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Summary of reviewsHotel Garni - Haus Gemmer offers a well-rounded and positive experience for travelers, demonstrated by consistent praise in key areas. The hotel's prime location is one of its strongest points with guests enjoying the walking distance to Coburg's historic old town and key attractions while benefiting from a peaceful atmosphere. Accessibility is further enhanced by ample parking and excellent public transport options.

A standout feature of the hotel is the breakfast, which is highly praised for its variety, quality and fresh preparation. Guests appreciate the plentiful choices that cater to diverse tastes and dietary needs, making this meal a highlight of their stay.

The rooms receive commendations for their cleanliness, comfort and spaciousness. Modern bathrooms and various amenities such as minibars, refrigerators and electric blinds add to the convenience and satisfaction of guests. Although some find the furniture a bit old-fashioned and experience occasional street noise, the overall consensus is that the rooms provide a good level of comfort and functionality.

Impeccable cleanliness is a consistent theme with the hotel maintaining a high standard across all areas. Guests find the environment neat, well-maintained and hygienic, which significantly enhances their overall experience.

A key strength of Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer is the staff, noted for their friendliness, professionalism and helpfulness. The smooth check-in process and attentive service contribute greatly to a positive and welcoming stay.

Although the WiFi service meets most guests' expectations, there is a data limit, which can be restrictive for some. Nonetheless, the connection is generally fast and reliable.

Parking facilities are ample and convenient with easy access and no additional fees, making it stress-free for travelers, including those with bicycles who benefit from a complimentary garage.

Beds receive mixed reviews with many guests finding them comfortable but some noting that they are old-fashioned or too hard. Despite this, most reviews confirm that they slept well.

The hotel provides excellent value for money, aligning well with its three-star rating. Guests appreciate the nostalgic charm, reasonable pricing and overall comfort provided by the hotel.

Finally, Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer is a pet-friendly establishment, welcoming dogs, although some guests feel the pet fee is a bit high. The amenities and spacious, clean rooms contribute positively to this aspect.

In summary, Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer is well-regarded for its excellent location, delightful breakfast, cleanliness, friendly staff and good value for money, making it an ideal choice for travelers exploring Coburg.
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Room Types
Single Room Featuring free toiletries, this single room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower and a hairdryer. The single room features a minibar, a wardrobe, a safe deposit box, a carpeted floor, as well as a flat-screen TV. The unit has 1 bed.

Double Room This double room has a minibar, seating area and sofa. Only some of these rooms offer a terrace.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
'Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer' is praised for its excellent location with guests consistently noting its close proximity to the city center of Coburg. The hotel is within walking distance of the historic old town, often cited as being 10 to 15 minutes away on foot, which makes it perfect for sightseeing. Despite its central location, the area remains quiet and peaceful, providing a restful stay without the bustle of traffic noise. The ease of accessibility is also highlighted with mentions of convenient car access and ample parking spaces. Public transport options are readily available, including bus stops nearby, enhancing connectivity for visitors. The hotel is well situated for reaching both the train station and key attractions such as the castle and fortress. Overall, 'Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer' offers a great base for exploring Coburg, blending convenience, tranquility and good value for money.

At Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer, breakfast is a highlight of guests' stay. The reviews consistently praise the extensive and varied breakfast buffet, which is freshly prepared and delicious. Many guests appreciate the wide selection of options, including fresh rolls, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, yogurt and other breakfast staples. The buffet is noted for being abundant with plentiful and diverse choices that are constantly replenished.

The quality and taste of the breakfast receive high marks, often described as excellent, superb and outstanding. Even simple offerings are deemed satisfactory with guests highlighting that the breakfast has something for everyone. The breakfast area is well-arranged and the inclusion of thoughtful touches such as fresh flowers on the tables adds to the pleasant atmosphere.

Despite occasional mentions of the buffet being somewhat less extensive during the pandemic, guests still found the offerings sufficient and well-organized. There is also an evident effort to accommodate food preferences and intolerances, ensuring all guests can enjoy their meal.

Overall, the breakfast experience at Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer is a standout feature, contributing significantly to the positive guest experience at the hotel.

Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer has garnered praise for its rooms which are consistently described as clean, comfortable and spacious. Many reviews highlight the modern and renovated bathrooms as a key feature, enhancing the overall stay experience. The rooms come well-equipped with amenities such as refrigerators, minibars at fair prices and electric blinds, adding to the convenience and comfort.

Guests appreciate the high standard of cleanliness maintained throughout the hotel. Rooms are functional and provide all necessary conveniences, including soundproof windows, which contribute to a quiet and restful environment, especially for rooms facing the courtyard or the back of the hotel. Despite some comments about old-fashioned furniture and occasional noise from street-facing rooms, the general consensus is positive.

