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Summary of reviewsHotel Tequila, situated in an enviable city center location, is highly praised for its convenience and accessibility. The hotel's proximity to green areas, shops, a lake and key attractions like the historical museum makes it an excellent choice for visitors. Its easy access from the A2 route further enhances its appeal, particularly for those on travel breaks.

The breakfast at Hotel Tequila often garners positive feedback with guests appreciating the variety and homeliness of the buffet offerings. Described as very good, delicious and satisfying, the breakfast, which includes real coffee and eggs, provides a delightful start to the day. Although there are a few mixed opinions, the overall sentiment is that the breakfast adds good value to the stay.

The on-site restaurant at Hotel Tequila is another highlight, offering delicious and memorable meals with a pleasant dining experience. Guests enjoy the Italian-style decor and the convenience of the restaurant’s operational hours until 11 pm. The addition of a well-received bar further contributes to the positive dining experience.

In terms of accommodations, Hotel Tequila excels in providing clean, spacious and comfortable rooms. Many visitors appreciate the large, cozy beds and the cleanliness of the bathrooms. Families, especially those with children, find the accommodations satisfactory. Despite minor issues like the absence of tea kettles and occasional faulty lamps, the overall comfort and maintenance of the rooms receive high marks.

Cleanliness is a consistent strength at Hotel Tequila with many guests noting the well-kept and tidy environment of both the rooms and bathrooms. The hotel's commitment to cleanliness, combined with additional amenities like a large parking area and tasty menu options, enhances the guest experience.

The hotel staff earns commendations for their friendliness, competence and helpfulness. While there are occasional criticisms regarding staff demeanor, the majority of feedback highlights positive interactions and excellent customer service.

Hotel Tequila offers solid WiFi connectivity with many guests experiencing strong and reliable internet in various areas. Though there are some issues with connection stability in certain rooms, the overall WiFi performance is deemed satisfactory.

Parking is another well-received aspect with a large, secure lot located behind the building. The free and convenient parking options add to the hotel's favorable features, contributing to a stress-free stay.

The beds at Hotel Tequila receive mixed reviews. While many guests find them spacious and comfortable, equipped with feather mattresses, others have encountered firmness or squeakiness issues. Nevertheless, the overall feedback indicates that a majority of guests find the beds satisfactory.

In essence, Hotel Tequila’s central location, high standard of cleanliness, appealing breakfast and dining options and friendly staff make it a compelling choice for travelers seeking comfort, convenience and value.
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Room Types
Large Single Room This single room features a private bathroom, a wardrobe and heating. The unit offers 1 bed.

Large Double Room This double room features a private bathroom, a wardrobe and heating. The unit offers 2 beds.

Apartment This apartment features a private bathroom, a wardrobe and heating. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Tequila boasts an enviable location in the city center, making it an excellent choice for travelers. Its proximity to green areas, shops and a lake further enhances its appeal. Being close to the city center, it provides convenient access for those exploring the historical museum and other central attractions. Additionally, the hotel is well-situated near the A2 route, ideal for those on a travel break. In summary, Hotel Tequila's central and advantageous location makes it a compelling option for visitors seeking convenience and accessibility.

Hotel Tequila has garnered a range of opinions regarding its breakfast offerings with an overwhelming number of guests expressing positive sentiments. Most reviews highlight the breakfast as very good, delicious and satisfying, often describing it as great or excellent. Guests appreciate the buffet format, which provides a wide variety of options to cater to different tastes and preferences, ensuring that everyone can find something they enjoy. The breakfast includes real coffee and eggs, adding a touch of homeliness and authenticity to the meal.

Many visitors were pleasantly surprised by the quality and freshness of the continental breakfast, despite their initial expectations. The breakfast is simple yet tasty and sufficient, offering a good start to the day without being overly extravagant. The inclusion of breakfast in the room price adds to the overall value, making it a good deal for travelers.

