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Info Hotel Warwick Geneva offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere matching the city while operating at the highest levels of excellence.
Summary of reviewsWarwick Geneva is celebrated for its prime location, conveniently situated across from the Cornavin train station, making it ideal for both business travelers and tourists. Guests appreciate the ease of access to public transportation, allowing them to explore Geneva effortlessly. It's within walking distance of key attractions like Lake Geneva, the Old Town and various dining and shopping spots. Despite its central location, the hotel offers a tranquil environment thanks to excellent soundproofing.

The breakfast at Warwick Geneva receives generally positive feedback for its variety and quality. Guests relish the selection of both hot and cold dishes and the pleasant breakfast atmosphere. Nonetheless, some find it a bit pricey and believe there's room for more diversity in the menu.

Regarding dinner, the hotel's dining experiences evoke mixed reactions. While some guests enjoy in-room dining and commend the chef's efforts, others note that the restaurant's closure on weekends and limited menu options can be inconvenient. However, the bar's tapas menu and the nearby fondue restaurant add a positive touch to the overall dining experience.

The guest rooms at Warwick Geneva earn favorable mentions for their cleanliness, comfort and spaciousness. Travelers appreciate the large windows, comfortable beds and well-equipped amenities. Family rooms, in particular, are noted for their comfort and thoughtful touches for children. Some rooms, however, are seen as outdated or smaller than expected with occasional noise and maintenance issues.

Cleanliness is a strong point at Warwick Geneva with both the rooms and communal areas consistently praised for being spotless and well-maintained. The friendly and helpful staff significantly enhance the guest experience. Exceptional service from the front desk, housekeeping and door staff contributes to the hotel's welcoming atmosphere.

The Wi-Fi service at the hotel is generally well-received, offering complimentary, efficient and fast internet access. However, some guests encounter connectivity issues, prompting a few calls for improvement in this area.

Fitness enthusiasts appreciate the hotel's arrangement with nearby fitness centers, providing access to well-equipped, spacious gyms. Though an on-site gym is absent, the partnership offers a satisfactory alternative.

Parking presents a mixed experience, as the hotel lacks private parking but offers nearby public options with discounted rates. Valet services and staff assistance help mitigate the inconvenience, despite some guests noting the high cost and occasional difficulty in finding a spot.

For families, Warwick Geneva is a comfortable choice with spacious family rooms, interconnecting options and child-friendly touches like coloring books and baby cots. However, some reviews suggest that the hotel may not always cater perfectly to the needs of larger family groups.

The nightlife around Warwick Geneva is vibrant with numerous bars and social spots within walking distance. While the lively area offers great options for evening activities, some guests caution about noise and the area's safety at night.

Finally, the beds at Warwick Geneva receive high marks for comfort with many guests enjoying the spacious, large beds and exceptionally soft pillows. A few, however, find the mattresses too firm for their preferences.

Overall, Warwick Geneva is praised for its excellent location, cleanliness, friendly staff and comfortable accommodations, making it a preferred choice for many visitors to the city.
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Room Types
Classic Room This room category features coffee and tea making facilities, free access to an offsite Sports Club and complimentary public-transportation pass.

Superior Room These rooms are located on the upper floors and offer additional amenities like a free bottle of water every day and dry-cleaning for one piece a day. A Nespresso coffee machine, complimentary coffee and tea making facilities, access to an offsite Sports Club and a free public-transportation pass are provided as well.

Penthouse Terrace Suite The suite is located on the top floor and features a private terrace with panoramic views over the Lake or the city scenery. It includes a living/bedroom, a private lounge, and 2 bathrooms. A free bottle of water per day and dry cleaning of one piece a day will be offered during your stay. A Nespresso coffee machine, complimentary coffee and tea making facilities, access to the offsite Sports Club, and a free public transportation pass are provided as well.

Executive Penthouse Terrace Room Spacious and bright, each Penthouse room with terrace located on the top floor of our hotel offers a unique view and experience. Natural tones of beige, light brown, orange and red create a soothing ambiance. An entire wall of glass windows opens onto a private terrace with a spectacular view of downtown or the surrounding lake and mountains.

