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Summary of reviewsHotel Hessischer Hof is a highly recommended destination, praised for its excellent location, top-notch dining, spacious and clean rooms and exceptional service. Situated close to the city center and picturesque old town of Melsungen, the hotel's prime position near the Fulda river and cycle path R1 offers easy access to shops, restaurants and historical attractions—all within a tranquil setting. The surroundings provide a peaceful retreat perfect for leisurely strolls or dog walks, while also being well-connected to motorways for travelers heading further afield.

The hotel's breakfast receives rave reviews for its variety and quality, featuring a rich buffet with fresh bread, scrambled eggs and a host of other delicious options. The breakfast room's elegant ambiance and the staff's attentive service further enhance the dining experience. Dinner at the hotel's in-house restaurant is equally applauded, known for its delightful 3-course menu, elegant atmosphere and the option to dine in a beautiful garden or terrace setting. Special perks such as discounted menu options for hotel guests are also appreciated.

Rooms at Hotel Hessischer Hof are described as spacious, modern and clean, offering a comfortable and quiet retreat with functional and stylish furniture. Guests applaud the beautiful design and the effectiveness of modern amenities, including large desks and seating areas. The hotel's cleanliness is impeccable, noted for its spotless rooms and immaculate common areas, reflecting high hygiene standards throughout the property.

Staff at Hotel Hessischer Hof consistently earn high marks for their friendliness, attentiveness and professionalism. Guests feel warmly welcomed and well taken care of with staff members often going above and beyond to ensure a pleasant stay. The reliable and fast complimentary Wi-Fi adds convenience, while the comfortable beds, despite mixed preferences on firmness, contribute to a restful stay.

Blending historical charm with modern aesthetics, Hotel Hessischer Hof features beautiful antiques and stunning architecture within its lovely garden and patio areas. Its close proximity to the historic city center makes it an ideal choice for those interested in exploring the enchanting old town of Melsungen. The hotel is also notably dog-friendly, offering various amenities and services for pets, making it an excellent choice for pet owners.

Overall, Hotel Hessischer Hof stands out as a well-run establishment that combines comfort, quality and exceptional service, making it a favored choice among travelers.
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Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Hessischer Hof boasts an enviable location, highly praised by guests. Situated close to the city center and the picturesque old town, the hotel's position allows easy access to a wealth of shops, restaurants and historical attractions, all within walking distance. Its prime location near the Fulda river and the scenic cycle path R1 makes it an ideal spot for both leisure and activity-minded travelers.

The quiet surroundings, even though centrally located, provide a peaceful retreat, enhanced by its proximity to beautiful parks and walkways perfect for dog walks or leisurely strolls. The convenience of being just steps away from the marketplace and pedestrian zones adds to its charm. Additionally, the hotel’s accessibility to the motorway makes it a convenient stopover for those traveling further afield, such as to the Baltic Sea.

Tucked away on a dead-end street, the hotel promises a restful stay free from traffic noise, all while being in the heart of a quaint, picturesque town. It's an excellent choice for an overnight stay, especially for those embarking on bike tours along the Fulda cycle path. Overall, guests appreciate the combination of quietude and centrality that Hotel Hessischer Hof offers, making it a perfect base for exploring the delightful town of Melsungen and beyond.

Hotel Hessischer Hof has garnered consistent praise for its breakfast offerings, showcasing a blend of quality and variety that caters to different tastes and dietary needs. Many guests have highlighted the breakfast as excellent, very good and even wonderful. The breakfast buffet, described as rich and sufficient, provides an extensive selection featuring fresh bread and rolls, cereal, scrambled eggs, jam in porcelain pots, juice, fruit, yogurt and beverages such as coffee and tea.

The breakfast room itself is noted for its elegant and cozy ambiance, enhancing the overall dining experience. The hotel staff receives commendation for their superb service, attentiveness and accommodation of special requests, such as providing breakfast "care packages" for early risers or gluten-free bread options. Despite some remarks about the simplicity of the spread, the general consensus is that the breakfast is generous, varied and of very good quality, fulfilling most guests' desires.

Moreover, the availability of fresh rolls and delicious scrambled eggs are frequently mentioned highlights. Even minor observations about the lack of certain items, like croissants on some occasions, are mitigated by the overall richness and satisfactory nature of the buffet. Guests also appreciate the affordable pricing and the constant replenishment of food items. In summary, breakfast at Hotel Hessischer Hof is broadly viewed as a delightful and substantial start to the day, contributing significantly to the hotel's appeal.

Hotel Hessischer Hof offers an excellent dining experience highly praised by guests. The in-house restaurant features a delightful 3-course dinner menu and a diverse selection of delicious dishes. The food quality is consistently described as very good to excellent with many guests praising both morning and evening meals.

