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Summary of reviewsHotel Harzlodge is a serene retreat nestled amid nature, right on the edge of a forest and just a short distance from the historic town of Goslar. This idyllic location offers a perfect balance of tranquility and accessibility, making it an excellent base for outdoor activities like hiking, motorbike tours and nature walks. Guests enjoy the peaceful surroundings without being too far from the urban charm and amenities of Goslar’s city center, accessible within a 15-20 minute walk.

Many guests appreciate the breakfast at Hotel Harzlodge, describing it as delicious and plentiful with a wide variety of options, including fresh rolls, cold cuts, cheese, yogurt, fruits and whole grain bread. The buffet is noted for being extensive and well-maintained and the staff are commended for their friendliness and helpfulness, contributing to a pleasant start to the day. Even with fewer hot options and some minor criticisms, the overall breakfast experience is positively received.

Dinner at the hotel also garners high marks, particularly for groups and bikers with commendations for the cozy and rustic ambiance of the in-house restaurant. Guests praise the high quality and taste of the food, especially the varied and plentiful buffet dinners, barbecue evenings and affordable a la carte options. The friendly service and reasonable prices further enhance the dining experience.

The rooms at Hotel Harzlodge are spacious, clean and functional, though described as basic in aesthetics. The simple, outdated furnishings are overshadowed by the cleanliness and comfort, making them sufficient for practical stays. Some issues with noise due to thin walls and inadequate soundproofing are noted, but the large bathrooms and overall tidiness are well-received.

Cleanliness is a standout feature at Hotel Harzlodge with guests frequently remarking on the well-maintained and tidy rooms and bathrooms. The daily cleaning ensures a fresh environment, contributing to a comfortable stay despite some minor remarks about the older decor.

The staff at Hotel Harzlodge receive overwhelming praise for their friendliness, helpfulness and professional demeanor. The service is frequently described as exceptional with a straightforward check-in and check-out process. Guests appreciate the staff's attentiveness and proactive assistance, which significantly enhances the overall guest experience.

WiFi service at the hotel presents a mixed picture. While some guests report a good connection and free access throughout the property, others experience connectivity issues, particularly in the rooms. Improved communication and broader coverage could enhance the guest experience.

Ample free parking at Hotel Harzlodge is a key highlight, offering plenty of space close to the hotel for both cars and motorcycles. The cleanliness and convenience of the parking area are frequently praised, making it an attractive feature for guests.

Families find Hotel Harzlodge highly accommodating with its spacious, clean rooms and family-centric atmosphere. The surroundings offer various activities for children, though a playground could be a useful addition. Good accommodations and inclusive services like free public transportation enhance the convenience for family stays.

The beds receive mixed feedback; many guests find them comfortable and conducive to a good night's sleep, but issues with overly soft mattresses and separating double beds are noted. Despite these concerns, the overall consensus remains positive with many guests highlighting the comfort and cleanliness of the beds.

In summary, Hotel Harzlodge provides a pleasant blend of nature and urban access, a welcoming atmosphere, clean and functional accommodations and friendly, helpful service. The hotel stands out for its serene location, hearty breakfast, excellent dinner options and family-friendly environment, making it a well-rounded choice for travelers seeking tranquility without sacrificing convenience.
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Double Room Modern room with a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Harzlodge enjoys a wonderfully serene location nestled in the midst of nature, right at the edge of the forest. Just a stone's throw from the historic town of Goslar, it serves as a perfect base for hikes, motorbike tours and nature walks. Situated outside the hustle and bustle but still within walking distance to the city center, guests can revel in the peace and quiet while being close enough to explore the urban charm of Goslar with a short 15-20 minute walk.

The natural surroundings provide an idyllic atmosphere filled with the tranquility of the forest and the melody of birds chirping. This location is particularly advantageous for travelers with dogs, offering plenty of nearby walking paths. The proximity to various hiking trails and the Harz Mountains makes it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

Despite its semi-secluded setting, the hotel is conveniently accessible, even if traveling without a car, thanks to the nearby bus stop. The ample free parking allows for easy car travel as well. Guests appreciate the excellent ambiance and the original, rustic decor of the accommodations, complementing the natural beauty around.

