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Summary of reviewsHotel Emonec is highly regarded for its prime location in the heart of Ljubljana, providing a serene refuge amidst the city’s bustling center. Nestled in a quiet courtyard off the main pedestrian street, the hotel offers easy access to major attractions, restaurants, bars and shops, making it an ideal base for exploring the city. This strategic location is lauded for being both fantastically central and surprisingly peaceful, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of Ljubljana while enjoying a comfortable retreat.

Guests often highlight the cleanliness of the hotel, describing the rooms and bathrooms as spotless, modern and well-maintained. The housekeeping team is frequently commended for their thoroughness and attention to detail. The spacious family rooms are particularly appreciated, providing optimal comfort and accommodation for larger groups. The modern decor and recent renovations enhance the overall appeal with many rooms exceeding guests' expectations.

The staff at Hotel Emonec consistently receive high marks for their friendliness, professionalism and helpfulness. The reception team is especially noted for their accommodating nature, offering useful tips and ensuring a smooth check-in process. Multilingual abilities further enhance their service, catering to the diverse needs of international travelers.

Breakfast at Hotel Emonec, priced at a modest 5 euros per person, reflects its budget-friendly ethos. While the continental-style breakfast is basic and sometimes characterized by limited variety, it is often described as satisfactory and good value for the price. Guests can expect simple options such as cold meats, cheeses, hard-boiled eggs and assorted breads. Despite some critical views regarding the minimal selection, the straightforward approach is generally appreciated by budget-conscious travelers.

The free Wi-Fi at Hotel Emonec receives mixed feedback. While many guests find it sufficient and stable, others experience issues with connectivity and speed. The hotel provides secure and reasonably priced parking options within walking distance, though some guests find the distance and cost less than ideal. Despite these minor inconveniences, the arrangements are generally seen as serviceable.

Families find Hotel Emonec particularly accommodating with spacious rooms and amenities tailored to their needs. The hotel’s strategic location and welcoming staff further enhance the family-friendly environment. Additionally, the hotel extends its hospitality to small-sized dogs, adding to its appeal for pet owners.

For nightlife enthusiasts, Hotel Emonec’s central location provides easy access to the city’s vibrant nightlife scene. However, this proximity to evening activities may result in occasional noise disturbances, especially on weekends. Despite this, the convenience and accessibility of nightlife hotspots are highly valued by guests seeking to enjoy Ljubljana’s dynamic evening atmosphere.

In summary, Hotel Emonec stands out as an excellent choice for travelers seeking a blend of comfort, cleanliness and convenience in the heart of Ljubljana, supported by a friendly and efficient staff and a welcoming atmosphere for families. While the breakfast and Wi-Fi have room for improvement, the overall guest experience remains positive, making it a popular option for a variety of visitors.
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Room Types
Double or Twin Room Simple and elegant room offering a work desk and cable TV. The bathroom offers free toiletries.

Single Room Simple and elegant room offering a work desk and cable TV. The bathroom offers free toiletries.

Quadruple Room Simple and elegant room offering a work desk and cable TV.

Triple Room Simple and elegant room offering a work desk and cable TV. The bathroom offers free toiletries.

Superior Double Room Offering free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. The double room offers air conditioning, soundproof walls, a wardrobe, a safe deposit box and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. The unit offers 2 beds.

Superior Single Room This single room has a tile/marble floor, air conditioning and cable TV.

Superior Quadruple Room Providing free toiletries, this quadruple room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. This quadruple room is air-conditioned and features a flat-screen TV with cable channels, soundproof walls, a wardrobe and a safe deposit box.

Superior Triple Room This triple room has air conditioning, tile/marble floor and cable TV.

Superior Family Room This family room has a cable TV, air conditioning and tile/marble floor.

Family Room Offering free toiletries, this family room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. The family room offers air conditioning, soundproof walls, a wardrobe, a safe deposit box and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. The unit offers 5 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Emonec boasts an unbeatable location in the heart of Ljubljana, making it an ideal base for exploring the city. Nestled in the city center, the hotel is a mere stone's throw away from major attractions such as the Triple Bridge, Preseren Square and the bustling old town. Guests appreciate that all key sights, restaurants, bars and shops are within easy walking distance, allowing for effortless city exploration. Despite its proximity to lively areas, the hotel enjoys a surprisingly quiet setting, thanks to its position in a serene courtyard off the main pedestrian street.

