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Summary of reviewsGolden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz receives extensive commendation for several aspects, making it a preferred choice for travelers, whether for leisure or business.

The hotel boasts a prime location in Kazimierz, the vibrant Jewish Quarter, surrounded by numerous restaurants, bars and shops. It is within walking distance to notable attractions like Wawel Castle, the Main Market Square and the Vistula River Boulevards. Guests appreciate the convenience of public transport options nearby, enabling seamless exploration of Krakow. The neighborhood's rich cultural atmosphere and proximity to the Old Town make it an ideal base.

The breakfast at Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz is a highlight for many guests. The extensive selection includes both sweet and savory options with touches of luxury like Prosecco and champagne on weekends. Guests frequently mention the variety and quality, which satisfies a broad range of dietary preferences. The breakfast buffet area is spacious, well-maintained and staffed efficiently to ensure a pleasant dining experience.

Dinner at the hotel also receives positive reviews. The restaurant offers a variety of deliciously cooked dishes and well-crafted cocktails, contributing to an enjoyable dining experience. Guests particularly remember special occasions, like Valentine's dinners, for their exceptional quality.

The rooms are another strong point, consistently praised for their spaciousness and cleanliness. They are described as modern, elegantly furnished and quiet, contributing to a comfortable stay. The amenities, including fridges and kettles, add to the convenience. Housekeeping maintains high standards, ensuring rooms are clean and well-kept.

Cleanliness extends beyond the rooms to the entire property with numerous guests highlighting the hotel's spotless condition. The attention to maintaining a clean environment is noted and appreciated, adding to the overall appeal.

The hotel staff are frequently mentioned for their professionalism, kindness and attentiveness. From the reception team to the housekeeping staff, the service is often described as welcoming and efficient, enhancing the overall guest experience.

WiFi services garner appreciation for stability and reliability, essential for both leisure and business travelers. Most guests find the internet connection satisfactory for their needs with only occasional mentions of improvements needed.

Parking availability is considered a significant bonus, especially the underground parking. However, spaces are tight, suited mainly for smaller cars and reservations are advised due to limited availability. Despite the costs and space constraints, many guests value this feature.

Families find Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz highly accommodating with spacious family rooms and special amenities like playgrounds and playrooms for children. The staff’s attentiveness to young guests' needs makes it a suitable choice for family vacations.

The beds receive mixed feedback with most guests finding them comfortable and conducive to a good night's sleep. However, there are some concerns about the softness or condition of mattresses and pillows, indicating room for improvement.

While the hotel is praised for its overall value, cleanliness and service, some guests feel it does not fully meet the four-star standard. Expectations for luxury amenities such as a pool and finer details are unmet for some, suggesting areas for enhancement.

Business travelers particularly appreciate the hotel's quiet and spacious environment, making it a top choice for professional stays.

Overall, Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz is highly regarded for its excellent location, comfortable accommodations, outstanding breakfast and dining experiences and commendable service, making it a favored destination for various types of travelers.
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Room Types
Single Room This single room features a satellite LED TV and individually controlled air-conditioning. Extras include a safe, a fridge, a telephone, as well as tea and coffee making facilities. The bathroom comes with a shower, a hairdryer, towels and toiletries. Free high speed WiFi is provided.

Twin Room This twin room features a satellite LED TV and individually controlled air-conditioning. Extras include a safe, a fridge, a telephone, as well as tea and coffee making facilities. The bathroom comes with a shower, a hairdryer, towels and toiletries. Free high speed WiFi is provided. When booking for 3 people a folding armchair is provided.

Double Room This double room features a satellite LED TV and individually controlled air-conditioning. Extras include a safe, a fridge, a telephone, as well as tea and coffee making facilities. The bathroom comes with a shower, a hairdryer, towels and toiletries. Free high speed WiFi is provided. When booking for 3 people a folding armchair is provided.

Deluxe Double or Twin Room This deluxe room features a satellite LED TV and individually controlled air-conditioning. Extras include a safe, a minibar, a telephone, as well as tea and coffee making facilities. The bathroom comes with a shower, a hairdryer, towels, bathrobes, slippers and toiletries. Free high speed WiFi is provided. When booking for 3 people a folding armchair is provided.

Family Junior Suite This family junior suite features a satellite LED TV and individually controlled air-conditioning. Extras include a safe, a minibar, a telephone, as well as tea and coffee making facilities. The bathroom comes with a shower, a hairdryer, towels, bathrobes, slippers and toiletries. Free high speed WiFi is provided.

