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Summary of reviewsHotel Moers van der Valk emerges as a favored destination for a variety of travelers, thanks largely to its exceptional location, welcoming atmosphere and commendable amenities.

The hotel's strategic positioning near major motorways garners high praise, offering travelers, especially those driving, hassle-free access. Despite its proximity to the highways, the environment remains serene and tranquil. Guests appreciate the closeness to Moers' city center, facilitating easy exploration of local attractions. The nearby large park provides scenic views and opportunities for leisurely walks.

Breakfast at the hotel is consistently highlighted for its extensive variety and quality. Guests describe it as fantastic with terms like rich and plentiful frequently used. The welcoming atmosphere in the breakfast room adds to the overall positive experience. The breakfast staff also receive commendations for their friendliness.

Dinner experiences are generally positive with many guests applauding the delicious and high-quality food. The restaurant ambiance and attentive service contribute to a delightful dining experience. Special meals, such as festive dinners, are particularly well-received. Though some reviews mention occasional issues like overcooked meat and long waiting times, the overall sentiment remains favorable.

Room accommodations offer a mix of praise and critique. Spaciousness and comfort are frequently praised, along with modernized bathrooms. However, the need for updates and maintenance is noted with some guests mentioning outdated furnishings and noise issues. Despite these drawbacks, the public areas and lobby receive positive remarks.

Cleanliness is a recurring theme with many guests praising the clean and tidy state of the rooms and public spaces. The stylish interior and cozy atmosphere add to the appeal. However, there are occasional issues with cleanliness and upkeep, suggesting a need for more thorough housekeeping.

The staff at Hotel Moers van der Valk stand out for their friendly, helpful and professional demeanor. Guests frequently highlight the excellent customer service, especially during check-in and check-out. The restaurant staff's attentiveness, particularly towards families, also earns high marks.

The hotel's facilities cater well to families, offering spacious rooms, a playground and various activities. The family-friendly atmosphere and accommodating staff enhance the experience for those traveling with children. Despite occasional noise issues, the hotel remains a practical and enjoyable choice for family travel.

While the bedding receives considerable praise for comfort, there are occasional complaints about specific issues like loose mattresses. Nonetheless, the overall sentiment leans towards comfort and a good night's sleep.

Overall, Hotel Moers van der Valk presents itself as an attractive choice for travelers, blending modern elegance with homey comforts. The notable location, quality dining experiences, spacious accommodations and friendly staff make it a preferred option for many. While there are areas for improvement, such as room updates and WiFi connectivity, the positive aspects significantly outweigh the negatives, offering a delightful stay for guests.
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Room Types
Standard Double Room Classic room with satellite TV and a private bathroom.

Comfort Double Room Modern, newly renovated room with balcony or terrace.

Deluxe Double Room Quietly located, modern room offering private balcony/terrace and park view.

Triple Room Featuring free toiletries, this triple room includes a private bathroom with a bath, a shower and a hairdryer. The triple room features a safe deposit box, a carpeted floor, heating and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The unit has 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
'Hotel Moers van der Valk' enjoys an exceptional location that receives high praise from guests. The hotel is situated right next to major motorways, making it extremely convenient for travelers, particularly those driving. Despite its proximity to the highways, the surroundings remain quiet and pleasant, providing a peaceful retreat. The hotel is near the city center of Moers, making it easy to explore local attractions and enjoy shopping. Notably, it's also an excellent base for attending events like the Moers Festival and visiting the Dusseldorf Messe without being in the midst of the city's hustle and bustle.

Another significant highlight is its scenic location right by a large, beautiful park. This offers guests the opportunity to indulge in relaxing walks and enjoy refreshing views right from their rooms. It's also convenient for those visiting the nearby cozy town of Moers and the Moers Jazz Festival.

The hotel is well-regarded for its accessibility, whether for a short stopover, day trips throughout the area or even longer stays. With ample free parking, including parking spaces directly in front of the hotel, it’s ideal for road travelers. Additionally, its central location and proximity to the city make it an excellent choice for a range of visitors, from tourists to those traveling for work.

