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Summary of reviewsLentoHotelli has garnered positive attention for its unique and serene location that beautifully blends historical charm with tranquility. Nestled in a peaceful setting formerly part of an Air Force Academy, the hotel captivates guests with its magnificent architecture and picturesque courtyards, creating an ideal environment for a restful stay. The hotel's convenient proximity to various destinations, including the airport, further enhances its appeal.

The staff at LentoHotelli receive high praise for their friendliness and efficient service. Guests frequently commend the warm and helpful demeanor of the staff, which greatly enhances the overall guest experience. The check-in process is particularly well-regarded for its clarity and thoroughness, adding to the hotel's organizational efficiency.

Rooms at LentoHotelli are generally spacious and clean, contributing to a comfortable stay. Guests appreciate the historical ambiance, which enriches the unique atmosphere of the hotel. The beds are often described as soft and comfortable, though some mention the need for minor improvements in bed width and stability.

The breakfast experience is largely positive with many guests enjoying the variety and quality of the options available, particularly the well-prepared breakfast bags that cater to dietary needs such as gluten-free and lactose-free options. However, a few guests note the inconvenience of having breakfast in a different building and the ambiance of the breakfast space as detracting from the experience.

Despite the overall cleanliness of the rooms, there are occasional reports of minor housekeeping lapses and maintenance issues, such as dirty towels left by previous occupants and occasional drainage problems. Communal areas, including showers and kitchens, have also been noted for not always meeting cleanliness expectations.

In summary, LentoHotelli stands out for its historical charm, serene location and friendly staff, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a peaceful retreat with a touch of history. While there are areas for improvement, particularly in room maintenance and breakfast ambiance, the positive aspects significantly enhance the guest experience.
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Room Types
Twin Room This twin room features a flat-screen TV.

Budget Double or Twin Room This room features a shared bathroom.

Budget Twin Room Rooms are 18 square metres.

Economy Quadruple Room The spacious quadruple room offers a wardrobe and heating, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower. The unit has 4 beds.

Double Room with Shared Bathroom This double room has a private bathroom, a wardrobe and an inner courtyard view. The unit has 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
LentoHotelli boasts a location that seamlessly blends peacefulness with historical charm. Nestled in a beautifully old-fashioned and quiet setting, the hotel offers a unique atmosphere with its historical building and intriguing surroundings, formerly part of an Air Force Academy. Guests appreciate the serene environment of the hotel, describing it as cozy and wonderfully serene, making it perfect for a restful stay.

Many reviews highlight the convenience of the hotel's location, which is described as excellent and conveniently close to various destinations, including easy access to keep an eye on airport activities. Despite a minor incident with car races preventing direct access on one occasion, guests typically find the location easy to find with the help of Google Maps.

The wonderful architecture, including courtyards and a magnificent building resembling a castle, adds to the appeal of the environment. The hotel's setting not only provides a peaceful retreat but also an interesting environment steeped in historical significance, making it an exceptional choice for those looking to combine tranquility with a touch of history.

LentoHotelli's breakfast offerings have received mixed feedback from guests. Many highlight the variety and deliciousness of the options available, especially emphasizing the plentiful and well-prepared breakfast bags. Guests found the breakfast bags abundant, containing a substantial amount of food with some even noting the exceptional quality of gluten-free and lactose-free offerings, which are rarely found at such a high standard.

Despite the positive remarks, there were also several criticisms. Some guests were disappointed by the breakfast being served in another building across the road, while others found the ambiance of the breakfast space—described as a big old cafeteria—less than inviting. Weekends saw a lack of personnel, which marred the experience for a few.

A fair number of reviews mentioned that although the breakfast was generally good and sufficient, it fell short in some cases, being either basic or not up to expectations. The communal showers along the corridor were also noted, but not in a positive light.

In summary, while LentoHotelli offers a varied and often satisfying breakfast experience, there are areas for improvement, particularly in terms of ambiance and consistency in service.

LentoHotelli offers a mix of experiences for guests with several positive aspects highlighted in the reviews. Guests appreciate the spacious and tidy rooms, comfortable beds and the cleanliness of the hotel. The historical setting and enchanting surroundings greatly enhance the overall ambiance, making for a unique stay. Additionally, many guests found the location to be excellent and enjoyed the good breakfast offered.

However, there are areas that require attention. A number of reviews mention the lack of televisions in the rooms and issues with temperature control—some rooms being uncomfortably hot while others were cold. The air quality in several rooms and communal areas appears to be problematic with reports of musty or tobacco smells. Maintenance issues such as broken table lamps, dirty towels left by previous customers and flooding in the bathroom shower were also noted.

Several guests were disappointed with the outdated condition of the rooms, some of which were described as bare or modest. There were instances where the actual room did not match the photos on Booking.com, leading to feelings of frustration. The presence of shared facilities such as showers and kitchens, which were not always properly cleaned, detracted from some guests' experiences.

Despite these issues, the cleanliness of the rooms and the allure of the historical setting provide a compelling reason to consider a stay at LentoHotelli, although prospective guests should be aware of the mentioned concerns.

Guests have mixed opinions about the beds at LentoHotelli. On the positive side, many found the beds good, citing their softness and new bedding as favorable features. However, some guests noted that the beds could benefit from being 10 cm wider and one review mentioned the difficulty for a larger individual to find comfort. Additionally, there were remarks about mattresses moving and causing discomfort with one guest nearly falling off the bed. Extra pillows are available upon request, which seems to address some of the comfort issues. Overall, while several guests were satisfied with the quality of the beds, others suggested improvements could be made for a better night's sleep.

LentoHotelli offers spacious and tidy rooms with adequate amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay for guests. Although the hotel rooms are generally clean, there have been notable issues with housekeeping standards, as some guests encountered flies and dirty towels left by previous occupants. Communal areas such as bathrooms and kitchens have been reported to not meet cleanliness expectations, contributing to a less-than-ideal experience. Additionally, occasional maintenance problems, such as sewage smells in the building and drainage issues in the sinks, have been noted. The rooms, while slightly outdated, still manage to maintain a reasonable level of cleanliness overall.

LentoHotelli receives largely positive feedback about its staff from its guests. Visitors frequently highlight their friendly and nice demeanor with terms like "friendly service" and "cheerful and helpful" appearing repeatedly. Guests feel well cared for, even praising the considerate and caring nature of specific staff members, particularly noting exemplary service from certain individuals.

The check-in process garners praise for being thorough and clear with good instructions provided. Interestingly, several reviews mention that operations run smoothly even in the absence of staff, which speaks to the efficiency and organization of the hotel's systems.

However, a few consistent critiques do emerge. Some guests mention not seeing any staff during their stay, particularly over weekends and a few perceive some staff members as slightly incompetent or unresponsive to queries. One review also noted an individual employee being slightly disruptive.

Overall, despite a few issues related to staff presence and responsiveness, the hotel's warm and efficient staff significantly enhance the guest experience at LentoHotelli.

No, LentoHotelli doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at LentoHotelli.

Yes, LentoHotelli welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at LentoHotelli.

Yes, LentoHotelli has a gym.

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