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Summary of reviewsFormanka Hotel & Camp is favorably situated, offering easy access to the highway, making it an ideal stopover for travelers between Croatia, Poland and other Southern European destinations. The location is quiet, near Brno and close to attractions like the castles of Lednice and Valtice. Guests enjoy nearby amenities such as Lidl, outdoor playgrounds, a local swimming pool and the on-site restaurant. The area also offers scenic nature trails and cycle paths, enhancing the appeal for nature enthusiasts. Despite some remarks about occasional address confusion and nearby social issues, the overall consensus praises the great value and the friendly, helpful owners.

The breakfast service is generally well-received with a diverse, hearty selection often praised as sumptuous and fresh. Although there are occasional mentions of lower-quality products or insufficient replenishment, most guests enjoy the inclusive breakfast, considering it a substantial start to the day.

The on-site restaurant receives notable acclaim for its delicious Czech specialties, generous portions and reasonable prices. Diners appreciate the quality and ambiance, despite occasional long waits and limited service hours. Overall, the restaurant enhances many guests' stays with its tasty offerings and pleasant atmosphere.

Accommodations at Formanka Hotel & Camp are clean and basic, featuring rooms with amenities such as bathrooms, fridges and large televisions. The retro wooden cottages and mobile houses are also suitable for short stays, though they can feel cramped and dated. Some guests highlight minor issues such as noise and older facilities but appreciate the cleanliness and comfort provided at an affordable price.

Cleanliness generally meets guests' expectations with many praising the well-maintained bathrooms and rooms. However, there are a few inconsistencies with some guests pointing out areas needing improvement, like dirt in cabins and infrequent cleaning. Despite this, recent reviews suggest a solid effort in maintaining cleanliness through improved practices.

The hotel's staff consistently receive high marks for their friendliness, responsiveness and helpfulness, significantly enhancing the overall guest experience. Their attentive and welcoming nature is frequently highlighted, adding value and a pleasant atmosphere to the stay.

One notable downside is the poor quality of the Wi-Fi, particularly in the cottages, where connectivity is often unreliable or nonexistent. This area could benefit from improvement to meet modern guest expectations.

Formanka Hotel & Camp serves as a family-friendly destination, equipped with amenities like a playground, swimming pool and safe environments for children. The clean rooms and decent restaurant contribute to an accommodating atmosphere for families.

Feedback on the beds presents a mixed picture with some finding them comfortable, but many describing them as small, soft, springy or in poor condition. The state of the beds reflects the overall retro charm of the hotel, which, while nostalgic, could use modernization.

Formanka Hotel & Camp provides commendable value for budget-conscious travelers. Its vintage style and facilities create a pleasant atmosphere, ideal for short stays despite not fully meeting modern three-star expectations. A renovation could help elevate its status and better align with contemporary standards.
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Room Types
Double or Twin Room Functionally-furnished room equipped with a flat-screen TV, a seating area and a private bathroom with a shower.

Triple Room Functionally-furnished room equipped with a flat-screen TV, a seating area and a private bathroom with a shower.

Chalet with Shared Bathroom This chalet features a shared bathroom, and a wardrobe. The unit has 4 beds.

Family Room The unit offers 4 beds.

Mobile Home The unit offers 5 beds.

Guest Reviews
The Formanka Hotel & Camp is recognized for its notably favorable location, making it an ideal stopover for travelers journeying between Croatia and Poland or other Southern European destinations. Its proximity to the highway ensures easy and quick access, while still maintaining a quiet and peaceful atmosphere conducive for a restful stay.

The hotel is conveniently situated near Brno and prominent tourist attractions like the incredible castles of Lednice and Valtice. It also boasts easy access to various amenities, such as the nearby Lidl store, outdoor playgrounds for children and a local swimming pool. Guests can enjoy the local cuisine and drinks at the restaurant situated just 50 meters from the cottages or explore the center of the village which is within walking distance.

