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Summary of reviewsGreenColors Hotel has garnered enthusiastic reviews across various aspects of its service and amenities. The hotel's prime location, situated conveniently between Venice Marco Polo Airport and the city center, makes it an excellent base for travelers. Guests appreciate the easy access to Venice, aided by a bus stop right outside the hotel and the practicalities such as a nearby supermarket and ATM.

The breakfast at GreenColors Hotel is frequently praised, noted for its delicious, diverse and ample offerings. Freshly prepared options ranging from baked bread to cold cuts and fruits ensure a satisfying start to the day. The complimentary breakfast, flexibility for early departures and the friendliness of the restaurant staff add significant value to the experience.

Dining at the on-site restaurant is another highlight with guests applauding the extensive menu, excellent pizzas and pastas and affordability. The family-friendly atmosphere and the welcoming staff contribute to a pleasant dining experience, further enhanced by the convenience of the restaurant's location within the hotel.

Rooms at GreenColors Hotel are described as clean, spacious and well-maintained, equipped with essential amenities like refrigerators and air conditioning. Despite some minor comments about modesty and outdated furniture, the comfort, practicality and cleanliness of the rooms are consistently commended. Guests frequently mention the exceptionally comfortable beds, contributing to restful stays.

Cleanliness is a standout feature with impeccable housekeeping ensuring all areas of the hotel remain spotless. Daily cleaning routines and the diligent replacement of linens and towels contribute to a tidy and organized environment.

The hotel's staff consistently receive high praise for their exceptional service and friendliness. Guests frequently commend the warm hospitality, attentive nature and personal touch provided by the hotel team, including the proficient communication in multiple languages. The owners, often highlighted for their welcoming demeanor, make guests feel like part of their family.

WiFi at GreenColors Hotel is generally reliable and free, though there are occasional reports of inconsistent connectivity. Parking is notably convenient with ample free options, including on-site and private parking spaces, ensuring a hassle-free experience for guests with vehicles.

Families will find the hotel particularly accommodating with spacious rooms, family-friendly layouts and engaging amenities for children such as a play area. The strong family atmosphere created by the owners enhances the welcoming environment, making it an ideal choice for families visiting Venice.

The hotel is also highly praised for being pet-friendly with staff providing a warm welcome and ensuring a comfortable stay for pets. The hotel’s dedication to pet hospitality makes it a popular choice among those traveling with their furry companions.

In summary, GreenColors Hotel delivers a pleasant, comfortable and practical stay with its excellent location, outstanding breakfast and dining options, clean and spacious rooms, exceptional staff and family and pet-friendly amenities, ensuring a memorable experience for guests.
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Room Types
Quadruple Room with Shared Bathroom Offering free WiFi, this colourful room features a flat-screen TV, a sink and cooling fan. The bathroom is shared and there is a communal washing machine.

Triple Room with Shared Bathroom Offering free WiFi, this colourful room features a flat-screen TV, a sink and cooling fan. The bathroom is shared and there is a communal washing machine.

Double or Twin Room with Shared Bathroom Offering free WiFi, this colourful room features a flat-screen TV, a sink and cooling fan. The bathroom is shared and there is a communal washing machine.

Economy Double Room with Shared Bathroom The double room features air conditioning, a wardrobe, as well as a shared bathroom boasting a bidet and a hairdryer. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
GreenColors Hotel boasts an ideal location, making it a perfect base for travelers keen on exploring Venice and the surrounding areas. Situated between Venice Marco Polo Airport and the city center, the hotel offers quick and easy access to both with a bus stop conveniently positioned right outside its doors. Guests can reach Venice in just 10 to 15 minutes by bus, making it incredibly easy and economical to delve into the city's attractions.

The proximity to the airport is a major advantage for those arriving or departing with some guests mentioning that it’s only a few stops or a short taxi ride away. Additionally, the hotel's convenient location next to a supermarket and ATM adds to its practicality, ensuring guests have everything they need within a few minutes' walk.

For those who appreciate an escape from the bustling city, the hotel's position in a quieter, yet well-connected area promises a peaceful stay. The surrounding local amenities, including an excellent pizza restaurant housed in the same building, offer a taste of convenience combined with local flavors.

