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Summary of reviewsHotel Chicago emerges as a distinctly favorable choice for visitors due to its advantageous location, commendable dining options and consistently clean and cozy accommodations. Situated close to key attractions in Chomutov, the hotel provides convenient access to the city center, local zoo, Kamencové jezero and the Chomutovka shopping center. While the proximity to busy transport routes introduces some noise, this minor inconvenience is overshadowed by the hotel's strategic and accessible location, free public parking and overall convenience.

The hotel's breakfast offerings receive positive feedback for their quality, variety and satisfying portions. Guests enjoy the comprehensive buffet which includes luxurious scrambled eggs, bacon and fantastic omelettes, all served in a charming diner-like atmosphere. Minor areas for improvement, such as a limited selection and lack of filter coffee, do not significantly detract from the overall positive dining experience.

The in-house restaurant is highly acclaimed with many guests praising the exceptional cuisine, especially the steaks, burgers and barbecue dishes. The variety and reasonable prices further enhance the dining experience, making the restaurant a popular choice for both lunch and dinner. The friendly and helpful staff contribute to the positive reviews, ensuring that the dining experience is consistently enjoyable.

Hotel Chicago’s rooms are appreciated for their cleanliness, spaciousness and charming vintage style. Guests consistently highlight the clean, cozy and well-maintained accommodations, featuring fresh bed linen, soft mattresses and large bathrooms. While some rooms near busy areas might experience noise and occasional minor issues, the overall comfort and cleanliness tend to leave a favorable impression.

The staff at Hotel Chicago are frequently praised for their friendliness, professionalism and dedication to ensuring a positive guest experience. Their ability to communicate effectively in English and their commitment to customer satisfaction contribute significantly to the hotel's welcoming atmosphere.

Although there are occasional issues with bedding comfort and minor maintenance concerns, the general consensus is that Hotel Chicago offers excellent value for money. Its three-star rating reflects a commendable balance between cost and quality, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers seeking a satisfactory and enjoyable stay.
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3-Star Hotel

Room Types
Single Room This room has a cable TV, a refrigerator, a seating area and a private bathroom with a shower.

Double Room This room has a cable TV, a refrigerator, a seating area and a private bathroom with a shower.

Classic Twin Room The twin room provides heating, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. The twin room features carpeted floors, a seating area with a TV with satellite channels, a private entrance, a wardrobe, as well as a safe deposit box. The unit offers 2 beds.

Standard Triple Room The triple room offers heating, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. The triple room features carpeted floors, a seating area with a TV with satellite channels, a private entrance, a wardrobe, as well as a safe deposit box. The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Chicago boasts a location that excels in its proximity to the center of Chomutov, making it a convenient choice for visitors looking to explore the area. Guests appreciated how easy it was to access the hotel and highlighted its closeness to numerous attractions including the city center, local zoo, Kamencové jezero and the Chomutovka shopping center. The hotel's advantageous location also offers free public parking directly in front, which adds to the convenience, especially for those traveling by car.

However, while the location is close to the city's amenities and offers various conveniences, it has a few downsides. The hotel is situated near a busy main road, railway line and the city freeway, leading to a frequently loud environment due to the passing trains and traffic. Despite this, the hotel's excellent restaurant, friendly staff and good breakfast received praise, adding positive aspects to the overall experience.

In summary, Hotel Chicago's prime selling point is its strategic and accessible location near the heart of Chomutov with several key attractions and services within walking distance. The convenience it offers is slightly marred by the noise from nearby transport routes, but the excellent service and amenities help to make up for this disadvantage.

Hotel Chicago offers a breakfast experience that generally satisfies its guests with many highlighting its quality and service. Descriptors such as very good, excellent and great appear frequently across reviews, indicating a consistently positive response. The breakfast is in the form of a buffet, described as small but comprehensive, ensuring that all the essentials are covered. Guests appreciated specific items like the luxurious scrambled eggs, bacon and fantastic omelettes with some even deeming it luxurious.

Service-wise, the staff at breakfast receive commendations for being wonderful, although there are occasional mentions of minor mishaps. The atmosphere is likened to that of a diner, contributing to a pleasant dining experience.

While the breakfast often garners praise, some reviews mention areas for improvement, such as a limited selection and the absence of filter coffee. Nonetheless, the variety typically includes drinks, pastries, vegetables, jams, cold cuts and cheeses, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

The substantial offering is usually sufficient to fill guests up, even if it does not always impress on a culinary level. Overall, the breakfast at Hotel Chicago, characterized by its rich taste and satisfying portions, is a highlight for many of its guests.

