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Info Edge of the Bay Resort is an eco-friendly resort located in the heart of the Freycinet Peninsula in Tasmania, offering contemporary Oceanview Suites and Secluded Cottages with access to private beaches and spectacular views. The Oceanview Suites feature high-quality amenities, while the Secluded Cottages are equipped with fully equipped facilities, including a private BBQ and a kitchen. The resort offers guests a range of exclusive activities, including free access to bikes, dinghies, tennis courts and a children's playground as well as an onsite restaurant and bar and a conference facility. Edge of the Bay Resort is an ideal location for corporate meetings, conferences and coastal getaways.
Summary of reviewsEdge of the Bay Resort is a stunning location for a relaxing and unforgettable holiday. The exceptional views and stunning location on the edge of Coles Bay have been praised by guests, as well as the private beach and proximity to Freycinet National Park. The spacious and high-quality accommodations have also been praised with comfortable beds and excellent kitchen facilities. While some guests have had mixed experiences with the breakfast and dinner options, the staff has been described as attentive and friendly. The cleanliness of the rooms has also been noted as a highlight, although some guests have reported issues with cleanliness and Wi-Fi connectivity. Overall, guests have had a great stay with only minor hiccups in the service provided by the staff.
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Rainwater collection and usage
Use of non-toxic cleaning products
Bicycles provided to guests
Electric car charging station(s) available
Signs in the rooms informing guests that towels will only be changed upon request
Toilet paper made of non-chlorine bleached paper or awarded with an eco-label
Waste is separated into at least 3 categories
Automatic system or key card that turns off the light and electrical appliances when guests leave their room
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Room Types
Ocean View Suite - Adults Only This modern, air-conditioned suite features a king bed,and private deck offering stunning views across Great Oyster Bay. It also includes a flat-screen TV, a stereo, DVD player and underfloor heating. Your bedding includes a latex mattress with a pillow top and allergy-free pillows. Please note that the price is based on 2 guests (including infants and children). There is no capacity for additional guests.

Two-Bedroom Cottage Our Secluded Cottages are inspired by the quintessential Aussie beach shack. Dated by nature, the original structure is from the 1950's, with minor upgrades and repairs through the years. Each cottage is fully equipped to provide everything a couple, or family need to enjoy the perfect seaside getaway. This cottage features stunning views across Great Oyster Bay to the Hazards Mountains and Freycinet Peninsula. It also includes a LCD TV, stereo, heating, air-conditioning and electric blankets. A fully equipped kitchen and barbecue facilities are provided. Mattresses are quality latex, and a pillow top and allergy free pillows are provided. Please note that maximum occupancy is 5. There is no capacity for additional guests.

About Edge of the Bay ResortNestled in the heart of the Freycinet Peninsula, Edge of the Bay Resort offers idyllic contemporary accommodation in 14 Oceanview Suites and 6 Secluded Cottages. Direct access to three private beaches and spectacular views across Great Oyster Bay to the Hazards Mountain range provide the perfect base for exploring the east coast of Tasmania, including nearby Coles Bay and Wineglass Bay. The eco-friendly Oceanview Suites provide ultimate relaxation with high-quality amenities, including a private deck, individually controlled air conditioning and a king-size pillow top latex mattress.

The Secluded Cottages offer tranquil accommodation for couples or families, with stunning views and fully equipped facilities, including a private BBQ and a kitchen. The Edge of the Bay Resort provides a range of exclusive activities for guests, including free access to bikes, dinghies, tennis courts and a children's playground. An onsite restaurant and bar is available and the conference facility accommodates small groups of up to 20 people.

In summary, Edge of the Bay Resort is a fantastic destination for an unforgettable coastal getaway, with spectacular views, luxurious accommodation and plenty of activities to suit all interests. The resort's tranquil setting provides the perfect environment for relaxation and team bonding, making it an ideal location for corporate meetings and conferences.
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Guest Reviews
Very Good
If you are looking for a truly gorgeous location for your next holiday, then look no further than Edge of the Bay Resort. This resort truly lives up to its name, as it is situated on the edge of the waters of Coles Bay. Guests have raved about the exceptional views and stunning location, saying that it is the perfect place to relax and unwind. The resort is surrounded by bush and wildlife, making it the ideal choice for nature lovers. The private beach is another highlight with visitors enjoying the tranquility and seclusion it offers. In addition, the proximity to Freycinet National Park means that you are close to some of the most beautiful sights in Tasmania. The spacious and high-quality accommodation has been praised with many saying that it was a luxurious and comfortable stay. Whether you want to explore the national park or simply enjoy the breathtaking views, Edge of the Bay Resort is the perfect destination for a relaxing and unforgettable holiday.