Penthouse Terrace Room Spacious and bright, each Penthouse room with terrace located on the top floor of our hotel offers a unique view and experience. Natural tones of beige, light brown, orange and red create a soothing ambiance. An entire wall of glass windows opens onto a private terrace with a spectacular view of downtown or the surrounding lake and mountains.

Single Room This room category features complimentary coffee and tea making facilities, access to an offsite Sports Club and a free public-transportation pass.

Family Room Offering free toiletries and bathrobes, this family room includes a private bathroom with a bath, a hairdryer and slippers. The air-conditioned family room offers a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a private entrance, soundproof walls, a minibar as well as city views.

Classic Terrace Room Exceptional comfort and all the essential amenities for the modern traveler no matter how long you plan to stay. Classic Rooms combine contemporary furnishings and exceptional convenience and all rooms feature free Wi-Fi, in-room tea and coffee service. Each Classic Room features its own private terrace Special room amenities include free access to a nearby sports club, a 20% discount at our restaurant Téséo and a Geneva Public Transport Card.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Warwick Geneva boasts an impressive location that is frequently lauded by its guests. Situated directly across from the Cornavin train station, it offers unparalleled convenience for those traveling by train, whether for early flights or arriving from other cities. The hotel's strategic position in the heart of Geneva ensures easy access to various forms of public transportation, making it a breeze to explore the entire city.

Guests find themselves within walking distance of Lake Geneva, the Old Town, shopping malls and a plethora of restaurants, cafes and bars. This central location is perfect for both business travelers and tourists alike, allowing quick and easy access to all the main tourist attractions and essential amenities. Many reviews highlight that the proximity to the train station, bus and tram stops simplifies sightseeing and logistics, offering a hassle-free experience for travelers.

Despite its central position, the hotel maintains a tranquil atmosphere with excellent soundproofing, ensuring guests have a peaceful stay. The vibrant surrounding area offers plenty to see and do within minutes, from cultural highlights to leisurely lakeside walks. In summary, the location of Warwick Geneva is consistently praised as excellent, optimal and incredibly convenient, making it a top choice for visitors to the city.

Warwick Geneva receives generally positive feedback for its breakfast offering. Guests often commend the breakfast for its variety and quality, describing it as very good, excellent and delicious. Many appreciate the rich and varied options available, noting the inclusion of both hot and cold dishes. The presence of a pleasant breakfast atmosphere and friendly staff also enhances the experience for many.

However, there are mixed opinions about the cost with several guests finding it expensive in relation to the quality provided. While some patrons believe the breakfast buffet is extensive and satisfying, others feel that it lacks diversity and needs more variety. Specific criticisms mention the lack of certain items like diverse fruit and cheese options and sometimes the breakfast falls short of expectations for a four-star hotel.

Despite these downsides, many guests still highlight the breakfast as a strong point of their stay, especially praising its freshness and the lovely terrace setting. Overall, while there is room for improvement, Warwick Geneva's breakfast seems to leave a largely positive impression on its guests.

Warwick Geneva's dining experience garnered a mix of impressions from its guests. While some found the in-room dining to be enjoyable and appreciated the effort of the chef, especially in accommodating specific dietary needs like preparing a special lasagna, there were noted inconsistencies. The restaurant, praised for its friendly staff and great meals, was unfortunately closed on weekends, which left guests needing to seek alternative dining options nearby. The bar with its decent tapas menu, was appreciated for the ambiance and accommodating service, although it wasn't ideal for larger groups. Despite some praises, certain aspects such as the quality of food and a limited menu have been highlighted for improvement. Additionally, seafood and the suggested fondue restaurant received positive mentions, adding a bright spot to the overall dining landscape at the hotel.

Warwick Geneva receives a variety of opinions regarding its rooms, mostly leaning towards positive experiences. Guests frequently praise the hotel's rooms for being clean, comfortable and spacious with many highlighting their impressive size and large windows that offer plenty of natural light. Some rooms also feature lovely terraces with excellent views of the city or the lake, which adds to their charm.

