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Summary of reviewsApartamentos Vistasol is praised for its prime location in Magaluf, offering guests convenient access to supermarkets, restaurants, bars and beaches with the bustling nightlife and public transportation just steps away. Its central yet serene setting provides beautiful sea views and an advantageous position for beach lovers with Palma Nova and Magaluf beaches within a short walk. Visitors also appreciate the accessibility to Palma airport and local attractions, despite the hotel being situated on a small hill.

The breakfast at Apartamentos Vistasol receives positive feedback for its variety, freshness and value for money with options catering to dietary needs, including Celiac disease. Highlights include a rich assortment of fruits, vegetables and fresh juices, making for a delightful start to the day. The dinner experience, while praised for its themed events and quality, has mixed reviews regarding variety and temperature consistency.

Guests find the apartments spacious and comfortable, especially appreciating the large balconies and sea views. However, there are notable concerns about outdated furniture, cleanliness issues and maintenance problems. Reviews suggest that while updated rooms offer a better experience, the overall condition of many apartments requires renovations.

Staff interactions at Apartamentos Vistasol are largely positive with many guests commending the friendly and helpful nature of the team, particularly highlighting individuals like Adrián at reception and Raul from maintenance. However, some visitors report inconsistent experiences with reception and dining room staff.

The pool area stands out for its inviting, well-maintained environment, complete with ample sun loungers and a vibrant atmosphere, although occasional closures and construction work are minor disruptions. Despite the positive ambiance, the WiFi connectivity receives frequent critiques for its unreliability and slow speeds, notably affecting guests' experiences.

The gym, while appreciated for its presence, has mixed reviews regarding its size, equipment availability and occasional unavailability due to renovations. Parking also poses challenges with limited spaces and additional costs, driving some guests to seek alternative parking solutions.

Overall, Apartamentos Vistasol is well-regarded for its top-notch location, enjoyable breakfast offerings and friendly staff, while areas such as room maintenance, cleanliness and facilities like WiFi and parking require improvements to enhance the guest experience consistently.
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Room Types
One-Bedroom Apartment This apartment has a terrace, 1 twin bedroom and a lounge with a double sofa bed. There is a well-equipped kitchen and a bathroom with a hairdryer.

Two-Bedroom Apartment This apartment has a terrace, 2 twin bedrooms and a lounge with a double sofa bed. There is a well-equipped kitchen and a bathroom with a hairdryer.

Two-Bedroom Apartment with Sea View This apartment has a terrace with sea views, 2 twin bedrooms and a lounge with a double sofa bed. There is a well-equipped kitchen and a bathroom with a hairdryer.

One-Bedroom Apartment with Sea View This apartment has a terrace with sea views, 1 twin bedroom and a lounge with a double sofa bed. There is a well-equipped kitchen and a bathroom with a hairdryer.

Premium One-Bedroom Apartment This modern air-conditioned apartment has a terrace and a lounge with a sofa bed and a TV. There is a well-equipped kitchen and a bathroom with a hairdryer.

Premium One-Bedroom Apartment with Sea View This modern air-conditioned apartment has a terrace with sea views. There is a lounge with a sofa bed and a TV, and a well-equipped kitchen. It also has a bathroom with a hairdryer.

One-Bedroom Apartment Side Sea View This apartment has a terrace with partial sea views, 1 twin bedroom and a lounge with a double sofa bed. There is a well-equipped kitchen and a bathroom with a hairdryer.

Premium Two-Bedroom Apartment This air-conditioned apartment features 1 living room, 2 separate bedrooms and 1 bathroom with a shower. In the kitchen, guests will find a stovetop, a refrigerator, kitchenware and a microwave. Boasting a terrace with city views, this apartment also features a coffee machine and a TV with satellite channels. The unit has 5 beds.

Premium One-Bedroom Apartment with Panoramic Sea View This air-conditioned apartment consists of 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a shower. In the well-fitted kitchen, guests will find a stovetop, a refrigerator, kitchenware and a microwave. Featuring a terrace with sea views, this apartment also provides a coffee machine and a TV with satellite channels. The unit offers 4 beds.