Guest Reviews
Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz enjoys widespread acclaim for its prime location, consistently highlighted by guests as a central feature of their stay. Nestled in the heart of the Kazimierz district, the hotel is just steps away from the vibrant Jewish Quarter, home to numerous restaurants, bars and shops. This area is lauded for its rich cultural atmosphere and historical significance, making it an ideal base for exploring Krakow.

Guests repeatedly note the hotel's proximity to key attractions such as Wawel Castle, the Main Market Square and the Vistula River Boulevards. The location's accessibility is enhanced by well-connected public transportation options, including tram and bus stops nearby, which allow for seamless travel around the city.

The surrounding neighborhood offers a plethora of dining options with many cafes, bakeries and confectioneries adding to the local charm. The convenience of reaching the Old Town, which is approximately a 10 to 20-minute walk, is frequently mentioned, adding to the hotel's appeal for those who prefer to explore on foot.

Beyond its enviable location, the Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz is praised for its cleanliness, spacious rooms and modern amenities. The hotel delivers excellent value for its central positioning with guests also appreciating its friendly and accommodating staff. The combination of a fantastic location, comfortable rooms and easy access to Krakow’s main attractions makes Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz a preferred choice among travelers.

The breakfast experience at 'Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz' is widely praised by guests for its delicious and varied offerings. Reviewers consistently highlight the extensive selection of both savory and sweet options, often mentioning the presence of fresh fruits, warm dishes, cheeses and vegetables. Prosecco and champagne are welcome additions on weekends for a touch of luxury. The breakfast buffet is described as abundant and rich, meeting the needs of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Many guests commend the quality of coffee and specific popular items like scrambled eggs. The breakfast area itself is spacious and well-maintained with attentive staff ensuring that dishes are replenished promptly. Overall, the breakfast at 'Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz' stands out as a significant strength of the hotel, offering a delightful start to the day for a wide range of tastes and dietary preferences.

The Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz offers a notable dining experience that has left many guests impressed. The hotel restaurant serves delicious meals with particularly high praise for the variety and quality of the dishes available. Guests have enjoyed the generous and well-cooked à la carte options and have remarked positively on the well-presented dishes. Drinks, including tasty cocktails at the bar, also receive positive comments, adding to the overall dining experience.

Many found the food to be excellent, catering to diverse tastes and offering a good selection of delicious dishes. The dinner experience has been described as lovely with special mentions of memorable meals such as a Valentine's dinner featuring duck with parsnip puree and candied orange, which some believe to be Michelin-worthy.

However, not all reviews were positive. There were some complaints, primarily about the service with mentions of a rude and obsessive waitress and instances where the wrong orders were delivered. Additionally, the restaurant's closure during certain times led to disappointment for some guests.

Overall, the dining experience at Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz is highly regarded with plenty of delicious meals and exceptional drinks making it a notable part of the hotel stay, despite some service issues and occasional closures.

The rooms at Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz receive high praise for their spaciousness and cleanliness, consistently described as large, well-equipped and tastefully decorated. Many guests found the rooms to be quiet and comfortable with modern and elegant furnishings. The bedding is often highlighted as being comfortable, contributing to an overall pleasant stay. Numerous reviews appreciate the attention to room cleanliness and the regular replenishment of amenities. Additionally, rooms feature modern equipment such as fridges and kettles, contributing to their functionality.

Several guests noted beautiful and clean rooms, often with nice views or comfortable working setups, including desks and sofas. The bathrooms are frequently mentioned as spacious and well-maintained with good water systems. Despite the largely positive reviews, a few guests found some rooms smaller or darker than expected and mentioned occasional cleanliness issues. Noise from air conditioners or limited views were minor points of contention. However, overall, the hotel rooms are well-regarded for their modern comfort, cleanliness and ample space.

The bed experience at Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz is a mixed bag according to guest reviews. Many guests found the beds comfortable and spacious, particularly praising their size and softness. Positive feedback highlighted comfortable mattresses and large double beds that weren't just two singles pushed together. The overall comfort of the beds received commendations multiple times with guests appreciating the quality of sleep they provided.

However, several reviews pointed out areas for improvement. Issues with mattresses being too soft or hard were common with some describing them as worn-out or stained. Pillows also received mixed reviews with some guests finding them too small, too big or uncomfortable. Additionally, a few guests mentioned that single beds were too narrow and that mattresses occasionally separated in the middle.