Additionally, the hotel’s immediate connection to nature does not come at the cost of convenience. The city center of Goslar with its shopping, dining options and charming old town, is within comfortable walking distance. This makes the Harzlodge a perfect retreat for those looking to combine nature and urban exploration in one stay. Whether for a short vacation or a hiking trip, Hotel Harzlodge offers an excellent location that strikes a perfect balance between seclusion and accessibility.

Hotel Harzlodge has garnered a mostly positive response from guests regarding its breakfast offerings. Many guests were delighted with the breakfast, describing it as amazing, delicious and plentiful. They appreciated the wide variety of options available, including freshly baked rolls, cold cuts, cheese, yogurt, fruits and whole grain bread. The breakfast buffet was often noted for being extensive, richly laid out and constantly replenished, ensuring that freshness was never lacking.

Compliments were also directed at the staff, who were frequently mentioned as friendly and helpful, adding to the overall pleasant dining experience. The breakfast room atmosphere was highlighted as cozy and inviting, contributing to a relaxing start to the day. Several guests specifically enjoyed the offerings on weekends, such as the inclusion of salmon on Sundays.

However, not all feedback was unreservedly positive. Some guests found the breakfast to be somewhat monotonous or lacking in variety, particularly concerning hot food options like scrambled eggs or bacon. A few mentioned that the selection could be sparse if they arrived later in the morning with some items already depleted. Others felt that the coffee could be improved.

Despite these minor criticisms, the overall consensus is that Hotel Harzlodge provides a satisfying and hearty breakfast experience, making it a notable highlight for many guests. The plentiful buffet, accommodating staff and cozy atmosphere combine to deliver a well-received breakfast service that aligns well with guests' expectations.

Hotel Harzlodge is a fantastic destination, particularly for groups and bikers, offering a commendable dining experience. The in-house restaurant boasts a cozy and inviting atmosphere, often highlighted by a relaxed, rustic ambiance that enhances the dining pleasure. Many guests appreciate the high quality and exceptional taste of the food with frequent praises for the varied and plentiful buffet dinners. The all-you-can-eat options are particularly noted for their excellent value and delicious offerings.

Grilled specialties and barbecue evenings at the Fuchsbau restaurant stand out, offering a delightful complement to the usual menu. The a la carte options, although manageable in size, are top-notch with dishes like the turkey ragout earning special mention.

Affordability is another key highlight with many guests noting the reasonable prices for the generous portions and high standard of food. The dining experience is described as both satisfying and exceptional, enhanced by friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere. For those visiting on weekends, the buffet is often cited as excellent, though it is advisable to make reservations due to the restaurant's popularity.

Overall, Hotel Harzlodge provides a very good dining experience, marked by delicious food, a commendable buffet and a cozy, rustic restaurant atmosphere.

Hotel Harzlodge offers spacious, clean and functional rooms that are generally well-maintained, making it a decent option for visitors. The rooms are consistently described as large with adequate furnishings and often spacious bathrooms. Guests regularly highlight the cleanliness and comfort of the accommodations with daily cleaning ensuring that rooms remain tidy.

However, the hotel's rooms do lean towards a simpler, more basic aesthetic. Descriptions of the furnishings often include terms like "outdated," "simple," and "spartan." Despite these descriptions, the functionality and cleanliness appear to compensate for the lack of modern decor, making the rooms sufficient for short stays or a practical night's rest.

Noise seems to be a recurring issue with many reviews mentioning the thin walls and overall noisiness of the rooms. Light seepage through room doors and inadequate soundproofing appear to impact the tranquility of some guests' experiences. Additionally, some rooms are noted to be dark due to their location near the forest or insufficient lighting.

There are occasional mentions of outdated and worn furnishings, but these are offset by the spaciousness and comfort of the rooms which remain a strong point. The bathrooms, in particular, receive praise for their size and cleanliness, although a few instances of maintenance issues like mold or poor ventilation are noted.