Hotel Chicago's in-house restaurant receives widespread acclaim from guests, often being described as excellent, amazing and luxurious. Guests rave about the exceptional cuisine, highlighting the best steak and burgers, as well as sensational grill dishes and barbecue. Many visitors recommend making a table reservation due to the popularity and demand of the restaurant.

The menu is praised for its variety and reasonable prices with many noting the quality and taste of the food, from non-traditional lunch options to delicious beef steaks. The restaurant also offers a delightful dining experience both indoors and outdoors, making it a wonderful spot for both lunch and dinner.

Staff at the restaurant are noted for being very friendly and helpful, contributing to the overall positive dining experience. Breakfast options also receive commendation with guests particularly enjoying both the breakfast and dinner offerings.

Overall, the restaurant at Hotel Chicago is considered a strong reason to visit with many guests expressing a desire to return for both the food and the excellent service.

Hotel Chicago offers an array of room choices that generally impress with their cleanliness and spaciousness. Decorated in a charming vintage style, most rooms are described as clean, cozy and tidy. The size of the rooms is notably spacious with large bathrooms and adequate furnishings, making them more than sufficient for a comfortable stay. Guests have appreciated the soft mattresses and calm, quiet environment with some rooms boasting nice views overlooking the courtyard.

Great care is taken to ensure cleanliness and comfort with many reviews highlighting the efforts of the friendly cleaning staff. The bedding is clean and fresh and the bathrooms are typically immaculate and well-sized. For those looking for modern conveniences, rooms come with basic, standard equipment, such as fridges.

Rooms near the train station or above the kitchen area might experience some noise and occasional unpleasant smells, which could affect light sleepers. Additionally, some guests pointed out minor issues like missing bedside lamps, small trash cans and occasionally clogged sinks which can slightly detract from the experience.

Overall, Hotel Chicago delivers a comfortable and clean accommodation experience, although some minor drawbacks and quirks may arise depending on room location and specific amenities.

At Hotel Chicago, guests have shared varied experiences regarding the beds. Many reviewers praised the beds for being comfortable with some highlighting the spacious and cozy nature of the bedding. Descriptions such as "comfortable bed" and "soft mattresses" were commonly mentioned. Guests particularly appreciated the "very fresh" bed linen and reported sleeping "quite well" on soft mattresses.

However, feedback also revealed some issues. A few guests found the mattresses too hard or described them as being worn-out. Some encountered beds that were broken, creaky or even falling apart. Concerns about dirty bedding and patchy, holey sheets were also noted. Despite these drawbacks, the positive remarks about the comfort of the beds seem to stand out more frequently.

Hotel Chicago boasts an impressive reputation for its cleanliness with numerous guests highlighting the consistently clean rooms and tidy accommodations. The rooms, decorated in a charming vintage style, are frequently described as very clean and cozy with particular attention to the cleanliness of the shower baths and furniture. Guests can expect well-maintained, neat and spacious rooms with sufficient amenities for a comfortable stay.

While some reviews noted older equipment and old-looking furniture, the general consensus remains positive regarding the hotel’s cleanliness. Additionally, the hotel's food and freshly tapped Pilsener have been appreciated. Despite occasional mentions of messy rooms or dirty windows and bathrooms, the overall cleanliness of Hotel Chicago leaves a favorable impression on its guests.

The reviews for Hotel Chicago suggest that the staff is overwhelmingly friendly, kind and welcoming. Guests consistently highlight the helpful nature and dedication of the staff, noting that their requests are promptly met and that they feel genuinely cared for. The hotel's management and the entire hospitality team receive high praise for their professionalism and warm approach, contributing significantly to a positive guest experience. The staff's ability to communicate effectively in English is appreciated and their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction is frequently mentioned. The hotel's workforce is described as sensational with strong leadership and a cohesive, pleasant service attitude that enhances the overall stay. Many guests commend the staff for their friendly demeanor and the effort they put into making each visit enjoyable, emphasizing their superb attitude and genuine hospitality.

3 Star
Hotel Chicago's three-star rating encapsulates a commendable balance between cost and quality. It consistently receives praise for offering excellent value for money. The price-performance ratio is often highlighted as one of its strongest points with guests frequently emphasizing its affordability without sacrificing too much on quality. While there is some room for improvement in certain areas, the overall consensus is that the hotel provides a solid and satisfactory experience, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers.

No, Hotel Chicago doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Chicago.

No, Hotel Chicago doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Chicago.

No, Hotel Chicago doesn't have a gym.

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