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Summary of reviewsCasarão Alpina is highly praised for its idyllic location, perched above Mucugê, providing guests with panoramic views and a tranquil escape surrounded by nature. The hotel's elevated position offers breathtaking views of beautiful mountain landscapes and ensures a pleasant climate, making it a perfect base for exploring nearby attractions, including waterfalls.

One of the standout features of Casarão Alpina is its breakfast, which garners overwhelmingly positive reviews for its variety and quality. The spread includes diverse options such as breads, juices, fruits, tapiocas, salmon and local dishes, all served by friendly and attentive staff in a scenic dining area. The dinner service also receives commendable feedback for its tasty and reasonably priced menu, despite occasional mentions of slow service and inconsistent dish quality.

The rooms at Casarão Alpina are spacious and comfortable, offering a cozy retreat after a day of exploration. Some rooms have been renovated and come with air conditioning and beautiful mountain views. However, many rooms retain an older structure and need urgent renovations and maintenance. Despite these issues, the room sizes and general comfort are favorable with clean bed linens changed daily.

Cleanliness at Casarão Alpina is another highlight with many guests noting the impeccable hygiene of the rooms and bathrooms. However, some issues with dusty conditions and maintenance problems have been noted, indicating the need for regular updates and improved room maintenance.

The hotel staff is frequently lauded for their kindness, politeness and attentiveness. Specific staff members are often highlighted for their exceptional service, contributing significantly to the welcoming atmosphere of the hotel. The staff's language skills and hospitality further enhance the guest experience.

Wi-Fi at Casarão Alpina is a notable issue with many guests reporting weak or non-existent signals in the rooms, though it functions better in the lobby area. The outdoor pool area also receives mixed feedback with some guests appreciating the clean pool and beautiful views, while others note the need for renovation and improvement in cleanliness.

Parking at the hotel is spacious and free, which is convenient for guests with vehicles. However, the parking area’s distance from the entrance and reception, along with issues during rainy weather and poor lighting, are areas needing improvement.

For families, Casarão Alpina offers a welcoming environment with activities for children and a peaceful ambiance, making it suitable for family vacations. Many families have enjoyed their stay, highlighting the hotel's comfort and friendliness.

Overall, Casarão Alpina offers a rewarding stay with stunning natural views, excellent dining options and a friendly and attentive staff, despite some areas needing improvement such as room renovations, Wi-Fi connectivity and pool maintenance.
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Room Types
Standard Apartment The apartment has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with a bath or a shower and free toiletries. This apartment features air conditioning, a minibar and a TV. The unit has 3 beds.

Apartment with Mountain View The apartment features 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with a bath or a shower and free toiletries. This apartment has air conditioning, a minibar and a TV. The unit offers 3 beds.

Superior Apartment with Mountain View The apartment has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with a bath or a shower and free toiletries. This apartment features air conditioning, a minibar, a TV and mountain views. The unit has 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Casarão Alpina enjoys an enviable location high above the center of Mucugê, providing guests with stunning panoramic views of the area, including a fantastic sunset and breathtaking mountain landscapes. The hotel is situated around 6-10 kilometers from downtown Mucugê, necessitating the use of a car for transportation. Despite this distance, guests find the location accessible via well-signposted roads with good conditions.

The hotel's seclusion offers a peaceful ambiance, making it ideal for those seeking privacy and a tranquil escape surrounded by natural beauty. It is also conveniently close to some waterfalls and various points of interest, making it a great base for exploring the region.

The hotel's elevated position ensures a delightful climate and a spectacular view of the Chapada Diamantina, making the stay here a visual treat. Guests consistently praise the beautiful scenery and landscapes visible from the hotel, including charming views of the plateau and the valley below.

Furthermore, the hotel's mountain location provides a pleasant atmosphere with an outdoor area perfect for watching the sunset. The hotel's structure, cleanliness, comfortable rooms and amenities—including an exceptional breakfast—also contribute to a highly positive guest experience.

In conclusion, Casarão Alpina's location offers a mix of convenience and seclusion with stunning natural views and easy access to Mucugê and its attractions.

The breakfast at Casarão Alpina receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests. Many describe it as excellent, very good and even exceptional. Guests appreciate the variety of options available, noting diverse, well-served spreads that include a range of breads, juices, fruits, tapiocas and other tasty dishes like salmon and "escondidinho." The breakfast is also praised for being abundant, tasty and offering something for everyone's taste. The service is commendable and many reviews mention the friendly and attentive staff in both the reception and the restaurant.

