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Info Astor und Aparthotel - Superior is a friendly and comfortable hotel in the heart of the vibrant city of Cologne. Due to its prime location and its facilities and amenities that aim to cater to every guest's needs, the hotel is ideal for both business and leisure travellers. Guests have the opportunity to discover many of the famous attractions and historic sights in Cologne, such as the Cathedral and the Old Town and spend an unforgettable time in this unique city.
Summary of reviewsAstor & Aparthotel in Cologne is highly appreciated for its excellent central location, making it ideal for guests eager to explore the city. Located in the City Center, close to the Belgian Quarter and Old Town, it offers convenient walking access to prime attractions such as the Cologne Cathedral. The proximity to train stations and tram stops like Friesenplatz and Rudolfplatz ensures seamless connectivity, further enhancing the hotel’s strategic location. Despite the lively surroundings with various dining, shopping and nightlife options, the hotel ensures a peaceful retreat away from the bustling streets.

The breakfast experience at Astor & Aparthotel is highly praised, described as delicious, varied and generous. Guests enjoy an extensive buffet with fresh elements like freshly squeezed orange juice organic produce and small surprises such as cake and sparkling wine. The friendly and attentive service staff contribute to a superb breakfast experience, enhanced by well-maintained, modern facilities.

Rooms at Astor & Aparthotel are noted for their cleanliness and comfort. They are spacious, well-equipped with modern amenities such as minibars and refrigerators and often feature balconies. The beds are very comfortable, ensuring a positive sleep experience. While the decor may seem old-fashioned to some, it creates a cozy and functional atmosphere. Guests appreciate small touches like cosmetic mirrors and a variety of drink options. However, potential issues include the lack of air conditioning, noise from the street and practical challenges like limited parking and the absence of an elevator.

Cleanliness is a strong point with many guests praising the spotless rooms and high hygiene standards maintained daily. Minor issues such as occasional dust and specific shower cabin concerns were noted but did not overshadow the overall positive feedback on cleanliness.

The staff at Astor & Aparthotel receive exceptional praise for their friendliness, attentiveness and welcoming nature. They are described as accommodating, helpful and always ready to assist, enhancing the overall guest experience.

While Wi-Fi service is included and generally reliable, some guests faced issues with instability and connectivity, particularly on higher floors. Instructions for accessing the Wi-Fi could be improved and consistent service remains an area for enhancement.

Parking is secure but can be challenging due to narrow entry and small spaces, more suitable for compact cars. The staff assists with parking, making it somewhat easier despite the cramped conditions.

The hotel's location is perfect for nightlife enthusiasts, surrounded by numerous bars, pubs and restaurants. However, the vibrant nightlife contributes to noise levels, especially during weekends, potentially disturbing light sleepers.

The beds are widely acclaimed for their comfort and cleanliness, ensuring restful nights. While some guests found the pillows too hard or the duvets thin, overall feedback on sleep quality is very positive.

Although officially a four-star hotel, some guests felt it resembled a three-star property, citing issues like lack of air conditioning and instances of less-than-ideal cleanliness. Modern amenities are available, but overall presentation and upkeep could be improved to meet four-star expectations.

Finally, the hotel is well-suited for business travelers due to its central location near the convention center, efficient check-in process and facilities catering to professional needs.

In summary, Astor & Aparthotel offers a centrally located, comfortable stay with excellent breakfast, clean rooms and friendly staff, though it has minor areas for improvement such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi stability and parking space.
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Room Types
Comfort Single Room Spacious room offers classic-style interiors, a tea/coffee maker, soundproofed windows and a flat-screen TV.

Business Double Room Spacious room offers classic-style interiors, a tea/coffee maker, soundproofed windows and a flat-screen TV.

Superior Double Room Spacious room offers modern interiors, soundproofed windows. a minibar and a flat-screen TV. This room offers extra space, a tea/coffee maker and ironing facilities.

Superior Single Room Spacious room offers modern interiors, soundproofed windows, a minibar and a flat-screen TV. This room offers a tea/coffee maker.

Standard Single Room This cozy room offers classic-style interiors, a tea/coffee maker, soundproofed windows and a flat-screen TV.

Standard Double Room Cozy room offers modern interiors, soundproofed windows,a flat-screen TV. This room offers a tea/coffee maker.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Astor & Aparthotel boasts a superb central location in the vibrant heart of Cologne, making it an optimal choice for visitors who wish to explore the city with ease. Nestled in the City Center and closely intertwined with the Belgian Quarter and Old Town, the hotel provides convenient walking access to many of Cologne’s prime attractions and significant landmarks, including the famous Cologne Cathedral, which is approximately 20 minutes away on foot.

