Maltezana Beach Hotel

Maltezana 36.57655700, 26.38446200, Analipsi - Maltezana (Show on Map)

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1 room2 guests 1 room, 2 guests
Info Lying on the sandy beach of Maltezana, the hotel is built in perfect harmony with the Cycladic and Dodecanese architecture.
Beachfront Hotel
What is between the hotel and the beach?
A road
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Hotel near The Beach

Hotel for Honeymoon

Hotel with Spa

Family Friendly Hotel
What percentage of your guests are families? Under 50%
Family-Friendly room types:
Family rooms. Number: 5
Triple rooms. Number: 6
Double sea view. Number: 10
Double garden view. Number: 15
Superior Double sea view. Number: 5
Please suggest which room type a family with one child should choose and where the child will sleep:
Double room with extra bed
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Hotel with Swimming Pool

  Private Pool    Outdoor Pool  

Location of the pool: Outdoor pool
In the pool there is also:
an area designated for children
When is the pool open? From 1 June to 20 September
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Business Hotel

Hotel with Parking

3-Star Hotel

Hotel where Extra Health & Safety Measures Have Been Taken
Do visitors need a health certificate (i.e. a test) prior to arrival?
Do you perform temperature checks upon guests' arrivals?
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Hotel with Outdoor Pool

Hotel with Private Pool Rooms

Room Types
Sea View Room
Garden View Room
Mini Suite
Superior Double
About Maltezana Beach Hotel
License: 1468K013A0338200
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