Hôtel & Restaurant de la Plage

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Summary of reviewsHôtel & Restaurant de la Plage consistently garners positive reviews, highlighting several standout aspects. The hotel's prime location is highly praised, being a mere steps away from Morgat beach and offering stunning sea views. Its positioning not only provides easy beach access but also proximity to local shops and restaurants, making it a perfect base for both relaxation and exploration, including hiking adventures. Guests repeatedly describe the location as one of the best they have ever experienced.

The breakfast experience at the hotel is another highlight, offering a hearty and generous spread with a panoramic sea view. The diverse breakfast menu caters to all preferences, featuring fresh pastries, yogurt, hot options like pancakes and bacon and delightful items like French toast and bagels. Many guests have noted the breakfast exceeded their expectations, often considering it the best of their vacation.

The rooms at Hôtel & Restaurant de la Plage are frequently praised for their cleanliness and comfort. Visitors appreciate the spacious, well-designed interiors and comfortable beds, particularly enjoying the oceanfront rooms with stunning sea views. While some rooms are described as simple and occasionally lacking in certain amenities, the overall quality and cleanliness are highly rated. Guests feel the rooms often exceed their price expectations with impeccable room service enhancing their stay.

The quality of the staff also contributes significantly to the positive reviews. Guests consistently describe the staff as friendly, courteous and exceptionally helpful. The hotel owner and team create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making guests feel at home from the moment they arrive. Personalized touches and thoughtful service, including excellent advice on local activities and accommodating guest needs, are highly appreciated. The staff's professionalism and kindness are repeatedly mentioned as key elements enhancing the overall hotel experience.

In summary, Hôtel & Restaurant de la Plage impresses with its prime location, outstanding breakfast, clean and comfortable rooms and exceptionally friendly and helpful staff. These qualities make it a highly recommended destination for those seeking both relaxation and adventure.
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Nestled in a prime spot, Hôtel & Restaurant de la Plage boasts a location that consistently wows its guests. Situated just a stone's throw from Morgat beach, this hotel offers an exceptional vantage point with stunning views of the sea. Its prime position not only caters to beach lovers but also places visitors within easy reach of nearby restaurants and shops, making it an ideal base for exploring the local area.

The hotel's proximity to the beach is particularly highlighted by visitors, allowing for convenient and quick access to the oceanfront. Morgat beach's serene waves are complemented by the hotel's positioning, which provides an unparalleled view of the sea, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Moreover, the location is highly favored by those interested in hiking, allowing adventurers to easily set off on trails that showcase the natural beauty of the region. Guests repeatedly emphasize the convenience and beauty of this spot, describing it as one of the best locations they have ever experienced.

In summary, the remarkable geographical placement of Hôtel & Restaurant de la Plage, facing the splendid Morgat beach with close proximity to local amenities, makes it a coveted destination for those seeking both relaxation and adventure.

When staying at Hôtel & Restaurant de la Plage, one of the standout experiences is undoubtedly the breakfast. Imagine starting your morning with a hearty, generous spread, while gazing at a panoramic view of the sea. The breakfast offerings are very abundant and include a mix of continental options such as fresh pastries and delicious yogurt, alongside a hot breakfast featuring varied options. Guests often note that the breakfast menu is suited to all preferences, including delightful touches like pancakes and bacon, French toast and bagels. Many have remarked that the breakfast exceeded their expectations and was above standard, providing everything one might need to kickstart the day. The combination of the view and the quality of the breakfast has repeatedly left a lasting impression with some even considering it the best breakfast of their vacation. Whether you value a good meal or a stunning seaside view to accompany it, breakfast at Hôtel & Restaurant de la Plage is a well-appreciated treat that offers great value for money.

'Hôtel & Restaurant de la Plage' offers rooms that frequently earn praise for their cleanliness and comfort. Guests consistently mention the rooms as being very clean, functional and featuring comfortable beds. Many find the rooms spacious and well-designed with some describing them as beautifully interior designed. The oceanfront rooms, in particular, are highlighted for their stunning sea views, which can even be enjoyed from the bed.

The hotel ensures a high standard of room cleanliness, which is clearly a top priority. The rooms come equipped with air conditioning and are generally described as quiet, adding to the overall comfort and relaxation.

However, some guests noted that the rooms can be quite simple and for a few, the size was a bit small. There were also occasional mentions of missing amenities like a chair or hairdryer and issues with room ventilation. On the positive side, many felt that the rooms exceeded their price expectations and the room service was described as impeccable.

In summary, while 'Hôtel & Restaurant de la Plage' might have minor areas for improvement, it offers a generally positive and comfortable stay with clean, spacious and well-equipped rooms, enhanced by beautiful sea views.

During my recent stay at Hôtel & Restaurant de la Plage, I was thoroughly impressed by the outstanding quality of the staff. From the moment I walked in, the welcome was very friendly, making the check-in process feel more like a warm reunion than a formal procedure. The hotel owner, known for his kindness and humor, set a high standard for service which was mirrored by the rest of the team.

The staff consistently demonstrated a friendly, courteous and helpful attitude. Their willingness to help was evident in the way they attentively responded to all my questions and needs, offering great advice on local hiking spots and adjusting plans to ensure my comfort.

The reception staff was particularly pleasant, ensuring that every guest felt right at home. Their cheerfulness and inviting nature created a welcoming atmosphere that made the hotel feel cozy and familiar. I appreciated the personalized touch; they were always looking out for us, making sure we had everything we needed for a perfect stay.

One aspect that stood out was how the staff went above and beyond to ensure an excellent reception for all guests. From thoughtful suggestions to the chef's top-notch humor, each interaction was characterized by unmatched friendliness and a genuine desire to please.

Overall, the professional yet warm demeanor of the staff at Hôtel & Restaurant de la Plage made my stay incredibly enjoyable and comfortable. Without a doubt, it’s among the best hotel experiences I have had, thanks largely to the exceptional team working there.

No, Hôtel & Restaurant de la Plage doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hôtel & Restaurant de la Plage.

No, Hôtel & Restaurant de la Plage doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hôtel & Restaurant de la Plage.

No, Hôtel & Restaurant de la Plage doesn't have a gym.

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