Guest Reviews
The guests' reviews highlight the prime location of Apartamentos Vistasol in Magaluf. The hotel boasts a central position that places it close to an array of conveniences, including supermarkets, restaurants, bars and two beaches, all within a short walking distance. This ideal spot is particularly well-suited for those looking to enjoy the bustling nightlife with the strip and its many clubs and bars just steps away. Proximity to public transportation is another advantage, facilitating easy travel to other parts of the island, including Palma.

Guests frequently mention the convenience of having everything they need nearby, from a gym and various stores to beautiful sea views. The distance to the beach is notably short, often described as just a few meters away. Despite being near lively areas, the accommodations maintain a quiet environment inside, providing a comfortable respite after a day of activities.

The location is also praised for its accessibility with multiple mentions of key points like the Palma Nova beach, bus stops and the proximity to the Palma airport. Although the hotel is situated on a small hill, this does not significantly detract from its appeal, as guests still find the route to the town and beaches manageable.

Overall, the recurring theme in the reviews is that Apartamentos Vistasol’s location is perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in Magaluf’s vibrant scene while still enjoying easy access to the beach and other essential amenities.

The breakfast at 'Apartamentos Vistasol' receives generally positive feedback from guests. Described as very good value for money, it offers a fantastic and delicious start to the day, praised for its generous, varied and fresh selections. Many guests appreciate the availability of freshly squeezed orange juice and the rich assortment, including options for people with Celiac disease. The buffet features fresh products with plenty of fruits, vegetables, bread, pancakes, pastries and more, ensuring a satisfying experience for most.

Though the breakfast is noted to be predominantly English in style and repeated daily, it remains consistently fresh and tasty. Some reviewers highlight early servings as cold, recommending a later breakfast to enjoy warm food. There are also mentions of limited vegan options and the need for better organization and table cleaning.

Overall, the breakfast is a standout feature for many visitors, contributing to a pleasant stay with its abundant and varied offerings, set in a beautiful location overlooking the sea.

At Apartamentos Vistasol, the dining experience paints a mixed picture, though many guests highlight positive aspects. Breakfast and dinner receive significant praise for their delicious and abundant offerings. Guests appreciate the variation in the meals with special themes like Halloween and Christmas Eve receiving particular admiration for their festive, elegant and delicious presentations.

For those on a half-board option, the dinners often come well-recommended with three-course meals that many find to be very delicious and well worth it. The set menus and à la carte dishes have been noted for their quality and generous portions. Also, special dietary needs, such as options for people with Celiac disease, are catered for with consideration.

However, there are also critiques. Some reviews mention that the food could be more varied and that the buffet options sometimes lack temperature with dishes being lukewarm. Drinks during dinner are an additional cost, which some guests find inconvenient. Additionally, a few diners feel that the offering could be improved in terms of quality and variety, pointing out that meals can sometimes become repetitive.

In essence, while the dining experiences at Apartamentos Vistasol are commendable, particularly for themed dinners and the half-board option, there are areas where improvement is recommended to enhance consistency and variety.

Apartamentos Vistasol offers spacious and comfortable apartments with beautiful sea views and well-equipped kitchens. Many guests appreciated the large balconies, secure parking and friendly, service-minded staff. The central location and proximity to Magaluf Beach are highlights, ensuring guests can easily access local attractions.

However, the apartments show significant signs of wear and tear. Common complaints include outdated and damaged furniture, cleanliness issues and poor soundproofing that allows noise from adjacent rooms and the surrounding area to disturb the quiet. There were also reports of maintenance problems such as broken bathroom fixtures, malfunctioning air conditioning and issues with the overall condition of the apartments. Renovations and updates are needed to improve the guest experience.

Despite these drawbacks, guests who prioritize space and views over modern amenities will find the apartments generally functional and those staying in updated rooms reported a more positive experience. The property’s infrastructure, like the courtyard and secure parking, received commendations. For a comfortable stay, it's advisable to confirm the condition of the assigned apartment beforehand and be prepared for potential noise if staying during peak seasons.

When staying at Apartamentos Vistasol, guests have generally found the main beds to be comfortable and conducive to a good night's sleep. Phrases such as "super comfortable beds," "beds were super comfortable," and "very comfortable beds" are commonly used to describe the sleeping arrangements. However, it's worth noting some inconsistencies, particularly with the living room pull-out beds, which many guests found old and uncomfortable. The thick mattresses on the main beds contrasted sharply with complaints of thin, less supportive mattresses on the additional bedding options.

