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Hotel Taking Steps Towards Sustainability
Taleton Eco Guest House stands as a leader in environmental stewardship in the hospitality industry, powered by renewable energy sources like solar radiation and geothermal energy. These renewable energy systems significantly reduce the property's carbon footprint, enhancing its appeal to eco-conscious travelers.

The guest house implements a multitude of eco-friendly practices that exemplify its dedication to sustainability. For instance, non-toxic cleaning products are used to maintain a healthy and eco-friendly environment. Bicycles are provided to guests, promoting an active lifestyle and a carbon-free mode of transportation. Conscious water usage is encouraged through signs in rooms, informing guests that towels will only be changed upon request.

The guest house also shuns disposable, single-use glasses, plates, and cutlery, in favor of reusable options. Automatic systems have been installed to turn off lights and electrical appliances when rooms are vacant. In the dining area, the emphasis is on fresh and local, with most meal ingredients sourced locally to support the community and minimize the carbon footprint associated with food transport.
Do you utilise any renewable energy sources to produce energy on the hotel/accommodation premises?
Solar radiation
What makes your hotel/accommodation eco-friendly?
Use of non-toxic cleaning products
Bicycles provided to guests
Signs in the rooms informing guests that towels will only be changed upon request
No disposable (single use) cups/glasses, plates and cutlery
Automatic system or key card that turns off the light and electrical appliances when guests leave their room
Most of the ingredients used to prepare meals are locally produced
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Hotel for Honeymoon,

Family Friendly Hotel
What percentage of your guests are families? Between 50% and 90%
Family-Friendly room types:
Family rooms. Number: 8
One-bedroom apartments. Number: 3
Two-bedroom apartments. Number: 7
Additional amenities for children:
Kid-friendly buffet
Kid meals
Books for kids
Answers last updated by Taleton Eco Guest House

Dog Friendly Hotel

Dog Play Area    Dogs Stay Free  

Do you accept dogs in all rooms?
Is there an extra charge?
Free! There is no extra charge. Dogs stay for free.
Should the dog owner notify you before checking in?
Yes, By Email
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Romantic Hotel

Hotel with Swimming Pool,

  Outdoor Pool  

Location of the pool: Outdoor pool
Is it a pool of special type?
Zero-edge pool
Pool surface size: 44 m2
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Hotel with Free Wi-Fi,

Business Hotel

Accessible Hotel
To whom is your hotel/accommodation accessible?
People who use a wheelchair   People who are deaf   People who are blind   People with autism   People with asthma  
Is there level-access route (might include lifts) from the road to the rooms? Yes, to certain rooms
Please specify: Classic double, superior double
Are there any facilities that guests who use a wheelchair cannot reach? No
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Small Hotel

Hotel for Yoga,
What percentage of your guests practise yoga during their stay? Under 50%
Is there an area in the premises dedicated to practising yoga? Yes. Outside garden
Is there an area near the hotel/accommodation ideal for practising yoga? Yes. In Sparta
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4-Star Hotel

Hotel where Extra Health & Safety Measures Have Been Taken
Do visitors need a health certificate (i.e. a test) prior to arrival?
Do you perform temperature checks upon guests' arrivals?
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Hotel with Outdoor Pool,

Hotel where Dogs Stay Free

Hotel with Play Area For Dogs,

Room Types
About Taleton Eco Guest House
License: 1248Κ060Α0162201
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Yes, Taleton Eco Guest House has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Outdoor Pool. For more information, read the answers to the Pool questionnaire

No, a spa isn't available at Taleton Eco Guest House.

Yes, Taleton Eco Guest House welcomes dogs. For more information, read the answers to the Dog Friendly questionnaire

No, parking facilities aren't available at Taleton Eco Guest House.

No, Taleton Eco Guest House doesn't have a gym.
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