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Summary of reviewsThe H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg enjoys a prime location in the heart of Engelberg, making it convenient for exploring key spots such as the train station, cable cars, supermarkets, restaurants and the Titlis valley station, all within walking distance. Guests appreciate the breathtaking mountain views from their rooms, particularly from higher floors and the proximity to skiing facilities, ensuring a car-free and enjoyable stay.

The breakfast at the hotel is highly praised for its extensive and varied selection, delicious and fresh food and attentive service, despite occasional crowding and queues for the coffee machine. Dinner receives mixed feedback: while the quality and taste of the food, particularly traditional dishes, are often lauded, some guests found the menu repetitive and the service inconsistent.

Rooms at H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg are noted for their spaciousness, cleanliness and modern bathrooms with stunning mountain views enhancing the overall experience. However, some guests pointed out outdated furnishings and occasional cleanliness issues. The hotel's effective heating and practical layout make the rooms comfortable for families and extended stays.

Guests generally find the hotel's cleanliness up to a high standard with well-maintained rooms and public areas. However, some reported inconsistencies such as overlooked housekeeping tasks. The friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, especially at the reception, are frequently highlighted, although some improvements in dining service speed and attentiveness are suggested.

The Wi-Fi quality is mostly reliable and consistent, providing a stable internet connection throughout the hotel. The spa area offers a pleasant, well-maintained atmosphere with facilities like an indoor pool, sauna and relaxation room, despite occasional crowding and maintenance issues. The pool area, though enjoyed by many for its clean and family-friendly environment, sometimes faces concerns about size, temperature and cleanliness.

Parking at the hotel, while secure and convenient, is a point of contention due to its high cost, limited availability and narrow spaces, challenging for larger vehicles. Improvements in space allocation and clarity about parking availability could enhance the guest experience.

The hotel is highly acclaimed for its family-friendly atmosphere with spacious and comfortable family rooms, play options for children and accommodating staff. Its proximity to a playground and park, along with family-oriented amenities, make it a preferred choice for family vacations.

Overall, the H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg offers a convenient, comfortable and enjoyable stay, particularly praised for its location, breakfast, family-friendliness and staff service, although there are areas like dinner variety, room updates, spa space and parking that could benefit from improvements.
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Room Types
Comfort Classic Double Room En-suite double room with a balcony. The rooms are located on the 1st or 2nd floor.

Superior Double Room Modern room on the 3th, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th floor.

Comfort Classic Apartment Nice apartment with a separate bed- and living room, 42m² large.

Superior Apartment Nice apartment on the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th floor with a separate bed - and livingroom, 42m² large.

Family Room (2 Adults + 2 Children) Spacious apartment with a sofa bed and/or an extra bed.

Family Room (2 Adults + 1 Child) Spacious room with a sofa bed or extra bed.

Deluxe Double Room Modern room on the 8th floor.

Deluxe Apartment The apartment features 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with a shower and free toiletries. Featuring a balcony with mountain views, this apartment also provides a minibar and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. The unit offers 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
The H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg is frequently praised for its prime location in the heart of Engelberg, making it a central hub for visitors. The hotel’s positioning offers guests easy access to a multitude of key spots, including the train station, various cable cars and numerous supermarkets and restaurants, all within a short walking distance. This convenience extends to skiing and other mountain activities with ski bus stops located directly in front of the hotel.

Guests repeatedly mention the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains from their rooms and balconies, particularly from the higher floors. The central spot ensures that everything Engelberg has to offer, such as shopping streets, parks and playgrounds, are just steps away, allowing for a car-free stay.

The proximity to notable attractions like Mount Titlis adds to the hotel's appeal, making it an ideal base for exploring the area. Whether visiting for a short break or a longer holiday, the hotel's location is often highlighted as a major benefit, contributing to an enjoyable and convenient experience. The optimal placement of the H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg indeed complements the beautiful scenery and vibrant town life, ensuring a memorable stay.

