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Summary of reviewsThe White Hart pub and rooms generally garners favorable reviews from guests, emphasizing an overall positive experience. The establishment's location is frequently praised as excellent and convenient, whether it's for business travelers near the top gear track or visitors exploring the local village with its array of dining options. Ample parking and proximity to various attractions further enhance its appeal.

Guests have positive feedback about the breakfast, appreciating the freshly cooked and customizable options, including the full English breakfast. The breakfast receives commendations for its quality and the friendly service, despite occasional inconsistencies in portion sizes and the type of breakfast provided.

The rooms at The White Hart maintain a reputation for cleanliness and comfort. Guests often highlight the rooms as very clean, tidy and well-decorated, contributing to a cozy and inviting environment. While some rooms are described as basic, they remain functional and suitable for short stays. The en-suite showers in certain rooms offer added convenience. Comfortable beds are a noteworthy feature, contributing to a restful experience.

Cleanliness extends beyond the rooms, consistently noted by guests as a strong point with the majority of reviews underscoring a well-maintained and tidy environment.

The staff at The White Hart receive extensive praise for their friendly, helpful and accommodating nature. Their warm hospitality significantly enhances the guest experience, from smooth check-ins to attentive service throughout the stay. The welcoming demeanor and willingness to assist with any needs leave a lasting positive impression.

Overall, The White Hart pub and rooms stand out for its excellent location, comfortable and clean rooms, commendable breakfast and exceptional staff service. The combination of these elements creates a warm and charming lodging option that meets guests' needs, whether they're in town for business, family visits or exploring the area.
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Room Types
Deluxe Double Room with Shower The spacious double room features a wardrobe, an electric kettle, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower. This double room has a carpeted floor, heating and a flat-screen TV. The unit has 1 bed.

Deluxe Single Room Providing free toiletries, this single room includes a private bathroom with a shower. The single room provides a wardrobe, an electric kettle, a carpeted floor, heating and a flat-screen TV. The unit offers 1 bed.

Deluxe Twin Room Featuring free toiletries, this twin room includes a private bathroom with a shower. The twin room features a wardrobe, an electric kettle, a carpeted floor, heating, as well as a flat-screen TV. The unit has 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
The White Hart pub and rooms boasts an excellent location that has been highly praised by guests. Situated close to the top gear track, it also proves ideal for business travelers needing to visit nearby schools. The location allows easy access to the village center, where various pubs and restaurants await, making it convenient for dining and socializing. Its town setting offers ample parking options and is perfectly situated for exploring the local area. Overall, guests find the location both convenient and brilliant for their needs, whether visiting family, attending a special event or exploring the surroundings.

Guests at The White Hart pub and rooms have generally positive feedback about the breakfast experience. Many appreciated the freshly cooked meals, highlighting either a full English breakfast or customizable options tailored to their specific requests. The breakfast offerings were frequently described as very good and tasty with some guests specifically noting the excellence of both the breakfast and dinner. The service also received praise for being friendly and accommodating. However, there were instances of inconsistency, such as experiences with very large portions or expectations of a fried breakfast being unmet and only continental breakfast provided instead.

The White Hart pub and rooms offers an inviting stay with a focus on cleanliness and comfort. Guests consistently highlight the rooms' cleanliness with many describing them as very clean, tidy and well-kept. The decor has been praised for being nicely updated, adding a contemporary touch to the comfortable environment. Besides, the beds are frequently mentioned as comfortable, ensuring a good night's rest.

Although some rooms are described as basic, they are functional and well-suited for short stays. The en-suite showers in some rooms add an element of convenience, complementing the overall functionality. The staff receive accolades for their friendly and lovely demeanor, enhancing the pleasant atmosphere of this cozy community pub with rooms. Overall, The White Hart provides a clean, comfortable and convenient lodging option that meets basic needs with a touch of warmth and charm.

The White Hart pub and rooms receives numerous positive remarks from guests regarding the comfort of its beds. Many reviews highlight the beds as very comfortable, contributing significantly to a restful stay. Guests also mention the rooms being warm and clean, further enhancing their overall experience. Although some found the bedframes to be of lesser quality and the beds a bit short or required pushing two single beds together, the general sentiment towards the bed comfort remains favorable. The establishment offers a good, clean and freshly cooked breakfast, which adds to its appeal. Despite minor criticisms, the comfortable beds and helpful service make The White Hart a commendable choice for accommodation.

The White Hart pub and rooms consistently receives praise for its cleanliness, making it an appealing choice for travelers. Guests frequently note the rooms as being very clean, tidy and nicely decorated. Upon arrival, visitors find the hotel to be friendly and well-maintained. Additionally, the cleanliness extends beyond the rooms with freshly cooked breakfasts also highlighted for their quality. Despite a few mentions of poor cleanliness, the majority of reviews underline a positive experience with the cleanliness of the accommodations, contributing to the overall comfort and convenience of the stay.

The White Hart pub and rooms is consistently praised for its outstanding staff who significantly enhance the guest experience. Guests repeatedly highlight the friendliness, helpfulness and accommodating nature of the staff. From a smooth check-in and check-out process to the attentiveness in addressing guests' needs, the team ensures a pleasant stay. Many visitors mention the warm smiles and welcoming demeanor of the staff members, which sets a positive tone from the moment of arrival.

The staff's willingness to assist is evident in various ways, whether it's providing information about late-night music, helping with Wi-Fi issues or offering helpful services from the cleaner. The breakfast service receives special commendation for being excellent, thanks to the combination of good, clean and freshly cooked food and the efficient service provided by the staff.

Overall, the dedication of the White Hart's team to maintaining high standards of hospitality and service leaves a lasting impression on its guests.

No, The White Hart pub and rooms doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at The White Hart pub and rooms.

No, The White Hart pub and rooms doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at The White Hart pub and rooms.

No, The White Hart pub and rooms doesn't have a gym.

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