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Summary of reviewsEiger Mountain & Soul Resort, located centrally in Grindelwald, offers guests exceptional convenience for exploring the region. The hotel's prime placement near the train station, cable cars and various shops and restaurants, along with its stunning mountain views, marks it as a perfect choice for travelers. Key attractions like the First Grindelwald gondola and Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe are readily accessible, enhancing the visitor experience. Complementing this, the resort provides excellent facilities, including parking, bicycle storage, a well-equipped gym and a relaxing sauna.

The resort's breakfast is a major highlight with guests frequently commending its variety and quality. The breakfast buffet, featuring both savory and sweet items, freshly made smoothies and innovative dishes like the bierin gratin, ensures a delightful start to the day. The setting is described as cozy and the service receives high marks for efficiency and friendliness. Afternoon complimentary cakes and coffee add to the charm.

Dinner at Barry's Restaurant is another standout feature, known for its delicious offerings, including vegetarian options, cheese fondue and curry lamb. The restaurant's atmosphere, particularly appealing in winter and the attentiveness to dietary requests contribute to its popularity. Although a limited menu and lack of room service are noted, the overall dining experience impresses.

Rooms at the resort are praised for being spacious, clean and comfortable with modern furnishings and spectacular mountain views. Amenities like free minibar items and coffee machines enhance the stay. Superior rooms and suites, often featuring whirlpools and large balconies, are especially appreciated. Despite occasional mentions of hot or noisy rooms, guests generally find the accommodations tranquil and well-equipped.

Cleanliness throughout the resort is consistently highlighted with public and private spaces maintained to high standards. The staff's friendliness and helpfulness play a significant role in guest satisfaction with many noting the warm and professional service.

The free WiFi is generally reliable, though a few guests experienced connectivity issues. The spa and gym facilities receive high praise for their quality, comfort and cleanliness. The spa features multiple relaxation rooms, a sauna, jacuzzi and more, offering a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere. The gym is well-equipped and spacious, enhancing the overall wellness experience.

Parking at the resort is convenient and secure with both indoor and outdoor options available. Although signage and fee clarity could be improved, the affordability and ease of access are appreciated.

The resort is particularly family-friendly, providing comfortable spaces for families, including rooms equipped for children and thoughtful touches like cribs and toys. The location offers various facilities that keep kids entertained, making it an excellent choice for those traveling with children.

For ski enthusiasts, the resort's proximity to ski lifts and gondolas, convenient ski storage and the ability to purchase ski tickets at the reception are significant advantages. Guests also benefit from the visitor card for easy transportation and commend the breakfast for fueling their day's adventures.

Beds at the resort receive mixed reviews with many finding them comfortable and conducive to a good night's sleep, while a few mention issues with firmness and noise.

Overall, Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort offers a well-rounded and memorable stay, combining excellent location, top-notch facilities, delightful dining and warm hospitality to meet a variety of guest needs.
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Room Types
Lifestyle Chic Newly renovated twin room Lifestyle Chic (28 – 30 m²) with bathtub. A place of retreat with uncomplicated comfort. Well-suited for short-term stays or when your holiday mainly takes place outdoor – enjoying nature. Please note that extra beds are not available in this room type.

Lifestyle View Modern Lifestyle twin room (23 – 25 m²) with bath or shower, twin or king-size bed, south-facing balcony and direct view of the Eiger north-face. Warm colors, wood inserts and stone elements create a combination of tradition and modernity. Please note that extra beds are not available in this room type.

Suite This large suite offers panoramic views of the Eiger North Face from its south-facing balcony. It comes with a 4-poster bed, a spa bath and an open fireplace. Please note that extra beds are not available in this room type.

Junior Suite Junior Suite in modern Alpine style with a corner bath, a seating area and a south-facing balcony. Please note that extra beds are not available in this room type.

Lifestyle Single Room Quiet single rooms Lifestyle (21 m²) – fresh alpine chic for well-being. With west-facing balcony and bathtub. A private retreat with charming comfort. Please note that extra beds are not available in this room type.

Lifestyle Comfort Quiet, modern Lifestyle twin rooms (28 m²) with south-facing balcony in the rear building. Warm colours, fresh alpine chic, wood inserts and stone elements create a combination of tradition and modernity. Partly with Eiger view.

