its prime location, cleanliness standards and outstanding hospitality, making it a solid choice for travelers despite a few areas needing improvement, especially in Wi-Fi stability and noise management.
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Room Types
Double Room This air-conditioned double room includes a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a private bathroom. The unit offers 1 bed.

Twin Room This air-conditioned twin room includes a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a private bathroom. The unit offers 2 beds.

Triple Room This air-conditioned triple room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a private bathroom. The unit has 2 beds.

Quadruple Room This air-conditioned quadruple room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a private bathroom. The unit has 2 beds.

Superior Double Room Offering free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower. The spacious double room offers air conditioning, a wardrobe, a tiled floor, a flat-screen TV with cable channels, as well as city views. The unit has 1 bed.

Family Room The unit has 4 beds.

Deluxe Junior Suite The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
BGA Hotel is renowned for its exceptional location in Bucaramanga, consistently lauded for its convenience and strategic positioning. Nestled in a central, safe and vibrant area of the city, the hotel offers easy access to a plethora of amenities and attractions. Guests appreciate the proximity to multiple shopping centers, restaurants, bars and nightlife, making it an ideal choice for both leisure and business visitors.

The surrounding neighborhood is peaceful yet bustling with commercial activity, providing everything from supermarkets to pharmacies within walking distance. The location not only enhances convenience but also ensures a safe environment where guests can walk comfortably at any time of the day.

The hotel's facilities and cleanliness receive high marks in conjunction with its location, contributing to a comfortable and pleasant stay. The accessibility to key points of interest and essential services reinforces BGA Hotel’s reputation as a superb accommodation option in Bucaramanga.

The breakfast at BGA Hotel has received varied feedback from guests, though the majority of opinions highlight positive experiences. Many guests describe the breakfast as delicious, excellent and wonderful with numerous mentions of it being plentiful and varied. The buffet style is often praised for its ample and generous offerings, including a wide range of items such as soups, breads, fruits, arepas, ham, cheese and eggs cooked to order. The breakfast service starts early at 6:30 am, which is beneficial for early risers.

However, there are some areas for improvement noted by guests. Issues such as a lack of variety, cold food and limited options have been mentioned. Some guests also noted that certain items ran out quickly and the service could be slow at times. Despite these critiques, the hotel's breakfast generally leaves a positive impression, frequently being described as complete, balanced and including good options.

The location of the breakfast area and the attention from the hotel staff also contribute positively to the dining experience. Overall, while not without its faults, the breakfast offerings at BGA Hotel are well-regarded and often highlight guests' stays.

The dinner experience at BGA Hotel has received mixed reviews from guests. While the breakfast generally garners positive feedback, being described as good, delicious, fine and even excellent at times, there are several concerns about the quality and availability of other meals. Some guests praised the restaurant for its delicious food, especially when ordering dishes from the menu, highlighting its good facilities. However, there are complaints regarding the evening dining options with instances of only sandwiches being available late at night and even running out of bread on occasion. The presentation and taste of food at certain times have been found disappointing and lacking in seasoning and there were issues of food being too salty. Moreover, encountering a cockroach in a breakfast dish is a serious concern that was noted. Despite these drawbacks, lunch meals seem to have a better reception, although the restaurant tends to get crowded during breakfast hours. Guests have also noted that the restaurant should make dinner available at night more consistently.

The rooms at BGA Hotel are generally praised for their comfort and spaciousness, offering a peaceful and quiet environment. The high ceilings and modern, nicely decorated aesthetics contribute to the overall positive experience. Guests appreciate the cleanliness of the rooms, noting that they are tidy and well-maintained with many describing them as beautiful and functional.

However, some criticisms do arise; certain rooms are considered small and lacking in natural light, making them feel dark and confined. The absence of a mini fridge and other amenities like steam irons and smart TVs is a common point of contention. Noise from neighboring areas, including air conditioning units and nightclubs, disrupts the otherwise tranquil atmosphere in some rooms.

Maintenance issues such as faulty appliances, bathroom leaks and inconsistent cleaning services are occasional problems. Guests also mentioned that rooms are sometimes not cleaned daily with issues like stained bedsheets and inadequate toiletries noted.