Overall, GreenColors Hotel ensures seamless connectivity and accessibility, providing an excellent base for tourists looking to explore Venice comfortably and affordably.

Guests frequently praised the breakfast at GreenColors Hotel, highlighting both its quality and abundance. Many reviews emphasize that the breakfast is delicious with a wide variety of sweet and savory options that cater to different tastes. The hearty and generous nature of the breakfast was repeatedly noted with several guests mentioning that it was very filling and helped energize them for the day ahead.

The complimentary aspect of the breakfast was highly appreciated with numerous mentions of the meal being included in the room rate. Guests enjoyed the great selection of food, including freshly baked bread, omelets, cold cuts, cheeses, pastries, fruits and juices. The breakfast was described as freshly prepared with some guests even mentioning that it felt like it was made with love.

In addition to the taste and variety, several guests appreciated the flexibility of the breakfast service, such as the provision of takeaway breakfast options for early departures. The friendly and attentive staff at the restaurant also received positive feedback for enhancing the breakfast experience.

Overall, the breakfast at GreenColors Hotel was frequently described as excellent, generous, delicious and plentiful, often exceeding guests' expectations and adding significant value to their stay.

GreenColors Hotel has received glowing reviews from guests for its on-site dining options, particularly the restaurant and pizzeria located on the ground floor. The restaurant has been repeatedly praised for offering a vast and varied menu with plentiful and delicious food. The standout dishes are the pizzas and pastas, which are described as some of the best guests have ever tasted, baked in a wood-fired oven and crafted with fresh ingredients.

Diners were also pleased with the affordability and generous portions, noting it as excellent value for money. The restaurant doesn't just excel in pizza but also serves a wide range of Italian specialties, such as gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce, eggplant parmigiana and tiramisu, all of which have garnered high praise. The family-friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff further enhance the dining experience.

Additionally, the restaurant's convenient location on the hotel’s ground floor makes it easily accessible, a feature that many guests found very appealing. The presence of locals dining there is often seen as a good indicator of the restaurant's quality, further solidifying its reputation as a fantastic dining spot. Overall, the restaurant at GreenColors Hotel delivers on taste, value and authentic Italian culinary experiences, making it a highlight for guests.

GreenColors Hotel offers rooms that consistently receive high praise for their cleanliness and comfort. Guests frequently describe the rooms as spacious and well-maintained with adequate facilities such as refrigerators, air conditioning and even small perks like in-room sinks and tea kettles. The beds are highlighted as comfortable, often contributing to a restful stay.

While some reviews note that the rooms are modest and the furniture somewhat outdated, the practicality and cleanliness outweigh these minor drawbacks. Several guests mention that despite the simplicity, the rooms are perfectly sufficient for short stays and represent good value for money.

The hotel rooms are particularly noted for being tidy and well-equipped, ensuring guests have everything they need for a pleasant stay. Although there's mention of thin walls which might allow for some noise from neighbors, the overall ambiance is described as cozy and practical.

In summary, GreenColors Hotel provides a comfortable, clean and well-equipped lodging option with spacious rooms that cater to the basic needs of travelers, making it an ideal choice for a practical and pleasant stay.

At GreenColors Hotel, guests frequently praise the comfort of the beds, describing them as comfortable, really comfortable and even the best they have slept in their whole lives. Many reviews consistently highlight that the beds were clean, well-made and contributed to a restful night's sleep.

Several rooms feature both large, comfortable double beds as well as spacious single beds, ensuring ample sleeping space for guests. Despite some reports of the beds being a bit small or narrow, the overall sentiment leans towards satisfaction with the bedding. While a few guests found the mattresses not very good in quality and some beds a bit squeaky or uncomfortable, these experiences seem to be in the minority.

The comfort of the rooms, paired with clean and neat bedding, underlines the hotel's commitment to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. For those prioritizing a good night’s sleep, GreenColors Hotel mostly delivers a positive and restful experience.

GreenColors Hotel has consistently received high praise for its cleanliness. Guests frequently mentioned that every area of the hotel is impeccably clean, from the rooms to the shared bathrooms and common spaces. The housekeeping services are noted for being excellent with rooms being cleaned daily and bedding and towels replaced every day. This meticulous attention to cleanliness extends to the shared facilities, which are described as spotless and well-maintained. The hotel environment is consistently reported to be clean, tidy and organized, providing guests with a comfortable and pleasant stay. Despite some mentions of basic room facilities and occasional overlooked spots, the overwhelming majority of reviews emphasize the hotel's high standards of cleanliness and care.