The breakfast experience at H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests. Many highlight the extensive and varied selection available at the breakfast buffet, ensuring that there is something for every taste. The quality of the food is frequently praised with terms like "delicious," "tasty," and "fresh" repeatedly mentioned. Guests appreciate the variety, noting that the breakfast includes both sweet and savory options with a rich array of choices from cereals and fruits to hot dishes and pastries. The coffee, while mostly appreciated, sometimes sees guests queuing due to the popularity of the coffee machine. The service provided by the staff during breakfast is often described as attentive and friendly, contributing to an overall pleasant dining experience. Despite occasional mentions of the breakfast area being crowded, the general sentiment is that the breakfast is a standout feature of the hotel, adding significant value to guests' stays.

The dinner experience at H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg offers a varied but generally positive impression. Guests frequently praised the quality and taste of the food, describing it as delicious and highlighting specific dishes like pork fillet with mashed potatoes as excellent. The restaurant also receives commendations for its traditional cuisine, cozy atmosphere and efficient service, particularly at the Urchig restaurant.

Half-board options are well-received for their quality and the convenience of not having crowded dining areas, although some guests noted a limited selection and repetitiveness in the dinner menu. Moreover, the buffet style of dining was appreciated for its variety and taste.

There were notable mentions of the dinner being occasionally expensive and some guests felt the prices did not always match the quality. Service-wise, while many found the staff friendly and efficient, others experienced slow service and found the staff overwhelmed at times.

Overall, the dinner at H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg is considered good with room for improvement in menu variety and service consistency. Despite some criticisms about the limited choices and occasional service lapses, the restaurant's traditional dishes and the half-board dining experience provide a satisfactory and sometimes delightful culinary experience for most guests.

At H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg, guests consistently appreciated the spaciousness and cleanliness of the rooms, often highlighting the large sizes that comfortably accommodated families and provided ample storage. Many rooms boasted modern bathrooms with some upgraded to include beautiful furnishings and decor. The breathtaking views of the mountains from the balconies were frequently mentioned, contributing to a pleasant and serene stay.

Despite the positive aspects, some guests noted that the rooms and furniture appeared outdated with mentions of worn-out amenities and a need for renovation. A few reviewers commented on cleanliness issues such as stains on the sofa or residual smoke smells, detracting from the overall experience for some.

The rooms were described as comfortable with effective heating, although a few guests found their rooms either too hot or too chilly. Storage facilities and functional layouts were appreciated, making the rooms practical for extended stays or family visits. The noise levels were generally low, ensuring a peaceful environment for rest.

In summary, while H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg offers spacious, clean and well-equipped rooms often featuring stunning mountain views, some improvements in modernizing the furnishings and thoroughness in room preparation could enhance the overall guest experience.

Guests of H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg had mixed feelings about the beds with an overall tilt towards the positive side. Most reviewers found the beds to be very comfortable and praised the quality of the bedding. Phrases like super comfy beds, great beds and very comfortable were frequently mentioned, highlighting that many guests slept soundly. The rooms were cited as comfortably furnished, clean and equipped with tidy beds, offering a pleasant sleeping environment.

However, some guests felt that the beds were either too soft or slightly outdated, suggesting a need for new mattresses. The sofa beds, particularly for children, received consistent criticism for being hard and uncomfortable with several guests pointing out that these were not suitable for adults. Pillows also received some negative remarks with a few finding them too soft and uncomfy.

Despite these critiques, the positive reviews about the main beds' comfort and the bedding quality seem to dominate, making it apparent that, for the most part, guests found the sleeping arrangements at the hotel satisfying.

The cleanliness of H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg generally receives high praise from guests. Many highlight the well-maintained and modern rooms, often pointing out the beautiful views they offer. Guests frequently describe the rooms as spotless, very clean and tidy with effective daily cleaning services. The public areas, including the swimming pool and spa, also impress visitors with their cleanliness.

However, some reviews indicate inconsistencies with occasional reports of missed cleaning services or specific issues such as dirty carpets, unclean bathrooms and neglected balconies. A few guests noted unpleasant smells and overlooked housekeeping tasks, such as unemptied ashtrays or untouched hair from previous occupants. Despite these occasional lapses, the overall consensus suggests that the hotel maintains a high standard of cleanliness, ensuring a pleasant stay for most guests.