Overall, the strategic, centrally-located yet peaceful setting of 'Hotel Moers van der Valk' makes it a preferred choice for a variety of travelers, highlighted by the convenience of access and the attractive parkland surroundings.

The breakfast at Hotel Moers van der Valk receives high praise from guests, primarily for its extensive variety and quality. The buffet offers a vast selection of options, ensuring there is something for everyone, including those with dietary restrictions. Many guests describe the breakfast as very good, fantastic and top-notch. The abundance and variety available seem to set it apart from other hotel offerings with terms like plentiful, rich and extensive frequently mentioned. The atmosphere of the breakfast room also adds to the appeal, creating a pleasant and welcoming environment to start the day. Though a few reviews note the breakfast's expense, the overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the exceptional quality and presentation of the food. The breakfast staff also receive commendations for their friendly service. Overall, the breakfast at Hotel Moers van der Valk is a standout aspect of the guest experience, leaving little to be desired.

Guests of Hotel Moers van der Valk have generally positive experiences when dining at the hotel's restaurant. Many reviewers commend the dinner, describing it as delicious, superb and very good. Guests appreciated the quality of the food, noting specific dishes as very tasty with some calling their dining experience excellent and even fantastic. The restaurant itself received praise for its ambiance and excellent service, contributing to an overall great dining experience.

In terms of variety, the restaurant offers well-prepared, good cuisine with options like a buffet providing an alternative to the regular menu. Some guests highlighted their satisfaction with special meals, such as the Christmas dinner and evening meals during Boxing Day, describing them as great and excellent.

However, there are some criticisms regarding the dinner service. Issues such as overcooked and dry meat, long waiting times for food and dishes not matching their descriptions were noted. Despite these occasional hiccups, the overall sentiment towards dining at the hotel leans towards the positive.

In summary, while there are areas for improvement, the majority of guests found the hotel's restaurant to be a highlight of their stay with good food, high-quality dishes and a pleasant dining environment.

Hotel Moers van der Valk offers guests a mix of experiences when it comes to their room accommodations. Many reviews commend the spaciousness of the rooms, highlighting their size as a positive feature. Several guests also appreciated the clean and tidy environment, describing the rooms as cozy and comfortable. The modernized bathrooms, complete with bathtubs and showers, were also frequently praised, adding to the overall room appeal.

However, the reviews indicate that the rooms could benefit from some updates and maintenance. Numerous comments mentioned that the rooms and furnishings appear outdated with visible signs of wear and tear such as scratched furniture, stained carpets and defective doors. The absence of air conditioning also posed a significant issue for some guests, making the rooms overly warm and difficult to ventilate.

Noise was another common concern, as many guests found the rooms insufficiently soundproofed, leading to disturbances from both inside and the surrounding external environment. The cleanliness of some rooms and facilities did not meet guests' expectations with reports of mold, dirty carpets and overall neglected upkeep.

Guests also noted some amenities were lacking, such as mini bars, air conditioning and proper ventilation systems. Despite these drawbacks, the hotel's public areas received positive remarks and the modernized lobby was appreciated.

In summary, while the rooms at Hotel Moers van der Valk are noted for their generous size and comfort, they would significantly benefit from modernization and improved maintenance to match the standards expected by contemporary travelers.

Hotel Moers van der Valk offers a range of bedding experiences according to guest reviews. Many visitors praised the hotel for its comfortable beds, describing them as soft, large and very cozy. Comments such as "comfortable beds," "very comfortable beds," and "mattresses were very good" frequently appear in the feedback, suggesting that for most guests, the hotel provided a pleasant night's sleep.

However, experiences were not universally positive. Some guests found the mattresses too soft, leading to discomfort. Issues like sliding or shifting mattresses, sagging beds and split mattresses on queen beds were noted by several reviewers. These issues seemed to detract from the overall comfort for some.

While the bedding received considerable praise for its comfort, there were occasional complaints about specific elements like loose mattresses and the lack of secure fixtures, which led to some disturbances during sleep. Despite these mixed reviews, the overall sentiment leaned towards comfort with the array of beds generally appreciated by many patrons at Hotel Moers van der Valk.

