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Summary of reviewsHotel Hiemer receives commendations for its well-balanced mix of convenience and tranquility, attributed to its strategic location just outside Memmingen's city center. Nestled in a peaceful residential area, the hotel offers guests a restful stopover, ideally suited for travelers heading towards Austria, Switzerland or Italy due to its proximity to major highways like the A96. While not centrally located, the downtown area is a comfortable 20-30 minute walk away and the overall environment remains tranquil and convenient, especially with ample parking and nearby amenities like McDonald's and Kaufland.

Guests consistently praise the breakfast experience at Hotel Hiemer, highlighting the abundant and varied buffet that includes fresh and nutritious options such as meats, cheeses, cereals, eggs and breads. The early breakfast start times and accommodating staff further enhance this positive experience, making it a delightful start to the day. Although there are minor mentions of lacking pastries and specialty coffees, the overall satisfaction with the breakfast remains high.

The dining experience, especially dinner, is celebrated for its diverse and high-quality Bavarian cuisine. Guests appreciate the generous portions, freshly prepared regional dishes and the cozy atmosphere of both the restaurant and terrace. The beer garden adds charm, making the dining experience enjoyable and convenient without needing to leave the hotel premises. Despite the restaurant being closed on Sundays and Mondays, it remains a highlight for many guests.

Rooms at Hotel Hiemer offer spacious and clean accommodations with some rooms featuring balconies and modern beds. Although the decor may appear outdated to some, the general cleanliness and functionality of the rooms are appreciated. Guests enjoy the cozy nature and soundproof quality of the rooms, despite occasional minor issues such as inconsistent hot water and dated furnishings.

Cleanliness is a strong point for Hotel Hiemer. Reviews frequently mention the spotless and well-maintained rooms, clean bathrooms and immaculate overall interior, enhancing the pleasant stay. Friendly and helpful staff further complement the cleanliness, contributing to a solid guest experience.

The staff at Hotel Hiemer excels in service and friendliness, consistently receiving praise for their warm and welcoming demeanor. Efficient, attentive and accommodating, the team ensures a smooth check-in process and a comfortable stay. Positive interactions with the staff are a consistent theme across reviews, highlighting the hotel's strong focus on customer satisfaction.

While experiences with the Wi-Fi vary, some guests report a good connection, whereas others face issues with signal strength and consistency. Despite these occasional connectivity problems, the hotel provides internet access.

The hotel also garners praise for its ample and free parking facilities, which are safe and conveniently located on the property. Although some suggest better marking of parking spaces, the overall satisfaction with parking remains positive.

Guests frequently mention the comfortable and high-quality beds, contributing to restful sleep. Clean linens, large beds and overall room cleanliness augment the positive experience, ensuring guests have a good night's rest.

Lastly, Hotel Hiemer is notably dog-friendly. Guests appreciate that dogs are welcome without extra charges and the staff's kindness towards pets further enhances the experience. Convenient dog-walking opportunities and easy parking make it a reliable choice for travelers with furry companions.

Overall, Hotel Hiemer stands out for its convenient location, excellent breakfast and dining options, cleanliness, friendly and accommodating staff and comfortable beds, making it a solid choice for travelers.
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Room Types
Single Room Bright room with classic-style furniture, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with complimentary toiletries.

Double Room Bright room with classic-style furniture, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with complimentary toiletries.

Triple Room Bright room with classic-style furniture, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with complimentary toiletries.

Family Room (2 Adults + 2 Children) Bright room with classic-style furniture, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with complimentary toiletries.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Hiemer offers a well-balanced mix of convenience and tranquility thanks to its strategic location just outside Memmingen's city center. The hotel is set in a peaceful residential area, offering guests a quiet environment, ideal for a restful stopover. It's particularly convenient for travelers on their way to Austria, Switzerland or Italy, as it sits close to several major highways, including the A96. This proximity to motorways is perfect for those continuing their journey, providing easy access without the hustle and bustle of the city center.

Although the hotel is not in the heart of Memmingen, visitors can still reach the downtown area with a comfortable walk of about 20-30 minutes. For those without a car or bicycle, however, the location may be challenging to reach. The quiet surrounds, complemented by nearby amenities like McDonald's and Kaufland, add to the hotel's appealing points.