The reviews for H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg depict a hotel where the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff stand out as a significant highlight. The reception staff, in particular, are frequently described as welcoming, professional and kind. Guests repeatedly mention the exceptional and accommodating nature of the staff with names like Ms. Grazia and Luca Glutz being singled out for their exceptional service.

However, there are intermittent critiques regarding the dining service, where some felt the restaurant staff could improve in terms of speed and attentiveness, especially during busy times. Training might also be beneficial for a few staff members to enhance their customer service skills. Despite these occasional drawbacks, the overall sentiment suggests that the hotel team is cooperative, cheerful and dedicated to making guests feel welcomed.

The combination of friendly and responsive staff across different areas – from housekeeping to reception – contributes positively to the guest experience, fostering a welcoming atmosphere throughout the hotel.

While staying at H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg, guests generally reported positively on the WiFi quality. It was frequently described as good, reliable and consistent. Many reviewers appreciated the high-speed WiFi, noting that it worked properly and had good reception in the rooms. Free Wi-Fi was also highlighted as a beneficial amenity. However, a few comments did mention some issues, such as slow speeds, connectivity problems or occasional non-functioning WiFi. Despite these instances, the overall feedback on the WiFi was favorable, indicating that guests could count on a stable and efficient internet connection during their stay.

The spa at H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg offers a mix of experiences that cater to a variety of guest preferences. Despite its smaller size, the spa area is generally well-regarded for its pleasant atmosphere and efficient use of space. Guests frequently note that the spa is beautifully designed and well-maintained with facilities such as an indoor pool, sauna and relaxation room providing a comprehensive wellness experience.

The recently renovated sections have received positive feedback with the new and modern amenities enhancing the overall ambiance. Despite the renovations, some guests found the spa slightly cramped and crowded, especially considering the size of the hotel. This overcrowding sometimes led to a less relaxing experience.

While the sauna areas were praised, there were occasional reports of maintenance issues, including broken facilities and cool pool water. At times, the spa was closed for renovations, causing some inconvenience, but guests were often offered alternatives or vouchers to mitigate the disruption.

Cleanliness is generally maintained well with the spa smelling pleasant and free from major hygiene issues. However, the spa area without staff oversight sometimes appeared messy. Some guests suggested the addition of more facilities, such as a hot tub, to further enhance the experience.

Overall, the spa at H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg is a pleasant and relaxing spot, especially after a long day of activities, though it could benefit from more space and better maintenance to match the expectations of a larger hotel.

The pool and spa area at H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg receives mixed feedback from guests. Many guests find the indoor pool to be a highlight, describing it as wonderful, pleasant and spacious. The clean pool area and late-night accessibility of the heated pool are appreciated with some mentioning the pool's family-friendly nature. However, other reviews note issues with the pool's size, temperature and cleanliness, pointing out instances of cold and dirty water. The pool was often described as small and occasionally closed for maintenance or renovation, leading to inconvenience. Despite these drawbacks, the overall experience of the pool area leans positively with guests enjoying the opportunity to relax and unwind after activities.

'H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg' offers multiple parking options, including underground parking, which is convenient but comes at an additional cost, often cited as 15 to 20 CHF per day. The underground parking garage is noted for being secure, safe and easily accessible, but there are several mentions of it being very tight and sometimes cramped, making it challenging for larger vehicles to maneuver. The parking spaces are described as extremely narrow and the garage often fills up quickly, leading some guests to seek parking alternatives at nearby public lots or the train station.

There are mixed reviews about the cost with some considering it expensive and others finding nearby public parking more affordable, albeit sometimes involving a difficult walk back to the hotel. The limited parking capacity is a recurring theme with guests facing difficulties finding available spaces upon arrival. Some reviews mention that parking should not cost extra given the room rates. Despite these challenges, the hotel provides a private underground garage, adding an extra layer of convenience albeit with noted limitations.

Overall, while the parking facilities are secure and convenient for those who manage to find a spot, the high cost, limited availability and narrow spaces make it a point of contention for many guests. Improvements in space allocation and clarity about parking availability upon booking could significantly enhance the guest experience.