Hotel Moers van der Valk has received mixed reviews regarding its cleanliness, but many guests have highlighted several positive aspects. Guests frequently praised the clean and tidy state of the rooms, often describing them as comfortable and well-maintained. The hotel boasts a stylish interior and a cozy atmosphere that many found appealing.

Staff friendliness and courteous service also received high marks, contributing to an overall positive guest experience. The cleanliness of public spaces such as the lobby added to the pleasant environment. Visitors appreciated that despite a high number of guests, many rooms were described as very clean and beautifully furnished.

However, some areas for improvement were noted. A number of guests encountered issues with cleanliness, such as dusty furniture, stained carpets and occasional mold in the bathrooms. Issues with outdated or worn furnishings, such as peeling wallpaper and defective wardrobe doors, were also mentioned. Specific complaints included rooms that smelled damp, carpets with noticeable stains and inadequate cleaning in certain areas like bathtubs and around toilets.

While the housekeeping service was generally good, a few guests felt that it could be more thorough. Some reported that rooms were not cleaned daily, bins were not emptied and vacuuming was missed. Attention to detail in cleaning, such as removing cobwebs and cleaning fingerprints from surfaces, was suggested as an area that requires improvement.

Despite these critiques, the recurring theme of clean and comfortable rooms paints a generally positive picture, making it a worthwhile consideration for potential visitors.

Hotel Moers van der Valk is consistently praised for its warm and welcoming staff, who are described as friendly, helpful, attentive and professional. The reception team receives high marks for their courteous and efficient service with many guests highlighting the friendliness and professionalism of the check-in and check-out experiences. Restaurant staff are also noted for their attentive and friendly demeanor, especially towards families with children. Guests frequently commend the hotel for its excellent customer service and friendly atmosphere with several reviewers mentioning specific instances of kindness and attentiveness. While there are occasional mentions of less friendly or unprofessional interactions, these are significantly outnumbered by positive reviews. Overall, the staff at Hotel Moers van der Valk are a standout feature, contributing to a pleasant and accommodating stay for guests.

Hotel Moers van der Valk offers a variety of appealing features for travelers, starting with large, free self-parking and a charging station for electric vehicles. Its convenient location near the highway and proximity to the airport make it easily accessible. Guests appreciate the spacious rooms, big beds and the quiet, friendly neighborhood atmosphere.

The hotel excels in providing a quick and hassle-free check-in and check-out process and the staff is noted for their friendliness and politeness. The clean environment, panoramic views and amenities such as in-house ATMs further enhance the guest experience. The fresh food and good breakfast options add to the positive remarks about the hotel's facilities, which many have described as top-notch.

However, the WiFi appears to be a significant drawback. Many guests have reported weak, slow or entirely non-functional WiFi in the rooms, although some found a better connection closer to the lobby and reception area. Despite this shortcoming, the accessible location, affordable rates and overall comfort receive favorable mentions from those who stay at Hotel Moers van der Valk.

Hotel Moers van der Valk is a superb destination for families, offering a range of activities and amenities that cater to guests of all ages. The spacious family rooms are well-received, providing ample space for both short and longer stays. The hotel's family-friendly atmosphere is underscored by a warm and friendly ambiance, making it an ideal place for family reunions or gatherings.

Children are well-catered for with a big backyard and plenty of toys. A playground is available, ensuring youngsters have plenty of options to stay entertained. The hotel also features a swimming pool and a gym, adding to the variety of activities accessible to guests.

Nestled in a peaceful and relaxing environment, the hotel offers easy access to nearby parks and family-friendly shopping areas. The friendly neighborhood and especially accommodating staff further enhance the stay for families. The wide range of breakfast options ensures everyone starts their day well, adding to the overall comfort of the visit.

Despite the occasional issues such as noise from neighboring rooms or lapses in communication regarding family room bookings, the hotel largely succeeds in delivering a positive experience for families. Facilities like the modern and well-equipped bathrooms, cozy rooms and the convenient location—close to both family locations and the airport—make it a practical and enjoyable choice for family travel.