Despite these drawbacks, the rooms at BGA Hotel are typically described as comfortable, clean and spacious, making them a good choice for a restful stay.

At BGA Hotel, the feedback on the beds from guests showcases a mix of positive and negative experiences, often highlighting comfort but with some room for improvement. Many guests praise the beds for their comfort, noting them to be very comfortable, comfortable and spacious and equipped with excellent orthopedic mattresses. The quality of the mattresses is frequently commended with several mentions of very good quality and firm mattresses, suggesting that most visitors are satisfied with the overall sleeping arrangements.

However, a few areas of concern are also noted. Some guests find the beds either too hard or too soft, particularly mentioning instances where certain beds or mattresses did not meet their comfort expectations. There are also mentions of beds making noise and occasional complaints about the bed sheets being inadequate, worn or even stained. Issues with the cleanliness of bed linens and the lack of warmth in the bedding are pointed out occasionally.

Despite these criticisms, the prevailing sentiment leans towards comfort and satisfaction, as many reviews emphasize very comfortable beds, making the accommodation a likely choice for travelers seeking a restful night's sleep. The hotel's spacious and comfortable rooms further complement the positive sleeping experience, although attention to linen quality and bed maintenance could enhance guest satisfaction even more.

Most reviews highlight BGA Hotel's dedication to cleanliness with generally positive remarks on the subject. Guests often found the rooms to be clean, comfortable and well-maintained, promoting an overall tidy and pleasant environment. The bathrooms and common areas were noted to be clean and organized, contributing to the hotel's high standard of hygiene.

However, feedback also points to inconsistencies in cleanliness standards. Some visitors reported dirty sheets and towels, stained bedding and other oversights like uncleaned bathrooms and dusty objects within the rooms. There were occasional complaints about infrequent towel changes and some issues with cleanliness in shared bathrooms.

Moreover, the cleaning of the dining area and general hotel maintenance received mixed reviews. While some guests praised the excellent cleanliness and friendly service, others found the cleaning to be inadequate, citing occasional bad odors and overlooked details such as dirty pillowcases and carpets not being cleaned properly.

In summary, despite some reported issues, many guests have had a positive experience regarding the cleanliness at BGA Hotel, acknowledging the effort put into maintaining clean and comfortable accommodations.

The reviews of BGA Hotel consistently highlight the commendable qualities of its staff. Guests frequently praise the team for being friendly, attentive and very helpful, especially noting the exceptional service from the reception and restaurant staff. The attention from Mr. Hector and other specific employees made a positive impact on visitors. There is a recurrent theme of kindness and personal attention with the staff being described as super nice, hospitable and accommodating. Guests also appreciated the overall cleanliness and good hygiene standards maintained throughout the hotel.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, there were occasional mentions of some staff being in a bad mood or providing poor service and instances of rooms not being cleaned daily. Specific criticism was directed at slow breakfast service and staff not being as attentive as expected at times. There were also minor grievances about noise and parking issues.

Overall, the hospitality at BGA Hotel receives high marks with the staff’s friendliness and excellent service standing out as the most significant positive aspects, making visitors feel welcomed and well-cared for during their stay.

BGA Hotel faces significant challenges when it comes to providing reliable internet access. A recurring theme among guest reviews highlights the weak and often non-functional Wi-Fi connection throughout the establishment. Many guests reported difficulty in accessing the internet with some areas, particularly certain floors, being devoid of any signal whatsoever. The lack of a stable connection extends to several rooms and instances of being unable to connect at the work desk were mentioned as well. Moreover, the internet was described as slow and frequently disconnecting, which hindered guests’ experience significantly. However, there were a few isolated instances where guests experienced excellent Wi-Fi in their rooms. Overall, the hotel's Wi-Fi infrastructure appears to need substantial improvements to meet the modern connectivity needs of its guests.

The gym at BGA Hotel is located in the basement and offers a basic setup primarily suited for a cardio workout. However, it appears to be small with restricted facilities and outdated equipment. Access from the floors above is not straightforward and there are concerns about maintenance, as some machines are rusted or not functioning. Reports also mention the gym being dirty and seemingly abandoned. While it serves basic cardio needs, guests seeking a well-equipped and well-maintained fitness environment might find it lacking.