Several guests also highlight the panoramic views available during breakfast, enhancing their dining experience. While the majority of reviews are glowing, there are a few mentions of breakfast needing improvement or being unprotected from mosquitoes. Nonetheless, the general consensus is that the breakfast at Casarão Alpina is a highlight with descriptors such as delicious, top-notch, perfect and varied frequently appearing in guest feedback.

Casarão Alpina offers a commendable dining experience, particularly for their lunch and dinner services. Guests appreciate the excellent menu options available with many highlighting the tasty and delicious food served. The restaurant is noted for its quality meals and the reasonably priced dishes make it an attractive option for many.

Families with children will find the evening children's menu and the appetizing starters especially appealing. Despite occasional feedback about slow service, particularly during breakfast, the friendly and attentive staff often leave a positive impression. The restaurant's ambiance is enhanced by the pleasantly chilly evenings, making for a cozy dining experience.

On the downside, while many guests were satisfied with their meals, some noted inconsistent dish quality in the evening and flagged concerns about cleanliness. Nonetheless, the overall consensus suggests that Casarão Alpina’s restaurant offers a very good dining option during a stay with its strong points being the taste and variety of the food.

Casarão Alpina offers spacious rooms with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, ideal for relaxing after a day of exploration. Some rooms have been renovated and come equipped with air conditioning and boast beautiful mountain views. The beds are generally comfortable and bed linens are clean and changed daily. However, many rooms and bathrooms retain an old structure and need urgent renovations and maintenance, including outdated furniture, aging plumbing and insufficiently soundproofed doors.

The accommodations could use improvements in cleanliness and modernization, as some travelers have noted dusty conditions, stained linens and occasional issues with water temperature and availability. The absence of air conditioning can make the rooms uncomfortable in warmer weather. Additionally, some rooms suffer from outdated facilities like worn-out mattresses, antique furniture and subpar television reception. Despite these drawbacks, the room sizes are favorable, providing enough space for a comfortable stay. While the charm of the old-fashioned details might appeal to some, others might find a need for more modern amenities and upkeep.

Casarão Alpina receives mixed reviews regarding its beds with many guests praising the comfort and quality. Descriptions such as comfortable bed, very good mattress and new mattresses frequently appear in the feedback, indicating that some rooms provide a cozy and restful experience. Guests highlight the attentive housekeeping, noting that clean bed linen is changed daily, further enhancing the sense of comfort.

However, there are notable concerns. Some guests experienced discomfort due to old or flawed mattresses, causing back pain and impacting sleep quality. Reports of beds with two stacked mattresses and issues with bed linens, including old, stained or dirty sheets, were also mentioned. Additionally, there were comments on bed configurations that didn't meet expectations, such as single mattresses combined to create a larger bed.

While positive remarks about the beds at Casarão Alpina suggest a generally comfortable stay, there are inconsistencies that the management might need to address to enhance guest satisfaction comprehensively.

Casarão Alpina offers a serene getaway with its commendable structure that minimizes city noise and provides a clean environment recognized by many. Guests frequently appreciate the hotel's impeccable hygiene, highlighting the superb cleanliness of both rooms and bathrooms. The regular changing of clean bed linen further adds to the sense of pristine comfort. The hotel's common areas and furnishings also contribute positively to guest experiences.

However, there are several concerns that need addressing. Some guests pointed out issues with dusty rooms and maintenance problems, such as dirty walls and peeling paint in bathrooms. Additionally, there were occasional reports of inadequate cleaning services and instances of overlooked items from previous guests. The facility, characterized as old by some, can give an impression of uncleanliness despite its hygiene standards.

Overall, while the cleanliness and comfort of Casarão Alpina are often praised, it is clear that improvement in room maintenance and regular updates to the facility would enhance the guest experience.

The reviews for 'Casarão Alpina' are overwhelmingly positive when it comes to the staff, who are frequently described as kind, polite and attentive. Guests consistently mention the helpfulness and friendliness of the employees with many highlighting specific individuals like Pericles, Jaqueline, Henrique and Neto for exceptional service. The reception and restaurant staff receive high praises for their proactive and courteous attitude, providing great tips about tours in the region and ensuring a pleasant check-in experience.

The hotel's hospitality and the staff's ability to make guests feel well-received stand out, contributing to an inviting atmosphere. Additionally, the language skills of the staff, who speak multiple languages including English and Spanish, enhance the overall guest experience. The waiters, housekeeping staff and bartenders are also noted for their cheerful and efficient service.

