Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only)

Hersonissos 35.33675000, 25.34260000, Analipsi Hersonisou (Show on Map)

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Resort for Honeymoon
Boasting Honeymoon Suites with private pools and a plethora of amenities, the hotel is nothing short of ideal for couples seeking to spend their honeymoon vacation in an absolutely romantic and typically Greek destination.

Resort for Adults Only
Insula Alba Resort & Spa is the perfect getaway for adult guests, since it combines a calm and tranquil atmosphere with luxury accommodation and a stunning beachfront location. The resort features comfortable and spacious rooms and suites, some of them with private pools, rejuvenating spa facilities and excellent dining options, providing an ideal relaxing place for adult guests.

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Resort with Swimming Pool

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Resort with Outdoor Pool

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Classic Room Swim-up
Classic Room with Private Pool
Suite Sea View with Sharing Pool
Suite Sea View with Private Pool
About Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only)
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Review Summaries
Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) is a luxurious hotel that offers exceptional service and facilities. Many guests have given it a perfect 10/10 rating, praising its grandiosity and vast terrain of private and public pools. The rooms are spacious and indulgent, providing a pleasant and relatively calm atmosphere. Although some guests felt that some of the bars and restaurants were not up to scratch, the majority still rated the hotel highly. The food is acceptable but not exceptional, failing to meet 5-star standards. However, the hotel's atmosphere and location make up for this shortcoming. Overall, Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) is a great choice for a luxurious vacation.

Located a bit away from the town, Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) is perfect for those seeking tranquility and relaxation. The hotel is situated in a great location that allows guests to easily walk to Analipsi and even has direct access to the pool from the room. The location is right on the beach and has supermarkets right beside it. Plus, it's close to the airport, only a 30-minute drive away. However, the hotel is situated in a remote area and there's nothing to do outside the resort. It's not in Hersonissos, but it's only a 10-minute cab ride away. The hotel has a great view of the sea and car rentals are available nearby to explore the island. Despite not having a pretty beach nearby, guests can enjoy the beachfront location and super views of the sea and mountains. Overall, Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) is well located with public transportation nearby and plenty of taverne's and beach bars for guests to enjoy.

The breakfast at Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) has received many positive reviews from guests. With a wide range of options to choose from, the food is amazing, great, excellent and of top quality. The buffet offers a huge selection of local Greek dishes, fresh fruits, vegetables, waffles, cakes, muffins, bread, toast, yogurt and a British breakfast. Vegetarian options are also available. The breakfast is varied, aesthetically presented, fresh and healthy. Although some guests found the food repetitive, the majority appreciated the great selection of food and the delicious breakfast. However, the dinner buffet disappointed some who expected a 5-star catering and the staff struggled to handle the pressure during crowded times. Reservations are required for breakfast and dinner and some guests mentioned a lack of staff at each station. Despite these minor issues, many guests enjoyed the exceptional breakfast and dinner and highly recommend this hotel for its food and friendly staff.

Guests have mixed feelings about the dinner experience at Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only). While some found the food to be average, others praised the amazing local Greek dishes and the Culinarium restaurant. The menu changes slightly every day and Monday's Greek Night dinner was especially enjoyable. However, some guests were disappointed by the mediocre main courses and the tendency of the fish dishes to disappoint. The buffet was also criticized for being poor and for required reservations for breakfast and dinner. Additionally, the dinner service ended at 9:30 pm sharp with staff actively removing food from 9:25 pm. Despite these negative reviews, there were still plenty of positive comments regarding the great selection of food, international cuisine and the buffet's variety. The service was said to be perfect and many guests appreciated the wide range of choices available. While some guests felt the food didn't live up to 5-star standards, most found it to be enjoyable and tasty with beautifully presented dishes. Overall, while the dinner experience may not be perfect, there are still plenty of options to explore and enjoy during your stay at the hotel.

Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) offers guests a truly luxurious experience from the moment they step into their accommodations. The hotel rooms are spacious, comfortable and designed with privacy in mind. Guests can choose from a variety of room types, including those with shared pools and private pools, each offering a high standard of design and cleanliness. The river swim-up rooms are a must-try for those who want easy access to the pool. Despite some minor issues with room cleaning, guests generally reported their rooms to be clean and well-serviced. The private pool in particular was praised for its romantic ambiance, making it perfect for honeymooners. While some guests noted that the rooms can look worse than in the pictures, most agreed that the rooms were still very nice with good room service and proximity to the bar service. Overall, guests can expect comfortable and spacious rooms with access to a beautiful pool, making their stay at Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) unforgettable.

Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) is the perfect place for a peaceful and clean getaway. The hotel boasts a beautiful design and modern facilities that are always well-maintained. The staff are super nice and helpful, making your stay even more enjoyable. The hotel rooms are clean and the room service is great. The surroundings are also nice and relaxing, perfect for a tranquil vacation. The hotel is very quiet and super clean with clean facilities and very clean rooms. However, a few guests noted dirty tables and plates, as well as untidy and uncleaned rooms. While room cleaning is poor for some, others noted daily cleaning and new towels, making it a hit-or-miss situation. Overall, the majority of guests were impressed with the high level of cleanliness and attention to detail at Insula Alba Resort & Spa.

Insula Alba Resort & Spa boasts incredible service provided by a kind and helpful staff. The modern hotel features great rooms always kept clean and upon entering you are greeted by polite English-speaking staff. All staff members are great with Kaludia at the restaurants, Mano and the team at the pool bar always smiling and making guests feel welcome and taken care of. Staff are amazing, very polite and always helpful. The hotel's personnel exhibit a grand sense of professionalism, are attentive to all requests and go out of their way to ensure guests are satisfied. Most staff members are charming and attentive with top-notch personnel ensuring guests have the best experience. The restaurant and bar staff were very pleasant and the spa treatments were fantastic with friendly staff. Some guests had issues with the lack of pool bar staff and some had negative encounters with reception staff. Overall, the staff at Insula Alba Resort & Spa make guests feel welcome and cared for, ensuring their stay is a pleasant one.

Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) is a luxurious hotel that is perfect for a relaxing vacation. Guests rave about the amazing spa treatments and massages, highlighting the skill and friendliness of the therapists. While some guests were disappointed that the spa pool was closed due to COVID-19, they appreciate the understandable precautions. Other guests enjoyed the yoga classes and gym facilities at the spa. However, some guests were disappointed with the expensive pricing of some of the spa treatments. Overall, the hotel has a wide range of amenities and activities, including a private pool and beautiful outdoor facilities. The pool bar is a favorite spot among guests and the staff's service is exceptional. Although a few guests expressed some misgivings, most guests were delighted with the hotel's cleanliness, great service and excellent spa treatments.

Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) boasts a lovely relaxed atmosphere with a beautiful pool area that has many pools, including private shared pools in the ground floor rooms. The pool is amazing with green grasses and a wonderful bar offering great drinks. The pool and beach are both beautiful and clean with lots of nice beds for relaxing. Despite some small issues with slow service and not enough pool bar staff, the pool bar area provides a nice venue for unwinding. Some guests found the pool too cold or too deep, while others did not appreciate the lack of shade and privacy in certain pool areas. Overall, the pool is a great feature of this lovely adult-only resort, which is well-placed on the beach, near to a range of entertainment options.

Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) boasts a prime location right on the beach, providing stunning sea views and easy access to the waterfront. Guests appreciate the proximity to the beach and describe it as nice with some rooms facing directly towards it. However, it's worth noting that the beach across from the hotel is not usable due to the abundance of rocks and the hotel itself does not have a private beach. Some guests note that the nearby beaches owned by other hotels are more like rock pools than actual beaches, but there is a beach with direct access in front of the hotel. While the hotel lacks a private beach, the sea view from the terrace is unforgettable. Some guests caution that a nice beach is not around the corner and that the next beautiful section of the beach is around 1km further down the coast.