The parking situation at BGA Hotel has garnered varied feedback from guests. Several positive aspects include the availability of multiple parking options and the fact that parking spaces are indeed available, which provides a level of convenience. Additionally, having parking included in the stay is seen as a plus.

However, many guests have described the parking lot as small, narrow and often steep, making it challenging for maneuvering and unsuitable for larger vehicles or vans. The parking's accessibility raises issues with some finding it difficult to access and poorly organized. Several reviews also highlight the impracticality and discomfort of the parking space, citing it as uncomfortable, narrow and dusty. At times, guests have had to park away from the hotel due to the limited space and steep ramps.

Overall, while parking is available and included, the experience may not be the most comfortable or straightforward, particularly for those with larger vehicles or who prefer wider spaces with easier access.

For families considering a stay at BGA Hotel, there are several factors to weigh. Positively, many guests affirm that the hotel offers a family-friendly environment with remarks about being happy during their stay and experiencing timely responses to their needs. The hotel's location is also noted as excellent, particularly because it's close to shopping centers like Cabecera Mall, making it convenient for families looking to explore the area. There are rooms available that can accommodate up to four people, which is a significant plus for larger families.

However, there are a few caveats. Noise is a recurring issue with some guests mentioning disruptions from nearby nightclubs and street noise, even during the night. Additionally, there are concerns about the quality of the food with some describing the breakfast as terrible and noting that the food served was cold.

In summary, while BGA Hotel seems to excel in providing a family-friendly atmosphere and a convenient location, potential guests might need to prepare for noise disturbances and might want to manage their expectations regarding the breakfast service.

BGA Hotel is ideally situated for those looking to immerse themselves in a vibrant nightlife scene. The area is renowned for its plethora of bars, cafes and restaurants, making it a prime location for evening entertainment and socializing. Guests find the hotel's location convenient with nightlife options like nightclubs and bars just a stone's throw away, particularly near the bustling Zona Rosa.

However, the convenience comes with a significant downside—the noise. Many reviews highlight the loud sounds from nearby nightclubs and busy streets that can often permeate the rooms, especially on weekends. This is particularly evident in rooms on the lower floors, where the noise from external cars and business activities is more pronounced. While the nightlife options are diverse and plentiful, the accompanying noise can pose a challenge for those seeking a quiet night’s rest.

BGA Hotel demonstrates several positive attributes for business travelers seeking a convenient and efficient stay. With a strategic location in the Cabecera area, the hotel is ideal for those on business trips, offering easy access to essential localities. Business facilities are available and the hotel is generally recommended for work-related stays and vacations.

However, it is important to note some areas for improvement. While Wi-Fi is crucial for business needs, guests have reported it as being low capacity and unstable, which could hinder productivity. Additionally, the desk provided in the rooms may not accommodate prolonged working hours comfortably. These aspects aside, the hotel manages to maintain a business-friendly environment with a focus on meeting the core requirements of professional guests.

The BGA Hotel offers a generally clean and pleasant environment with accessible bathrooms available for guests. However, accessibility for those with reduced mobility presents some challenges due to the hotel's reliance on stairs without ramps at the entrance. While the facilities within the hotel are accessible, an improvement in external accessibility would greatly benefit guests, such as adding ramps and handrails. Currently, the entry setup could pose difficulties for those using wheelchairs, strollers or anyone needing disabled assistance due to injury.

Dog Friendly
BGA Hotel is noted for its impressive pet-friendly facilities and welcoming atmosphere for guests traveling with their dogs. Visitors have praised the hotel for being dogs friendly, allowing pets to stay in comfortable and accommodating rooms. The staff has received gratitude for their warm reception of pets with several guests specifically expressing appreciation for being allowed to keep their pets with them during their stay. Overall, the hotel’s commitment to maintaining a pet-friendly environment, including properly neat and organized spaces for pets, stands out as a highlight for pet owners.

No, BGA Hotel doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at BGA Hotel.

Yes, BGA Hotel welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at BGA Hotel.

Yes, BGA Hotel has a gym.

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