The 'H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg' is highly acclaimed for its family-friendly atmosphere and amenities. Guests frequently praised the spacious and comfortable family rooms that can easily accommodate parents and children alike. The separate living areas within the family rooms were found to be particularly convenient, offering enough space for both relaxation and play. Families were delighted with the various play options for children, such as the playground near the hotel entrance and the adapted swimming pool, making the stay enjoyable for the little ones.

The staff's helpfulness toward families and the kid-friendly environment were also highlighted, enhancing the overall experience. Additionally, family-oriented amenities, like the tailored spa section and diverse menu choices catering to children, were appreciated by many guests. Location-wise, the hotel is ideally situated with a nearby playground and park, making it a preferred choice for family vacations.

Overall, the accommodation at 'H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg' is consistently recommended for its family suitability, cozy family spaces and excellent facilities that ensure a relaxing yet fun-filled stay for everyone.

The H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg garners favorable commentary from guests for its exceptional convenience and suitability for skiing activities. Strategically located, the hotel is in close proximity to major ski facilities, including the Titlis valley station and various ski lifts, making it an ideal starting point for skiing. The presence of a ski bus stop right outside the hotel aids in simple and straightforward access to the slopes, enhancing the overall convenience for winter sports enthusiasts.

Guests appreciate the well-equipped ski storage room, which includes amenities such as boot dryers and direct street access. Some note the need for minor renovations, but overall, the facilities are praised for their functionality and comfort. The hotel also offers a new and aesthetically pleasing ski storage room, contributing to a hassle-free skiing experience. Additionally, balconies provide pleasant views of the ski jump and the surrounding mountains, adding to the scenic allure of the stay.

Overall, H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg receives commendations for its excellent location and effective service features oriented towards skiing, making it highly suitable for a ski trip.

4 Star
H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg offers some positive aspects within its four-star framework, including notable amenities, a conducive environment and an overall four-star experience. However, several guests have indicated that the hotel does not consistently meet four-star expectations in several areas. Noteworthy concerns include outdated furnishings, a lack of in-room amenities such as minibars and coffee machines and public toilets that do not meet the anticipated standard. Guests have also pointed out that service and food quality could be improved to align better with four-star ratings.

There are instances where the hotel has been praised for meeting four-star standards, but these appear to be offset by criticisms of outdated facilities and poor room service. The hotel's offerings, such as English-speaking staff, are well-received, though the overall simplicity and maintenance needs suggest a closer alignment with three-star accommodations in some areas. Additionally, the absence of modern furnishings and basic in-room facilities does not align with guests' preconceived expectations of a four-star hotel.

In summary, while H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg provides a commendable environment and some four-star experiences, there are notable gaps that guests feel prevent it from fully meeting the four-star standard. Enhancing room amenities, updating furniture and improving service quality could help address these disparities.

The H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg offers a range of business-friendly amenities tailored to meet the needs of corporate travelers. The hotel, recognized as more of a conference hotel than a typical holiday retreat, features ample office space and meeting rooms, contributing to its reputation as a convenient and accommodating choice for business trips. Guests frequently highlight the hotel's business facilities, noting the high-speed Wi-Fi, business center and numerous business services available.

The hotel’s environment is well-suited for conferences and business meetings with guests appreciating the helpful staff and the smooth experience facilitated by an efficient online booking portal. The corporate setting of the hotel, along with its meeting spaces, makes it a practical choice for business clientele seeking a productive stay. Overall, the H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg stands out as a top choice for those traveling for business, offering necessary amenities and a conducive environment for corporate activities.

The H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg offers an accessible and convenient experience for guests with disabilities. The hotel is centrally located and well connected to everything, making it easily accessible by public transport with a bus stop right in front of the house. Guests have praised the smooth and friendly accessibility throughout the property. The hotel provides private parking facilities, which add to the overall convenience and accessibility. Elevators are available, aiding in easy mobility within the hotel.

