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Summary of reviewsHotel Villa Selva in Lugano garners rave reviews across multiple categories, making it a standout destination for visitors seeking a blend of tranquility and accessibility. Nestled in a serene area, the hotel's location is highly appreciated for its beautiful garden and inviting pool, providing a peaceful retreat within walking distance to Lugano's bustling center and picturesque lake. The proximity to public transport further enhances the convenience, allowing easy access to key attractions with minimal hassle.

Guests are particularly fond of the delicious and delightful breakfast offerings. Despite being simple, the quality and freshness of the ingredients, including homemade jams, are consistently praised. The breakfast experience is complemented by a pleasant view and clean dining environment, adding to the overall charm.

Dinner at Hotel Villa Selva emerges as a top highlight with guests frequently lauding the exceptional, homemade Ticino cuisine prepared by Mrs. Wanda. The on-site restaurant offers a memorable dining experience, featuring fresh, local produce and excellent wines in a cozy setting.

The rooms, although simple and somewhat old-fashioned, are impeccably clean and comfortable. Essential amenities like air conditioning and comfortable beds are noted, ensuring a restful stay. High ceilings and a bright atmosphere add to the overall appeal of the accommodations.

Cleanliness is a significant strong point with both the rooms and the common areas, including the gardens and swimming pool, being well-maintained. This commitment to hygiene enhances the overall guest satisfaction.

The staff at Hotel Villa Selva receive high marks for their warmth and genuine hospitality. Led by Mrs. Wanda and the owner, Mrs. Foletti, the team is described as friendly, helpful and highly accommodating, creating a welcoming atmosphere that feels like staying with friends or family.

The pool area stands out as a serene and inviting retreat surrounded by a stunning garden. Guests appreciate the clean and accessible pool, often spending considerable time there during their stay.

For those traveling by car, the hotel offers ample and secure parking facilities, which are frequently highlighted as a convenience that adds to the overall positive experience.

Families find Hotel Villa Selva particularly accommodating with its warm atmosphere and family-friendly amenities enhancing the appeal for guests traveling with children.

Overall, Hotel Villa Selva is highly recommended for its blend of peaceful charm, excellent dining and exceptional hospitality, making it an ideal choice for visitors to Lugano.
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Room Types
Double or Twin Room Functionally furnished room with a private bathroom.

Single Room Functionally furnished room with a private bathroom.

Triple Room Functionally furnished room with a private bathroom.

Two Connecting Double Rooms Functionally furnished room with 2 separate bedrooms, views of the lake, TV and private bathroom.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Villa Selva in Lugano boasts an enviable location that has guests raving. Nestled in a serene area with a large beautiful garden and a pool, it offers a peaceful retreat while still being extremely well-connected. The proximity to a bus stop right outside the hotel makes it incredibly easy to reach Lugano’s train station and city center. In fact, most guests appreciate that they can walk to the bustling center and the picturesque lake in just 15-20 minutes.

The hotel’s elevated position provides superb views of the lake and adds a layer of tranquility, making it an ideal spot to unwind after a day of sightseeing. Despite being a bit outside the central hustle and bustle, the convenient public transport and the inclusive free local transport for hotel guests eliminate any hassles of commuting. Whether it’s a short bus ride or a pleasant uphill walk from the train station, reaching Hotel Villa Selva is quite straightforward.

Ultimately, its blend of quiet charm and accessibility makes it a true gem for visitors looking to explore Lugano with ease.

Hotel Villa Selva provides a delightful breakfast experience with numerous reviewers praising it for being super good, incredibly delicious and very fine. Many guests appreciated the homemade jams, describing them as delicious and an excellent addition to the meal. The breakfast, although described as simple, appears to be plentiful and sufficient, featuring fresh ingredients that contribute to its overall quality.

Some guests mentioned that the selection is not huge, but everything offered is fresh and meets their needs. A few highlighted the prohibition of taking breakfast outside the pergola and one review described the breakfast as very poor. Despite this, the majority of feedback remains positive, complimenting the overall excellence and straightforward nature of the meal.

Additionally, the atmosphere enhances the breakfast experience with a very nice view from the dining room noted by some guests. The breakfast service at the table is also commended, maintaining a clean and pleasant dining environment. Adjacent mentions of clean rooms further suggest a well-maintained and enjoyable stay at the hotel.

Hotel Villa Selva offers a dining experience that stands out, making it a key highlight of any stay. Guests rave about the top-quality, delicious food, often prepared with fresh produce straight from the garden. Mrs. Wanda, the hotel's exceptional cook, ensures that each meal is simply sensational with homemade dishes that reflect authentic Ticino cuisine. Dinner at the on-site restaurant is highly recommended with many guests emphasizing it as an experience not to be missed. Whether you choose to enjoy your meal in the cozy pergola or within the intimate atmosphere of the ground-floor restaurant, the consistently excellent food—combined with excellent wines—makes for memorable dining. From freshly prepared local delicacies to fabulous and outstanding dishes, the restaurant at Hotel Villa Selva lives up to its reputation for superb quality and delightful flavors.