Travelers have enjoyed the comfortable beds, well-equipped amenities and the hotel's pleasant atmosphere. The upgraded rooms for special occasions and the helpful service from the reception staff contribute to the overall positive experience. The family rooms are highly regarded, often noted as comfortable and accommodating with thoughtful touches like welcoming gifts for children.

However, some rooms fall short of expectations. There are mentions of rooms being small or outdated with narrow spaces and dated decor. Guests have also pointed out issues like noisy environments, poor soundproofing and difficulties in regulating room temperature. Certain rooms have problems such as weak water pressure, small bathrooms and outdated furnishings. While cleanliness is generally upheld, a few reviews mention occasional lapses in housekeeping standards.

In summary, while the accommodations at Warwick Geneva offer comfort and pleasant views, guests may encounter variability in room quality and size with some areas needing refurbishment. The overall service and positive attributes, such as cleanliness and hospitality, tend to outweigh the negatives, making it a generally favorable place to stay in Geneva.

Warwick Geneva has garnered notable praise for its beds with many guests remarking on the exceptional quality of the bedding and comfort of the mattresses and pillows. A recurring theme in the reviews highlights the beds as very comfortable with some guests describing them as super comfortable and even likening the bedding to being on a cloud. Many appreciated the spacious, large beds and the exceptionally soft pillows, which contributed to a relaxing and restful stay.

However, while the majority of reviews were positive, there were a few criticisms regarding the comfort of the beds. Some guests found the beds too firm or hard and a few mentioned that certain beds were narrow or solid like a rock. There were also occasional comments about the pillows being either too soft or inadequate.

Despite these occasional negative remarks, the overall consensus points to a very comfortable sleeping experience at Warwick Geneva with guests frequently commending the bed comfort as well as the good quality of the bedding and mattresses.

At Warwick Geneva, guests consistently highlight the hotel's exceptional cleanliness as a standout feature. Many reviews praise the rooms for being very clean, well-maintained and comfortable with spotless bathrooms and a welcoming environment. The hotel's high standards of cleanliness extend to the communal areas as well, creating a safe and visually appealing atmosphere.

Location is another strong point with guests finding it conveniently situated near the central station, complementing the hotel's overall tidy and organized nature. The staff receive commendations for being friendly and helpful, which, along with the robust housekeeping service, contributes to a pleasant and comfortable stay.

There are occasional mentions of areas that may need more thorough cleaning or refurbishment and some guests note that the cleaning services could be more consistent. Despite these isolated comments, the general consensus remains positive with cleanliness frequently termed impeccable and above average.

In summary, Warwick Geneva is celebrated for its clean and cozy rooms, excellent location and courteous staff, making it a preferred choice for those valuing hygiene and comfort in their travel accommodations.

The standout feature of Warwick Geneva is undoubtedly its exceptional staff. Guests consistently praise the friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism of the hotel team. From the warm welcome at reception to the attentive room service, every interaction is marked by a courteous and supportive attitude. The front desk staff, including notable mentions like David, Cristiano, Steeve, Lucia and Omar, are frequently highlighted for their professionalism and willingness to assist.

The housekeeping and door staff also receive commendations for their attentiveness and consistent friendliness, ensuring a pleasant stay for all visitors. The hotel's efficient check-in and check-out processes add to the overall smooth experience. Additionally, episodes of outstanding hospitality, such as helpful recommendations for food and activities, contribute significantly to guest satisfaction.

Despite a few isolated incidents with less cooperative staff members, the overall consensus remains highly positive. The hotel is well-regarded for providing excellent customer service with staff often going above and beyond to meet guests’ needs. Whether it's handling issues swiftly or offering warm greetings, the team's dedication to high standards of service is evident throughout the reviews.

In summary, Warwick Geneva's strong suit lies in its remarkable staff, who consistently offer a high level of care and professionalism, making guests feel welcome and well-taken care of during their stay.

