Bolara 60: the Guesthouse

Groznjan 45.37324000, 13.74273000, Bolara 60 (Show on Map)

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1 room2 guests 1 room, 2 guests
Eco Friendly Guest House
Do you utilise any renewable energy sources to produce energy on the hotel/accommodation premises?
Solar radiation
What makes your hotel/accommodation eco-friendly?
Rainwater collection and usage
Use of non-toxic cleaning products
Bicycles provided to guests
Waste is separated into at least 3 categories
No disposable (single use) cups/glasses, plates and cutlery
Organic waste is composted
Most of the ingredients used to prepare meals are locally produced
Is there anything that you would like to highlight, add or clarify?
The house does not use air conditioning at all, but thick stone walls and wooden shutters keep it cool. Our heating and hot water all come from solar panels and wood from the local forest. We compost all suitable waste and use that in our vegetable garden, where we grow most of the products we use.
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Guest House with Parking
Location of parking spaces:
Outdoors, not covered (inside the premises). Number of spaces: 4
Cost of parking: Free
Self parking or valet parking?
Self-parking: Guests find a parking space on their own.
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Small Guest House

Room Types
Deluxe Double or Twin Room
Deluxe Double Room (2 Adults + 1 Child)
Double Room
Standard Double Room
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