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Summary of reviewsVilla Natalia am See enjoys high praise across multiple aspects, making it a well-regarded choice for visitors to Friedrichshafen. Guests consistently laud the hotel's prime location, nestled in a tranquil residential area yet conveniently close to key attractions like the port and the Zeppelin Museum. The proximity to the scenic Lake Constance, the city center and various dining options enhances its appeal, offering a perfect balance of accessibility and serenity. The quiet setting on a side street combined with easy access to the harbor, promenade and old town ensures a relaxing stay with the added convenience of available parking.

The breakfast at Villa Natalia am See is frequently highlighted for its excellence, featuring a wide and varied selection that provides a delicious start to the day. The nicely decorated and clean breakfast area, including a conservatory-style space, adds to the pleasant experience. Guests appreciate the generous buffet, which includes both cold and warm dishes, paired with friendly and attentive service from the staff.

Rooms at Villa Natalia am See are described as clean, modern and tastefully decorated. Guests find them comfortable and well-maintained, even the smaller ones, which are functional and cozy. Newly renovated rooms receive particular praise for their aesthetic appeal and attention to detail. Although some practical aspects, like the lack of closets and glass-partitioned bathrooms, are noted, the general sentiment remains positive.

Cleanliness is a standout feature at Villa Natalia am See with guests consistently commenting on the immaculate condition of the rooms and common areas. The modern and stylish decor enhances the overall appeal and the hotel’s organization and friendly staff contribute to a welcoming atmosphere.

The staff at Villa Natalia am See are frequently commended for their exceptional service. Described as friendly, attentive and accommodating, they significantly enhance the guest experience, making visitors feel well-cared-for and welcome. Positive interactions with the team, including both the dining room service and reception, are often highlighted.

Parking options are available, including public spaces directly in front of the hotel and an underground garage, although these come with an additional cost. The convenience of these options adds to the overall guest experience for those traveling by car.

Finally, the beds receive generally positive feedback with most guests finding them comfortable and equipped with good mattresses and bedding. There are, however, mixed opinions regarding mattress firmness and pillow comfort, but these do not overshadow the overall positive reception.

In conclusion, Villa Natalia am See stands out for its excellent location, superb breakfast, clean and comfortable rooms, exceptional service and convenient parking, making it a top choice for travelers seeking a pleasant and relaxing stay in Friedrichshafen.
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Room Types
Double Room This double room features a tile/marble floor, air conditioning and stovetop. All rooms have air conditioning.

Superior Double or Twin Room This triple room features a dining area, seating area and air conditioning. All rooms have air conditioning.

Single Room Small This single room has a tile/marble floor, seating area and flat-screen TV. All rooms have air conditioning.

Economy Double Room (Basement) All rooms have air conditioning.

Small Double Room Providing free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. The double room provides air conditioning, soundproof walls, a tea and coffee maker, a seating area and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Nestled in a peaceful residential area, 'Villa Natalia am See' boasts an enviable location that combines tranquility with convenience. Just a few hundred meters from the port and the Zeppelin Museum, the hotel's central position is ideal for those looking to explore Friedrichshafen's key attractions. Guests appreciate the quiet, side-street setting which offers a relaxing ambiance while remaining close to the city center and waterfront restaurants.

With the lake promenade, harbor and old town just a short walk away, ranging from five to ten minutes on foot, the hotel's proximity to the scenic Lake Constance is particularly praised. Additionally, the convenient access to bus routes and the train station enhances its appeal for travelers. The location is perfect for short vacationers with its balance of accessibility, quietness and central positioning.

Despite being near bustling areas, the hotel manages to maintain a serene atmosphere, offering a hidden retreat amidst the vibrant surroundings. Its situation near the trade fair, pedestrian zone and various dining options further underscores its strategic placement. The presence of parking at the hotel adds to the overall convenience for guests.

In summary, Villa Natalia am See offers a super central and highly favorable location with easy access to the lake, harbor, city center and key attractions in Friedrichshafen, making it an excellent choice for both relaxation and exploration.