Overall, Hotel Harzlodge's rooms provide a basic yet comfortable stay with the essential amenities covered. The blend of spacious interiors and clean facilities will likely meet the expectations of travelers seeking a straightforward, no-frills accommodation.

The beds at Hotel Harzlodge received mixed reviews from guests. On the whole, a significant number of reviews highlighted the comfort and cleanliness of the beds. Many guests found the beds to be very comfortable, labeling them as soft, cozy and conducive to a pleasant night's sleep. Such positive remarks included mentions of the beds being 'excellent,' 'comfy,' and 'lovely and big.'

However, several guests felt that the mattresses were too soft, which impacted their sleep quality. There were frequent mentions of sagging mattresses and the need for replacements with some guests experiencing back pain due to the over-softened beds. The issue of double beds separating or moving apart due to lightweight construction was also a common complaint. Pillows were another point of concern, often described as limp and unsatisfactory.

Despite these concerns, some guests found the beds acceptable and adequate for their stay, especially appreciating the clean and well-maintained linen. In summary, while many guests enjoyed a comfortable rest at Hotel Harzlodge, others felt that improvements, particularly regarding mattress firmness and bed stability, would be beneficial.

Hotel Harzlodge impresses with its exceptional standards of cleanliness, garnering numerous positive remarks from guests who have stayed at the establishment. Reviews frequently highlight the rooms as clean, tidy and well-maintained, contributing to a comfortable and pleasant stay. The bathrooms receive special mention for their cleanliness with reports of spotless and well-cared-for sanitary areas. Guests appreciate that rooms are cleaned daily, ensuring a fresh environment throughout their stay.

Despite some minor remarks about areas needing improvement, such as older carpets and outdated decor, the overall sentiment remains favorable. The hotel's commitment to hygiene is noted to be exemplary with adherence to good hygiene concepts contributing to the guests' confidence and comfort.

While the accommodations may be described as simple and functional, their cleanliness and orderliness leave a lasting positive impression. The outdoor and dining areas are also kept neat and clean, adding to the pleasant ambiance of the entire property.

In summary, Hotel Harzlodge stands out for its dedication to cleanliness, making it a reliable choice for travelers who prioritize a clean and well-maintained environment during their travels.

At Hotel Harzlodge, the standout feature across numerous guest reviews is the exceptional service provided by the staff. Words like "friendly," "helpful," and "accommodating" are recurrent themes, painting a picture of a team that genuinely cares about guest satisfaction. The check-in and check-out process often receives praise for being straightforward and hassle-free, adding to the overall positive experience.

Guests frequently highlight the warm and polite demeanor of the staff, whether at the reception, in the restaurant or other areas of the hotel. The reception staff, in particular, are noted for their flexibility and efficiency, allowing early check-ins and addressing requests with a courteous approach. Even during peak times or specific events like Christmas, the staff manage to maintain a high level of friendliness and inclusivity.

Moreover, the personnel are commended for their attentiveness and proactive assistance, ensuring that guests' needs are met promptly. While there are a few mentions of areas for improvement, such as in communication and occasional indifference, the overwhelming majority of feedback underscores a consistent dedication to delivering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Hotel Harzlodge also impresses with its knowledgeable and competent team, which not only supports guests effectively but also observes all hygiene regulations diligently. Whether it’s a simple inquiry or a special request, the staff is noted for their pleasant and cooperative manner.

In summary, the staff at Hotel Harzlodge are integral to the hotel's charm, contributing significantly to a memorable and comfortable stay through their unwavering friendliness, helpfulness and professional attitude.

Hotel Harzlodge offers varying experiences with its WiFi service, reflecting a mix of satisfaction and areas needing improvement. Guests have praised the WiFi as great, good and sufficient with some mentioning a steady connection of around 35 MBit in their rooms. Additionally, the hotel provides free WiFi, which is accessible throughout the spacious hotel area, including the lobby and the breakfast area.

However, there are several reported issues with the WiFi, especially in the rooms. Some guests noted that the WiFi connection was shaky and in certain instances, there was no WiFi at all in the booked rooms. Others reported having to go outside for reception or finding that the WiFi simply did not work. Another point of frustration was the communication regarding the WiFi password, which some guests found was not provided readily.