The main double beds are comfy, though some guests were not pleased with the arrangement of two single beds pushed together, which proved inconvenient for couples. While the availability of single bedding options was highlighted, the lack of genuine double beds was a frequent mention.

There were occasional issues reported with bed linen cleanliness and maintenance with remarks about stained sheets and old, worn-out bedding. The comfort of the dedicated sleeping beds generally received positive feedback, contributing to a restful experience despite occasional criticism of the extra bedding elements like sofa beds, which need updating. Overall, while the primary beds tend to offer comfort and quality rest, the supplementary bedding options and sofa beds could benefit from improvements.

The reviews for Apartamentos Vistasol highlight considerable variation in the cleanliness of the accommodations. Some guests observed clean rooms and bathrooms and certain areas, like the spa and reception area, were noted for their cleanliness and good upkeep. The cleaning staff was described as friendly and helpful, leaving positive impressions.

However, numerous visitors pointed out significant shortcomings. Many rooms were marked as unclean upon arrival with specific mentions of dirty floors, dust, stained couches and remnants of previous occupants. Problems such as ants, cockroaches and bad smells were frequently cited, impacting overall hygiene. Bedding and towels often appeared dirty and in some cases, cleaning was deemed superficial or entirely absent during the stay. These issues were compounded by reports of dated and worn-out rooms with broken tiles and poorly maintained appliances.

In summation, while the location of Apartamentos Vistasol and some aspects like friendly cleaning staff and spa cleanliness were appreciated, a major overhaul in cleaning standards and maintenance is required to meet guest expectations more consistently.

The reviews of Apartamentos Vistasol reveal a mixed but generally positive impression of the hotel's staff. A recurring theme is the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff with many guests appreciating their accommodating and pleasant demeanor. Specific individuals, such as Adrián at the reception and Raul from maintenance, received commendations for their exceptional service. The pool bar staff and cleaning personnel were also noted for their excellent service. Several guests found the reception team efficient and professional, particularly mentioning the welcoming and kind nature of the staff.

However, not all experiences were positive. Some guests encountered issues with the reception staff, describing instances of rudeness and unhelpfulness. There were mentions of specific situations, such as key card mishaps and errors in room bookings, where the staff’s response was less than satisfactory. Additionally, some guests reported that the dining room staff and certain employees could be indifferent or disrespectful.

Despite these occasional negative experiences, the overall sentiment favors the staff's friendliness and willingness to help, making up for some of the service inconsistencies. Visitors felt warmly received and appreciated the staff's efforts to meet their needs, contributing to an enjoyable stay at Apartamentos Vistasol.

Despite its prime location and attractive facilities, Apartamentos Vistasol struggles with subpar WiFi connectivity, as indicated by numerous guest reviews. Common issues include slow speeds, frequent drops in service and inconsistent connection quality, especially within the rooms. While some guests managed to use streaming services like Netflix on their television, others faced challenges with both WiFi and TV functionalities. Consequently, those relying heavily on a stable internet connection may find their experience here less than satisfactory.

The gym at Apartamentos Vistasol has received mixed feedback from guests. On the positive side, many appreciated its presence, noting it had good fitness amenities and everything one might need for a workout. Descriptions of the gym varied with some describing it as well-equipped and decent. While some guests mentioned it was nice and equipped, others pointed out that it is quite small with few machines and there were limits on the number of people allowed inside. Additionally, there were reports of the gym being unavailable or closed for renovations periodically, which was a letdown for some. Access to the gym was noted to be somewhat expensive at 20 euros. Overall, while the gym facilities seem to cater well to basic fitness needs, the experience was somewhat inconsistent due to operational issues.

The pool area at Apartamentos Vistasol consistently receives high praise from guests, who find it to be an impressive and enjoyable amenity. Commonly described as spacious, clean and well-maintained, the pool area is adorned with plenty of sun loungers and a well-kept bar area. The outdoor pool, described as great and fantastic, is particularly appreciated for its inviting atmosphere, cleanliness and ample space, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and swimming. Guests also noted that the pool generally feels inviting and boasts a well-lit environment, enhancing the overall experience.

Although some guests mentioned occasional issues such as construction work or the pool being closed during winter, these instances seemed sporadic and did not significantly detract from the overall enjoyment of the pool facilities. The presence of a DJ and music by the pool adds an element of entertainment, contributing to a lively and enjoyable ambiance.