Warwick Geneva offers a generally positive Wi-Fi experience with many guests highlighting the availability of complimentary Wi-Fi in the rooms and noting that the service is efficient, functional and fast. However, there are some mixed reviews regarding the connectivity; some guests mention encountering hard-to-connect or slow Wi-Fi, while others faced interruptions that required re-entering passwords daily. A few reviews expressed dissatisfaction with the need to pay for Wi-Fi, considering it an antiquated practice and urging for it to be included in the room rate, especially at the hotel's price point. Despite these mixed remarks, the prevalent sentiment leans towards satisfaction with the complimentary, high-speed internet access provided.

The fitness offerings at Warwick Geneva present a mixed yet generally positive impression. Guests appreciate the access to a fully equipped, spacious gym located next door, which is easily accessible and included in the room price. The hotel has a partnership with two high-quality external fitness facilities, providing a robust selection of workout options. While some guests note the absence of an on-site gym, the outsourced fitness centers cater well to their needs, ensuring a sufficient and satisfactory experience. Despite a few mentions of the desire for an in-house gym, the overall sentiment highlights the advantageous arrangement with nearby fitness centers, offering a comprehensive workout experience.

The parking situation at Warwick Geneva presents a mixed experience for guests. Despite the lack of private or on-site parking, the hotel has made considerable efforts to address this shortcoming. Many reviews highlight the convenience of nearby parking options, though it's mostly public parking with a few spaces available at adjacent shopping centers like "Les Cygnes," located just a short walk away. The hotel has established partnerships with these facilities, offering guests discounted rates, which is a relief considering the generally high cost of parking in the area.

While some guests have found parking to be straightforward and reasonably priced, others have noted the expense and occasional difficulty in finding a spot. On the plus side, the availability of valet services and staff assistance seems to enhance the overall convenience for those traveling by car. The collaboration with parking garages located within walking distance is particularly appreciated, even though a brief stroll may be required.

In summary, while Warwick Geneva doesn't provide private or free parking, it compensates with nearby options and discounted rates, making it a practical choice for drivers who don't mind a short walk to their vehicles.

Warwick Geneva proves to be a comfortable and accommodating choice for families planning a trip. Many families, including those of four, found the family rooms spacious and the beds comfortable, making it suitable for their needs. The availability of interconnecting rooms and connected double rooms was highly appreciated, ensuring convenience for larger families.

Families noted the big selection in the breakfast options, which the kids particularly enjoyed. The provision of amenities, such as a free baby cot, contributed positively to the stay, although there were occasional lapses, such as the cot not being ready upon arrival. Child-friendly touches like coloring books for toddlers added an extra layer of thoughtfulness.

Despite its overall family-friendly setup, there were mixed reviews about the suitability of the hotel for families with children with a few guests cautioning it may not be as family-oriented. Specific issues included small and hot rooms when accommodating larger family groups.

Overall, the well-equipped and spacious family rooms, combined with interconnected options and thoughtful touches for children, make Warwick Geneva an appealing choice for a family getaway.

The nightlife around Warwick Geneva offers a range of options for those looking to unwind and enjoy the city's vibrant evening scene. Guests appreciate the hotel's proximity to various nighttime activities, noting that there are numerous bars and social spots within walking distance. This convenient location allows for easy access to some of the best nightlife places nearby, making it a suitable choice for night owls. Despite being in a lively part of town, some reviews caution about noise and the area's character near the train station, suggesting it might feel a bit unsafe at night. Yet, the overall atmosphere around the hotel remains positive with good options for places to stop by during night hours. Though nightlife specifics are sparse, those seeking to explore Geneva's evening activities will find the hotel's location favorable.

4 Star
Nestled in a prime location well-connected to train stations and local public transport, Warwick Geneva offers a welcoming reception and a reassuring sense of convenience. The hotel's architectural style and high-quality design are noteworthy and contribute to an overall pleasant aesthetic.

