Southmoreland on the Plaza an Urban Inn
Accommodation in Kansas City MO
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From $118
Historic Accommodation Questionnaire
Year erected: 1913
What is the history of the property?
The home was built for Leo Snyder and his family, but they sold it a year later when his wife died during childbirth. From 1914 to 1998 the house and property were titled to women, which was unusual at the time. Among those to own the home were Emma Kirkpatrick, Lydia Craig (known for her wedding cakes), and Agnes and Evaline Buis. It was turned into an inn in 1989 by Susan Moehl and Penni Johnson. Nancy Miller and Mark Reichle took it over in 1998 and ran it as a B and B until they retired and sold it to Clemons Hospitality in 2019.
What was the era and/or the architectural style in which the property was built?
Georgian Revival
Is the property surrounded by other historic buildings?
Yes, we're in the Country Club Plaza neighborhood of Kansas City and there are lots of famous homes here.
Has restoration work taken place?
Yes, it was recently restored in 2019 by the current owners. In 1989 11 bathrooms were added and in 1993 the back deck, pond, and barbecue went in and the veranda was enclosed.
Are there any important guests or previous owners worth mentioning?
Almost all female owners, which was common through the century
Would you describe your property as (or has it ever been in the past) a:
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The Raphael Hotel, Autograph Collection
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From $225
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