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Summary of reviewsVilla Goetzen, nestled along the picturesque Brenta Canal in the charming town of Dolo, provides a tranquil and scenic retreat for guests. Its prime location offers stunning views, a serene ambiance and easy access to the town center, local restaurants and bars and nearby cities such as Venice and Padua. This convenient and beautiful setting makes it an ideal base for both relaxation and sightseeing adventures.

Guests consistently praise the villa's breakfast experience, highlighting its high-quality, rich variety of offerings. Delicious homemade pastries, exceptional organic fruit juices and fresh products contribute to a pleasant start to the day. Although some guests note the limited savory options, the overall sentiment remains positive, appreciating the quality and delightful selection provided.

The dinner experience at Villa Goetzen is another standout feature with excellent seafood, refined dishes and top-notch service consistently receiving high praise. The restaurant offers an elegant dining experience, likened to a Michelin-starred venue with memorable meals enjoyed on the terrace adding to the allure. Despite some comments on the expense, the superb culinary skills and quality justify the cost, making dining at Villa Goetzen a remarkable experience.

Rooms at Villa Goetzen are often described as beautiful, spacious and well-maintained, reflecting a cozy and classically elegant ambiance. Guests appreciate the clean and comfortable rooms, many of which offer picturesque canal views. Despite some minor concerns about noise from the main street and certain rooms being slightly old or small, the overall feedback is positive with the rooms deemed suitable for various needs and providing a pleasant stay.

Cleanliness is a notable strength of Villa Goetzen with numerous accolades for its impeccable standards. Guests frequently mention the neat, tidy and spotlessly clean rooms, as well as the overall well-maintained environment. This high standard of cleanliness contributes to a welcoming and pristine feel throughout the property.

The exceptional hospitality at Villa Goetzen is widely recognized with guests praising the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. The team, including the hosts and restaurant staff, are described as exceedingly helpful, polite and dedicated to ensuring a superb guest experience. This warm and welcoming atmosphere significantly enhances the overall stay.

Overall, Villa Goetzen offers a comfortable and pleasant stay with its beautiful location, excellent breakfast and dinner experiences, clean and cozy rooms and exceptional hospitality. These elements combine to create a memorable and recommendable experience for guests.
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Room Types
Single Room Offering free Wi-Fi, this room offers a TV and air conditioning. It is rustic yet stylish with cast-iron beds, modern comforts and exposed wood-beam ceilings.

Double Room Offering free Wi-Fi, this room offers a TV and air conditioning. It is rustic yet stylish with cast-iron beds, modern comforts and exposed wood-beam ceilings.

Triple Room Offering free Wi-Fi, this room offers a TV and air conditioning. It is rustic yet stylish with cast-iron beds, modern comforts and exposed wood-beam ceilings.

Quadruple Room Offering free Wi-Fi, this room offers a TV and air conditioning. It has rustic yet stylish with cast-iron beds, modern comforts and exposed wood-beam ceilings.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Nestled on the picturesque Brenta Canal, Villa Goetzen boasts a serene and beautiful location in the charming town of Dolo. The villa offers a tranquil escape with its idyllic setting by the river, providing guests with stunning views and a peaceful ambiance. Notably, the central location ensures proximity to the town center, allowing easy access to local restaurants and bars, all within a short walking distance.

The convenience of its strategic position makes Villa Goetzen an excellent base for exploring the region, particularly for trips to Venice and Padua, both of which are just a short drive away. Guests appreciate the clean and cozy rooms and the overall cleanliness and courtesy of the staff enhance the stay. The villa’s garden offers a beautiful spot for relaxing by the water, adding to its charm.

Whether for a quiet retreat or a sightseeing adventure, the hotel's location is ideal for a variety of travel plans. Its situation right next to the Brenta river and central placement within Dolo make it a standout choice for those seeking both relaxation and convenience.

At Villa Goetzen, the breakfast experience has been a highlight for many guests, praised for its top-notch quality and rich variety. Numerous guests have noted the excellent breakfast offerings, emphasizing the high-quality products and the delicious selection of pastries, juices and yogurts. The breakfast features homemade pastries and exceptional organic fruit juices, which have been described as sensationally good and of the finest quality.

The breakfast room itself also garners positive attention with its turquoise and gold decor adding a fantastic touch to the morning meal. Guests appreciate the truly selected products that emphasize freshness and a good Italian breakfast experience, complete with good cappuccino and dolce.

