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Summary of reviewsHotel Riviera enjoys a sterling reputation among its guests, primarily for its prime location merely steps away from the sandy beaches and its central yet tranquil setting. This advantageous position offers easy access to local shopping, cafes and supermarkets, while the option of using free bicycles enhances convenience for exploring the surrounding area. Many reviews celebrate the clean and well-maintained rooms, complemented by the friendly and attentive staff, making it a top pick for travelers seeking relaxation and accessibility in Jesolo.

The breakfast experience at Hotel Riviera is widely lauded for its variety, quality and generous servings. Guests consistently describe it as delicious, abundant and well-served with a wide selection catering to diverse tastes. Coupled with the helpful service provided by the staff, the breakfast frequently sets a positive tone for the rest of the day.

Dinner at Hotel Riviera also receives high praise. The full-board catering service features meals from breakfast to dinner with dinners often being a highlight due to their diverse and high-quality Italian cuisine. The food's excellence is accentuated by friendly restaurant staff, ensuring an overall satisfying dining experience. Guests particularly appreciate the hearty salad buffet and surprise desserts, as well as accommodating options for gluten-free diets.

While the rooms offer a mixed experience, their cleanliness and large balconies with fantastic sea views stand out. The daily housekeeping service ensures fresh towels and a spotless environment, even though some rooms might be small with outdated decor and narrow shower cabins. Guests often overlook these minor drawbacks due to the comfort and cleanliness provided.

Guests consistently commend the hotel's remarkable cleanliness across reviews. The daily cleaning routines, including fresh towels and linens, contribute to the welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Additionally, the attentive service from the cleaning staff ensures rooms are maintained to a high standard.

Hotel Riviera's staff are often celebrated for their friendly, helpful and professional demeanor. Guests highlight the team’s warmth and attentiveness with special appreciation for their support of elderly guests. The owner's involvement further enhances guest satisfaction, contributing to the hotel's welcoming ambiance.

The hotel's beach experience is another strong point with easy access to a clean and beautiful shore equipped with free sunbeds and umbrellas. The professional beach service and the inclusion of a dedicated section for pets further add to the positive experience. Free bicycles for guest use make exploring the beach and surrounding areas effortless.

Parking at Hotel Riviera is free, convenient and frequently praised for its availability directly behind or in front of the hotel. This ease of access, along with well-maintained parking areas and added amenities, ensures a stress-free experience for guests arriving by car. There is also free parking available for bicycles, enhancing the convenience for all guests.

For families, Hotel Riviera is a standout choice, offering a family-friendly environment and warm, home-like atmosphere under its family-run management. Numerous reviews highlight the ease of access to nearby attractions, making it an excellent choice for parents and children alike.

While some guests have noted issues with the age and condition of certain mattresses, the consistent cleanliness and comfort of the bedding often offset these concerns. The hotel has addressed complaints about bedding promptly, further underscoring its commitment to guest satisfaction.

In summary, Hotel Riviera excels in offering a memorable and pleasant stay through its exceptional staff, prime beachside location, cleanliness and excellent dining options, making it a well-loved choice for travelers in Jesolo.
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Very Good
Hotel Riviera boasts an enviable location that consistently impresses its guests. Nestled just steps away from the sandy shores, the hotel offers unparalleled proximity to the beach, making it a prime spot for those looking to soak up the sun and enjoy seaside activities. Visitors appreciate the convenience of having a designated spot on the beach, complete with included sunbeds and umbrellas.

The hotel's central yet quiet location is another highlight, allowing easy access to nearby shopping options, cafes and supermarkets. Many guests commend the strategic positioning near the main street, which is lively but quiet in the evenings, making it ideal for leisurely walks. Despite being slightly outside of Jesolo's true center, the location provides a balance of tranquility and accessibility.

In addition to its prime location, the hotel is praised for its clean rooms, excellent value and the welcoming nature of its staff. The option to use bicycles for free adds to the convenience, allowing guests to explore the area effortlessly. Overall, the combination of its beachside setting, central amenities and the kindness of the staff makes Hotel Riviera a favored choice for travelers seeking both relaxation and convenience in Jesolo.

