Lotte Hotel Busan
Hotel in Busan
From $137
From $137
Casino Hotel
Located on the 3rd floor of Lotte Hotel Busan, the Seven Luck Casino is open 24/7 and offers a wide variety of games and slot machines in an area of 1,583m².
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Paradise Hotel Busan
Hotel in Busan
From $171
From $171
Casino Hotel
Paradise Hotel Busan features the very first ocean casino in Northeast Asia. Comprising two floors, the casino offers stunning views over Haeundae Beach and a wide variety of traditional and electronic games, as well as a VIP room and a bar that offers food and drinks.
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Summary of reviews related to the 'Casino' categoryParadise Hotel Busan offers guests a luxurious stay with the added bonus of a casino and hot springs on-site. Though some reviews mention not receiving any casino coupons, there is still plenty to enjoy without them. While a few guests did express discomfort with cigarette smoke from those using the casino, the overall consensus is that the amenities at the hotel, including the spa, pool and fitness center, make it a great value despite the higher price point.
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