For nature enthusiasts, the hotel is located near the Mandloňové Sady tourist destination and Mandl's trail with its stunning views of the countryside. The location facilitates pleasant excursions along various cycle paths and to the local wine cellars and lookout tower.

Although some guests have mentioned a somewhat remote location with occasional confusion about the address and the presence of social issues like homelessness nearby, the overall consensus highlights the hotel’s great location in a tranquil part of town, providing excellent value for its price. The friendly and helpful owners further enhance the positive experience, making Formanka Hotel & Camp a favorable choice for travelers seeking convenience and peace.

Guests of Formanka Hotel & Camp generally have positive comments about the breakfast provided. Many guests found the breakfast diverse with a rich selection, hearty and delicious offerings that were mostly served in a buffet style. The variety was appreciated with words like very good, big, excellent and quality frequently mentioned. Satisfaction levels were high due to the ample and fresh choices available with phrases like sumptuous and pleasantly surprised surfacing often. Guests also noted that breakfast was included in the price of their stay, adding to the overall value.

However, there were occasional criticisms. Some guests mentioned the use of lower-quality products, stale pastries and insufficient replenishment of food items. The availability of hot dishes was sometimes lacking and there were instances where the breakfast was deemed poor or insufficient.

Despite these few drawbacks, the breakfast experience at Formanka Hotel & Camp was largely well-received, contributing positively to guests' stays with many appreciating the rich and varied options aligning well with a satisfying morning meal in pleasant surroundings.

Nestled within the premises of Formanka Hotel & Camp, the on-site restaurant receives notable acclaim from its guests. Renowned for serving delicious and savory dishes, the restaurant offers a diverse menu that includes hearty Czech specialties like goulash with dumplings and svíčková. Patrons appreciate the generous portions at reasonable prices, making it a wonderful surprise for travelers.

While some mention the food can be average or a bit pricey, the overall consensus leans heavily towards positive experiences with descriptors such as excellent, amazing and fabulous frequently mentioned in reviews. The establishment's tasty food and delightful drinks are highlighted with many guests relishing the opportunity to enjoy a hearty meal after a day's journey.

In addition to delicious food, the restaurant provides a great dining atmosphere. Diners can unwind at the connected bar, albeit slightly noisy, while enjoying a selection of Czech beers until 11 pm. From breakfast to late dinners, the culinary offerings cater to diverse preferences, ensuring a satisfactory stopover for both campers and hotel guests.

Despite occasional long waits, the quality of the food and the friendly ambiance often turn dining into a noteworthy aspect of the stay at Formanka Hotel & Camp. The venue is also commended for its cleanliness and well-maintained shared facilities. Overall, the restaurant emerges as a key highlight, enhancing the overall experience at the campgrounds.

Formanka Hotel & Camp offers a range of accommodations that cater to undemanding tourists looking for a basic yet sufficient stay. The clean and tidy rooms, although a bit retro and worn, are generally comfortable, featuring amenities like a bathroom, a fridge and even a large television. Guests have praised the spacious bathrooms and the overall cleanliness of the hotel rooms.

The wooden cottages and mobile houses offer a nostalgic feel, reminiscent of retro cabins, making them suitable for short stays. However, these cottages can be quite small and cramped with spartan conditions and some have dated furniture and facilities. Despite this, they are relatively clean and sufficient for a quick overnight stay.

Service at the hotel is highly regarded, adding a positive touch to the experience. The location is also appreciated for being easy to find and situated in a beautiful, quiet area.

While the hotel provides reasonable accommodations at a fair price, be prepared for some drawbacks such as limited or old room facilities, shared bathrooms and soundproofing issues. The overall ambiance reflects a blend of retro charm and basic comfort, fitting well within the expectations for budget-conscious travelers seeking a simple stay.