Some guests mentioned that the breakfast was just okay or mediocre with a few describing it as weak or very poor. However, these comments are in the minority, indicating that while there might be occasional inconsistencies, the general experience is positive. The presence of kind owners and a peaceful atmosphere further enhances the breakfast experience at Hotel Tequila.

In summary, Hotel Tequila's breakfast generally receives high marks for its variety, taste and inclusion in the price, making it a delightful aspect of the stay for most guests.

Hotel Tequila's restaurant is a standout feature with its delicious food that leaves a lasting impression. Guests can enjoy a pleasant dining experience, as the on-site restaurant serves very good and surprisingly delicious dishes, evoking Italian vibes through its decor. Operating until 11 pm, it also includes a bar that has been praised for its good food. Reviewers have noted that dinner at the buffet is particularly good, adding to the overall positive dining experience. Whether opting for a pleasant dinner at the hotel's restaurant or exploring nearby dining options in town, guests are unlikely to be disappointed.

Nestled in a prime central location, Hotel Tequila offers guests clean, spacious and comfortable accommodations. Many of the rooms are notably large with new and cozy beds contributing to a restful night's sleep. Families, especially those with children, may find this hotel particularly accommodating. The bathrooms are frequently highlighted for their cleanliness and the overall decor of the rooms exudes a warm and pleasant atmosphere. While the hotel maintains an inviting simplicity, it ensures a high standard of room maintenance, although there were mentions of minor issues like a lack of soap in dispensers and occasional faulty lamps. Certain conveniences such as tea kettles and well-positioned TVs are missing, but the overall experience remains positive, thanks to the ample space and cleanliness that the rooms consistently provide.

The beds at 'Hotel Tequila' receive mixed feedback from guests. On the positive side, many reviewers highlight the spaciousness and comfort of the beds, describing them as large, comfortable and equipped with feather mattresses. Several guests specifically mention that the bed provided good value and was very comfortable. However, not all experiences are glowing with some guests finding the beds too firm or uncomfortable and others noting issues with squeakiness. While the comfort level of the beds seems to vary, there are enough positive remarks to suggest that many guests find them more than satisfactory.

Hotel Tequila offers guests a consistently high level of cleanliness with rooms described as clean, pleasant and comfortable. The bathrooms are also noted for being well-maintained. Guests can expect everything to be in place upon arrival, contributing to an overall tidy environment. Despite occasional minor remarks, the overall impression conveys a well-kept hotel ideal for those prioritizing cleanliness during their stay. Additionally, the hotel boasts amenities such as a large parking area and a variety of tasty salads, enhancing the guest experience.

Hotel Tequila receives commendations for its staff often being described as friendly, competent and helpful. The pleasant service and flexible check-in options add to the positive experience. Guests particularly appreciated the very nice and polite service from the lady serving meals. There are, however, a few critiques with instances of staff seeming gloomy, tired and occasionally displaying arrogance. Despite these rare negative comments, the hotel generally offers excellent customer service, making travelers feel welcomed and satisfied.

Hotel Tequila offers a solid WiFi experience overall with many guests noting that the connection is strong in various areas. The quality of WiFi is described as good or decent by several reviewers, making it functional for regular internet use. However, there are some inconsistencies with certain guests experiencing poor connection in their rooms, disconnection issues or trouble accessing the password. Despite these occasional challenges, the hotel's good value for money and the convenience of late-night check-in enhance its appeal.

Hotel Tequila offers a variety of parking options that have been well-received by guests. There's a large parking lot located conveniently behind the building, which provides a sense of security and ease. The availability of free parking further enhances its appeal. Guests have highlighted the convenience of this parking, mentioning its proximity to both the restaurant and other key areas of the hotel. The overall feedback suggests that the parking options at Hotel Tequila are ample, accessible and free of charge, adding to the hotel's favorable location and warm, quiet atmosphere.

No, Hotel Tequila doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Tequila.

Yes, Hotel Tequila welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Tequila.

No, Hotel Tequila doesn't have a gym.

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