Additionally, the proximity to the Buxheim Charterhouse makes it suitable for cultural explorers. Despite some mentioning the sound of the nearby highway, most guests appreciate the tranquility, ample parking and overall convenience of Hotel Hiemer's location. This setting in a serene suburban neighborhood balances accessibility with a peaceful retreat, making it a commendable choice for both short stays and longer stopovers.

At Hotel Hiemer, guests generally describe the breakfast experience quite positively. Many reviews highlight the breakfast as very good with an extensive selection that includes fresh and nutritious options. The abundant and varied buffet features meats, cheeses, cereals, eggs, breads, jams and more, offering something for every taste. Guests appreciated the generous portions and the early breakfast start times, making it convenient for those with packed schedules.

The breakfast room is noted to be quiet and occasionally festively decorated, contributing to a pleasant dining atmosphere. Friendly and accommodating staff further enhance the morning meal experience. Some reviews mentioned the inclusion of breakfast in the room price as a value-add and multiple visitors found the breakfast to be a suitable and enjoyable start to their day.

While most feedback is overwhelmingly positive, a few reviewers mentioned areas for improvement such as the absence of pastries, croissants and specialty coffees like espresso or cappuccino. Despite these minor criticisms, the overall consensus is that the breakfast at Hotel Hiemer is a hearty, plentiful and delightful experience, making it an attractive choice for travelers.

Hotel Hiemer’s dining experience receives widespread acclaim from its guests, who consistently commend the restaurant's high-quality cuisine. The restaurant, a highlight of the hotel, specializes in traditional Bavarian dishes, offering a menu that’s both diverse and delicious. Many guests appreciated the late operating hours, making it a convenient option for those arriving after a long journey. The generous portions and freshly prepared regional food frequently impress diners with the Schnitzels getting special mention.

The relaxed and cozy atmosphere adds to the dining pleasure, whether you're enjoying a fine dining experience in the restaurant or a more laid-back dinner on the terrace. The helpful and kind service staff are appreciated, particularly for their flexibility with menu variations. The beer garden is noted for its charm, providing an enjoyable setting for meals.

Economical pricing and hearty portions make it a great value-for-money option. The presence of an onsite restaurant is a notable plus, allowing guests the ease of dining in without leaving the hotel premises. While the restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays, it remains a favorite amongst those who get to experience it. Overall, whether for a satisfying dinner or a hearty Swabian meal, guests highly recommend the hotel’s restaurant as a key part of the Hotel Hiemer experience.

Hotel Hiemer offers a mix of experiences when it comes to their rooms. Many guests appreciate the spaciousness and cleanliness that several rooms offer with a significant number of reviews highlighting large, comfortable accommodations often featuring balconies. The rooms, while functional and adequate, showcase a variety of qualities that might appeal to different preferences.

On the positive side, guests frequently note the cozy and tidy nature of the rooms with many mentions of clean and large bathrooms and some rooms even equipped with bathtubs and modern beds. Rooms with balconies are deemed a lovely touch, providing extra space and a pleasant view. The hotel also garners appreciation for its soundproof quality in some rooms, ensuring a quiet stay.

However, there are noteworthy drawbacks. A consistent theme is the outdated decor and furnishings with many rooms exuding a 70's style that might not be to everyone's taste. Some guests find the bathrooms lacking modern amenities and in need of renovation. Additionally, issues like inconsistent hot water supply, small and soft pillows, somewhat noisy environments and sporadically poor room conditions, such as cigarette smells and cleanliness concerns, have been reported.

All in all, while Hotel Hiemer’s rooms cater well to guests valuing space and cleanliness, they could benefit from modern updates to enhance overall comfort and satisfaction.

When it comes to restful sleep, Hotel Hiemer seems to deliver quite well. Guests frequently praise the beds, noting their comfort and the overall quality of the mattresses. Words like "comfy", "comfortable," and "delightful" come up repeatedly, painting a picture of sleep-filled nights on beds that cater to tired travelers. The mattresses are often described as very good or exceptional, adding to the overall sense of well-being for those who stay.