The strategic location of Hotel Emonec is praised for being fantastically central with all points of interest readily accessible on foot. This convenience extends to the nearby parking facilities for those arriving by car. The central position also affords guests a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. With friendly staff and large, clean rooms, Hotel Emonec stands out as an excellent choice for those looking to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of Ljubljana while enjoying the comfort and tranquility of their accommodations.

Hotel Emonec offers a breakfast experience that, overall, reflects its budget-friendly ethos. For just 5 euros per person, guests can expect a simple continental-style breakfast that, while modest and sometimes characterized by limited variety, is often described as satisfactory and a good value for the price. Many guests found the breakfast to be quite decent with some even commenting that it was very good or delicious.

The breakfast buffet includes a mix of basic self-service options: cold meats, cheeses, hard-boiled eggs and assorted breads, although some noted the absence of pastries and more extensive hot food options. Reviews often emphasized that the breakfast is both enough to start the day and economically reasonable, particularly given the affordable rate.

However, there were critical views as well with some guests expressing disappointment over the minimal selection, including the lack of items like fresh croissants or a broader range of sweets. The breakfast was sometimes described as sparse or poor in quality and variety with calls for improvement in both food variety and presentation.

Despite these mixed opinions, many found the breakfast to be adequate considering the price, appreciating the straightforward and no-frills approach, especially for budget-conscious travelers. The hotel's central location also allows easy access to nearby cafes for those seeking a more substantial or varied meal.

In summary, Hotel Emonec provides a breakfast that is basic but aligns well with its economical pricing, making it a reasonable option for guests wanting a simple start to their day without breaking the bank.

Nestled right in the city center, Hotel Emonec offers a diverse range of rooms spread across several buildings. Many guests appreciated the hotel's prime location, providing a quiet retreat amidst the bustling city life. A common highlight among the reviews is the cleanliness of the rooms, which are frequently described as spotless, modern and beautifully furnished. Families particularly benefit from the spacious family rooms that are both comfortable and well-equipped with ample space for multiple occupants.

Guests often noted the comfort of the beds and the overall coziness of the rooms. While descriptions of room sizes vary, many reviewers found the rooms spacious and welcoming. The modern and recently renovated decor adds to the appeal with some rooms impressing visitors by looking even better in person than in photos.

However, not all reviews are glowing. A number of guests mentioned that certain rooms fell short of expectations based on the photos with reports of smaller-than-expected sizes and dated furnishings in some instances. Issues like limited facilities, inadequate cleaning frequency and occasional unpleasant smells were mentioned by a few guests. Some rooms also faced challenges with privacy and ventilation.

Overall, though, the positive feedback highlights the clean, spacious and well-maintained nature of many of the accommodations at Hotel Emonec, making it a popular choice for travelers seeking a balance of comfort and convenience in the heart of the city.

Hotel Emonec receives consistent praise for the comfort of its beds. Guests frequently describe the beds as very comfortable, super comfortable and cozy. Cleanliness is another positive aspect often highlighted with many reviewers noting the beds and bed linens as clean and tidy. These aspects contribute significantly to an enjoyable stay.

However, there are occasional comments on certain issues. A few guests found some mattresses either too firm or too soft for their liking with mentions of saggy springs and mattresses needing replacement. Some comments also indicate that pillows were too hard or thick for some guests. Despite these occasional critiques, the overall sentiment remains positive with most guests appreciating the comfort and quality of the beds.

The presence of bunk beds for kids is noted as a delightful feature for families, adding variety to accommodation options. While not all experiences were flawless with sporadic mentions of old or sagging mattresses, the majority of guests found the beds to be notably comfortable and conducive to a good night's sleep.

Hotel Emonec has garnered numerous positive remarks regarding its cleanliness, making it a commendable choice for travelers who prioritize hygiene. Reviews consistently highlight the rooms as being very clean, tidy and well-maintained. Guests appreciated the modern and hygienic rooms with many complimenting the contemporary decor and the overall upkeep. The bathrooms, while occasionally noted for needing updates, were generally praised for their modern fixtures and cleanliness.