Junior Suite with Mountain View Offering free toiletries and bathrobes, this suite includes a private bathroom with a bath and a hairdryer. The suite has carpeted floors, a seating area with a flat-screen TV, a minibar, a tea and coffee maker as well as mountain views.

Guest Reviews
Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort boasts an exceptional location in the heart of Grindelwald, making it highly convenient for guests to explore the area. Positioned centrally, the hotel offers easy access to the train station, cable cars, shops and restaurants, all within a short walking distance. The proximity to key attractions like the First Grindelwald gondola and the Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe is particularly lauded. The views from the rooms are stunning, often featuring scenic mountain landscapes, including the Eiger north face. This prime location coupled with friendly and efficient staff creates a welcoming and comfortable stay for visitors. Additionally, the hotel provides good facilities, such as parking, bicycle storage, a great gym and a sauna, enhancing the overall guest experience.

At the Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort, guests are consistently delighted by the exceptional breakfast offerings. Many have praised the delicious and hearty breakfast, often describing it as varied and plentiful. The breakfast buffet is frequently highlighted for its extensive and wide selection, which caters to a range of tastes with both savory and sweet items. Particularly noteworthy are the freshly made smoothies and the innovative bierin gratin, which several reviewers described as must-try dishes.

The service during breakfast earns high marks as well with many guests appreciating the friendly and efficient staff, who ensure that everything is well taken care of. The breakfast setting itself is often described as cozy and beautiful, adding to the overall pleasant dining experience. Though a few reviews mentioned a limited selection and found it a bit disappointing compared to a four-star standard, these comments are rare.

Several unique aspects set the breakfast apart, such as sustainable buffet options and the inclusion of complimentary items like a mini-bar and afternoon cake and coffee. With the option to dine while enjoying magnificent mountain views, combined with the high quality and variety of foods, breakfast at Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort leaves a lasting impression on its guests.

The dining experience at Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort is frequently praised by guests, particularly highlighting Barry's Restaurant as a standout feature. Many guests describe the food as excellent and delicious with a variety of vegetarian options available. The restaurant excels in both breakfast and dinner offerings, impressing with dishes like cheese fondue and curry lamb. The dining areas are noted for their nice design, creating a cozy and atmospheric environment which is especially appealing during the winter season.

Barry's Restaurant is a convenient and reliable choice, becoming a favorite spot for dinner among many visitors, thanks to its delicious and high-quality food. The restaurant is also commended for accommodating dietary requests, such as gluten-free and vegan options. While the menu might seem somewhat limited to some, the exceptional food quality compensates for this.

Additional perks like complimentary coffee and cake every afternoon enhance the overall experience. Though there is no room service, the attentive staff help and advise guests on their dining choices and activities, further enhancing the stay. Overall, the in-house dining at Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort consistently exceeds expectations, making it a notable highlight of the hotel.

Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort offers a mixed selection of rooms, praised for their spacious and cozy layouts. Many reviews highlight the clean and comfortable nature of the rooms, frequently noting the large size and modern furnishings. Rooms with mountain views and balconies are a particular favorite, providing breathtaking vistas and added relaxation opportunities. Several rooms come with pleasing perks like free minibar items and coffee machines, enhancing the overall stay.

The resort's superior rooms and suites, often described as beautiful and exceptional, are highly recommended by guests. These rooms frequently include luxurious features such as whirlpools and large balconies. Despite a few mentions of rooms being very hot or occasionally noisy, the majority of feedback emphasizes the tranquility and comfort offered.

Guests appreciate the well-maintained cleanliness throughout the resort with multiple reviews underscoring the stylish and updated decor. While some rooms could be small or have views obstructed by neighboring buildings, the general consensus portrays the accommodations as accommodating and well-equipped, meeting a wide variety of guest needs.

The combination of spacious layouts, modern amenities and stunning views from higher floors contributes to a satisfying and memorable stay at Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort.

Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort offers a mix of experiences when it comes to their beds. Several guests have praised the beds for being very comfortable with some highlighting the large size and high-quality bedding and pillows. Descriptions like really comfy bed and great night sleep suggest a generally positive outlook on sleep quality. The presence of high-quality mattresses and top-quality pillows adds to this positive sentiment.

