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Summary of reviewsGarni Hotel Zum Hothertor, nestled on the outskirts of Altstadt in Görlitz, offers an exceptional location for travelers eager to explore the historic and picturesque city. Guests frequently praise its central yet tranquil setting, allowing easy access to landmarks like the St. Peter and Paul Parish Church and the Neisse River while ensuring a peaceful night's rest. The hotel is also convenient for cyclists on the Oder-Neisse cycle path, providing secure spaces for bicycles.

The hotel’s breakfast receives high praise for its variety, freshness and delightful homemade jams. Featuring freshly prepared eggs, crispy bacon and a nicely designed buffet, the breakfast is enjoyed in a pleasant room with friendly and attentive service, making it an integral and memorable part of the stay.

Rooms at Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor are characterized by their cleanliness, cozy atmosphere and old-world charm. Most rooms are spacious and well-appointed, ensuring comfort and a good night’s sleep, although there are some reports of noise and stuffiness in certain rooms. Despite a few smaller rooms, the accommodations are accurately described and functional.

Cleanliness across the hotel is exemplary with spotlessly clean rooms and well-maintained facilities contributing to a positive guest experience. The staff also receives high praise for their exceptional friendliness and helpfulness, providing prompt and flexible service that makes guests feel valued and welcome.

While the Wi-Fi receives mixed reviews with some areas experiencing poor connectivity, the majority of guests find it satisfactory, especially on the upper floors. The hotel offers several convenient parking options, although some guests note the tight and limited spaces. Nonetheless, the availability of secure and supervised parking is frequently appreciated.

Guests find the beds at the hotel to be particularly comfortable, contributing to a restful stay, despite some minor preferences for firmer mattresses and pillows. The hotel is also well-suited for business travelers and those on short stays, offering functional, cozy accommodations.

Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor is distinctly pet-friendly, providing dedicated rooms and special amenities for dogs, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for both guests and their furry companions.

Overall, Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor offers a blend of convenience, comfort and welcoming service, making it a well-regarded choice for visitors to Görlitz.
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Guest Reviews
Very Good
Nestled on the outskirts of Altstadt in Görlitz, Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor boasts a prime location for travelers eager to explore this historic city. The hotel’s positioning is frequently praised for being just a few meters away from the old town with the pedestrian bridge to Poland and the Neisse River within easy reach. Guests commend the hotel for its central yet tranquil setting, perfect for a restful night while ensuring everything of interest is within walking distance.

The proximity to landmarks like the St. Peter and Paul Parish Church, coupled with the scenic views from the rooms, further enhances the charm of this hotel. It's an ideal starting point for city exploration, be it for a weekend city trip or an in-depth tour of Görlitz’s architectural treasures. The location is particularly beneficial for cyclists on the Oder-Neisse cycle path, providing convenient and secure spaces for bicycles.

Moreover, visitors appreciate the cleanliness of the accommodations and the availability of amenities, such as a good breakfast and cold drinks for self-service. Parking convenience, along with the friendly and homely atmosphere of the hotel, adds to the overall enjoyable experience. Whether travelers are looking to discover the historic core or enjoy the greenery of park-like terraces, Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor offers the perfect base for exploring Görlitz.

The breakfast at Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests, who highlight its variety, freshness and the delightful homemade jams. The breakfast offerings are described as good, rich and plentiful, often featuring freshly prepared eggs, crispy bacon and fresh rolls. Guests appreciate the nicely designed and organized breakfast buffet, which is said to be sufficient even for the pickiest eaters. There are warm mentions of the beverage buffet and the continental breakfast selection, which include specialties such as apple pancakes and sage pizza.

The pleasant breakfast room and friendly, attentive service add to the overall enjoyable experience. The breakfast is also noted for being an excellent value for money with many guests expressing their satisfaction with the quality and price. Despite a few mentions of limited options and rigid scheduling, the consensus is that the breakfast is delicious, rich and well worth the cost.

Everything is maintained to a high standard and the breakfast ambiance contributes to a comfortable start to the day. Overall, Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor’s breakfast stands out as a delightful and essential part of the stay, making it a memorable experience for guests.

Located in a charming, old building, Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor offers rooms that are predominantly clean, cozy and well-equipped. Guests frequently mentioned that the rooms were just as described, embodying a quaint, old-world charm that adds to the overall delightful experience. Many rooms stand out for their spaciousness and even the bathrooms received praise for being large and well appointed.