In summary, the pool area at Apartamentos Vistasol stands out as a highlight for many visitors, offering a pleasant and well-maintained environment that caters to both relaxation and enjoyment, despite minor occasional inconveniences.

Apartamentos Vistasol offers an enviable location just a short walk from beautiful sandy beaches, making it a fantastic choice for beach lovers. Guests frequently highlighted the hotel’s close proximity to both Palmanova and Magaluf beaches with distances often quoted as a quick two-minute stroll or less than five minutes on foot. The convenience of being just 100 meters from Magaluf beach is particularly appreciated. Both beaches are described as pleasant and ideal for a relaxing day by the sea.

The views, especially from ocean-view rooms and terraces overlooking the sea, enhance the coastal experience. While some mentioned that the hillside location might add a slight challenge to accessing the beach, the overall accessibility is good with quick routes to the water. The central location of the hotel also means that it’s close to a variety of restaurants, bars and nightlife options, offering both the vibrancy of the strip and the peacefulness of the seaside.

In summary, Apartamentos Vistasol’s central location, just steps away from multiple beaches and local amenities, garners positive sentiment from guests, making it a prime spot for those looking to blend beach relaxation with lively entertainment options.

Parking at Apartamentos Vistasol tends to be a frequent source of frustration among guests. While the hotel offers paid parking options, both on-site and in private lots, these spaces are often limited and come with a daily fee of around 9 to 10 euros, which some reviewers find excessive. The internal garage is commonly full, forcing guests to seek alternative parking solutions, often on the street or in a municipal car park a few minutes' walk downhill. This municipal option, though free, can be inconvenient, especially when lugging luggage uphill to the property. Additionally, finding any available parking space nearby can be challenging.

Despite these hurdles, private parking is listed among the hotel's amenities, but its limited availability and the associated costs leave many guests dissatisfied. The lack of leniency in parking regulations around the hotel and the need to sometimes park far from the property add to the inconvenience. For those traveling with scooters, however, there's good news: free parking is available. Overall, planning ahead for parking is essential when staying at Apartamentos Vistasol.

Apartamentos Vistasol is a prime spot for those keen on experiencing the vibrant nightlife of Magaluf. Its close proximity to the strip means that bars, nightclubs and a bustling party atmosphere are just a short walk away. The location is particularly convenient, allowing guests to easily access popular party destinations in both Magaluf and PalmaNova. However, this proximity comes with a notable level of noise, especially during peak seasons like May and throughout the summer months, when bachelor and bachelorette parties flood the area.

Guests have commented on the constant hum of nightlife activities with noise from nearby venues often carrying late into the night and even early morning. The area is particularly suited for young visitors looking to party, as the streets come alive with music and chatter from the many bars and discos. This makes it less ideal for families or those seeking a quiet getaway. Even within the hotel, the sounds of nighttime revelry are often audible with some guests being disturbed by noisy groups and activities around the hotel premises.

Despite the lively environment, some visitors have noted that September can be a bit quieter, suggesting a slightly more subdued experience. This accommodation might not be suitable for those seeking tranquility, but it offers an excellent base for those looking to immerse themselves in the energetic nightlife of Magaluf.

Outdoor Pool
The outdoor pool area at Apartamentos Vistasol has garnered plenty of positive attention from guests. Many have described it as a very nice and beautiful pool area with some particularly appreciating the cleanliness and the relaxing atmosphere it provides. The pool itself is often noted as excellent, centrally located and complemented by a pool bar offering food. The addition of music around the pool brings a cheerful ambiance, which guests found enjoyable.

Some reviews highlight that the pool was open during some stays, contrary to initial indications that it would be closed, which was a pleasant surprise for guests. Sunbeds around the outdoor pool enhance the relaxing experience. However, it's noted that there have been periods when the pool was under construction or needed some TLC, affecting usability. Despite these occasional drawbacks, the overall sentiment towards the pool area remains highly positive with its many features like outside dining areas making it a great place to unwind.

Yes, Apartamentos Vistasol has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Indoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Apartamentos Vistasol.

No, Apartamentos Vistasol doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Apartamentos Vistasol.

Yes, Apartamentos Vistasol has a gym.

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