For those relying on public transport, the proximity to multiple train stations and tram stops such as Friesenplatz and Rudolfplatz ensures seamless connectivity, reinforcing the hotel's reputation for excellent strategic location. Guests appreciate the convenience of having various dining, shopping and nightlife options directly in the vicinity, adding to the vibrancy of their stay. Restaurants, bars and even cinemas are plentiful and just steps away from the hotel's doorstep, catering well to partygoers and casual tourists alike.

Despite being located in such a bustling area, the hotel sits on relatively quiet streets, providing a peaceful retreat after a day of exploration. The combination of its prime location and friendly service makes Astor & Aparthotel a fitting choice for those looking to immerse themselves entirely in the dynamic ambiance of Cologne.

The breakfast experience at Astor & Aparthotel receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests. Many reviews highlight the breakfast as delicious, varied and generous. Numerous guests appreciated the extensive and rich buffet options, often described as sufficient and abundant. Fresh elements, such as freshly squeezed orange juice and hand-cut fruit salad, enhance the appeal, along with the availability of organic produce.

The diverse range of offerings includes tasty bread, fresh fruits, a variety of cold cuts, cheeses and even champagne. Guests note the breakfast as a hearty, full meal and some even enjoyed little surprises like cake and sparkling wine. The breakfast is described as superb with nothing left wanting and everything prepared with high quality.

Service staff also receive commendation for their friendliness and attentiveness, contributing to the pleasant breakfast experience. With long serving times, well-maintained and modern facilities and a location adding to the overall convenience, breakfast at Astor & Aparthotel leaves a lasting impression on its guests.

Astor & Aparthotel offers rooms that are consistently praised for their cleanliness and comfort. Guests frequently highlight the spaciousness of the rooms, which are well-equipped with modern amenities such as minibars, refrigerators and even balconies in some instances. The decor, while charming and functional, might be considered old-fashioned by some, yet it still provides a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

The beds are noted to be very comfortable, adding to the overall positive sleep experience. Many rooms feature modern furnishings and are described as sleek, cozy and nicely equipped. The inclusion of small touches like cosmetic mirrors, hairdryers and a variety of drink options is appreciated by guests. A spacious and well-lit bathroom is another plus, providing adequate facilities for a pleasant stay.

However, there are some recurring issues that could potentially affect the stay quality. The absence of air conditioning can make the rooms quite warm and stuffy, especially those located near the attic or facing the street. Noise can also be an issue, particularly for rooms facing the party mile. Moreover, some rooms, while generally clean, have been reported to have issues such as mold in the bathroom grout, thin duvets and occasional lapses in cleaning routines.

There are also practical challenges like missing elevators, necessitating climbing multiple steps and limited parking space with a narrow driveway. Despite these shortcomings, the hotel compensates with its strong positives. The breakfast is frequently described as excellent with a wide variety of options to choose from and the staff receive high marks for their friendliness and helpfulness, creating a welcoming environment.

In summary, Astor & Aparthotel delivers a comfortable, well-equipped stay with modern amenities and spacious rooms, although potential guests should be mindful of the occasional cleanliness issues, lack of air conditioning in some rooms and practical inconveniences like limited parking and absence of an elevator.

Astor & Aparthotel is consistently praised for its comfortable and clean beds, offering guests plenty of restful nights. Reviews frequently highlight the comfort of both the beds and the bedding, noting that the mattresses are both cozy and supportive. Guests often refer to the beds as very comfortable with many describing them as some of the nicest and super comfortable they have experienced.

While the thickness of the mattresses and quality of the bed linens receive commendation, a few reviews mention that the pillows were a bit too hard and there were some slight issues with thin duvets. Nevertheless, these seem to be minor concerns against the overwhelmingly positive feedback about the overall sleep quality.

The hotel also features large beds with some guests remarking on the spaciousness of the double beds. Cleanliness of the beds and bedding is a recurring compliment, ensuring guests a pleasant stay. Overall, the focus on providing comfortable and accommodating sleeping arrangements makes Astor & Aparthotel a reliable option for a good night's sleep.

Astor & Aparthotel shines when it comes to cleanliness with many guests praising the immaculate condition of their rooms and the overall establishment. The hotel maintains an excellent standard of hygiene that ensures a pleasant stay. Visitors frequently highlight spotless rooms that are both clean and modern with housekeeping maintaining high levels of cleanliness on a daily basis.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, a few guests noted areas for improvement, such as dust in some rooms, specific issues with the shower cabins and occasional lapses in the freshness of towels and bedding. These concerns, however, are minor compared to the broad consensus of a clean and well-maintained environment.

Additionally, guests appreciate the clean and well-equipped facilities, which contribute to a comfortable and cozy stay. The friendly and attentive staff also play a significant role in maintaining the hotel's high hygiene standards.

Overall, while there might be a few areas for minor enhancements, Astor & Aparthotel consistently delivers on cleanliness, making it a reliable choice for travelers seeking a clean and comfortable lodging experience.

