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Summary of reviews**Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City** receives overwhelmingly positive reviews highlighting its convenient location, exceptional staff and overall cleanliness. Located directly across from the Mall of Africa, the hotel places guests within easy reach of diverse shopping and dining options. Its central position in Midrand means guests can swiftly access key business and leisure areas such as Gauteng’s business parks, the Gallagher Convention Centre and Sandton’s vibrant nightlife. The hotel is also near hospitals and offices, making it an ideal choice for both corporate and healthcare-related stays. Guests appreciate the quiet and secure environment surrounding the hotel, which features beautiful views, making it a perfect spot for both work and family visits.

The breakfast experience at the hotel enjoys high praise. Patrons commend the quality and variety of the morning spread, which includes both hot and cold dishes, fresh ingredients and friendly service. While some guests felt that breakfast could be priced better and desired fresher baked goods, the general consensus is of a delightful and satisfying culinary start to the day.

Dinner reviews reflect a mixed sentiment. Guests value the high-quality food, well-maintained décor and impeccable room service. However, some expressed concerns about longer wait times, the absence of a buffet, limited menu options and high prices for drinks, particularly wine. Improvements in consistency and promptness of service are suggested to enhance the overall dining experience.

Room reviews are largely positive with mentions of spacious, clean and modern accommodations equipped with amenities like coffee machines and refrigerators. Comfortable beds and stunning city views add to the appeal. However, some guests have encountered issues with room service delays, inadequate soundproofing and inconsistent amenities, though these do not seem to outweigh the overall comfort and functionality of the rooms.

Cleanliness across the hotel stands out as a significant positive point with numerous mentions of the meticulous upkeep of both rooms and common areas. Guests appreciate the modern, tidy and well-maintained environment, which contributes to a pleasant and comfortable stay.

The hotel's staff receives consistent accolades for their friendliness, professionalism and attentiveness. Guest interactions with the staff are marked by exceptional hospitality and a genuine investment in ensuring memorable stays. The positive impressions left by the staff foster an environment of warmth and security, despite occasional isolated incidents of less amiable service at reception.

WiFi accessibility is generally satisfactory, meeting the basic needs of most travelers, although there are occasional issues with connection stability and the need to frequently reconnect devices.

Parking facilities are highly praised with the availability of ample, secure and covered underground parking enhancing the convenience and safety for guests. Though some guests note issues with signage to the parking area, the overall feedback is favorable.

Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City is well-suited for family visits, offering amenities such as interlinked rooms and a friendly atmosphere that make it a popular choice amongst young guests. Instances requiring medical attention were noted but not seen as a frequent concern.

The beds at the hotel receive mixed reviews. Many guests appreciate the spacious and comfortable bedding, while some find the beds too hard or noisy. Opinions on the pillows also vary, though the generous space and quality bedding receive praise overall.

For business travelers, the hotel’s excellent service and strategic location cater well to professional needs, making it a preferred choice for business trips. The amenities and services align well with the expectations of business guests, facilitating meetings and professional engagements effectively.

In sum, Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City impresses with its prime location, exceptional staff and high standards of cleanliness, making it a commendable choice for diverse travelers, despite some room for improvement in certain aspects of the dining and service experience.
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Room Types
Standard Double Room Offering free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower and a hairdryer. The air-conditioned double room offers a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a tea and coffee maker, a safe deposit box, a sofa as well as city views. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
The location of the Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City receives high praise from guests for its convenience and appeal. Situated directly across from the Mall of Africa, it places visitors just a few steps away from a wide array of shopping and dining options. This central position in Midrand also offers easy access to other key areas such as Gauteng’s business parks, the Gallagher Convention Centre and Sandton’s vibrant nightlife. The hotel's surrounding area is described as quiet and secure, perfect for both work purposes and family outings. Additionally, the proximity to hospitals and offices enhances its convenience for corporate and healthcare-related stays. Coupled with gorgeous views, the well-situated hotel meets the needs of various travelers looking for a prime location in the bustling cityscape.

The breakfast experience at Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City receives a range of feedback. Many guests found the breakfast to be an exceptional highlight of their stay, citing phrases such as "wonderful," "excellent," "amazing," and "divine." The variety of meal options and the deliciousness of the offerings contributed to a positive overall impression with several reviewers noting the wide selection of both cold and hot dishes. The freshness of the breakfast and the friendliness of the restaurant staff added to this favorable assessment.

However, not all feedback was unanimously positive. A few guests felt that the breakfast was overpriced and mediocre with some even labeling it as sub-par for the cost. Issues were also raised about the freshness of specific items like croissants and bagels and some reviewers felt that the variety could be improved. Despite these criticisms, the overall sentiment remains predominantly positive with numerous mentions of a delightful and satisfying breakfast experience.

The dinner experience at Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City generates mixed feedback from guests. The majority praise the hotel for its great restaurants and impeccable room service. Many highlight the high quality of food, describing it as good, excellent and amazing. Guests appreciate the well-designed and clean restaurant services, underscoring the hotel's appealing environment and beautiful decor.