Despite a few mentions of beds being too soft or firm for some, the overall consensus is overwhelmingly positive. Several visitors have highlighted that the beds are large and the linens superbly clean, contributing to a restful environment. The rooms themselves are kept clean and are accompanied by friendly and helpful staff, which further enhances the guest experience.

Overall, if a good night's sleep is high on your priority list, Hotel Hiemer appears to be a reliable choice thanks to its clean, comfortable beds and excellent service.

Hotel Hiemer has received commendable reviews for its cleanliness. Guests frequently mentioned that the rooms were spotless, tidy and generally well-maintained. Many emphasized that both the rooms and bathrooms were very clean with clean sheets and towels enhancing their stay. The overall interior of the hotel was described as very clean and well-groomed, contributing to a pleasant experience.

Several reviews highlighted the friendly and helpful staff, which further complemented the cleanliness of the hotel. Guests also appreciated the hotel's convenient location, making it a recommended choice for those passing through or staying for shorter durations.

There were a few minor concerns about bathroom cleanliness and occasional non-functioning lamps, but these didn't overshadow the positive feedback regarding the immaculate condition of the hotel overall. Hotel Hiemer offers clean, comfortable accommodations with a touch of friendliness, making it a solid option for travelers.

At Hotel Hiemer, the staff consistently impresses with their exceptional service and friendliness, as highlighted by numerous guest reviews. Many visitors note the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the team with frequent mentions of their helpfulness and accommodating nature. The staff’s commitment to providing top-notch service is evident in their attentiveness, efficiency and responsiveness to guest needs.

The reception area often receives praise for its friendly and uncomplicated service, ensuring a positive first impression and a smooth check-in process. Guests frequently describe the staff as courteous, super friendly and always ready to assist, creating an overall welcoming environment.

The service staff at the hotel is particularly highlighted for their attentiveness and ability to provide swift and friendly service. The positive interactions extend beyond the reception with staff members across the hotel described as very friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. This dedication to customer care ensures a pleasant and comfortable stay for all guests.

Moreover, the commitment to friendliness and helpfulness seems to be a consistent trait among the hotel’s employees, from those at the reception to those involved in daily service operations. This consistency in positive guest interactions is a testament to the hotel's strong focus on customer satisfaction and exceptional service standards.

In summary, Hotel Hiemer stands out for its superbly friendly and accommodating staff, ensuring that guests feel welcomed and well taken care of throughout their stay.

If you're planning a stay at Hotel Hiemer, it's worth noting that experiences with the Wi-Fi can vary quite a bit. Some guests have reported good Wi-Fi connections during their stay, but it's clear that this isn't the universal experience. Quite a few reviews mention that the Wi-Fi service was either completely unavailable or suffered from poor signal strength and frequent disconnections. Additionally, there have been instances of inconsistent internet performance with the connection occasionally dropping or being very slow. While the hotel does provide internet access, be prepared for potential connectivity issues, especially if you plan to rely heavily on a stable internet connection during your stay.

Hotel Hiemer offers a very accommodating parking experience for its guests. Visitors frequently praise the ample and free parking spaces available across several lots on the hotel's large property. The convenience of having parking right in front of the hotel and on-site makes it easy for guests to access their vehicles. Many guests note that the parking area feels very safe, adding to the overall peace of mind during their stay. Although a few reviews suggest that marking the parking spaces would be helpful, the general consensus is that the parking facilities are more than satisfactory. Whether you are arriving with a car or renting one during your stay, Hotel Hiemer ensures that parking won't be a hassle.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Hiemer stands out as a haven for travelers with dogs. Guests appreciated that dogs are welcome without any extra cost, making it a budget-friendly choice for pet owners. The friendly and accommodating staff enhance the overall experience by being particularly kind and welcoming towards dogs. With plenty of opportunities for dog walks and easy parking, it's especially convenient for those traveling with their pets. The hotel's flexibility in allowing dogs at dinner further adds to its charm, making it a great stop, especially for those passing through with their furry companions.

No, Hotel Hiemer doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Hiemer.

Yes, Hotel Hiemer welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Hiemer.

No, Hotel Hiemer doesn't have a gym.

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