The breakfast experience at Hotel Riviera consistently receives positive feedback from guests. Many reviews highlight the buffet breakfast, celebrated for its variety, quality and generous servings. Guests appreciate the wide selection of both savory and sweet dishes, describing the breakfast as delicious and abundant. Terms like "rich," "plentiful," and "well-served" frequently appear, indicating high satisfaction.

There are also mentions of the breakfast being sufficient and catering to varied tastes with everything one might wish for included. The service provided by the hotel staff during breakfast is highly praised, adding to the overall positive dining experience. Despite scattered mentions of limited options and desires for more variety, the majority consensus describes the breakfast as excellent, exceptional and one of the best.

Combining good value for money, a strategic location and a satisfying breakfast, Hotel Riviera ensures guests start their day on a high note.

Hotel Riviera offers an impressive dining experience that generally garners high praise from its guests. The hotel provides a full board catering service, ensuring that every meal, from breakfast to dinner, receives positive feedback. Dinners particularly stand out, featuring a diverse and high-quality menu with a hearty salad buffet and often finished with surprise desserts. Guests appreciate the delicious, home-cooked meals that illustrate superb Italian cuisine. Noteworthy is the variety in dinner options, including à la carte selections and gluten-free diets. The 3-course dinners and plentiful portions consistently highlight the meals' excellence.

While the majority of reviews celebrate the superb and exquisite food served, a few guests noted that dinners could be improved based on personal tastes, citing occasionally meager main courses. Despite this, the friendly restaurant staff and the careful service contribute positively to the overall dining experience. Whether enjoying wide selection options or the delicious dishes themselves, guests of Hotel Riviera find the food experience to be one of the many memorable aspects of their stay.

Hotel Riviera offers a mixed experience when it comes to its rooms, highlighting both strengths and areas for improvement. Many guests appreciated the cleanliness and comfort of the rooms, noting that they are well-maintained with clean towels provided daily. The rooms often come with large balconies offering fantastic sea views, which is a major highlight for many visitors. Some rooms have been described as bright and spacious with a functional and adequate setup that includes everything necessary for a pleasant stay.

However, there are consistent mentions of the rooms being on the smaller side with particularly tiny bathrooms and narrow shower cabins. The style of the rooms is described as outdated and several guests expressed a need for renovations and updates, particularly in the bathrooms. Noise can be an issue due to thin walls, making it difficult to sleep without earplugs.

Despite these drawbacks, the rooms' cleanliness and beautiful sea view balconies seem to make up for other shortcomings, providing a comfortable and pleasant stay overall.

Hotel Riviera has garnered mixed feedback about its bedding. On the positive side, guests consistently highlight the comfortable mattresses and super pillows, which ensure a good night's sleep for many. The beds are also notably clean, reflecting the hotel's commitment to hygiene.

However, several visitors have noted issues with the age and condition of some of the mattresses. Words like old, thin and in need of renovation frequently appear, suggesting that some beds could use an update. Some guests have found the beds quite uncomfortable with specific complaints about thin or broken mattresses and some even described them as unbearable spring mattresses. These reviews also mention problems with small and awkwardly positioned bunk beds and sanitary fixtures.

While there are instances where beds were replaced quickly after complaints, it’s clear that newer, more comfortable mattresses could further improve the guest experience.

Hotel Riviera has consistently won praise for its outstanding cleanliness. The rooms are frequently described as very clean, well-organized and comfortable, often surpassing expectations typically held for higher-starred establishments. Guests note the daily cleaning routines, including fresh towels and linen, which contribute to a spotless environment. Attention to detail by the cleaning staff ensures rooms are both cozy and welcoming.

However, a few minor issues were mentioned, such as some mold in the bathrooms and the occasional difficulty with room doors. Despite these rare drawbacks, the overwhelmingly positive feedback highlights the hotel's dedication to maintaining a tidy and pleasant atmosphere.