The hotel manages a neat balance between simplicity and functionality, creating an environment that's inviting and comfortable. Visitors have found the beds particularly cozy, ensuring a good night's sleep. In some parts of the hotel, the thoughtful layout of the rooms contributes to a pleasant stay, despite their basic nature.

However, it's worth noting that not all rooms offer the same level of tranquility. Some guests reported issues with noise, especially in rooms 1 and 3 and a few others mentioned experiencing stuffiness. Additionally, while several rooms are generously sized, there are some that are quite small, although they match their descriptions accurately.

Overall, the Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor provides a comfortable stay with excellent price-performance, making it a well-regarded option for visitors to Görlitz.

Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor is well-regarded for its clean and tidy accommodations, featuring a range of bed types including single beds and double suites. Many guests praise the hotel's comfortable and attractive beds with several highlighting the beds as highly recommendable for a restful stay. Reviews note the presence of nightstands, which add to the convenience and overall comfort. The spacious rooms often come with beds that guests find to be quite good and superbly fluffy.

However, some guests have mentioned that the beds and mattresses can be too soft for their preference and there were a few comments about uncomfortable pillows. Despite these minor issues, the general consensus is that the beds are comfortable, making the hotel a desirable option for travelers seeking comfort.

Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor consistently impresses with its outstanding cleanliness, as noted by many guests. The entire hotel, including the bathrooms and rooms, is spotlessly clean and well-maintained. Visitors appreciated the neat and tidy environment, highlighting the hotel's dedication to cleanliness and its well-renovated facilities. Guests also found the rooms functional and nicely furnished, contributing to a comfortable stay. Overall, the hotel leaves a positive impression with its meticulous standards of cleanliness, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor's staff consistently receives high praise from its guests for their exceptional friendliness and helpfulness. The team is known for being welcoming and accommodating, going the extra mile to meet guests' needs with prompt and flexible service. Whether it's a warm greeting at check-in, attentive service during breakfast or assistance with carrying luggage, guests frequently highlight the staff's personal touch and genuine care.

The hotel’s environment is described as friendly and inviting with staff and management alike being noted for their courteous and professional demeanor. Quick responses to requests and personal, hassle-free check-ins and check-outs add to the positive experience. Even though there were minor issues reported with new staff during breakfast service, these instances were outshone by the overall attentiveness and the proactive nature of the staff.

In summary, the team at Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor effectively creates a hospitable atmosphere, demonstrated by their kindness, attentiveness and the reliable, friendly service they provide, ensuring guests feel valued throughout their stay.

The Wi-Fi at Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor receives mixed reviews with many guests praising it for being very nice, super fast and excellent. However, there are notable complaints too. Some reports state that the connection is poor or very poor and in certain areas like room 2, the Wi-Fi did not work at all. There are instances where the Wi-Fi only works for an hour and could benefit from a better Wi-Fi repeater. While the Wi-Fi tends to work better on upper floors, it can be unreliable in other parts of the hotel.

Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor offers several parking options that cater to different needs. Guests frequently praise the secure and supervised parking available with many highlighting the peace of mind it provides, especially for those parking bicycles. The convenience of parking directly at the hotel, including options in a secure courtyard and behind the house, stands out as a significant advantage. Although some found the parking spaces tight and limited, there are reserved private parking spots available for a reasonable fee of 7 euros per day. For many, the affordability and ease of access make it a practical choice for travelers seeking dependable parking solutions during their stay.

Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor is well-suited for business travelers and those on short stays. The accommodations are functional, cozy and comfortable, making them ideal for a one-night visit or short trips. The hotel features a nice building and provides business facilities that cater to professional needs. Although the rooms are small, they are practical, well-designed and functional—perfect for a business trip.

Dog Friendly
Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor stands out for its exceptional pet-friendly environment. The facility prides itself on being dog-friendly, offering dedicated rooms where dogs are welcome. Guests appreciate the special amenities provided for their furry companions, including dog beds for added comfort. The hotel also features a lovely pet-friendly garden, offering ample space for dogs to roam and play. Its commitment to pet-friendliness ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay for both guests and their four-legged friends.

No, Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor.

Yes, Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor.

No, Garni Hotel Zum Hothertor doesn't have a gym.

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