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Summary of reviewsDickwella Beach is a hotel that consistently receives positive reviews for its exceptional beachfront location. Positioned directly on the beautiful shores of Dickwella Beach, the hotel's proximity to the expansive and tranquil beachfront provides guests with immediate and easily accessible ocean views, making it ideal for swimming, sea strolls and dining at nearby beachside restaurants. The serene surroundings and lovely garden seating areas contribute to a peaceful stay, while the closeness to Hiriketiya Beach offers additional attractions like surfing and turtle spotting.

The breakfast at Dickwella Beach is highly praised for its delicious variety and the enjoyment of dining with an ocean view, despite some noting a relatively high cost. Guests appreciate the tasty options, such as French breakfast and breakfast bowls, which enhance their overall dining experience. Dinner is equally applauded with guests enjoying Sri Lankan cuisine and the addition of a great bar and accommodating staff, even if the menu is somewhat limited.

Rooms are noted for their stunning sea views, cleanliness and spaciousness, particularly the family rooms. Although some smaller and dated rooms received feedback needing attention, the clean environment and practical amenities like air-conditioning and wardrobe space offer comfort. The proximity to the private beach area is a significant highlight that enhances the overall stay experience.

Cleanliness receives mixed reviews with many guests satisfied by the clean environment and communal areas. However, some consistency issues are noted, such as superficial cleaning and certain rooms needing more attention. Despite these concerns, the hotel's efforts in maintaining a clean space are evident.

The staff at Dickwella Beach receive commendations for their friendliness and helpfulness. Guests appreciate the personal touches, service-minded nature and attention from individuals like reception staff and specific members like Nina, which significantly enhance the hospitable atmosphere. Although there were occasional unavailability issues, the staff's overall sentiment is positive and welcoming.

The WiFi situation presents areas for improvement, as it is primarily available only at the reception area with no access in rooms and sometimes requiring payment. The slow connection also detracts from the experience for some guests.

The beach setting itself is exceptional, featuring a clean, peaceful sandy shore that provides a serene environment for relaxation. The presence of beach chairs and natural charm, such as monkeys and hermit crabs, adds to the experience. Despite the lack of a pool, the breathtaking beachfront more than compensates, making it a preferred spot for many visitors.

In summary, Dickwella Beach provides an idyllic beach retreat with direct access to a pristine beach, excellent dining, comfortable rooms and attentive staff, making it a standout choice for a relaxing seaside vacation.
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Room Types
Standard Family Room A large family room for 4 with mosquito nets, a wardrobe and air conditioning. Includes an en suite bathroom.

Family Room with Sea View The family room offers air conditioning, a private entrance, a terrace with sea views as well as a private bathroom featuring a walk-in shower. The unit offers 2 beds.

Superior Double Room with Sea View The double room features air conditioning, a private entrance, a terrace with sea views as well as a private bathroom boasting a walk-in shower. The unit has 1 bed.

Standard Triple Room with Sea View The triple room features air conditioning, a private entrance, a terrace with sea views as well as a private bathroom boasting a walk-in shower. The unit has 2 beds.

Deluxe Double Room The double room offers air conditioning, a private entrance, a terrace with garden views as well as a private bathroom boasting a walk-in shower. The unit has 1 bed.

Deluxe Triple Room The triple room offers air conditioning, a private entrance, a terrace with garden views as well as a private bathroom featuring a walk-in shower. The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Located right on the stunning shores of Dickwella Beach, the hotel offers an unparalleled beachfront experience. Guests consistently praise the incredible, direct access to the beach, making it an ideal spot for swimming, strolling by the sea and dining at nearby beachside restaurants. The serene, quiet surroundings contribute to a peaceful stay with lovely garden seating areas to enjoy the ocean breeze.

The hotel's proximity to Hiriketiya Beach, just a short walk away, adds an extra appeal for those interested in surfing and spotting turtles. The convenience of being close to town and several facilities ensures that everything guests might need is within easy reach. The location not only provides picturesque ocean views from many rooms but also promises a beautiful and calming environment, perfect for a family getaway or a tranquil retreat.

Whether you're admiring the dreamy beachfront scenery or simply enjoying the cozy atmosphere, the unbeatable location of this hotel makes it a standout choice for a seaside vacation.

The breakfast experience at Dickwella Beach hotel has garnered considerable praise from its guests. Many guests thoroughly enjoyed indulging in the breakfast each morning, highlighting its deliciousness and variety. Several reviews lauded the breakfasts as excellent with some specifically praising the tasty options available, including very tasty French breakfast and delicious breakfast bowls. Guests particularly appreciated having breakfast with an ocean view, enhancing their overall dining experience.

While many guests found the breakfast to be great and very well-served, some mentioned that it can be relatively expensive, though it was often deemed worth the cost. The availability of breakfast was mentioned with mixed feedback; although some guests mentioned that breakfast was included and good, others pointed out that it was not included or came at an extra fee.

Despite these minor concerns, the general sentiment about breakfast at Dickwella Beach is overwhelmingly positive with comments about delicious coffee, amazing breakfasts and excellent meals underscoring the culinary satisfaction. Moreover, the great location for breakfast, surrounded by beach shacks for additional food and drink options, further enhances the guest experience at this beachside retreat.