Guests have had mixed experiences with the breakfast options at Edge of the Bay Resort. Some have enjoyed a good breakfast hamper, while others have found it to be awful or disappointing. Unfortunately, there is no onsite breakfast area or restaurant open for breakfast, leaving some guests without any options. Although a continental breakfast can be ordered the night before, this has not been convenient for all guests. Some have suggested that breakfast provisions or a cafe would be a welcome addition to the resort. Additionally, some guests were disappointed to find out upon arrival that the restaurant was closed due to Covid and not advised when booking. Overall, the breakfast options at Edge of the Bay Resort appear to leave some room for improvement.

Guests of the Edge of the Bay Resort appear to have mixed experiences with the onsite restaurant, Lure. Some describe it as fantastic with amazing food and impeccable service, serving high-quality local produce and rare beverage selections. Others criticize its limited menu options and lack of availability for certain nights. However, the Luz restaurant is consistently praised as excellent with innovative menus and world-class dinners. Overall, those who enjoyed Lure recommend booking a table and those who didn't suggest exploring offsite dining options. Despite some inconsistencies in service, guests seem to agree that the resort's location is the real draw with stunning views from the restaurant and surrounding areas.

The Edge of the Bay Resort offers various self-contained accommodations such as cottages, cabins and suites, all of which provide spacious and well-appointed rooms. Guests can enjoy spectacular views of the Great Oyster Bay or the Freycinet Peninsula from their room balconies or ground-level suites. The accommodation is comfortable and clean, but some rooms and bathrooms are a little dated and need modernisation. However, the private and quiet location of the cabins ensures plenty of relaxation and guests can even have a resident wallaby visiting them. The kitchen facilities are excellent and the beds are very comfortable, ensuring a great night's sleep. Some rooms could benefit from updating and the hotel as a whole is looking tired and in need of an upgrade. Nonetheless, guests appreciate the stylish decor of some rooms and all accommodations are spacious yet cosy. The Edge of the Bay Resort is beautifully positioned to enjoy spectacular views and offers a comfortable and peaceful retreat in a lovely setting.

At Edge of the Bay Resort, guests can rest easy in the comfortable beds provided. While some guests found the pillows to be too soft, the majority praised the beds for their comfort. Even those who mentioned the beds being hard specified that the queen or king size mattresses were still enjoyable to sleep on. The linen and towels were also noted as being very comfortable, adding to a great night's sleep. Overall, guests had a very comfortable stay due in part to the extremely comfortable beds.

The Edge of the Bay Resort offers a relaxed atmosphere with spacious and clean accommodations. Guests raved about the cleanliness of the rooms with some describing them as exceptionally clean. Rustic charm was also noted as a highlight of the accommodations. However, there were some issues with cleanliness with a few guests reporting issues such as a mouldy shower or ants in the room. Additionally, some guests noted discoloured water and poor water pressure. Due to Covid-19, rooms were only serviced to remove garbage. Overall, the decor was described as dated, but very clean and comfortable with all the necessary amenities.

Guests of Edge of the Bay Resort have had varying experiences with the staff during their stays. Many have praised the attentive and friendly service provided by the staff with some even going above and beyond to ensure guests have an enjoyable stay. However, some guests have reported issues such as staff shortages and unresponsive management. Despite this, the majority of guests agree that the service is excellent with helpful and experienced staff at the onsite restaurant and reception. While there have been some isolated incidents with rude or unhelpful staff, most guests have found the staff to be friendly and accommodating. Overall, guests have had a great stay with only minor hiccups in the service provided by the staff.

Many guests who have stayed at Edge of the Bay Resort appeared to have issues with the Wi-Fi connectivity. Reviews suggest that the hotel's Wi-Fi network was rather weak and could barely support basic internet usage. Some guests reported facing constant disconnections or a complete absence of internet service during their stay. In addition, the hotel's television service seemed to have been hit-or-miss as several guests reported not being able to connect Netflix. While some reviews suggested slightly better internet connectivity at certain times, many guests found the Wi-Fi to be pretty terrible overall. However, a few guests did mention that the Wi-Fi did work well, albeit with occasional dropouts. Overall, while the Edge of the Bay Resort may be a beautiful place to stay, guests who require reliable Wi-Fi should be prepared to look elsewhere.

EV charging stations
The Edge of the Bay Resort offers EV charging stations, a thoughtful addition for eco-conscious guests. However, some guests noted that the cabins could use an update for the price and that there were some maintenance issues such as a damaged tap in the kitchen and low water pressure in the shower. The guest laundry requires payment for dryers, which some found inconvenient. On the plus side, the resort boasts an incredible view of Oyster Bay and the Freycinet Peninsula and their restaurant offers delicious meals with stunning views. Some guests suggested that the resort could improve upon their tech offerings to make the suites more enjoyable on cozy days. While some guests also suggested that the resort could provide bottled drinking water, this was not a major critique from a majority of guests.

No, Edge of the Bay Resort doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Edge of the Bay Resort.

No, Edge of the Bay Resort doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Edge of the Bay Resort.

No, Edge of the Bay Resort doesn't have a gym.
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