The hotel's staff also receive accolades for their kindness and helpfulness, enhancing the overall experience for visitors. The family-friendly ambiance and ample amenities, including bicycles and a clean beach, make Hotel Riviera a well-rounded choice for a pleasant stay. Overall, the consistent emphasis on cleanliness and the attentive service stand out as core strengths of this well-loved hotel.

Hotel Riviera has earned high praise for the exceptional quality and demeanor of its staff. Guests frequently highlight the warmth, friendliness and helpful nature of the employees, describing them as very kind, attentive and professional. The management and staff are noted for their relaxed and discreet approach, ensuring guests feel welcome and comfortable. Visitors appreciate the staff’s eagerness to assist and their courteous manners.

Special mentions go to the kindness extended towards elderly guests, demonstrating a profound level of care and attentiveness. The owner's involvement, marked by their friendliness and readiness to meet guest needs, further enhances the overall experience.

While there were instances where language barriers were noted, the consistent friendliness and competence of the staff more than made up for it. The excellent hospitality coupled with superb cuisine adds to the charm of Hotel Riviera, making it a favored choice among many travelers. Overall, the team's dedication to guest satisfaction and their professional yet warm approach distinguish Hotel Riviera as a top-notch destination.

Hotel Riviera offers a mixed experience when it comes to its WiFi connectivity. While some guests have enjoyed a strong and fast WiFi network, others have pointed out areas that need improvement. There have been reports of weak WiFi signals, especially in individual rooms and on the top floors, indicating inconsistent coverage throughout the hotel. Overall, guests may find the internet service satisfactory in certain areas but should be prepared for variable connectivity in others.

The beach near Hotel Riviera receives high praise for its convenience and amenities. Guests consistently highlight the proximity, noting that the sandy shore is just a short walk away. The hotel offers a private beach area, well-equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas at no extra cost, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free experience. The beach is described as clean and beautiful, enhancing the overall enjoyment.

Hotel Riviera also stands out with its beach service, which guests find professional and attentive. An added bonus is the availability of free bicycles, allowing for easy exploration of the surrounding area. The dedicated beach section for dogs is appreciated by pet owners, adding to the hotel's inclusivity.

Overall, the beach experience at Hotel Riviera is well-rounded with excellent facilities, easy access and thoughtful amenities, consistently receiving glowing reviews from guests.

Hotel Riviera offers a range of convenient parking options, frequently praised by its guests. Most notably, free parking is a recurring highlight with spaces available right behind or in front of the hotel, ensuring easy and immediate access for arriving guests. For those traveling with families, free parking is included in the price and there is also mention of a large parking lot for added convenience. Furthermore, the availability of on-site and private parking provides additional peace of mind.

The parking area is generally described as clean and well-maintained, complementing the overall tidy environment of the hotel. While some reviews mention a smaller parking lot, the high availability and convenience of nearby parking spaces appear to compensate for this minor drawback. Additionally, the proximity of the parking areas to the hotel is frequently noted, adding to the overall ease of use.

Guests with bicycles are not left out, as there is free parking available for bicycles as well. Moreover, the inclusion of parking and beach amenities extending to the day of departure adds an extra layer of convenience for guests planning their final day at the hotel.

In summary, parking at Hotel Riviera is described as free, convenient and always available, enhancing the overall guest experience without significant concerns.

Hotel Riviera stands out as an ideal destination for families looking for a memorable vacation. The numerous reviews highlight the hotel's strong family-friendly environment with guests appreciating its warm, home-like atmosphere. The family-run management adds a personal touch, making it a welcoming place for both parents and children. Free services tailored for families, alongside the presence of nearby shops, restaurants and funfair attractions for kids, ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable stay.

The quiet area where the hotel is situated offers a peaceful retreat, suitable for a family getaway, while at the same time being close enough to various attractions that cater to all ages. Guests have noted the exceptional kindness of the owners, contributing to a great overall experience and encouraging many to plan their return visits. Whether for a short trip or an extended vacation, Hotel Riviera consistently delivers an excellent environment that leaves families feeling at home and thoroughly satisfied.

No, Hotel Riviera doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Riviera.

Yes, Hotel Riviera welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Riviera.

No, Hotel Riviera doesn't have a gym.

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