The housekeeping team received accolades for their thoroughness, ensuring that rooms were frequently and meticulously cleaned. Impeccable cleanliness was a recurring theme across reviews with several guests describing their rooms as spotlessly clean. The property, as a whole, was considered very clean, contributing to a comfortable and pleasant stay. Some minor issues did surface, such as occasional reports of dust or specific areas not meeting cleanliness expectations, but these were in the minority.

Overall, the reviews depict Hotel Emonec as maintaining a high standard of cleanliness with guests frequently highlighting clean rooms, bathrooms and communal areas. This attention to cleanliness, combined with the modern and cozy room aesthetics, makes it a solid option for travelers.

Hotel Emonec boasts a team that receives high marks for their friendliness, professionalism and helpfulness. Guest reviews consistently emphasize the staff's approachable and amiable nature, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere from the moment of arrival. The reception staff, described as particularly kind and accommodating, frequently go above and beyond, offering useful tips and secure baggage storage solutions. Multilingual abilities further enhance their service, catering to an international clientele.

Several reviews mention the staff’s efficiency and responsiveness, highlighting their promptness in addressing inquiries and resolving issues. The check-in process is noted to be smooth with the receptionists receiving praise for their courteous and warm service. Specific recognition is given to individual team members who excel in customer service, enhancing the overall guest experience.

While the vast majority of feedback regarding the Hotel Emonec staff is overwhelmingly positive, a few reviews suggest inconsistency, mentioning occasional lapses in friendliness and helpfulness. However, such comments are rare and do not overshadow the general sentiment of satisfaction among guests.

In summary, the staff at Hotel Emonec are a significant asset to the establishment, providing excellent service characterized by friendliness, efficiency and a warm welcome, all contributing significantly to guests' positive experiences.

Hotel Emonec offers free Wi-Fi, which received mixed feedback from its guests. Many found the Wi-Fi to be sufficient, stable and noted that it worked at great speed. Some guests were satisfied with the internet speed, describing it as good and the coverage as adequate. For several visitors, the Wi-Fi was reliable and fast, making their stay convenient and modern.

However, other guests reported issues such as weak or unstable connections, poor Wi-Fi in the rooms and sometimes no connectivity at all. The Wi-Fi was described as spotty with some unable to connect in their rooms and others dissatisfied with the slow speeds or defective routers. Assistance for Wi-Fi problems at the reception was also lacking.

Overall, while some guests enjoyed a seamless online experience, others felt it could be improved. Guests looking for dependable internet access might want to prepare for variability in connectivity.

Hotel Emonec offers parking solutions that could be viewed both positively and negatively depending on one's preferences and needs. The hotel does not feature on-site parking, but it has arranged discounted parking at nearby garages, typically costing around 12 euros per day. Many guests appreciate the secure and reasonably priced parking options within a short walking distance—approximately 5 to 10 minutes away.

The central location of the hotel, in a pedestrian zone, makes direct access challenging, but the arrangements for parking help mitigate this inconvenience. Guests can unload their luggage easily despite slight distances to the parking garages. The parking situation has been described as well-handled by the hotel staff with some praising the useful instructions and arrangements provided.

Nevertheless, there were some drawbacks noted by guests. Several reviews highlighted that the parking is much further than they'd prefer with distances up to 700 meters. The perception of the parking cost being high and the hassle associated with it was also mentioned. For those carrying heavy luggage, the lack of elevators within the parking facilities and the steep routes could be problematic.

Overall, while the parking options are not perfect, they are serviceable and better than what's typically expected in such a central location. Guests value the hotel's effort to secure discounted and safe parking arrangements, albeit at the cost of some inconvenience due to distance.

Hotel Emonec seems to cater quite well to families, offering numerous benefits particularly for those traveling with children. Reviewers frequently highlight the spaciousness of the family rooms, which come equipped with amenities such as bunk beds that kids adore. The presence of multiple sections within the rooms offers both privacy and comfort, making them ideal for larger families, including those with four or five members.

Parents have praised the family-friendly nature of the hotel, emphasizing rooms that are large enough for everyone to feel comfortable. Accommodation includes family suites and quadruple rooms, often equipped with extra beds in case of larger groups. This flexibility allows families to rest easily without feeling cramped.

Visitors also mention the cleanliness and good facilities of the hotel. The family rooms are not only spacious but also maintained to a high standard, providing a welcoming environment for children and adults alike. Some specific amenities that families find appealing are the comfortable beds and the well-designed children's sections within the rooms.