Guests of Villa Natalia am See consistently praise the hotel's breakfast, describing it as very good, excellent and delicious. The breakfast buffet offers a wide and varied selection, ensuring a rich and plentiful start to the day. The ambiance of the breakfast area, which is often described as nice and pleasant, adds to the overall positive experience. Many highlight the clean and beautifully decorated breakfast rooms, especially the conservatory-style space, which provides a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

The extensive and generous breakfast buffet includes everything one might need with ample and well-replenished offerings that cater to diverse preferences. Guests appreciate the friendliness and excellent service provided by the staff during breakfast. The inclusion of both cold and warm dishes is noted and there is a clear emphasis on the quality and variety of the food available.

However, a few areas for improvement are mentioned, such as the need for more vegetarian and vegan options and a better selection of sausage, cheese and fruit salads. Some reviews also point out that the breakfast may not be ideal for people with allergies or special dietary requirements. Despite these minor critiques, the overall sentiment remains highly positive, making the breakfast at Villa Natalia am See a highlight of the stay.

Rooms at Villa Natalia am See consistently receive praise for their cleanliness, modern amenities and tasteful décor. Guests often describe the rooms as clean, well-maintained and beautifully furnished. Many appreciate the spacious feel, even in the smaller rooms, which are functional and comfortable.

The newly renovated rooms stand out for their modern furnishings, cozy ambiance and attention to detail. Although some rooms are small, they are deemed sufficient for short stays and equipped with standard amenities like air conditioning, coffee and tea makers and refrigerators.

However, there are a few practical aspects to consider. Some rooms lack closets or wardrobes and several bathrooms are separated from the main room by glass partitions, which might not offer much privacy. Despite these minor inconveniences, the rooms are generally noted for their pleasant atmosphere and effective soundproofing, particularly those facing the street.

In summary, Villa Natalia am See offers well-appointed, modern rooms that are clean and comfortable, making it a solid option for travelers looking for quality accommodation near the lake.

Villa Natalia am See has received generally positive feedback regarding the comfort of its beds. Guests frequently highlight the comfortable beds and good mattresses, noting that they come with modern amenities and nice bedsheets. However, opinions on the mattresses and pillows vary with some guests finding them too soft or unsuitable. Additionally, there are mixed reviews on the bed sizes and overall comfort with a few mentioning the beds were extremely narrow and uncomfortable. Despite these contrasting opinions, many visitors have enjoyed their rest due to the overall quality of the beds.

Villa Natalia am See boasts exceptional cleanliness and modernity, as seen in the overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests. Visitors frequently describe the rooms and bathrooms as very clean and comfortable with many noting the modern and stylish decor that enhances the appeal of the hotel. The establishment is consistently praised for its spotlessly clean, spacious and well-maintained environment, which extends to its functional rooms located on quiet streets.

The cleanliness of Villa Natalia am See is a standout feature that significantly impresses guests with repeated mentions of the hotel's immaculate condition. The rooms are not only clean but also cozy and newly renovated, offering both comfort and aesthetic pleasure. The hotel's organization and the friendliness of its staff further contribute to a positive and welcoming atmosphere. Overall, the consistent cleanliness and comfortable furnishings leave a lasting impression, making Villa Natalia am See a top choice for travelers seeking a pristine and pleasant stay.

Villa Natalia am See consistently receives high praise for its exceptional staff. Guests frequently highlight the friendliness and accommodating nature of the team, describing them as always smiling, kind and very attentive. Both the dining room service and reception receive high marks for their excellent service. The owners are also noted for their friendliness and helpfulness, contributing to a welcoming atmosphere. Superlatives such as amazing and super nice are often used to describe the overall impression of staff interactions. Guests feel well taken care of, thanks to the cooperative and courteous nature of the employees. Overall, the staff at Villa Natalia am See plays a pivotal role in ensuring a pleasant and agreeable stay for all visitors.

Villa Natalia am See offers several parking options to accommodate travelers with cars. Public parking spaces are available directly in front of the hotel, providing easy access. Additionally, an underground garage is an option for those preferring covered parking. While street parking is an alternative, it does require a fee. Those staying at the hotel can also reserve a parking space for a daily charge with prices varying by season. Although parking is convenient and close by, it is important to note that it does come with a separate cost. Patrons can expect to pay around €10 to €15 per day.

No, Villa Natalia am See doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Villa Natalia am See.

No, Villa Natalia am See doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Villa Natalia am See.

No, Villa Natalia am See doesn't have a gym.

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