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Summary of reviewsMississauga Gate Inn benefits from a prime location that guests frequently praise for its proximity to the airport and convenient access to expressways, making it easy to navigate around Toronto and surrounding areas. Visitors enjoy being close to a variety of local restaurants, shopping malls and plazas, enhancing their overall experience. The location is often described as great, perfect and easy to access, adding to the value for money despite occasional mentions of less-than-ideal surroundings.

The rooms at Mississauga Gate Inn elicit mixed reactions. Many guests appreciate the spaciousness and comfortable beds with renovated bathrooms receiving positive remarks. Quiet and cozy rooms, especially the non-smoking ones which are a bit more updated, offer a pleasant stay. However, some issues were noted, such as cleanliness concerns, malfunctioning appliances and missing basic amenities. Despite these drawbacks, the provision of two TVs, a fridge and a microwave in rooms was appreciated and guests found that issues were often addressed promptly through relocations to better rooms.

Cleanliness at the hotel receives mixed feedback. Some guests find the rooms clean, comfortable and pest-free, commending the two TVs, fridge and microwave as beneficial additions. However, significant problems such as dusty counters, dirty carpets, stained tubs and moldy bathrooms have been reported. The consistency of cleanliness appears to need improvement, especially considering reports of unpleasant odors and visible dirt during Covid.

The staff at Mississauga Gate Inn receive mostly positive reviews, often highlighted as friendly and helpful. The lady at the front desk is particularly noted for her exceptional kindness, contributing to guests' positive experiences. While a few guests reported a lack of enthusiasm from some staff members, the general sentiment towards the team is favorable, recognizing them as a key factor in enhancing the stay.
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Room Types
Queen Room This room includes a fridge, free local calls, satellite movies and free Wi-Fi.

King Room This room includes a fridge, free local calls, satellite movies and free Wi-Fi.

Queen Room with Two Queen Beds This large room includes a fridge, free local calls, satellite movies and free Wi-Fi.

Deluxe Queen Room This room features a flat-screen TV and MP3 player.

Honeymoon Suite This suite features a fireplace. Featuring free toiletries, this suite includes a private bathroom with a bath, a shower and a hairdryer. The air-conditioned suite features a flat-screen TV with cable channels, tumble dryer, a sofa and a carpeted floor. The unit has 1 bed.

Queen Room - Smoking This double room has a satellite TV, sofa and microwave.

Guest Reviews
Mississauga Gate Inn boasts a prime location that guests frequently praise. The hotel's proximity to the airport makes it an excellent choice for travelers needing quick access to flights. Additionally, its convenient spot near expressways facilitates easy navigation around Toronto and its surrounding areas.

Guests appreciate being near a variety of local restaurants, shopping malls and plazas, offering plenty of options for dining and entertainment. The location is described as great, perfect and easy to access, enhancing the overall convenience of the stay. While there was a mention of the location being less than ideal by one reviewer, many others highlight that the value for money and proximity to essential amenities and transportation routes make it an attractive option for visitors. Overall, the location receives positive feedback for its accessibility and the variety of nearby activities.

Mississauga Gate Inn provides a mix of experiences for guests staying in their rooms. Many reviewers appreciated the spaciousness and comfort of the rooms, highlighting comfortable beds and the clean, renovated bathrooms. Several guests mentioned that both the smoking and non-smoking rooms were quiet and cozy with some of the non-smoking rooms being a bit nicer and more updated.

However, there were noticeable downsides reported. Some rooms had issues with cleanliness, including dusty furniture, uncleaned surfaces and even unpleasant smells. Furthermore, several appliances such as refrigerators and heaters were not working as expected and guests noted the rooms were missing basic amenities like coffee makers, cups and kitchen utilities.

Despite some rooms needing maintenance with issues like peeling wallpaper and bulging walls, the convenience of certain amenities such as having two TVs, a fridge and a microwave was appreciated by guests. Overall, while some guests found their accommodations disappointing initially, complaints were often handled promptly with relocations to better rooms when necessary.

Mississauga Gate Inn has received varied remarks concerning its cleanliness. A number of guests found the rooms to be clean, comfortable and free from pests or hidden dirt. Some praised the rooms for being consistently clean and appreciated facilities like having two TVs, a fridge and a microwave. However, numerous reviews highlighted significant cleanliness issues. Recurring problems included dusty counters and furniture, dirty carpets, stained tubs, beddings with burn holes and moldy bathrooms. There are also reports of unpleasant odors, particularly on the bed sheets. A few guests mentioned ongoing cleanliness concerns especially during Covid, such as spider webs and hair in the tub. The overall sentiment suggests a need for more thorough and consistent cleaning practices and some improvements in maintenance.

The reviews of 'Mississauga Gate Inn' highlight the hotel’s staff as friendly and helpful with multiple references to their kindness. Many guests found the staff to be great with particular praise directed at the lady at the front desk, noted as exceptionally kind and helpful. The staff's friendliness was emphasized, contributing to a positive guest experience overall. However, a few guests noted a lack of enthusiasm from some staff members and mentioned that the team was not always welcoming. Despite these occasional critiques, the general sentiment towards the staff remains largely positive.

No, Mississauga Gate Inn doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Mississauga Gate Inn.

No, Mississauga Gate Inn doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Mississauga Gate Inn.

No, Mississauga Gate Inn doesn't have a gym.

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