In summary, while Hotel Harzlodge offers good WiFi in some areas and free access throughout the hotel, there are inconsistencies in availability and reliability, particularly in the guest rooms. Improved communication and broader coverage could enhance the overall guest experience.

Hotel Harzlodge offers an excellent experience for guests with its more than ample parking facilities. Free parking is readily available on the property and there is plenty of space, meaning guests rarely struggle to find a spot. The parking area is conveniently close to the hotel, allowing for easy access, which accommodates both cars and motorcycles right in front of room windows. Reviews frequently highlight the cleanliness and good condition of the parking areas, despite some mentions of unpaved or muddy spots. The location boasts a large, generous parking lot, described as offering sufficient space for all types of vehicles throughout the day. Additionally, the free parking is consistently praised, making it an attractive feature for potential guests. While there are some suggestions to improve parking availability during peak times, the overall consensus is that Hotel Harzlodge provides excellent and ample parking options, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for all visitors.

Hotel Harzlodge stands out as a highly accommodating family-centric destination. The hotel is well-organized and boasts a welcoming family atmosphere, making it suitable for stays with children, including infants. Families will appreciate the spacious, clean rooms and the overall cozy environment of this family-run establishment. The surroundings are inviting with various forms of entertainment available in the immediate vicinity, providing ample activities even for the youngest guests. While a playground could be a welcome addition, the hotel compensates with its flexibility, offering comfortable alternatives for families during bad weather. Although breakfast may need some improvements, especially catering to family needs, the inclusive services like free public transportation enhance the convenience for family stays. Overall, the hotel offers good accommodations for a family getaway, where both children and pets are welcome.

Hotel Harzlodge appears well-suited for business trips with numerous guests noting its business-friendly accommodations. It's an appealing choice for business travelers, thanks to its spacious rooms and strategic location, offering good value for money and acting as a great starting point for various activities. The staff are praised for fulfilling the wishes and needs of guests, enhancing the overall experience for those on short business trips. However, it's important to note that the WiFi quality has been mentioned as poor and disruptive for business purposes. Overall, despite the WiFi issue, Hotel Harzlodge is regarded as a good option for business travel due to its suitability for business partners and great business connections.

Hotel Harzlodge receives a variety of reviews regarding its accessibility for guests with disabilities with a slant towards positive feedback. Many guests appreciate that the hotel is described as easily accessible with particular praise for its well-connected location. The hotel is conveniently situated near a bus stop and connected to bus lines, facilitating ease of travel. Parking is reported to be easily accessible and the area itself is accessible on foot.

Accommodations seem to cater to those with mobility impairments, as there are mentions of accommodating rooms and accessible facilities. However, there are mixed reviews concerning access for those with more severe mobility issues or those relying on walkers. Despite this, the overall sentiment suggests that Hotel Harzlodge has made commendable efforts to ensure accessibility for a broad range of guests, especially those without extreme mobility restrictions.

Dog Friendly
The Hotel Harzlodge has earned a reputation as a haven for travelers with canine companions. Guests appreciate the dog-friendly policy, allowing dogs not just in rooms but also in communal areas such as the restaurant. The accommodations are noted to be very welcoming to dogs with staff earning praise for their friendliness and acceptance of pets.

The atmosphere is consistently cited as dog-friendly and many reviewers commend the hotel for being an excellent choice for those on a short vacation with their dogs. There are dedicated dog walking paths and ample opportunities for outdoor activities, making the location ideal for dog owners.

Additionally, the hotel ensures that even the fur babies are comfortable and have everything they need. The general consensus is that dogs are warmly welcomed, creating a hassle-free experience for pet owners. This established dog-friendly environment makes the Hotel Harzlodge highly recommended for anyone traveling with their four-legged friends.

No, Hotel Harzlodge doesn't have any pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Hotel Harzlodge.

Yes, Hotel Harzlodge welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Harzlodge.

No, Hotel Harzlodge doesn't have a gym.

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