For those interested in outdoor activities, the hotel offers easy access to ski areas and hiking trails. The accessibility features extend to the ski storage area, which is equipped with boot dryers for added convenience. The pool and sauna areas are also accessible and many rooms are designed for easy access for differently-abled guests.

Despite these positive reviews, there were a few areas noted as less accessible, such as narrow bathroom doors in certain rooms and some wheelchair accessibility limitations. However, the majority of guests experienced no significant issues with accessibility, highlighting the hotel’s general commitment to accommodating all visitors.

Heated Pool
The heated pool at H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg has garnered mixed feedback from guests. While many appreciated the presence of a large heated pool, describing it as a nice amenity with a relaxing atmosphere, several reviewers felt that the water temperature left much to be desired. Words like "too cold" and "could be warmer" appeared frequently, suggesting that the heated pool did not consistently meet expectations for warmth. Despite being a valued facility with some guests finding the pool warmer than expected, the overall sentiment indicates a need for an improvement in the temperature settings to enhance the comfort and satisfaction of future visitors.

Indoor Pool
The indoor pool at H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg receives a mix of feedback from guests. Many appreciate it as a clean and well-maintained facility with some describing it as lovely and enjoyable. The size of the pool is generally seen as positive with multiple mentions of it being large or at least functional. However, a few guests note that it could have been warmer and occasionally mention its smaller size. Despite these minor drawbacks, the pool is considered a pleasant feature of the hotel, adding to the overall experience.

The H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg offers a mixed experience in terms of luxury. While some guests noted a sense of luxury with spacious suites and balconies that provide stunning views, others felt the hotel fell short of the four-star standard it claims. High-end amenities and luxurious linens were appreciated, contributing to an overall comfortable stay. However, several visitors pointed out that the hotel has an outdated feel, reminiscent of the 70s despite renovations. Opinions on the value for money varied with some finding the rooms expensive and not particularly luxurious for the price. Room service was highlighted positively as being luxurious, but there were comments about the hotel operating in cost-saving modes and lacking air conditioning, which detracted from a fully luxurious experience.

Nestled in the heart of a charming village, H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg offers a tranquil retreat characterized by its romantic atmosphere. Guests particularly appreciated the beautiful and serene views from the balcony, which overlooks snowy hills and allows for stargazing at night. This setting was often highlighted for adding a romantic touch to their stay. The property itself boasts lovely balconies that provide picturesque views of the surrounding mountains, further enhancing the romantic experience.

The hotel's bar also received mentions for its romantic and lovely ambiance, making it an ideal spot for couples to unwind. Though specific romantic features were not frequently mentioned in the reviews, the overall sentiment suggests that the peaceful environment and stunning scenery contribute significantly to the romantic appeal of the hotel. With a consistently praised breakfast and great rooms, H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg seems to offer a delightful escape for those seeking romance and relaxation amidst natural beauty.

Dog Friendly
H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg is renowned for its welcoming and accommodating environment for guests traveling with dogs. This dog-friendly hotel goes above and beyond to ensure that furry companions feel as comfortable and pampered as their owners. Upon arrival, guests often find that their pets are warmly received with a variety of thoughtful amenities provided, such as dog beds, blankets, water bowls and even a bag of treats for added delight.

The hotel staff is noted for their friendly and attentive service towards dogs, making sure that the pets feel as welcome as possible. It is clear from the numerous positive remarks that the staff's sensitivity to a dog's presence enhances the overall experience for both the guests and their pets.

H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg deftly integrates pets into the hotel experience with dogs encountered throughout the premises, reaffirming its status as a truly dog-friendly destination. Although a fee of 35 CHF per night is charged for pets, the level of care and the range of provided amenities ensure that it is worth the cost.

There was a minor mention of noise from a barking dog in a neighboring room, but this seems to be a relatively isolated incident in an otherwise pet-positive environment. Overall, H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg stands out as a prime choice for travelers who include their dogs in their journeys, providing an enriching and accommodating stay for all.

Yes, H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Indoor Pool, Pool Lap Lanes.

Yes, a spa is available at H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg.

Yes, H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg.

No, H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg doesn't have a gym.

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