However, some reviews note areas for improvement. Complaints include lengthy wait times for food with some guests experiencing delays of more than an hour. There is criticism regarding the lack of a buffet for dinner and the limited menu options. The price of drinks, particularly wine, is also mentioned as being excessively high. Moreover, some guests feel that the food quality could be inconsistent with reports of poor and even horrible dinner experiences. Training for restaurant staff is suggested to enhance service quality.

Overall, while many guests have a positive dining experience, there are areas needing attention to ensure consistency and improve the experience for all guests.

Guests of Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City have largely praised the rooms for their spaciousness and cleanliness. Many noted the modern design and ample amenities, including a coffee machine, glass bottled water, juice and a fridge. The rooms also feature comfortable beds and effective air conditioning. A number of reviews mentioned stunning city views and nicely decorated interiors that often felt new and fresh.

However, there were some consistent issues with room service and the timeliness of cleaning. Several guests reported that rooms were not refreshed on time with room service plates not collected promptly. Some also felt the room service lacked attention to detail, such as the absence of standard utensils like knives and forks.

Soundproofing appeared to be a notable concern with some guests finding the rooms noisy, particularly on the second floor. Inconsistent amenities, like a poorly stocked mini bar and missing facilities in some rooms, were also mentioned.

Despite these drawbacks, the overall feedback highlighted comfort, modernity and functionality as key strengths, making it a favorable option for travelers seeking a well-equipped and aesthetically pleasing stay.

Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City offers a variety of experiences when it comes to their beds with mixed reviews from guests. Many have appreciated the spaciousness and comfort of the beds, highlighting the fresh and puffy bedding as particularly pleasing. Some guests found the beds to be comfortable, complimenting the sumptuous bedding.

However, several guests noted inconsistencies in the comfort levels of the beds, describing them as hard or uncomfortable with a few finding them noisy or creaky. Pillows received a notably mixed reception as well with some guests finding them uncomfortable. Others have suggested that the bed could be softer to enhance comfort. Despite these mixed opinions, the hotel does receive praise for the generous space and quality of its bedding.

The Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City has consistently received high praise for its cleanliness. Guests frequently described the facilities as exceptionally clean, tidy and modern. The rooms and bathrooms stood out for their immaculate condition and pleasant smell. Despite some isolated criticisms, the overall consensus emphasized the spotless and well-maintained environment of the hotel. The blend of cleanliness with beautiful, modern décor made a lasting impression on visitors, highlighting the hotel's commitment to maintaining a pristine and inviting atmosphere.

The Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City has earned commendable praise for its staff from numerous guests. Consistently highlighted is the friendliness and helpfulness of the personnel, often described as exceptionally friendly, incredibly attentive and welcoming. Many guests noted that the staff were always ready to answer questions and go above and beyond to ensure a pleasant stay, contributing to an ambiance of warmth and security.

Professionalism and high service levels were common themes with guests pointing out the exceptional hospitality and excellent service provided. Interactions with the staff often left a positive impression, indicating that the staff members are not only courteous but genuinely invested in making each guest's experience memorable. Moreover, the opportunity for guests to extend their stay and enjoy amenities like free underground cover parking further demonstrates the hotel's commitment to customer satisfaction.

While most reviews celebrate the outstanding service, a few noted instances of unfriendliness or lackluster performance, particularly at the reception. However, these appear to be exceptions in an otherwise highly praised environment.

Overall, the staff at Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City are frequently described as friendly, professional and willing to go the extra mile, contributing to what many guests consider their best hotel experience in South Africa.

Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City offers reasonable WiFi access with good coverage throughout the premises. Guests have generally found the WiFi to be satisfactory with the rooms providing consistent connectivity. However, some reviewers noted that the WiFi was inconsistent at times and required reconnection with each device upon returning to the hotel. The internet stability was sometimes an issue and the television was not connected to the WiFi, which affected the overall experience. Despite these inconsistencies, the WiFi service at the Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City meets the basic needs of most travelers.

The parking situation at Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City is a strong point for guests. Visitors appreciate the ample and plentiful free underground parking, which is also described as covered and secure. The security measures, including cautious guards, enhance the feeling of safety for parked vehicles. Despite some issues with poor signage to get to the parking area, the overall convenience and safety of the parking facilities are praised.

Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City provides a great setting for families, offering a perfect location that's convenient for family outings. The property caters well to children, making it a favorite among young guests. Family-friendly amenities include interlinked rooms, ideal for parents traveling with children. It's described as nice for socializing with both friends and family. Despite some noting the short duration of their stay, the overall atmosphere and facilities make it a favorable option for family stays. However, a few concerning instances were mentioned involving medical emergencies with toddlers and babies.

Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City has received high marks from business travelers for its exceptional service and convenient location, which perfectly caters to professional needs. The hotel stands out as an ideal choice for those on business trips, offering services that are crucial for such endeavors. The property's amenities and service offerings are described as fitting perfectly within the standards expected from business hotels, making it particularly convenient for meetings and professional engagements. The feedback consistently highlights the hotel's suitability for business-oriented stays.

Yes, Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Outdoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City.

No, Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City.

Yes, Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City has a gym.

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