However, not all reviews were glowing. Some guests found the beds to be too soft or too hard, while others mentioned discomfort due to beds being old or noisy. A few reviews noted issues with the firmness of the mattresses, creakiness and gaps between mattresses. There were also mentions of beds being too hot and complaints about thin duvets and less-than-ideal pillows, which could affect sleep quality.

Despite these mixed reviews, the resort seems to ensure a comfortable experience for many with thoughtful touches like prepared earplugs and a generally positive perception of the bedding quality.

Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort consistently impresses guests with its exceptional cleanliness. The hotel and rooms are always maintained to high standards, frequently described as very clean, tidy and well-organized. Numerous reviews mention the spacious and modern rooms, emphasizing their impeccable condition. Not only are the private areas spotless, but the public spaces and facilities are also kept clean and tidy, contributing to a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere.

The resort's commitment to cleanliness is evident with many guests noting that everything is tip-top and the cleanliness is obvious throughout. The bathrooms, in particular, have been highlighted for their immaculate condition. The staff plays a significant role in maintaining these high standards, being described as super friendly, accommodating and meticulous in their cleaning efforts.

Overall, the combination of clean, cozy rooms and attentive staff creates a welcoming environment that ensures guests have a pleasant stay. The attention to detail and the effort to keep everything in pristine condition make Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort a standout choice for travelers valuing cleanliness and comfort.

Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort is renowned for its exceptional hospitality, marked by an exceptionally friendly and helpful staff. Guests frequently describe the team as super friendly, welcoming and accommodating, offering a personal touch that elevates the stay. The reception staff often receive particular praise for their politeness and eagerness to assist, creating a smooth check-in and check-out process.

Efforts from the staff to go above and beyond to ensure guest comfort are consistently highlighted. Whether it's the enthusiastic service in the restaurant, the attentive care during lunch or the thoughtful provision like complimentary earplugs, the staff's dedication to excellent service shines through.

Visitors have noted that many of the staff are incredibly kind and genuine, often exceeding expectations with their warmth and efficiency. This includes not just the reception and restaurant staff, but also housekeeping and other support personnel who contribute significantly to the resort's inviting atmosphere.

Overall, the staff at Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort play a crucial role in making a guest’s experience memorable with their consistent professionalism, friendliness and attention to detail.

The WiFi experience at Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort generally receives positive remarks from guests. Many appreciated the availability of free WiFi, noting that the service was good with some even describing the signal as strong and reliable. Guests reported that the WiFi worked well, providing a decent connection throughout their stay. However, there were occasional issues with some guests finding it challenging to connect or experiencing periods when the WiFi did not work at all. Despite these sporadic hiccups, the overall feedback suggests that the hotel provides a satisfactory WiFi service for its visitors.

The spa at Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort is highly praised for its top-notch facilities, beautifully designed spaces and relaxing atmosphere. Guests appreciate the variety of offerings, including several relaxation rooms, a wonderfully equipped sauna area and additional features like a water fountain, whirlpool, pool and jacuzzi. The wellness area is consistently described as clean, tidy and superbly maintained. Both the complimentary and included aspects of the spa, such as sauna access, receive positive remarks, while some facilities and treatments may incur additional costs. Overall, the spa provides a regenerating and refreshingly warm experience that guests find amazing and perfect for relaxation.

Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort receives high praise for its gym facilities. Guests consistently highlight the well-equipped and spacious gym, noting it as both great and amazing. The fitness area is described as full-sized and very good with some mentioning its beautiful wellness space. While one guest felt the gym was a little warm during their run, the overall sentiment remains strongly positive with the gym frequently being referred to as nice and of a high standard.

The parking at Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort offers a mix of experiences, generally leaning towards the positive. Guests appreciate the convenience and security of the parking with many noting the availability of both indoor and outdoor spaces. While the indoor parking might be limited, the outdoor car park is described as spacious and easy to access. The hotel provides reserved and dedicated parking spaces with some reviews highlighting the affordable cost of only 5 francs per day. Many guests found the parking situation to be convenient and straightforward with some mentioning that it was included in their stay fee.

For those driving to the resort, there’s added comfort in knowing that the parking is secure and typically behind the hotel, making it an uncomplicated stop upon arrival. In terms of costs, there are mixed reviews; some guests were pleased with the free parking options, while others noted that parking fees were required but found them reasonable.

However, some challenges do exist. A few guests mentioned that finding the parking can take time since it’s somewhat hidden and not always well indicated. Additionally, some noted that the parking information or fees were not clearly mentioned upfront.