While the staff's service is largely impeccable and seen as the hotel's greatest asset, a few reviews suggest the need for better training and organization among the team. Nonetheless, the exceptional customer service, professional demeanor and warm hospitality of the staff make 'Casarão Alpina' a recommended destination for travelers seeking a welcoming stay.

When considering a stay at Casarão Alpina, it's essential to take note of the Wi-Fi situation. Guests have found that the internet quality throughout the hotel is lacking, specifically in the rooms where the signal often doesn't work or is extremely weak. Commonly, the Wi-Fi only functions well in the lobby area, leaving those in their rooms with a poor or non-existent connection. Some guests have noted efficient and good Wi-Fi, but these instances seem to be the exception rather than the rule. The connection frequently fluctuates, is unstable and can slow down significantly during peak hours. Improvements are certainly needed to ensure a reliable internet experience throughout the hotel.

Casarão Alpina features an outdoor pool that often garners mixed feedback from guests. While some appreciate the very clean pool area and highlight the good swimming experience, others note that the pool is under renovation or maintenance, making it unavailable during their stay. Frequently, guests suggest the addition of a heating option for the pool or a jacuzzi. Despite the pool's need for refurbishment and occasional issues with cleanliness, the pool area boasts a magnificent view, particularly during the beautiful mountain sunsets, which adds an enchanting element to the overall experience.

Guests of Casarão Alpina have shared mixed experiences regarding the hotel's parking facilities. On a positive note, the parking area is praised for being spacious and free, which are significant conveniences for guests with vehicles.

However, there are some aspects that could benefit from improvement. Several reviews mention that the parking lot is situated a bit far from both the entrance and the reception, which might cause some inconvenience, especially when carrying luggage. The area can become muddy during rainy weather, complicating the embarking and disembarking process and there is no coverage to shield guests from the elements.

Some visitors have noted that the parking lot is located at the back of the hotel in a somewhat swampy area, which could be off-putting. Additionally, a few reviews highlight that the parking area is poorly lit, suggesting that a well-lit path to the reception would enhance the overall guest experience. Improvements in the parking area's condition and lighting would likely address many of the concerns raised by guests. Despite these challenges, the spaciousness and free access remain valued features of Casarão Alpina's parking facilities.

Casarão Alpina is a spacious and welcoming hotel that caters well to families with children. Despite some reviews noting that the family rooms can be tight, the property offers a variety of engaging activities for kids, such as a Spiderman-themed birthday surprise and a treasure hunt during Easter. The atmosphere is peaceful and family-friendly, making it suitable for groups such as school outings as well as individual families.

The team at Casarão Alpina is described as helpful and attentive, consistently ensuring that guests are well taken care of. Many families highlighted that their children absolutely loved the experience with everyone enjoying their stay. Comfortable, spacious rooms and a cozy family atmosphere enhance the overall impression and the acceptance of pets is an added bonus. The combination of these factors makes Casarão Alpina a great choice for a family vacation with the stunning view as a notable highlight.

Casarão Alpina offers several facilities and services beneficial for business travelers. The hotel is equipped with an efficient Wi-Fi connection, particularly helpful for business needs. The meeting room is well-lit, providing a conducive environment for business discussions. The staff demonstrates a preference for accommodating business stays, adding a layer of convenience for professional travelers.

Additionally, the hotel presents a good breakfast, boosting productivity for morning meetings. The spacious property allows for leisure activities and offers stunning sunset views, making it possible to unwind after a busy day. The culinary experience is enhanced with stone-cooked dishes, notably the salmon and "escondidinho," providing a delightful dining option.

However, the Wi-Fi connection in the rooms has issues, which can be a drawback. The bedrooms could benefit from better lighting and some amenities, like the old minibar, might require updates. Despite these minor inconveniences, Casarão Alpina generally stands out as a good option for business trips.

Outdoor Pool
The outdoor pool area at Casarão Alpina has received mixed feedback regarding its condition and amenities. Many reviewers have pointed out that the pool was closed for renovations during their stay, which left some guests disappointed. Additionally, there are comments about the pool area needing maintenance and the water being unclean at times. The pool, which is not heated, was also reported to look larger in promotional photos than in reality.

Despite these issues, the pool area is described as a spectacular outdoor space with some guests enjoying it even in mild weather. The attentive staff is knowledgeable about the region, adding to the positive experiences of the guests. Overall, while the pool area currently has some shortcomings, the potential for a great experience remains, especially after the necessary renovations and improvements are completed.

No, Casarão Alpina doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Casarão Alpina.

Yes, Casarão Alpina welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Casarão Alpina.

No, Casarão Alpina doesn't have a gym.

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