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Summary of reviewsHotelli Puustelli Lieksa enjoys a highly favorable reputation among its guests, particularly for its serene yet central location. Nestled by the water and surrounded by large parks, the hotel offers tranquility and convenience, making it an attractive choice for both nature enthusiasts and urban explorers. The scenic environment with views of the Lieksa river and proximity to key attractions like Koli, Ruunaa Falls and Lake Pielinen enhances its appeal.

Guests frequently commend the breakfast experience, which is lauded for its diversity and freshness. The variety and quality of options—including standouts like gravlax and fluffy porridge—surpass expectations and offer a substantial start to the day. Dinner offerings also receive positive feedback with dishes such as fried vendace and pike earning particular praise for their richness and taste. The cozy and professional atmosphere, along with the affordability of meals, makes dining at the hotel a pleasurable experience.

The rooms at Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa are consistently described as clean, cozy and spacious. Despite some showing signs of wear, they maintain high standards of cleanliness and are equipped with comfortable beds, ensuring a restful stay. The quiet environment further adds to the relaxation. Some minor issues, such as occasional dust or warmth during cooler months, are noted but generally do not detract significantly from the overall positive experience.

Cleanliness is a strong point across the board with guests often praising the neat and orderly conditions of both the rooms and the overall hotel interior. Although a few areas might benefit from regular renovation, the hotel's cozy and tidy ambiance is largely appreciated.

The staff at Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa stands out for their exceptional friendliness and helpfulness. Guests frequently mention the staff's pleasant and accommodating nature with the reception team being particularly noted for their flexibility and attentiveness.

Overall, Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa delivers a comfortable and enjoyable stay with its central, picturesque location, satisfying dining options, clean and cozy rooms and outstanding service from a dedicated staff.
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Room Types
Budget Double Room Providing free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower, a bidet and a hairdryer. The double room provides a wardrobe, parquet floors, heating, a TV, as well as garden views. The unit offers 2 beds.

Family Room with Balcony Offering free toiletries, this family room includes a private bathroom with a shower, a bidet and a hairdryer. Featuring a balcony with garden views, this family room also offers a wardrobe and a TV. The unit offers 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa offers an exceptionally well-situated experience, praised for its central yet peaceful location. Nestled by the water and closely surrounded by large parks, it offers both tranquility and convenience.

Guests appreciate the hotel's close proximity to the center of Lieksa, placing the city’s amenities within walking distance. The beautiful environment, including a riverside setting and attractive views of the Lieksa river, enhances the appeal for those who enjoy the outdoors. Nature enthusiasts find it especially well-positioned with easy access to attractions like Koli, Ruunaa Falls and Lake Pielinen.

Additionally, the good breakfast combined with scenic views further complements the positive experience, making Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa an excellent choice for travelers seeking both natural beauty and central access.

Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa offers a breakfast experience that consistently impresses its guests. The morning meal is highlighted by its diversity and versatility, providing a plentiful array of options that cater to various tastes and dietary needs. Many guests found the breakfast to be fresh, tasty and even surpassing their expectations with high marks for its comprehensive and extensive spread. Particularly noted were the enjoyable variety and the standout items like gravlax.

Though some found the breakfast to be of a modest basic level, the overall sentiment leans highly positive. Diners appreciated the plentiful and fluffy porridge among other tasty selections. The fried vendace and pike, typically served at dinner, also received commendation, indicating a high quality of food throughout the hotel's offerings. In conclusion, Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa's breakfast is frequently mentioned as rich, satisfactory and diverse, making it a pleasant and substantial start to the day for its guests.

The dinner experience at Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa is highlighted by its plentiful and diverse options with specific mentions of fried vendace and fried pike being particularly notable. Guests found the meals to be rich and delicious, contributing to an overall great dining experience. The atmosphere is described as nice and cozy, complemented by professional service. Additionally, the meals are considered affordable, providing good value for guests. However, there was a mention that dinner was not always available and the pizza buffet offers a sufficiently tasty alternative. Overall, the hotel delivers an abundant and satisfying dinner service, appealing to a wide range of palates.

The rooms at Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa consistently receive positive remarks from guests. They are frequently described as clean, cozy and tidy, providing a comfortable stay. Many visitors appreciate the spaciousness of the rooms and the modern amenities they offer. The beds are comfortable, contributing to a restful experience. Though some rooms may appear old or worn, they maintain a high level of cleanliness and coziness. Guests highlight the quiet and peaceful environment of the rooms, making them a great place for relaxation. Some rooms experience warmth issues in cooler months, but they are equipped with both heating and cooling equipment to ensure comfort. Overall, the rooms offer good quality and comfort, which contribute to a pleasant stay at the hotel.

Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa offers an inviting stay with its predominantly comfortable and clean beds. Many guests found the beds to be good to excellent with top-notch bedding contributing to a cozy atmosphere. While the majority of feedback highlights the comfort and softness of the beds, there are occasional remarks that some beds could use an update. One minor issue mentioned was the overly strong air conditioning which affected the overall comfort for some guests. Despite this, the general consensus leans towards a positive sleep experience at the hotel.

Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa receives commendations for its cleanliness and cozy atmosphere, making it a place where guests often feel comfortable and well taken care of. Numerous reviews mention that rooms are consistently clean and tidy with clean linens and neat conditions being a common theme. The cleanliness extends to the overall interior of the hotel, contributing to a pleasant stay environment. This hotel maintains a peaceful ambiance with several guests using the term cozy to describe their stay.

Though compliments on cleanliness abound, a few reviews highlight areas needing attention. There were mentions of dust, a bad smell in certain areas and suggestions for regular renovations to maintain high standards. Despite these isolated concerns, the hotel's dedication to cleanliness remains a strong point, alongside a comprehensive and good Finnish breakfast, enhancing the guest experience.

The reviews of Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa highlight the staff as a standout feature of the hotel. Guests frequently note the staff's extremely friendly and pleasant demeanor, which has contributed to long-term satisfaction and positive experiences. Descriptions such as helpful, smiling and knowledgeable are recurring, underscoring the staff's commitment to service. The reception team, in particular, is praised for being considerate and flexible, ensuring a smooth check-in process. Overall, the hotel's staff is characterized by their availability and helpfulness, greatly enhancing the guest experience.

No, Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa.

Yes, Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa.

No, Hotelli Puustelli Lieksa doesn't have a gym.

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