Dickwella Beach offers a delightful culinary experience with guests frequently commenting on the delicious food available for both breakfast and dinner. While the menu may be limited, the quality of the dishes does not disappoint, especially the amazing Sri Lankan cuisine. Dinner at the hotel is often praised with everything described as very delicious and fulfilling. The hotel also features a decent restaurant and a great bar man for drinks, adding to the dining experience. Additionally, the staff are noted for being super helpful, enhancing the overall hospitality. Guests can enjoy their meals with an incredible sunset view and there are sunbeds available for relaxation. Although there was a mention of a long wait for dinner on occasion, the overall feedback highlights a satisfying dining experience.

The rooms at Dickwella Beach Hotel are noted for their beautiful sea views, making the property an appealing destination for beach lovers. Many guests found their rooms to be clean, spacious and welcoming with the additional comfort of air-conditioning and adequate wardrobe space. Family rooms were highlighted as particularly spacious, while basic rooms were appreciated for their simplicity and cleanliness.

Though several rooms were said to be on the small side, especially for larger groups, they still managed to offer basic comfort with the added bonus of beautiful vistas. Some rooms, however, did seem a bit worn out and in need of refreshing and a few guests mentioned that the rooms were quite dated and dark. Despite these less favorable points, the overall consensus is that the views from the rooms often make up for any shortcomings with the clean and tidy environment being frequently praised.

The proximity to the beach and the private beach area are major highlights that enhance the stay experience. While the property itself might not be considered luxurious and some feel it doesn't justify its price, the combination of cleanliness, comfortable bedding and unbeatable sea views make Dickwella Beach Hotel a cozy and picturesque retreat.

Many guests of Dickwella Beach have positively highlighted the comfort and size of the beds in their reviews. Words such as comfortable, comfy and large are frequently used to describe the beds with mentions of spacious rooms and double beds adding to the overall positive bedroom experience. The family rooms also get praise for their good beds.

However, there are some contrasting opinions, as a few reviews mention broken beds and concerns about cleanliness. Some rooms are noted to be simple, basic or tiny, which may not meet everyone's expectations.

Additionally, personal sunloungers and loungers are appreciated, but issues extend to some room areas not being well air-conditioned and a lack of canopy coverage on the upper floors. Overall, the hotel offers comfortable and sizable bedding, though there are areas that could use improvement regarding room conditions and maintenance.

Nestled along the serene Dickwella Beach, the hotel seems to have a mixed reputation when it comes to cleanliness. Many guests appreciated the clean and lovely staff, noting that some rooms met local cleaning standards. Positive comments highlight clean communal areas and sun loungers and a clean beach right by the hotel.

However, other feedback suggests there is room for improvement. There are mentions of superficial cleaning and cleanliness issues in certain rooms with specifics like dirty towels, mirrors and fridges. Some guests found the general areas, such as the communal staircase and the first-floor reception, needed more attention.

Despite some glowing remarks about specific rooms being very clean and the overall cleanliness of the territory, the inconsistency in cleaning standards left a mark on the overall guest experience. The hotel’s efforts in maintaining cleanliness are evident, but attention to detail could enhance future stays.

Visitors to Dickwella Beach consistently commend the hotel’s staff for their helpfulness and service-oriented nature. Numerous reviews highlight the staff's friendliness and their willingness to go the extra mile, such as fulfilling off-menu requests, renting out bikes or even preparing fruit items brought by guests. Descriptions often mention the team as extremely caring, attentive and professional. Special mentions include the reception staff and specific individuals, like Nina, who were notably supportive, especially with children. Guests found the management and ownership to be super welcoming, adding to the warm and hospitable atmosphere of the hotel. Although there were occasional remarks about unavailability and an isolated negative experience, the overall sentiment emphasizes a family-run, friendly environment marked by lovely and accommodating personnel.

The WiFi situation at Dickwella Beach presents a mixed experience for guests. While some found the WiFi to be good, others had difficulty accessing it altogether. It appears that WiFi is primarily available only at the reception area with no internet access in the rooms. Guests have also mentioned that the WiFi is slow and could be improved there. Additionally, WiFi service at the hotel is not complimentary and requires payment.

Situated directly on the shores of Dickwella Beach, this hotel offers guests an unrivaled location with immediate access to a stunning and spacious beachfront. Renowned for its incredible, long stretches of clean and peaceful sand, the beach provides a tranquil environment ideal for relaxation. Guests frequently highlight the beauty and pristine nature of the beach, appreciating its less touristic character which ensures a more serene experience.

The setting not only promises picturesque views but also the opportunity to explore numerous beach tents and eateries scattered along the coast. The presence of beach chairs allows for comfortable lounging, while the sight of monkeys and little hermit crabs adds a touch of nature's charm. Families find this to be an excellent locale to spend quality time together in a picturesque environment.

Despite the absence of a pool, the allure of the beach more than compensates, making it a favorite spot for many. The hotel's proximity to the beach means guests can enjoy unobstructed sea views and the luxury of walking effortlessly from their rooms to the sandy shore. For those seeking an idyllic beach retreat, the hotel on Dickwella Beach stands out as one of the best choices in Sri Lanka.

Dickwella Beach offers an exceptional beachfront location that has consistently captivated visitors. The hotel is situated directly on the beach, ensuring guests are only steps away from a pristine coastal experience. The proximity to the waves is unbeatable, making it an ideal spot for those looking to enjoy snorkeling or simply relax by the sea. With accessibility being a key highlight, reaching the beach is effortless for all guests. Additionally, the property boasts a private beach area, providing an exclusive and serene environment for visitors. Overall, the beachfront setting of Dickwella Beach delivers a perfect and immersive seaside retreat.

No, Dickwella Beach doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Dickwella Beach.

Yes, Dickwella Beach welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Dickwella Beach.

No, Dickwella Beach doesn't have a gym.

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