Lough Eske Castle
Hotel in Donegal
From $270
From $270
5-Star Hotel
Lough Eske is the only five star hotel in Donegal.
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Summary of reviews related to the '5 Star' categoryLough Eske Castle has been a favored destination for many travelers in the search for a luxurious getaway. The hotel boasts a beautiful property with perfectly manicured gardens that leave guests in awe. However, some guests have expressed a doubt in the 5-star rating, questioning if it lives up to it. While attention to detail was appreciated by most, some found minor issues that need improvement in order to give the 5-star experience that the hotel charges for. Despite the varying opinions, most guests agreed that the food was of a high standard and the staff were of a five-star quality. Nevertheless, a few guests thought that the linen could have been of a better standard. Overall, Lough Eske Castle was the best hotel experience for some and while for others it may not have lived up to the expectations of a 5-star hotel, the exquisite amenities and services offered make it still worth visiting.
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5-Star Bed & Breakfast

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Eco Friendly Bed & Breakfast

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  •     5 Star (2)
  •     Eco Friendly (2)
  •     Luxury (2)
  •     Accessible (1)
  •     Indoor Pool (1)
  •     Small (1)
  •     Romantic (1)
  •     Pool (1)
  •     Parking (1)
  •     Heated Pool (1)
  •     Honeymoon (1)
  •     Business (1)
  •     Gym (1)
  •     Free Wi-Fi (1)
  •     Family (1)
  •     EV charging stations (1)
  •     Castle (1)
  •     Spa (1)
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