Despite these criticisms, the majority of feedback leaned towards a comfortable sleeping experience, suggesting that while there are areas for maintenance and improvement, many visitors enjoyed a good night's rest at the hotel.

Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz has garnered praise for its exceptional cleanliness, which is frequently highlighted by guests. The hotel is consistently described as clean with rooms that are well-maintained, modern and welcoming. Many reviews mention the excellent upkeep of both rooms and common areas, noting that the property is spotless and elegantly decorated. Guests appreciate the daily housekeeping services, ensuring that rooms remain fresh, tidy and comfortable throughout their stay.

The hotel's cleanliness extends to various facilities with both rooms and shared spaces being described as very clean and organized. Several comments point out the efficiency of the cleaning staff, who are discreet yet thorough. Additionally, the hotel's modern design and well-kept environment contribute to a pleasing and hygienic atmosphere, which guests find appealing.

While a few reviews indicate areas where cleanliness could be enhanced, the overall sentiment remains highly positive. The hotel's focus on maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and its strategic location make it a favored choice among travelers seeking both comfort and convenience. The combination of clean, cozy rooms and a well-maintained property ensures a pleasant stay for those visiting Krakow.

The reviews for the staff at the Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz highlight an overwhelmingly positive experience, emphasizing high levels of professionalism, kindness and attentiveness. The reception team receives frequent praise for their welcoming and efficient service with many guests noting their helpfulness and friendliness. Guests often describe the general atmosphere as friendly and courteous with staff consistently going above and beyond to fulfill requests and ensure a pleasant stay. The cleaning staff are also highly commended for their thoroughness and excellent service.

There are occasional mentions of less favorable experiences, particularly at check-in or breakfast services, but these are vastly outnumbered by the positive remarks. Overall, the staff at this hotel play a crucial role in making guests’ stays memorable and enjoyable, contributing to the hotel's strong reputation for excellent customer service.

Guests at the Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz generally reported positive experiences with the hotel's WiFi. Many highlighted the stability and reliability of the internet connection with several reviews describing it as stable, fast and free. The WiFi was noted to work properly and was available both in the rooms and throughout the hotel with consistent and reliable performance. Some guests even specified the internet connection as being top-notch and excellent, ensuring a good experience for those needing to stay connected. However, a few reviewers mentioned the WiFi could be improved with occasional descriptions of it being a bit slow or not as described. Overall, the majority of guests seemed satisfied with the WiFi services offered, finding it adequate for their needs.

The reviews for parking at the Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz highlight several key aspects. The underground parking is frequently mentioned as a significant benefit with some guests considering it an added attraction. It is convenient and enhances the experience for those who manage to secure a spot. The availability of private underground parking, although limited, is a strong advantage.

However, the space is notably tight, suited primarily for smaller cars and this has been a point of concern for guests with larger vehicles. Several reviews emphasize the necessity of reserving a parking spot in advance due to limited availability. For those unable to secure a spot in the hotel's garage, alternative parking options include nearby street parking, although this too is subject to availability and may incur additional costs.

The cost of parking is frequently noted as high by guests, which, coupled with the tight and limited spaces, has led to some dissatisfaction. Despite this, the helpful staff and the ease of using the underground garage, accessed via an elevator, are appreciated.

In summary, while the underground parking at the Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz is a valuable feature, guests should be prepared for limited availability, tight spaces and relatively high costs. Advance reservation is highly recommended to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz is a fantastic choice for families seeking a comfortable and accommodating stay. The spacious family rooms and suites provide ample space for everyone and the hotel features a range of family-friendly amenities. There's a dedicated playground and a playroom that toddlers particularly enjoy, making the stay extra fun for little ones. For convenience, the hotel offers travel cots, cutlery and bibs for small children, ensuring that the needs of young guests are attended to.

The hotel staff is noted for their friendliness and helpfulness with daily room cleaning services and a willingness to go the extra mile, such as extending guests' stays and providing additional items like cribs at no extra cost. Families can also appreciate the family garden and the comfort of rooms designed to accommodate up to four people comfortably.

Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz is lauded as an ideal spot for family vacations, whether it's for a quick weekend getaway or a more extended stay. The location, combined with superb family accommodations and hospitable staff, make it a highly recommended option for families traveling to Kazimierz.

