Mandalay Bay
Resort in Las Vegas NV
Very Good
From $159
From $159
Resort with Wave Pool
Immerse yourself in an aquatic wonderland at Mandalay Bay's remarkable wave pool. Indulge in the sheer magnificence of this colossal 1.6-million-gallon wonder, where the exhilaration of riding the tides and surrendering to the rhythmic waves awaits. The vast expanse of beach that envelops the pool entices you to luxuriate in the sun's comforting warmth, while the pristine, crystalline waters tempt you to immerse yourself and embrace the exhilarating thrills of this aquatic playground.

Whether you seek a heart-pounding adrenaline rush or a serene haven of escape, the wave pool caters to your every desire. Experience the surge of excitement as the waves crash against your body, propelling you through the water with an electrifying sensation. Alternatively, find solace in the gentle ebb and flow, allowing the waves to cradle you in a state of serene bliss. As you relax on the sandy shore, you'll witness a symphony of laughter and delight as fellow guests revel in this aquatic oasis. The wave pool at Mandalay Bay Beach promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you refreshed, rejuvenated, and yearning for more.
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Number of pools 7

Pool 1 information:

Location of the pool: Outdoor pool
Is it a pool of special type?
Wave pool
In the pool there is also:
an area designated for children
When is the pool open? All year
Opening hours: 08:00 - 20:00
The pool also has:
Pool bar
Lifeguard supervision
Lifesaving equipment
Jacuzzi / Hot tub / Bubbling whirlpool
Around the pool, there are also available:
The water of the pool is sanitized using:
Are there written rules guests should follow before entering the pool? Yes
Is the pool accessible to persons with disabilities? Yes
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