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Summary of reviewsResidence Antares in Caorle stands out as a highly recommended destination for travelers, particularly noted for its prime location and exceptional cleanliness. Situated just a short walk from the beach and near the old town, the residence offers convenient access to a variety of shops, restaurants and essential services, making it an ideal getaway for families and beach enthusiasts. The quiet surroundings further add to its appeal, providing a serene retreat close to both city amenities and the seashore.

The apartments at Residence Antares consistently receive praise for their spaciousness, modern decor and comprehensive amenities. Recently renovated, these clean and comfortable accommodations come equipped with well-stocked kitchens and multiple balconies, enhancing the overall guest experience. The meticulous attention to cleaning in all areas, including bathrooms and bedrooms, contributes significantly to a pleasant stay.

Guests also commend the friendly and helpful staff, who ensure a warm welcome and attentive service throughout the duration of the visit. The team is noted for going above and beyond to meet guest needs, enhancing the overall positive experience at the residence.

While the Wi-Fi service has mixed reviews with some noting poor connectivity, the ample parking options, including reserved spots, are appreciated by many guests. However, maneuvering larger vehicles in the tight spaces can sometimes be challenging.

The beds receive a variety of opinions with some guests pointing out issues like hardness and thin mattresses. Yet, the overall comfort of the rooms remains a strong highlight, ensuring a satisfactory stay for most.

In summary, Residence Antares offers a compelling combination of superb location, modern and clean accommodations and excellent staff service, making it a favored choice for a coastal retreat in Caorle despite minor drawbacks like Wi-Fi connectivity and varied bed comfort.
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Room Types
One-Bedroom Apartment With a kitchenette, tiled floors and private bathroom.

Apartment This air-conditioned apartment comprises 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a hairdryer. The apartment's kitchen, which has a refrigerator, is available for cooking and storing food. This apartment features a washing machine, a dining area, a TV and a balcony. The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Residence Antares boasts an exceptional location, making it a preferred choice for travelers seeking beach proximity and easy access to the old town of Caorle. Nestled just a short walk away from the seashore, this hotel offers guests the convenience of nearby beaches, shops, restaurants and essential services. The quiet surroundings and clean accommodations enhance the appeal, providing a serene retreat close to both the city center and the sea.

Guests have praised the strategic positioning of Residence Antares, noting the practicality and convenience it affords. The apartments are simple yet comfortable and recent renovations ensure a modern and welcoming environment. Families, in particular, find the proximity to the beach and city amenities incredibly beneficial with dedicated parking spaces adding to the overall convenience.

In summary, Residence Antares delivers on location with its close proximity to the beach, the old town and essential services, making it an ideal destination for a seaside getaway in Caorle.

Residence Antares offers an array of well-maintained and spacious apartments, suitable for vacation living. Guests consistently highlight the cleanliness and practicality of the accommodations. Many of the apartments are brand new or recently renovated, ensuring a modern and well-decorated environment. The rooms are described as clean, comfortable and equipped with all necessary amenities for a pleasant stay, including well-equipped kitchens and well-stocked services.

In particular, the apartments are noted for their spaciousness with many featuring multiple balconies, providing plenty of room for relaxation. The modern and newly furnished accommodations enhance the overall appeal, making the residence convenient and welcoming. Guests appreciate the meticulous attention to detail, evident in the cleanliness of the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms.

The top-floor apartments come with terraces and offer an elevated experience with additional space and comfort. The building’s newly renovated status ensures that the interiors are fresh, air-conditioned and in an excellent state. Detailed elevator access from the ground floor to room entrances makes it convenient for all guests.

With its beautiful design and prime location close to the beach, Residence Antares stands out as a top choice for vacationers seeking comfort, space and modern amenities.

Nestled in a prime location, Residence Antares offers spacious and impeccably clean apartments, ensuring a high standard of hygiene in every room. While the beds themselves have garnered mixed reviews, many guests found them to be relatively comfortable and acceptable for a pleasant stay. Notably, the beds in some rooms are described as hard or too soft with complaints about thin mattresses, detectable springs and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements on the couch and sofa beds. It seems the sleeping experience could be significantly improved with better quality mattresses and additional padding. Despite a number of reviews pointing out issues with bed discomfort, the overall room comfort and cleanliness were repeatedly highlighted as strong positives for Residence Antares.

Residence Antares has garnered impressive reviews for its cleanliness, consistently praised by guests. The apartments and rooms are noted for being very clean with adjectives like spotless, immaculate and sanitized frequently mentioned. Guests appreciate the newly furnished, spacious and well-stocked accommodations, highlighting the modern and welcoming atmosphere of the property. The bathroom and bedroom areas specifically are often mentioned as being meticulously maintained. Overall, the superb level of cleanliness across every part of the apartment contributes to a comfortable and pleasant stay. While there's a minor suggestion for improving the cleaning check-out process, the general consensus portrays Residence Antares as a clean, practical and well-kept destination, enhanced by its great location.

The staff at Residence Antares receives high praise for their friendliness and helpfulness, making guests feel welcome from the moment they arrive. Receptionists are noted for their warm smiles and prompt service with one guest highlighting a particularly friendly girl who quickly processed their reservation. Visitors frequently describe the staff as courteous and very kind, indicating a consistent effort to take care of guests' requests and provide assistance whenever needed. Despite a few mentions of inconsistent information and some language barriers, the overall impression is that of an amazing and available team, consistently going above and beyond to ensure a pleasant stay.

Residence Antares has received mixed reviews regarding its Wi-Fi service. While some guests noted that the internet was working well, others experienced poor quality and instability in the Wi-Fi connection. There were several mentions of a complete absence of a Wi-Fi network in certain areas with some guests highlighting that access was only available at the reception. Many expressed frustration over the limited connectivity, indicating that the Wi-Fi did not meet their expectations as advertised.

Residence Antares boasts a prime location with its close proximity to the beach, making it an ideal choice for beach lovers. Guests have consistently praised the hotel's convenient access to the sea with many noting that the beach is merely a short walk from the property. Descriptions suggest that the stroll to the beach ranges from just a few minutes to no more than ten, underscoring the ease of reaching the sandy shores. Additionally, the hotel is situated near beach parks, shops and offers beach service, enhancing the overall beach-going experience. Whether traveling with a dog or simply seeking a leisurely day by the water, the nearby beach provides basic amenities, ensuring a comfortable visit.

Residence Antares offers guests the convenience of various parking options with several reviewers highlighting reserved and private parking spaces. Users find the availability of hassle-free, free parking particularly advantageous with some mentioning large and easily accessible parking spots. Guests appreciate the numbered parking spaces assigned to their apartments, ensuring a reserved spot is always waiting.

However, the experiences aren't universally positive. Some visitors reported that parking spaces can be extremely tight and complicated, creating a less than ideal experience for larger vehicles. Additionally, parking is only available until 12 pm on the day of checkout, which may be inconvenient for those with late travel plans.

Overall, Residence Antares provides practical and mostly positive parking solutions, particularly benefiting guests who appreciate secure, designated spots.

No, Residence Antares doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Residence Antares.

Yes, Residence Antares welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Residence Antares.

No, Residence Antares doesn't have a gym.

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