4 Star
Hotel Moers van der Valk presents itself as an appealing choice for travelers, showcasing a blend of modern elegance and homey comforts. Guests are warmly greeted upon arrival, contributing to the hotel's cozy atmosphere. The establishment features spacious rooms and modern bathrooms, adding to the comfort of the stay.

The dining experience at Hotel Moers van der Valk is notable with dinner often praised for its quality, complemented by a rich breakfast spread to start the day on a high note. The hotel's location is another plus, being conveniently close to shopping areas and equipped with an ATM for added convenience.

While guests generally appreciate the high standards of the facilities and services, describing the food as above average and the ambiance as high-class and stylish, some aspects still need improvement to fully uphold a four-star rating. Specific criticisms include the absence of a preemptive heating system and inconsistent efforts in enforcing health regulations. Additionally, some guests felt the breakfast service lacked the finesse expected at this level.

Despite these areas for improvement, the hotel frequently receives high marks for its overall quality, making it comparable to standard four-star establishments. Regular visitors attest to its enduring charm, ensuring it remains a special retreat for both business and leisure stays.

The Hotel Moers van der Valk stands out as a prime choice for business travelers, offering a range of facilities and services that cater specifically to their needs. The hotel’s location is highly practical for work-related visits, being close to key office locations, the train station and the city center.

Guests appreciate the well-equipped rooms that feature good desks and other amenities conducive to a productive stay. The hotel also offers extensive business facilities, making it an ideal venue for meetings and work-related events. Accessory services such as Copy Print capabilities and car charging stations further enhance the convenience for business guests.

Reception receives high marks for being friendly and efficient, ensuring a smooth check-in and check-out process. The presence of an ATM adds to the convenience. The hotel's atmosphere is described as friendly and comfortable, contributing to a positive business trip experience.

New and clean rooms complemented by a spacious, attractive environment make for a comfortable stay. The hotel also features a gym, catering to those who like to maintain their fitness routine while traveling. Additionally, the availability of fresh food enhances the overall experience.

In summary, Hotel Moers van der Valk is well-regarded for its accommodating service, practical location and comprehensive business amenities, making it a smart choice for any business traveler.

Hotel Moers van der Valk offers a mixed experience in terms of accessibility. On a positive note, the hotel is described as easily accessible by car and has bathrooms that are well-suited for individuals with disabilities, providing ample space. Its prime location makes it a convenient base for exploring attractions like Efteling.

However, several challenges exist for guests with mobility issues. The hotel lacks an outdoor elevator and some rooms are situated on the upper floor, necessitating a long walk and occasionally dealing with steps. The route to the entrance can be particularly tiring for wheelchair users. Furthermore, some showers are immovable and do not have individual hoses, which can be inconvenient. Despite these drawbacks, the hotel manages to cater to certain accessibility needs but falls short in some key areas.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Moers van der Valk is renowned for its exceptional dog-friendly facilities and services. The hotel excels in accommodating canine companions, making it an ideal destination for dog owners. Numerous reviews applaud the dog-friendly environment, noting that pets are not only accepted but warmly welcomed. The presence of many dogs around the property and minimal restrictions highlight the hotel's inclusive atmosphere for pets.

Guests particularly appreciate the convenient access to a nearby park, perfect for dog walks and the availability of dog-specific amenities. Rooms assigned specifically for dog owners are often located on the ground floor, offering direct exits for easy outdoor access. This thoughtful arrangement is frequently mentioned as a significant advantage.

While there might be a dog surcharge, it is seen as a minor inconvenience compared to the overall positive experience. The hotel's proximity to a large park and immediate outdoor accessibility contribute to its reputation as a top choice for travelers with dogs.

Despite occasional noise disturbances from other dogs, the overall consensus is that Hotel Moers van der Valk is outstanding for those traveling with pets, providing a comfortable and accommodating stay for both guests and their furry friends.

No, Hotel Moers van der Valk doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Moers van der Valk.

Yes, Hotel Moers van der Valk welcomes dogs. For more information, read the answers to the Dog Friendly questionnaire

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Moers van der Valk.

No, Hotel Moers van der Valk doesn't have a gym.

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