Acqua di Friso

Cropani , , Via Nobile (Show on Map)

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1 room2 guests 1 room, 2 guests
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Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Play Area  

Do you accept dogs in all rooms?
No, some rooms only: In small house
Is there an extra charge?
Yes, € 35 per booking
Should the dog owner notify you before checking in?
Yes, during the booking process
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Accommodation with Swimming Pool

  Panoramic View Pool    Outdoor Pool  

Location of the pool: Outdoor pool
Is it a pool of special type?
Separate shallow children's pool
When is the pool open? From Month
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Accommodation with Free Wi-Fi

Accommodation with Outdoor Pool

Accommodation with Play Area For Dogs

Accommodation with Panoramic View Pool

Room Types
About Acqua di Friso
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Yes, Acqua di Friso has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Panoramic View Pool, Outdoor Pool. For more information, read the answers to the Pool questionnaire

No, a spa isn't available at Acqua di Friso.

Yes, Acqua di Friso welcomes dogs. For more information, read the answers to the Dog Friendly questionnaire

No, parking facilities aren't available at Acqua di Friso.

No, Acqua di Friso doesn't have a gym.
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