Overall, while there are minor issues related to signage and fee transparency, the parking facilities at Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort are generally well-regarded for their convenience, affordability and security.

Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort is highly regarded for its family-friendly atmosphere and amenities. The resort offers comfortable family spaces, including family rooms, making it an excellent spot for traveling with children. Guests with babies appreciated the thoughtful touches, such as setting up cribs and providing toys and books. The resort staff is noted for their family-like approach, ensuring a pleasant stay even with toddlers.

The location is ideal for families, featuring various facilities that keep kids entertained. Parents highlighted the top-quality comfort provided for families and the generally excellent environment for children. With a well-designed layout and a welcoming atmosphere, kids are free to enjoy themselves, contributing to the resort's reputation as a top family-friendly destination. While some guests felt it might not be perfect for families with very young children, the overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive for those seeking a kid-friendly getaway.

Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort is highly praised for its proximity to the ski lifts and First Grindelwald gondola, making it an ideal location for ski enthusiasts. The hotel offers convenient ski storage and the possibility to buy ski tickets directly at the reception, enhancing the overall skiing experience. Guests appreciate the beautiful mountain views and the comprehensive ski facilities, which include nearby ski rentals and access to a snowboarding boot camp. The visitor card provided by the hotel allows for easy transportation to various ski resorts using the Grindelwald bus. Additionally, the resort's breakfast receives commendations, contributing to a pleasant stay for those looking to enjoy the great skiing area.

4 Star
The Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort is generally regarded as a four-star establishment with many guests affirming its status through consistent top reviews. The hotel exudes luxury and comfort typical of four-star accommodations with well-equipped facilities and top-quality service. Guests appreciate the comfortable and spacious rooms, as well as the great location and stunning views. However, some reviews highlight room for improvement, particularly in the variety offered at breakfast. Despite this, the overall consensus points to a positive experience with the resort meeting many four-star standards and providing a memorable stay.

Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort is an excellent choice for honeymooners, providing a romantic ambiance that perfectly complements the celebratory spirit of newlyweds. The resort goes the extra mile in personalizing the experience, as evidenced by rooms meticulously decorated for the occasion and a honeymoon surprise gift awaiting guests. Many reviewers highlighted the friendly staff who made their stay feel like home right from their first visit. Couples particularly appreciated being greeted with a Prosecco in the room, further enhancing the romantic setting. The breathtaking romantic views also make it a great destination for couples seeking a memorable honeymoon getaway.

Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort offers a compelling blend of luxury and comfort that stands out in the hospitality industry. The beautifully renovated rooms and thoughtfully designed amenities create a luxurious atmosphere where guests can relish every moment of their stay. The hotel excels at combining high-quality accommodations with a warm, welcoming ambiance provided by the attentive staff who ensure that no guest need is overlooked.

Touches of luxury are evident throughout the hotel, highlighted by special facilities and meticulous attention to detail. Guests will appreciate the array of luxury amenities and nice toiletries that add to the comfort and opulence of their stay. The overall sense of luxury, underscored by the hotel’s effort to provide everything a guest could desire, makes for an unforgettable experience.

Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort offers an exceptionally romantic experience, ideal for couples seeking a memorable getaway. The hotel's ambiance is thoughtfully curated to provide a romantic charm, perfect for honeymoon trips or simply escaping with a loved one. The romantic views from the balcony and the beautiful decor contribute to creating an enchanting atmosphere that enhances the overall experience. Whether for a honeymoon or a cherished romantic retreat, this hotel stands out for its ability to create lasting, intimate memories.

Dog Friendly
The Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort is highly regarded for its dog-friendly facilities and services. Numerous guest reviews highlight that dogs are warmly welcomed at the resort with bowls and blankets thoughtfully prepared in the rooms upon arrival. Visitors who brought multiple or larger dogs were particularly pleased with the accommodations. The resort's doggie amenities and welcoming atmosphere ensure that canine companions feel just as at home as their owners, making it an ideal choice for dog lovers.

No, Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort doesn't have any pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort.

Yes, Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort welcomes dogs. For more information, read the answers to the Dog Friendly questionnaire

Yes, parking facilities are available at Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort.

Yes, Eiger Mountain & Soul Resort has a gym.

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