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Summary of reviewsHotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark is highly praised for its superb location, offering a serene and picturesque environment right next to historic castle ruins and an idyllic park, complete with a mini zoo and playground. Despite being centrally situated in Dahme, it maintains a tranquil and quiet atmosphere. Guests enjoy easy access to local attractions, restaurants and cycling routes, along with convenient free parking.

The hotel's breakfast is generally well-received, described as ample, tasty and providing a good variety of options in a clean and inviting room. Some reviewers noted areas for improvement, such as the need for more variety and better maintenance of the buffet.

The attached Greek restaurant garners positive feedback for its delicious meals and good service, although its early closing time can be an inconvenience for those seeking evening dining options. During operating hours, it offers appealing menus with various dietary options.

Rooms at the hotel are clean and functional, often described as cozy and comfortable, though some furnishings are noted as dated. The size and practical amenities of the rooms are appreciated, especially the larger rooms with park views. A few guests mentioned occasional issues like musty smells and noisy ventilation systems.

Cleanliness is a standout feature with guests consistently praising the well-maintained rooms and facilities. The housekeeping team's diligent work enhances the overall pleasant experience.

The staff at the hotel receive high praise for their friendliness and helpfulness, contributing significantly to the positive atmosphere. The welcoming and supportive nature of the staff creates a comfortable environment for guests.

WiFi, however, presents a challenge with frequent reports of stability and accessibility issues, particularly in the rooms. The complicated WLAN key adds to the difficulty, indicating an area needing improvement.

Parking is a well-regarded feature with free, easily accessible options both onsite and nearby. The availability of a secure underground garage for cars and bicycles adds to the convenience.

Beds receive mixed reviews; while many find them clean and comfortable, variations in mattress firmness can lead to discomfort for some guests. Those preferring softer mattresses will likely be more satisfied than those needing firmer support.

Overall, Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark offers a tranquil yet central retreat with commendable hospitality and cleanliness, making it a recommended choice for visitors to Dahme.
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Room Types
Single Room This room category features a flat-screen TV, complimentary toiletries in the bathroom and feature a balcony.

Twin Room This room category features a flat-screen TV, complimentary toiletries in the bathroom and most of them have a round balcony.

Double Room This room category features a flat-screen TV, complimentary toiletries in the bathroom including a walk-in shower and most of the rooms have a round balcony.

Guest Reviews
Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark offers an ideal location for guests seeking both tranquility and centrality. Nestled right next to the historic castle ruins and an idyllic park complete with a mini zoo and playground, the hotel promises a serene, picturesque environment. Reviewers appreciate the hotel's peaceful surroundings, highlighting its quiet and calm atmosphere, which is a rare find for a centrally located establishment.

The hotel enjoys a prime position in the heart of Dahme, allowing easy access to the town's attractions, restaurants and the charming old town. Its proximity to the Flämingskate makes it a convenient choice for cyclists and skaters. Despite being on the main street, the neighborhood remains remarkably quiet, ensuring a restful stay.

Guests commend the beautiful views of the nearby castle ruins and the well-maintained park directly opposite the hotel. Many also find the location practical with suitable free parking and easy access to all excursions and attractions by car.

In essence, Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark's superb location combines the best of all worlds, offering both a serene retreat and a central base from which to explore the delights of Dahme and its surrounding areas.

Guests at Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark have shared diverse opinions about the breakfast offerings. Many reviews emphasize the positive aspects, highlighting that the breakfast is well-equipped, ample and provides a good variety with some describing it as delicious, rich and plentiful. Guests particularly appreciated the abundant and tasty breakfast options available, noting it was a great start to the day and well worth the money. The breakfast room was described as clean and inviting, complementing the overall positive dining experience.

However, there were also mentions of areas needing improvement. Some guests found the breakfast to be quite simple and repetitive with limited fresh ingredients and a few selections of cold cuts and cheese. Issues such as burnt rolls, reheated white bread and the lack of cooked eggs were noted by some reviewers. Others felt the breakfast could offer more variety, particularly in terms of bread selection and dairy products and were disappointed by the non-refilled empty plates at the buffet.

Overall, the breakfast experience at Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark is generally considered satisfactory with several guests finding it enjoyable and adequate for its price, despite some pointing out the need for more diversity and better maintenance of the buffet.

Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark boasts an attached Greek restaurant, which many guests have highlighted for its delicious dinner options and very good service. This Greek restaurant is conveniently located right by the hotel, offering a great selection of evening menus praised for both quality and quantity. Additionally, the restaurant serves delicious cakes and provides helpful staff, making it a pleasant dining experience.