The Insula Alba Resort & Spa is a great choice for those seeking a relaxing, adult-only retreat. While the town itself doesn't offer much in terms of activities and nightlife, there are plenty of options just a short cab ride away in Hersonnisos. The hotel's location may not be ideal for those looking for waterfront entertainment, but there are still nice restaurants and a private beach just a few meters away from the hotel. Some reviewers noted a lack of evening activity, but there are still some dining and drinking options outside the hotel for those who want to explore the area. Overall, the Insula Alba Resort & Spa is the perfect place to unwind and recharge with plenty of opportunities for relaxation and indulgence.

5 Star
Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) is a hotel that has left many guests blown away by its exceptional service and facilities. A number of reviews gave it a perfect 10/10 rating and it is clear that this is a hotel that values comfort and luxury. The grandiosity of the hotel with its vast terrain of private and public pools, is simply breathtaking. The rooms are spacious and indulgent, offering an atmosphere that is both pleasant and relatively calm. Despite some guests feeling that some of the bars and restaurants were not quite up to scratch, the majority still rated the hotel very highly. The food is acceptable but generally not exceptional, failing to meet 5-star standards. However, the hotel's atmosphere and location more than make up for this shortcoming. Those who are looking for a high-quality 5-star hotel may find the Hotel Insula Alba Resort & Spa a bit of a letdown but it is still a great choice for a luxurious vacation.

Adult Only
Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) is an exceptional hotel that prioritizes the guest experience. From the friendly and English speaking staff to the modern and elegant setting, everything about this hotel is impeccable. The buffet for all-inclusive is wide and impressive and although the hotel is a bit removed from the town, it's perfect for those looking to relax and soak up the sun with their partner. The hotel has adjusted to COVID restrictions, so guests can feel safe and at ease during their stay. The hotel is adults-only, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful and quiet vacation without the presence of children. The breakfast is delicious with plenty of options and the swimming pool is excellent. While some guests felt that their stay didn't quite live up to the price they paid, others loved the experience and found it perfect for their needs. Overall, Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) is a top-notch hotel that caters to adults seeking a luxurious and comfortable getaway.

Private Pool
If you're looking for a luxurious and romantic getaway, Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) may be just what you need. Many of the guests rave about the private pool options available, from swim-up rooms to rooms with direct access to a shared pool. The rooms themselves are described as amazing, lovely and magnificent with some offering stunning sea views. The private pools are perfect for a honeymoon or a romantic holiday, while the shared pools are also noted for being very nice. Some guests suggest opting for a room with a private pool for those who prefer to have their own space. However, beware that one guest noted their private pool was too cold to use, so make sure you check before booking. Overall, the private pool options at Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) are a standout feature for many guests.

Outdoor Pool
The outdoor pool at Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) has received mixed reviews from guests, but the majority of comments are positive. Many guests have complimented the well-maintained, beautiful pool area with comfortable beds, green grass and a bar. Some guests have specifically mentioned the upscale features, like the direct access from their rooms to the pool and private pools with ocean views. On the other hand, a few guests have expressed disappointment with some aspects of the pool experience, such as the freezing water, the lack of privacy in the supposedly private pools, or the inadequate number of sunbeds and hammocks. Guests have also reported mixed experiences with the poolside bar and restaurant, citing poor service and mediocre food. However, overall, the outdoor pool at Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) is a popular attraction, particularly for those who value comfort, relaxation and beautiful surroundings.

Insula Alba Resort & Spa (Adults Only) provides the perfect luxurious and relaxing vacation. The hotel boasts a stunning and high standard establishment with idyllic surroundings and superb cleanliness. Guests were blown away by the hotel's luxurious look and feel, describing it as a perfect 5-star hotel. The whole hotel is very chic and of high quality, making it easy to see why some guests described it as an incredible hotel that exceeds expectations. While some felt the hotel lacked certain amenities typical of a 5-star hotel, most guests agreed that it was a luxurious and indulgent treat with many describing it as a pampering stay. However, those seeking an authentic experience may not find it here, as the hotel caters to those who crave luxury and sophistication. Despite some criticism, the overall consensus was that the Insula Alba Resort & Spa is a magnificent, upscale hotel with exceptional attention to detail, making it perfect for those who desire a lavish getaway.

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