The rooms at Hotel Villa Selva offer a simple, yet comfortable stay. Guests will find that the rooms, though on the smaller side, are impeccably clean and cozy, providing a relaxing atmosphere. The decor might be basic and a bit old-fashioned, but it adds a charming, quaint touch to the experience. High ceilings and bright spaces contribute to the airy feel and essential amenities like air conditioning are available, ensuring a comfortable stay. The beds are noted to be particularly comfortable and the daily cleaning service keeps the rooms spotless. While some furnishings may seem outdated and there are no balconies, the overall cleanliness and comfort of the rooms make for a pleasant lodging experience.

Hotel Villa Selva offers a restful night's sleep with its notably comfortable beds. Many guests have praised the cozy bedding and supportive, non-saggy mattresses, making it easy to unwind after a day of exploring. The pillows also receive high marks, contributing to an overall pleasant sleeping experience. While most reviews highlight the comfort and quality of the beds, a few guests did mention minor inconveniences, such as beds sliding apart. However, the general consensus is that Hotel Villa Selva excels in providing a peaceful and comfortable environment for a good night's sleep.

Hotel Villa Selva stands out for its exceptional cleanliness, as frequently highlighted by guests. The rooms are described as very clean, tidy and bright, meeting high standards of hygiene. The gardens and swimming pool also receive praise for their spotless condition, contributing to the overall well-maintained environment. Although housekeeping services can sometimes be improved, most visitors find the hotel's cleanliness impeccable and perfect throughout their stay.

Hotel Villa Selva's staff exudes warmth and genuine hospitality that guests find truly exceptional. Mrs. Wanda, often praised for her mastery in the art of hospitality, seems to lead by example. Many guests highlight her presence and personal touch, making their stay even more memorable. Descriptions of staff are consistently positive, often described as very friendly, helpful and accommodating. The team is not only open and attentive to guests' needs and concerns but also manages to create a welcoming atmosphere that makes visitors feel right at home.

Mrs. Foletti, the owner, stands out for her super nice demeanor and personal approach, enhancing the overall welcoming experience. Guests speaks highly of her attentiveness, from ensuring the warm reception to offering delightful, fresh dishes sourced directly from her garden. The kind, warm and passionate nature of the staff is palpable in interactions, adding a personal touch to the already impressive villa.

Overall, guests consistently feel they are in the care of a hotel team that operates with heart and soul, making Hotel Villa Selva a highly recommended destination for those seeking genuine and attentive hospitality.

The pool at Hotel Villa Selva receives high praise from guests for its beauty and inviting atmosphere. Surrounded by a stunning garden, the pool offers a relaxing retreat that many have enjoyed. The terrace and garden areas complement the pool perfectly, creating a serene and visually pleasing environment. Guests highlight the pool's accessibility and cleanliness, making it a top feature of their stay. Friendly and pleasant hosts add to the overall positive experience, making relaxation by the pool even more enjoyable.

Hotel Villa Selva stands out in its accommodation offerings with commendable parking facilities that guests find especially satisfying. Visitors consistently highlight the availability of good, free parking options directly on-site, including ample parking spaces in the hotel's courtyard. This convenience greatly enhances the overall experience, allowing guests to enjoy their stay without concerns about vehicle security or finding a spot. The accessibility and sufficiency of the parking area contribute to its positive reviews, making it a practical choice for travelers with cars.

The atmosphere at Hotel Villa Selva exudes a welcoming, family-friendly vibe that makes guests feel like they're staying at a family home rather than a hotel. Visitors frequently praise the warm, friendly hospitality, often comparing the experience to staying with a friend. Multiple reviews highlight how the hotel's environment is perfect for families with activities designed to entertain both children and adults. The family room with a lake view is specifically mentioned as an ideal accommodation for families. Overall, the hotel succeeds in creating a comfortable, familial atmosphere that encourages guests to want to return.

Outdoor Pool
The outdoor pool at Hotel Villa Selva offers a tranquil retreat surrounded by a beautiful garden, making it a very inviting space to spend time. Guests have found the atmosphere around the pool to be particularly relaxing with many enjoying significant time there during their stay. The pool itself is described as large, heated and quiet, contributing to its pleasant and serene environment. The combination of the pool and the garden creates a lovely setting for a relaxing experience.

Yes, Hotel Villa Selva has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Outdoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Villa Selva.

No, Hotel Villa Selva doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Villa Selva.

No, Hotel Villa Selva doesn't have a gym.

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