However, it's important to note that the restaurant's operating hours are limited. Guests have frequently mentioned that the restaurant closes at 5 pm, making it unavailable for evening meals. This restricted availability can be disappointing for those looking to enjoy a meal and drinks to end their day. Despite these limitations, the Greek restaurant offers affordable lunch and afternoon coffee and cake options, catering to different dietary preferences including vegetarian and vegan.

In the evenings, the restaurant's closure leaves few dining alternatives in the vicinity, a point of concern for some visitors. Nevertheless, those who do get the chance to dine there generally find the food very good and the hospitality commendable.

Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark offers a variety of room accommodations that primarily impress with their cleanliness and functionality. While guests frequently describe the rooms as cozy, simple and comfortable, several mentions note that the decor and furnishings show signs of age with some rooms presenting a slightly outdated or basic aesthetic.

Room sizes vary, but there is a consensus that many are spacious enough, particularly for single travelers. Larger rooms, some with balconies and park views, garner positive feedback. Despite some comments about older fixtures and a hospital-like feeling in certain areas, the overall room cleanliness is consistently highlighted. Neat and clean rooms are a common theme, appreciated for their practical amenities and good quality beds.

However, some reviews mention issues such as musty smells, outdated ventilation and occasional unpleasant odors from cleaning supplies or nearby exhausts. Noise from room ventilation systems and overheated rooms were also occasional problems. Despite these few drawbacks, the rooms generally have sufficient storage and all necessary amenities in place, making them well-suited for short stays.

For those requiring accessible options, rooms for disabled guests are available. Guests traveling with families or needing bicycle storage will find the rooms well-equipped to meet their needs. Overall, the rooms at Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark provide a clean, comfortable and functional stay for visitors.

Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark receives mixed reviews concerning the comfort of its beds. Many guests appreciated the comfortable and clean bedding, highlighting that the beds were great and provided a pleasant sleeping experience. Words like "comfortable" and "great" frequently come up in positive comments, indicating a generally satisfactory quality for many patrons.

However, there is noticeable feedback regarding the inconsistency in mattress firmness. Some guests found the mattresses to be extremely soft, to the point of discomfort, describing them as ultra-soft or even catastrophic. This soft bed issue seemed to be a recurring theme, suggesting that those who prefer firmer mattresses might not find these accommodations ideal.

Additionally, a few reviews pointed out specific issues such as beds being too narrow or harder than expected with one guest mentioning inadequate pillows.

In summary, while the cleanliness and basic comfort of the beds at Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark are often praised, the variability in mattress firmness means the beds may not meet the preferences of every guest. Those who like a softer mattress will likely enjoy their stay more than those who prefer a firmer sleeping surface.

Guests of 'Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark' consistently praise the establishment for its cleanliness. The rooms are frequently mentioned as clean, tidy and well-maintained, creating a comfortable environment for guests. The housekeeping team receives positive feedback for their diligent work, ensuring that the rooms and common areas remain spotless throughout the stay. Additionally, the overall facilities, including the parking garage and reception area, are noted to be in very good condition, further enhancing the pleasant experience. Cleanliness appears to be a significant strength of the hotel, contributing to an environment that is bright, quiet and comfortable for visitors.

The staff at Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark receive consistently high praise from guests, highlighting their accommodating, helpful and exceptionally friendly nature. Receptionists, in particular, are often noted for their kindness and attentiveness, ensuring a pleasant and warm welcome upon arrival. The hotel staff across the board are described as courteous and supportive with many guests appreciating the extra mile they go to provide a welcoming environment. The overall consensus is that the staff significantly contribute to the positive experience at the hotel, being both approachable and consistently pleasant, thereby creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for all visitors.

The WiFi situation at Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark presents several challenges. Guests frequently report issues with stability and availability, indicating that WiFi was sometimes not functioning or not accessible at all in certain areas, particularly in rooms. The situation is compounded by difficulties with the WLAN key, described as excessively long and printed in a confusing font. Despite the mention of free Wi-Fi as an amenity, these recurring issues suggest that improvements are necessary to meet guest expectations. Nonetheless, the hotel does offer free parking, which some may still find convenient.

Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark offers a range of convenient parking options favorably noted by its guests. The parking facilities include free parking spaces and many have found it easily accessible by car. Guests can park both onsite and just next to the house. For added security, cars and bicycles can be stored in a large underground garage. Additionally, there is safe storage for vehicles and bicycles. A few have mentioned the parking lot being a bit of a distance, about five minutes on foot, but overall, there are sufficient parking spaces available. Free parking in nearby areas also adds to the convenience, making it a well-regarded feature of the hotel.

Yes, Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Indoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark.

Yes, Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark.

No, Hotel & Restaurant am Schlosspark doesn't have a gym.

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