Additionally, the hotel offers a strategic location that benefits the whole family and the accommodating staff contribute positively to the guest experience. For those traveling with pets, the hotel also extends its warm hospitality to small-sized dogs.

Overall, Hotel Emonec is highlighted as a highly recommended option for families, providing great value, comfortable lodging and an environment that caters well to both parents and children.

Hotel Emonec is situated in a prime location for those seeking to immerse themselves in the lively nightlife of the city. Bars along the river and vibrant spots on both sides ensure guests have easy access to the local entertainment scene. The hotel's proximity to numerous bars, restaurants and nightclubs makes it an ideal choice for visitors looking to experience the city’s bustling evening activities.

However, potential guests should be aware that the central location comes with its challenges, particularly noise from surrounding establishments. The sounds from nearby nightclubs and bars can carry on throughout the night, especially on weekends, which may affect light sleepers or those unaccustomed to such environments. Some nights can be particularly loud with music and noises continuing until the early hours, creating a festival-like atmosphere.

Despite these factors, many reviews highlight the convenience and accessibility of nightlife hotspots, which may greatly appeal to young travelers or night owls. While some previous guests have noted disturbances, including people talking outside and sounds from the disco, others have praised the hotel for its central position amidst buzzing evening activity. It’s clear that for those prioritizing a vibrant nightlife experience, Hotel Emonec delivers with its energetic surroundings.

3 Star
The reviews for Hotel Emonec present a mixed but generally positive picture regarding its three-star rating, facilities and services. Many guests found the hotel to surpass their expectations for a three-star establishment with some even comparing it favorably to higher-rated hotels. Although the amenities are described as basic, they are deemed sufficient for a comfortable stay, lending a sense of practicality and value.

Visitors appreciated the cleanliness and modernized aspects of the hotel, highlighting its updated and renovated areas. Despite this, there are certain aspects, like the bathrooms, that some felt could use further renovation. The hotel's affordability emerges as a strong point, as guests frequently noted its excellent value for money.

However, some reviews expressed disappointment, suggesting that the facilities and cleanliness fell short of typical three-star standards. These guests had higher expectations based on the three-star rating and found the hotel's facilities to be comparable to a two-star establishment.

On balance, Hotel Emonec offers a modern, clean and affordably priced stay, although it may not fully meet the service and facility standards expected of a three-star hotel.

Hotel Emonec appears to be a highly suitable choice for business travelers, offering several amenities that cater to their needs. The hotel's location is particularly advantageous, situated close to major tourist attractions and sightseeing spots while remaining convenient for conference attendees. This makes it ideal for mixing business with a bit of leisure.

For those needing to get work done, the rooms include decent desks that provide a functional workspace. The availability of comfortable beds and beautiful bathroom suites further enhances the stay, providing a cozy and pleasant environment for guests. Public areas and necessary facilities are easily accessible, adding to the convenience.

Overall, Hotel Emonec is well fit for a business trip with its perfect location for city exploration and amenities that satisfy both professional and personal requirements.

Hotel Emonec in Ljubljana is praised for its prime central location, making it easily accessible on foot and close to public transport options like buses and trains. Guests appreciate the value for money and the friendly staff. However, the hotel falls short in accessibility for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility. The absence of an elevator and several steps to access the rooms make it challenging for elderly or disabled guests. Despite some rooms being specifically designed to accommodate those with disabilities, the general accessibility of the hotel is lacking. The entrance and corridors could benefit from some refurbishment to enhance the overall guest experience. While its central location near various amenities is a highlight, the hotel is not suitable for those requiring wheelchair access or easier mobility.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Emonec is a dog-friendly establishment that allows pets, including small-sized dogs without any issues. Guests appreciate the reasonable extra charge of 5€/night for bringing a dog, finding it very inexpensive. Pets are welcomed with empathy and there’s no problem accepting dogs, ensuring a comfortable stay for both the pets and their owners. The hotel has been recognized for being accommodating to dogs, making it a suitable choice for those traveling with their furry friends.

No, Hotel Emonec doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Emonec.

Yes, Hotel Emonec welcomes dogs. For more information, read the answers to the Dog Friendly questionnaire

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Emonec.

No, Hotel Emonec doesn't have a gym.

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