Nestled near bustling shopping streets, the Astor & Aparthotel stands out not just for its convenient location, but for its remarkable staff. Guests consistently highlight the exceptionally friendly, attentive and welcoming nature of the personnel. From the reception team to the breakfast staff, everyone is described as kind, accommodating and always ready to assist. The service is impeccable with the staff going above and beyond to meet extra requests and provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Such consistent praise for the friendly, helpful and courteous staff makes a stay at this hotel a pleasant and memorable experience.

Astor & Aparthotel offers free Wi-Fi service with a generally positive reception from guests. Many reviews highlight that the Wi-Fi is strong with good and reliable connection speeds, describing it as functional, excellent and even fast. Guests appreciated that the Wi-Fi worked wonderfully and was an included amenity, which contributed to a comfortable stay.

However, some reviews noted issues with the Wi-Fi service. The connection was described as unstable by some with frequent disconnections and a need for connection speed refinements. Multiple guests reported trouble accessing the Wi-Fi with some rooms completely lacking connectivity, especially on the 4th floor. Instructions for accessing the Wi-Fi were not always provided and some guests mentioned needing assistance from the reception, where troubleshooting was sometimes necessary. There were also mentions of the need to activate Wi-Fi through the TV and an issue with permanent resetting of the Wi-Fi password.

Despite these issues, many found the internet quality to be high when it worked, though improvements could be made to ensure a more stable and consistent service. Overall, while the Wi-Fi at Astor & Aparthotel is a valuable amenity, it shows room for improvement to enhance the guest experience.

Parking at Astor & Aparthotel is available, but it tends to be a tight squeeze. Guests often highlight the narrow entry and small parking spaces, making it challenging for larger vehicles to maneuver. Despite the cramped conditions, the parking is secure and there are options for both free and paid parking. The availability of parking spaces varies with some guests noting difficulties in finding a spot or having reservations not honored. The hotel offers a private parking lot, including a garage for bicycles and enclosed spaces for cars, albeit at a fee. Although the narrow entry and tight spaces can pose difficulties, the staff is known to assist with parking, ensuring a somewhat easier experience. Overall, while parking is secure and available, it is best suited for smaller, compact cars and those comfortable with maneuvering in limited spaces.

Astor & Aparthotel in Cologne is highly recommended for those who thrive on vibrant nightlife. The hotel's location is surrounded by numerous bars, pubs, nightclubs and great shops, making it an ideal spot for nightlife enthusiasts and partygoers. The area is lively with active nightlife, offering late-night bars and restaurants, ensuring guests can fully participate in Cologne's energetic scene. However, the abundance of nighttime activity brings a caveat – the noise. Many reviews highlight that the streets are very noisy, especially during weekends with sounds of loud music, screaming people and cars driving by lasting into the early morning hours. External soundproofing seems insufficient, as many guests reported hearing the chaos from their rooms, making it difficult to sleep. The presence of a shisha bar across the street contributes to the loud environment. Travelers seeking a bustling nightlife will find this location perfect, but those sensitive to noise might want to consider elsewhere.

4 Star
The 'Astor & Aparthotel' appears to have received mixed feedback regarding its four-star rating, facilities and services. While it is officially rated as a four-star establishment, many guests felt that it resembled more of a three-star hotel in terms of its offerings and overall appearance. Common critiques included the lack of air conditioning and Spartan equipment, which guests felt were below the four-star standard.

Cleanliness issues were also highlighted with mentions of dirty carpets with strange green stains and dusty environments, evoking comparisons to guesthouse-level accommodation rather than a four-star experience. Additionally, room service and various aspects of the hotel facilities failed to meet the expectations typically associated with a hotel of this rating.

Guests generally pointed out that the breakfast options could be improved and the overall services did not align with the four-star promise. Modern amenities were available, but the overall presentation and upkeep of the hotel seemed to let down what could have been a more satisfactory stay. This feedback consistently indicated that the hotel's four-star rating was considered overrated by many of its visitors.

The Astor & Aparthotel stands out for its suitability for business travelers, particularly due to its convenient location near the convention center. This central positioning makes it an excellent choice for those attending events or fairs such as Gamescom. Business amenities at the hotel are appropriate, featuring facilities that cater well to professional needs despite some minor layout quirks like desk and TV placement. The check-in process is noted for its ease and efficiency, adding to an overall smooth experience. Additionally, the hotel allows for eInvoices, a convenient feature for business-related expenses. It is easily accessible by train or within a 20-minute walk, enhancing its appeal for business stays.

No, Astor & Aparthotel doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Astor & Aparthotel.

No, Astor & Aparthotel doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Astor & Aparthotel.

Yes, Astor & Aparthotel has a gym.

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