4 Star
Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz offers a mixed experience regarding its four-star rating and amenities. The breakfast receives high praise for being delicious and varied, although some guests find it too expensive and not meeting the expectations of a four-star hotel. The hotel's cleanliness and service are commendable with several guests appreciating these aspects and feeling they meet four-star standards.

However, there are numerous comments suggesting the hotel falls short of true four-star quality. Concerns include cleanliness issues such as dirty curtains and carpets and a general lack of luxury and essential amenities that one might expect from a four-star establishment. Some guests specifically noted the absence of facilities like a swimming pool and sewing kits.

Overall, while the hotel provides good value for money and some guests had spectacular stays, many feel that the service and facilities do not fully align with a four-star rating. The positive experiences are somewhat overshadowed by the perception that the hotel could improve to genuinely meet or exceed four-star expectations.

Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz is highly regarded by guests, especially business travelers, for its excellent services and facilities. The hotel is frequently described as exceptional and perfect for those on business trips. Its quiet and spacious environment is ideal for professional stays, making it a prime choice for corporate travelers.

One standout feature is the restaurant, which offers a diverse menu catering to various tastes, ensuring a pleasant dining experience. The presence of a private and secure garage adds convenience for those driving in for business, enhancing the overall sense of safety and accessibility.

Despite no specific mentions of business amenities, the hotel's suitability for business use is repeatedly highlighted. It boasts good facilities for business purposes, including international TV channels, which can be an essential feature for staying updated with global news and entertainment.

The professional service provided by the hotel staff contributes significantly to the positive experiences reported by business guests, ensuring a seamless and stress-free stay. Consequently, Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz comes highly recommended for business travel, backed by numerous satisfied guests who intend to return for future business stays.

The Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz stands out as an accessible and convenient option for travelers with disabilities. Reviews consistently highlight the hotel's modern and clean design. The accessible rooms are highly praised for being very convenient for guests. Additionally, the hotel is conveniently located with good public transport links, making it easily accessible. The entrance and overall facilities are designed to accommodate those with mobility issues. Guests also appreciate the clear communication and politeness of the staff. Despite the positive aspects, specific accessibility amenities were not prominently mentioned in the reviews. However, the presence of elevators, including two for higher floors, is noted as a beneficial feature.

The Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz is an excellent choice for those seeking a memorable honeymoon experience. The hotel's ambiance is praised for being perfectly suited for such a special occasion, creating an ideal setting for newlyweds. Guests have consistently described their stay as a great honeymoon experience, often highlighting the distinct atmosphere that sets it apart as a perfect place for a romantic getaway. While specific honeymoon amenities are not mentioned, packages that include experiences like a Valentine's dinner add an extra touch of romance. Couples looking for a charming and distinctive place to celebrate their love will find plenty to appreciate at this hotel.

Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz boasts a picturesque and romantic location, surrounded by the tranquility of trees and lakes, making it an ideal spot for a romantic break. The hotel's serene atmosphere enhances the overall romantic experience, perfect for couples looking for a peaceful retreat. Guests particularly enjoyed a delightful Valentine's dinner, which added a special touch to their stay. Despite some reviews not directly mentioning romantic elements, the overall ambiance and setting contribute significantly to a memorable romantic getaway.

Dog Friendly
Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz is highly praised for its pet-friendly policies, making it an ideal choice for dog owners. The hotel warmly welcomes all dogs and even extends its hospitality to include complimentary breakfast. Many guests appreciate the positive attitude towards animals with staff often going the extra mile by offering water for the dogs. The hotel allows guests to bring their pets without any issues, ensuring a comfortable stay for both humans and animals.

Located in the center of the city, the hotel is perfectly situated for convenient dog walking, creating a pleasant experience for pets and their owners. Reviews highlight the hotel's welcoming atmosphere and its dedicated pet-friendly areas. Guests recommend the hotel strongly for dog owners due to its accommodating policies and the favorable surroundings.

Though the hotel does not always mention specific dog-friendly amenities, its overall approach makes it clear that pets are considered an important part of the guest experience. Occasional minor inconveniences, such as hearing a dog bark for an extended period, were noted but did not overshadow the overall positive sentiment. Families traveling with both kids and dogs would find this hotel a hospitable and pleasant stay.

No, Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz.

Yes, Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz.

No, Golden Tulip Krakow Kazimierz doesn't have a gym.

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