GreenColors Hotel boasts an outstanding level of service across the board, thanks in no small part to its exceptional staff. Guests repeatedly commend the extremely accommodating and super friendly team for their fantastic hospitality and kindness. The welcoming owners and hosts are often highlighted for their attentiveness with some reviews noting they made guests feel like part of their family. The service provided by the staff consistently impresses with many guests praising their helpfulness and the personal touch they bring to their roles.

The staff, including the front desk personnel and restaurant waiters, are noted for their friendliness and professionalism. They are attentive to guests' needs and go above and beyond in making everyone feel comfortable and welcome. The effective communication skills of the staff, including their proficiency in English and sometimes even French, add to the overall positive experience.

The personal attention from the owners, described as smiling, kind and always willing to help, further enhances the welcoming atmosphere. The hospitality extended by this husband and wife team is particularly appreciated with numerous mentions of their incredible efforts to ensure guest satisfaction. It's clear that the wonderful staff at GreenColors Hotel plays a significant role in creating a memorable stay for all guests.

GreenColors Hotel generally offers a good wifi experience for its guests. Reviews highlight that the wifi works well in the hotel with several guests noting a good, reliable connection and free access. Many found the internet connection to be satisfactory, referring to it as good and working very well in various parts of the hotel. However, it's worth noting some instances where the wifi was either unavailable in certain rooms or described as unreliable, indicating that the service consistency might vary. Overall, the clean and well-presented setting of the hotel complements its generally positive internet service, although improvements could be made to ensure a consistent wifi experience for all guests.

GreenColors Hotel offers an impressively convenient parking situation for its guests with ample options for free, on-site and private parking. Visitors consistently noted the abundance of large parking spaces both directly in front of the hotel and across the street, ensuring easy access regardless of the time of arrival. Many appreciated the convenience of having parking available without additional fees with several pointing out the availability of spaces right beside or behind the hotel. The presence of a large parking lot across the street and a private courtyard parking area further enhances the ease of parking, making it a hassle-free experience for those traveling by car. Overall, the hotel’s parking amenities have left guests satisfied and without concerns about leaving their vehicles.

The GreenColors Hotel is celebrated for its warm and welcoming family atmosphere, creating a home-away-from-home experience for its guests. Reviewers frequently praised the incredible friendliness and caring nature of the owners and staff, who were repeatedly noted to go above and beyond in making everyone feel like part of their family. The hotel embodies a strong family vibe with many guests remarking on the comforting, familial environment cultivated by the owners, who are described as attentive, smiley and super friendly.

Specifically catering to families, the hotel features clean and spacious rooms suitable for family stays. Parents appreciated the thoughtfulness of having a family-friendly layout with facilities such as a small play area for children and a playground on site, which provides entertainment for the little ones. Additionally, a more specific amenity mentioned is the convenient setup of a shared toilet and shower designed to accommodate families with children.

The hotel's Italian atmosphere and the family-owned concept add an authentic touch to the stay, making it a compelling choice for those visiting Venice looking for a cozy and supportive environment. Guests celebrated the care taken by Nella and her family, who ensure that each visitor feels valued and comfortable. This family-centric service model makes GreenColors Hotel an ideal destination for families seeking a welcoming and supportive stay close to Venice.

Dog Friendly
GreenColors Hotel stands out as a remarkably pet-friendly destination, where the staff are notably friendly and accommodating towards pets. Guests frequently commend the welcoming environment for their furry companions, highlighting that pets are not only allowed but also well-treated throughout their stay. The hotel offers a variety of pet-friendly options, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for dogs. Furthermore, the hotel owners provide useful information for pet owners, enhancing the overall experience for those traveling with pets. This dedication to pet hospitality consistently earns high praise from guests, making GreenColors Hotel a favored choice for those traveling with their canine friends.

No, GreenColors Hotel doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at GreenColors Hotel.

Yes, GreenColors Hotel welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at GreenColors Hotel.

No, GreenColors Hotel doesn't have a gym.

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