Guests have reported mixed feelings about the four-star rating of the hotel. While some feel it surpasses typical four-star standards and offers decent quality, others believe it falls short of the mark. The interior has been praised for its quality, sometimes even likened to that of a five-star hotel. However, elements such as outdated and small rooms, uncomfortable showers and the lack of full-length mirrors detract from the overall experience. The bathroom facilities, in particular, do not entirely align with four-star expectations.

The hotel’s business-oriented atmosphere may not be the warmest and the level of service has been noted to lack the luxurious touches one might expect from a four-star establishment. The breakfast quality and the reality of the amenities, as opposed to what is depicted in photos, have also been points of contention.

Despite these criticisms, the general consensus leans towards Warwick Geneva being a decent four-star hotel, suitable for those who prioritize location and basic amenities over luxurious experiences. It's best suited for travelers looking for a comfortable stay without the added trappings of higher-tier hotels.

Warwick Geneva has garnered positive reviews for its suitability and convenience for business travelers. The hotel is praised for its prime location, just 100 meters from the main station, making it easily accessible to central transport. Guests find the ease of conducting business a significant advantage with many highlighting the quiet surroundings and professional services that support business needs.

The hotel's facilities are adequate and well-suited for work, featuring business-friendly amenities such as a dedicated business center and conference rooms. The rooms, though somewhat small, are modern, clean and office-like, providing a conducive environment for productivity. Additionally, the staff has been commended for their professionalism and support from the reservation stage onwards.

Warwick Geneva stands out as an ideal choice for business trips with its good location, functional facilities and supportive services. It is considered a reliable alternative to airport hotels, fitting the needs of middle management and unpretentious business travelers. Overall, the hotel is recommended for its practical and safe environment, making it an excellent option for those traveling to Geneva for work.

Warwick Geneva offers a variety of facilities and services that make it an ideal choice for honeymooners. The rooms, especially the honeymoon suite, are frequently praised for their cleanliness and comfort with an emphasis on romantic touches such as balconies offering excellent lake views. Guests appreciate the separate WC in the suites, as well as the overall quality of housekeeping. While some mentioned a lack of honeymoon-specific amenities, the general atmosphere of the hotel is described as romantic and cozy, creating a perfect setting for newlyweds. The hotel also receives high marks for its location and the extra kindness shown by the staff, making it a great and highly recommended destination for honeymoon trips.

In the heart of Geneva, the Warwick Geneva stands out as a beacon of luxury and elegance, epitomizing the very best in upscale accommodations. Renowned for its luxurious rooms, this high-end hotel offers amenities that rival those of a five-star establishment, making it an excellent choice for discerning travelers. The Mont Blanc penthouse, in particular, promises breathtaking views, enhancing the overall opulence of the stay. Guests will appreciate the excellent service and the upscale features that permeate every aspect of the hotel, from the interior design to the services provided. Its prime location, a mere walking distance from the train station, further cements its status as an international luxury hotel. Whether one is seeking seamless comfort or a touch of extravagance, Warwick Geneva delivers an experience that exudes elegance in every detail.

Warwick Geneva is a beautiful and luxurious hotel praised for its romantic ambiance and setting, making it an excellent choice for couples seeking a special retreat. Many guests have noted the romantic atmosphere, particularly highlighting features such as rooms with balconies providing stunning lake views. The hotel is perfectly located for romantic walks and evenings, offering a peaceful yet central setting where guests can enjoy both tranquility and convenience.

The hotel is well-regarded for special occasions like romantic dinners and birthdays with thoughtful touches like birthday cakes for loved ones. The cozy rooms and specific romantic corners create a cozy and romantic environment, perfect for couples. Guests have consistently appreciated the hotel's efforts to provide a memorable and intimate experience, ensuring their stay is both comfortable and enchanting. Despite occasional disturbances from neighboring rooms, the overall ambiance has been described as ideal for a romantic getaway.

With its central location, excellent amenities and focus on creating a perfect romantic backdrop, Warwick Geneva stands out as a top choice for couples wanting a romantic stay in the heart of the city.

No, Warwick Geneva doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Warwick Geneva.

No, Warwick Geneva doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Warwick Geneva.

Yes, Warwick Geneva has a gym.

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