Check-in processes, including the use of a key box, are reported to be smooth and hassle-free. Additional amenities like well-stocked minibars, city maps and guides are also appreciated by guests. Overall, Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer offers very good value for money, combining spacious, clean and comfortable rooms with modern amenities and a welcoming vibe.

While staying at 'Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer,' guests have mixed feelings about the beds, leaning mostly towards the positive end. Many found the mattresses to be comfortable, some even calling them excellent or very comfortable. The beds are often described as cozy and conducive to a good night's sleep. However, several guests noted that the beds and mattresses are somewhat older or outdated, which might not meet everyone's expectations.

There are also mentions of the beds being too hard for some and an issue with tiny or insufficiently filled pillows, which detracted from the overall experience for a few guests. Despite these points, the general consensus is that the beds in this hotel provide a decent level of comfort with many reviews confirming that they slept well during their stay.

"Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer" consistently impresses guests with its impeccable cleanliness. The reviews highlight rooms and bathrooms that are excellently cleaned, spotlessly tidy and free from stains or wear. Many guests found the rooms to be both clean and comfortable with the cleanliness of the bathroom specifically noted as very good. The hotel itself is also praised for being very clean, well-maintained and modern, offering a neat and well-kept environment. Despite its slightly old-fashioned charm, the hotel manages to maintain a high standard of cleanliness, contributing to the overall positive experience of its guests. The recurring emphasis on spotless rooms and well-maintained facilities means visitors can expect a pristine and hygienic stay at this family-run hotel.

At Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer, one aspect that stands out remarkably is the warm and accommodating nature of the staff. From the moment you step through the doors, you are greeted by extremely friendly and helpful personnel who are always eager to assist with a smile. The check-in process is notably uncomplicated and welcoming, making the initial experience smooth and stress-free.

Throughout your stay, the staff's readiness to help is consistently demonstrated, whether it be through providing vital information, solving parking issues or simply offering a pleasant conversation. Guests have appreciated the polite and professional demeanor of the team, who ensure that all matters are handled attentively and efficiently.

Importantly, the staff maintain a high standard of friendliness and flexibility. They truly go above and beyond, providing excellent service that contributes significantly to the overall positive experience at the hotel. It's clear that the dedication to guest satisfaction is a key focus at Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer with all staff members embodying this commitment in their interactions.

At Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer, guests consistently remark on the quality of the WiFi service. Many describe the WiFi as very good with some highlighting it as excellent service, fast and reliable. Free internet access is provided, making it convenient for travelers. However, there is a data limit, often mentioned as 500MB or 600MB of free internet per day, which could be restrictive for some. While the speed is generally satisfactory, a few guests felt that the WLAN could be a bit faster. Overall, the WiFi at Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer meets most guests' expectations for a comfortable stay.

Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer impresses with its ample and convenient parking. Guests appreciate the ease of access and the abundance of free parking spaces available, whether directly in front of the house, in the shaded areas or behind the property. The parking arrangements are described as uncomplicated and secure, contributing to a stress-free experience. Notably, there is a large parking lot on the hotel grounds that does not incur additional fees, making it a great option for travelers. Bicyclists also benefit from a complimentary garage for their bikes. Overall, the parking situation at Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer is highly convenient and well-received by guests, adding to the overall comfort and practicality of their stay.

3 Star
Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer offers a satisfying experience for travelers seeking a three-star accommodation. Guests consistently highlight the good value for the price, underscoring the excellent price-performance ratio provided by the hotel. Many have noted the hotel's alignment with the typical expectations of a three-star establishment, finding the breakfast to be particularly commendable for this category.

Rooms are described as spacious with comfortable beds and some feature large bathrooms, adding to the overall comfort. Despite the positive aspects, it's evident that the hotel exhibits an 80s charm with somewhat old-fashioned decor and simple equipment. The lack of air conditioning may be a drawback for some guests and a few reviews mentioned that the rooms can be a bit small.

Overall, Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer is recommended for its reasonable pricing and solid comfort, especially for those who appreciate a touch of nostalgic charm in their accommodations.

Dog Friendly
'Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer' earns positive feedback as a pet-friendly hotel that welcomes dogs, though some guests feel the fee for small dogs is a bit high. Room amenities like minibars and sofas are appreciated and offer comfort during the stay. Guests note that although the reception isn't open around the clock, the rooms are typically spacious, clean and some even face the tranquil courtyard. However, there are mentions of limited WiFi capacity and small beds in some rooms. Noise can be an issue for rooms facing the street, especially with windows open. The availability of facilities such as toilets attached in some rooms and mechanisms for door closing add to the overall experience, though minor improvements could enhance comfort further.

No, Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer.

Yes, Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer.

No, Hotel Garni - Haus Gemmer doesn't have a gym.

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