The guest reviews of Formanka Hotel & Camp provide mixed feedback on the state of the beds with a significant lean towards criticism. While some travelers found the beds comfortable and the rooms clean, numerous others had less favorable experiences. Many guests pointed out that the beds were very small and short, creating discomfort for taller individuals. The mattresses often came under fire for being excessively soft and springy with some even describing them as being in disastrous condition. Issues with the beds included them being creaky, worn out and in some cases, not properly cleaned.

Despite some beds being described as comfortable, others were found to be terrible and in a poor state with some guests noting the presence of crumbs and a worn out condition. Additionally, missing or torn bed linens were reported. The cabins themselves sometimes suffered from a shabby state and the lack of enough electrical sockets and faulty bedside lamps added to the inconvenience. On a positive note, clean bedding and pillowcases were occasionally mentioned and some guests appreciated the cozy experience of sleeping in wooden cottages with bunk beds.

Formanka Hotel & Camp offers a mixed experience when it comes to cleanliness. Guests frequently highlight the clean facilities, including clean shared showers and toilets, clean bedding and generally clean rooms and cottages. Many reviews mention that bathrooms, whether shared or private, are well-maintained and even renovated in some cases.

However, several reviews point out areas needing improvement. Some cabins and rooms were noted to be dirty with issues ranging from dirty sheets and floors to cobwebs and cracks on terraces. Complaints also mentioned infrequent cleaning and minimal improvement in response to cleanliness concerns. These mixed reviews suggest that while the hotel can provide a clean and pleasant stay for many, there are inconsistencies that need addressing to ensure a consistently positive experience for all guests.

For those planning a visit, it might be wise to check recent reviews to get the latest on the hotel's efforts to address these cleanliness issues.

The reviews for Formanka Hotel & Camp consistently highlight the exceptionally friendly and helpful nature of the staff. Guests repeatedly emphasize the pleasant and welcoming atmosphere created by the team, describing them as responsive, attentive and always in a good mood. The hotel staff, including receptionists and waitresses, earn praise for their quick service and accommodating demeanor. The hospitality is noted as being particularly dear, amazing and superhero-like, adding significant value to the guests' experiences. Although there are small mentions of occasional unaccommodating behavior, the overwhelming sentiment is one of positivity with the staff enhancing the overall stay. Additionally, the combination of friendly service and good value for money makes Formanka Hotel & Camp a notable option for travelers.

Guests at Formanka Hotel & Camp have expressed dissatisfaction with the Wi-Fi service. Several reviews indicate that Wi-Fi does not reach the cottages, resulting in no connectivity in those areas. In the main rooms, the connection is described as weak and poorly functioning with reports of it barely existing. Overall, the availability and quality of Wi-Fi at the hotel appear to be significantly lacking, especially in the cottages and individual rooms.

Formanka Hotel & Camp is a popular choice for families, offering a variety of kid-friendly amenities. The hotel caters well to family travelers, accommodating families of all sizes including larger groups. Children can enjoy a well-maintained playground equipped with swings, slides and a nice swimming pool. The facility is described as safe and simple, ensuring peace of mind for parents. A decent restaurant and clean rooms add to the convenience, making it an ideal stopover for families on the go. Overall, it's a great place for children, ensuring they remain happy and entertained during their stay.

3 Star
Formanka Hotel & Camp offers a commendable value for money, suitable for budget-conscious travelers seeking inexpensive accommodation. Despite being an older establishment that resembles a hostel more than a typical hotel, it maintains a positive atmosphere. The bar, open until 11 pm, adds to the overall pleasant experience. The hotel’s facilities and services, while reflective of its vintage 70s style, ensure a generally fine stay, making it a practical choice for short stopovers. However, it falls short of the usual expectations for a three-star rating and could benefit from a full renovation to better meet modern standards.

No, Formanka Hotel & Camp doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Formanka Hotel & Camp.

Yes, Formanka Hotel & Camp welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Formanka Hotel & Camp.

No, Formanka Hotel & Camp doesn't have a gym.

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