However, some guests have pointed out that the breakfast is on the smaller side with limited savory options and a selection that could benefit from additional choices. Despite this, the overall impression remains positive with many guests finding the breakfast rich, tasty and varied.

In summary, while there is room for a few improvements, the breakfast at Villa Goetzen impresses with its quality, variety and delightful homemade treats, making it a pleasant start to the day for most visitors.

Villa Goetzen presents a delightful dinner experience, consistently praised by guests for its excellent cuisine and top-notch service. The hotel's restaurant is highlighted for its superb seafood, exquisite dishes and refined culinary skills that make every meal memorable. From fresh grilled fish to gourmet dumplings, the food is not only well-prepared but also offers an extraordinary taste profile and fulfillment.

Dining at Villa Goetzen brings a touch of elegance and sophistication, often described as dining at a Michelin-starred venue. Guests can enjoy a range of delicious options, whether indulging in the daily specials or choosing from an expansive gourmet menu. Savoring meals on the terrace adds a pleasant and relaxed dimension to the already high-level dining experience.

Despite some remarks about the high expense, the overall consensus is that the quality-price ratio is justified due to the divine, professionally crafted meals. The restaurant staff are notably skilled, ensuring an unforgettable and satisfying dining affair. Whether you are a lover of seafood, meats or fine pasta paired with great wine, Villa Goetzen delivers a dining experience that is both remarkable and wonderfully fulfilling.

Villa Goetzen offers a range of room experiences that largely receive positive feedback. Guests frequently highlight the beautiful, spacious and well-maintained rooms. Many rooms are noted for their cleanliness and comfort with several guests mentioning the rooms are bright, cozy and classically decorated, some even reflecting an old Venetian style. The bathrooms, too, are appreciated for their spaciousness and cleanliness.

Some rooms come with convenient amenities such as tea facilities and air conditioning. The large rooms often face picturesque views, such as the canal, adding to the overall appeal. However, rooms facing the busy main street may experience noise, which is a point of consideration for light sleepers.

Despite some comments on certain rooms being slightly old or small, the general consensus is that the rooms are comfortable and functional, suitable for various needs including families, as there are specific rooms for children. The hotel also provides a sense of safety with available parking spaces and its professionally run restaurant adds to the quality of the stay. Overall, the combination of spacious, clean quarters and a quaint, elegant ambiance makes Villa Goetzen a recommendable choice for guests.

Villa Goetzen has received numerous reviews regarding their beds with many guests remarking on their comfort. Several visitors found the beds to be very comfortable, applauding the quality of the double beds in particular. The rooms also received positive feedback for their overall comfort, which seems to enhance the sleeping experience. However, there have been some mentions of older, uncomfortable beds and pillows, as well as certain mattresses that did not meet all guests' expectations. Additionally, there was feedback about an extra bed for a child, suggesting it’s important to clarify its features in the room description. Overall, the consensus highlights a generally positive experience with the beds, especially the double beds, amidst a few critiques.

Villa Goetzen has received numerous accolades for its impeccable cleanliness. Guests frequently mention the very clean rooms, noting them as neat, tidy and sometimes even spotlessly clean. The hotel overall is described as very clean and well-maintained with a clean environment and high-standard service. The rooms notably impress with their cleanliness and spaciousness, often described as large and extremely clean. Visitors appreciate the clean bathrooms, highlighting features like large showers and the availability of plenty of towels. The cleaning efforts are recognized as contributing to an excellent standard of cleanliness throughout the property, making the hotel feel welcoming and luxuriously pristine.

Villa Goetzen is renowned for its exceptional hospitality with numerous commendations spotlighting the professionalism and amiability of its staff. Guests consistently praise the team for being exceedingly helpful, polite and welcoming. The restaurant also garners high marks for both the quality of its food and the excellence of its staff, who are described as kind, friendly and exceptionally well-mannered.

The hosts and owners receive special mention for their polite and cordial demeanor, along with their dedication to ensuring a superb guest experience. The personal touch extended by the staff contributes significantly to the welcoming atmosphere of the establishment. Whether it is the warm reception or the friendly assistance provided by the night doorman, the staff's commitment to hospitality is impeccable. Overall, the friendly and professional nature of the Villa Goetzen team ensures a pleasant and memorable stay for all guests.

No, Villa Goetzen doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Villa Goetzen.

No, Villa Goetzen doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Villa Goetzen.

No, Villa Goetzen doesn't have a gym.

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