One notable aspect is the option to dine in a beautiful garden setting or on a terrace, adding to the overall enjoyment of the meal. The restaurant's ambiance is elegant, contributing to a refined dining experience. Special perks for hotel guests include discounted menu options which are slightly cheaper yet tasty.

However, it's worth noting that the restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays, so plan your timings accordingly. Overall, dining at Hotel Hessischer Hof is highly recommended for its great food, exceptional outdoor kitchen and elegant atmosphere.

Hotel Hessischer Hof's rooms have been praised for being both spacious and well-equipped, offering a comfortable and quiet retreat for guests. The rooms are generally described as large, clean and newly renovated with modern amenities. Guests highlighted the functional and stylish furniture, along with large desks and additional seating. Bathrooms also received positive remarks for their size and modern showers, enhancing the overall experience.

The rooms were noted for their beautiful design with some providing pleasant views from balconies. They are well-maintained and include all necessary amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay. Despite a few comments about some rooms feeling outdated or dark, the overall impression of the accommodation is very positive. The cleanliness and functionality of the rooms are consistently emphasized, making Hotel Hessischer Hof a reliable choice for travelers seeking a spacious, modern and comfortable stay.

Hotel Hessischer Hof offers a variety of bed experiences within its spacious and comfortable rooms. Some guests found the beds to be very comfortable, highlighting the overall coziness of the sleeping arrangements. The large and spacious rooms were frequently praised, adding to the comfort of the stay. However, there were mixed feelings about the firmness of the mattresses with some guests finding them too hard or too soft. Despite this, a significant number of reviewers still appreciated the comfort of the beds.

Hotel Hessischer Hof stands out for its exceptional cleanliness, impressing guests with its spotless rooms and immaculate common areas. Reviews highlight that the cleanliness in all areas of the hotel is superb with many hotels potentially learning from their high standards. Guests consistently describe the rooms and bathrooms as very clean, thoroughly maintained and well-furnished with modern amenities. The hotel seems to uphold a stringent hygiene system, ensuring that everything is in excellent condition. The positive feedback extends to the entire hotel, which is well-kept and in good condition. Guests appreciate the cozy and neat ambiance, complemented by friendly and professional staff, making it a very well-run establishment. Overall, the consistent emphasis on cleanliness and maintenance makes Hotel Hessischer Hof a favored choice among travelers.

Hotel Hessischer Hof is highly praised for its exceptional staff, who consistently receive compliments for their friendliness, attentiveness and professionalism. Guests frequently highlight the super friendly and accommodating nature of the staff, noting that their special requests are promptly fulfilled. The reception team stands out for being both friendly and incredibly helpful, making guests feel warmly welcomed from the moment they arrive.

The service is described as supreme, efficient and professional with staff members consistently going above and beyond to ensure a pleasant stay. The hotel's owners are also mentioned for their friendly and accommodating demeanor, further enhancing the overall guest experience.

Moreover, the staff’s competence and attentiveness are recurrent themes with many guests appreciating the helpful tips available around the clock. The atmosphere is made even more enjoyable by the smiling and accommodating staff, contributing to an overall excellent hospitality experience at Hotel Hessischer Hof.

At Hotel Hessischer Hof, guests frequently mention the complimentary Wi-Fi, highlighting that the service is typically free for all visitors. Many reviews commend the Wi-Fi for being reliable and very fast, enhancing the overall stay. While some guests have remarked that the Wi-Fi can occasionally be slow or experience interruptions, these instances appear to be exceptions rather than the norm. Generally, the Wi-Fi at Hotel Hessischer Hof receives positive feedback for its consistency and speed, making it suitable for most online activities during a stay.

Hotel Hessischer Hof exudes historical charm, blending old-style elegance with modern aesthetics in its decor, which features beautiful antiques. The beautiful old building is adorned with stunning architecture and boasts a lovely garden and patio area, making it a delightful retreat. Located a short distance from the historic city center, the hotel provides convenient access to the enchanting old town of Melsungen, a place that is highly recommended for its historical importance. A stay at the hotel immerses guests in a setting of historical significance, seamlessly combining history with tasteful decor.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Hessischer Hof is a haven for dog owners, offering numerous dog-friendly amenities and services. Dogs are allowed in the restaurant, ensuring a seamless dining experience for pet owners. The hotel invites guests to walk their dogs and provides excellent walking opportunities, making it a great address for hiking with pets. Additionally, dogs are not only welcome but also pampered. The hotel ensures convenience with complimentary parking and a dedicated bike room. Overall, it's an ideal destination for both pets and their owners.

No, Hotel Hessischer Hof doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Hessischer Hof.

Yes, Hotel Hessischer Hof welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Hessischer Hof.

No, Hotel Hessischer Hof doesn't have a gym.

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