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Info A Westmeath hotel justifiably proud of its hospitality, entertainment, accommodation, good food and service.
Summary of reviewsThe Greville Arms Hotel in Mullingar is highly praised for its exceptional location, situated in the heart of town. This prime positioning allows guests to easily access shops, restaurants, bars and live music venues, making it a fantastic base for exploring Mullingar. The hotel's historical charm and cozy atmosphere further enhance its appeal. Proximity to the train station adds convenience for travelers.

The breakfast at the hotel is another highlight with many guests raving about its generous portions and delicious options. The buffet-style breakfast offers a great variety and is served in a charming atmosphere. The food is cooked to perfection, ensuring a hearty start to the day. Although there were occasional mentions of inconsistency in quality, most reviews were highly complimentary of the breakfast offerings and the attentive service.

Dinner at the Greville Arms Hotel also receives overwhelmingly positive feedback with guests appreciating the excellent food quality and variety. Both the bar and restaurant offer superb meals, from tasty pub grub to lovely carvery dinners. The bar food, in particular, stands out for its value and great menu. The atmosphere and stylish interiors add to the dining pleasure, making it a delightful part of the hotel experience.

Guest reviews of the rooms are mixed, though many agree that the rooms are consistently clean, comfortable and spacious. The comfort of the beds is frequently highlighted with some rooms described as exceptional. However, some guests found the décor dated and noted issues such as thin windows, occasional noise and lapses in cleanliness. Despite these drawbacks, the rooms are well-equipped with essential amenities and the staff's friendliness enhances the overall experience.

Cleanliness is a strong point for the Greville Arms Hotel with many guests commending the well-kept rooms and spotless bathrooms. While there are occasional lapses in maintenance, the hotel's clean and comfortable environment is generally appreciated. The staff's genuine friendliness and professionalism also enhance the overall guest experience.

The staff at the hotel are consistently described as friendly, welcoming and helpful. From reception to housekeeping, the team's attentiveness and exceptional service significantly contribute to a positive stay. Individual staff members, such as Karen and Leslie, receive particular praise for their warm demeanor and professionalism.

The WiFi at the hotel is a mixed bag; while some guests find it excellent, others report issues with connectivity and speed. Free WiFi is available, but its reliability can be inconsistent depending on the room's location.

Parking at the hotel receives both praise and criticism. Guests appreciate the free and secure private parking, although the limited number of spaces and tight car park can be challenging. The directions to the parking area can also be unclear for first-time visitors.

The hotel is notably family-friendly, offering spacious and clean rooms suitable for parents and children. The staff's accommodating nature and the child-friendly facilities ensure a comfortable stay for families. The hotel's beer garden provides a relaxed space for families to unwind together.

For those seeking vibrant nightlife, the hotel's location offers easy access to various bars and pubs with live music. However, the lively surroundings can lead to nighttime noise, which might be a concern for guests seeking a quieter stay.

Overall, the Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar is celebrated for its central location, excellent food, clean and comfortable rooms and friendly staff, making it a desirable choice for a range of visitors.
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Room Types
Double Room With a flat-screen TV, this en suite room also includes a work desk and tea/coffee making facilities.

Twin Room With a flat-screen TV, this en suite room also includes a work desk and tea/coffee making facilities.

Triple Room With a flat-screen TV, this en suite room also includes a work desk and tea/coffee making facilities.

Double and Single Bed Room With a flat-screen TV, this en suite room also includes a work desk and tea/coffee making facilities.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
The Greville Arms Hotel in Mullingar boasts a phenomenal location that consistently receives high praise from guests. Situated right in the center of town, the hotel provides unparalleled convenience with everything from shops and restaurants to bars and live music venues just a short walk away. Its prime position on the main street ensures that guests are in the heart of all the action, making it an ideal base for exploring the vibrant town.

Visitors appreciate the hotel's close proximity to the train station, making it easily accessible for travelers. The surrounding amenities and services add to the hotel's appeal, offering a seamless blend of convenience and entertainment. Guests have frequently noted the excellent and central positioning as a key factor in their enjoyable stays.

The hotel's historical charm and cozy atmosphere only enhance its appeal. Whether you’re in town for a night out, shopping or simply exploring Mullingar, the Greville Arms Hotel's fantastic location makes it a top choice for visitors looking for a central and vibrant place to stay.

Visitors to the Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar have generally positive impressions of the breakfast offerings. Many guests appreciate the generous and tasty nature of the meals with some describing it as amazing, superb and even the best they have had in a hotel. There is a consensus that the breakfast features a great variety of options, catering to all tastes and is served in a charming atmosphere. The buffet-style breakfast is often mentioned for its wide selection and plenty of servings, ensuring a filling start to the day.

Numerous guests highlighted that the food was cooked to perfection and that there were plenty of freshly prepared options available. The breakfast service received commendations for being prompt and delivered with a smile, adding to the positive dining experience. Many felt that the breakfast was of excellent value, rich and hearty with particular praise for the Irish breakfast and coffee.

Despite the overwhelmingly favorable reviews, there were occasional mentions of inconsistency in quality with some noting that the food wasn't always hot enough or that the serving times were a bit late for certain guests. However, these issues appear to be isolated as most reviews were highly complimentary of both the breakfast and the staff.

In summary, breakfast at the Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar is highly rated, offering a delightful and comprehensive spread that caters well to diverse preferences with excellent service and a pleasing atmosphere contributing to a memorable dining experience.

The dining experience at Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests. Patrons are particularly complimentary of the food quality, frequently describing it as excellent, superb and delicious. The hotel's various dining options, including the bar and restaurant, consistently serve great meals, from tasty pub grub to lovely carvery dinners. Guests appreciate the top-class, high-standard dishes and many note that the food is fantastic, both in the evening and at breakfast.

The bar food stands out for its excellence and value with highlights such as a well-rounded menu, great steaks and exceptional service. The restaurant is also highly praised for its reasonable prices and quick service, further enhancing the overall dining experience. Despite occasional delays in food service, staff promptly apologize and maintain a friendly and attentive atmosphere.

The hotel’s charming and unique character, along with good atmosphere and stylish interiors, also adds to the dining pleasure. Overall, whether enjoying a meal in the bar or the restaurant, guests can expect flavorful and well-prepared dishes, making dining at Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar a truly delightful part of their stay.

The guest reviews for Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar paint a varied picture of the hotel's rooms. Positively, numerous guests highlight that the rooms are consistently clean, comfortable and spacious. Many were pleased with the comfort of the beds and the overall cozy atmosphere of the rooms. Some specific rooms, like Room 108 and Room 102, were described as exceptional and divine respectively with amenities such as multiple USB ports and flat screen TVs making a notable impression.

However, several reviews noted that the décor is somewhat dated and in need of updating. While some rooms have been described as modern and well-maintained, others were found to be old-fashioned with worn-out furnishings and tired décor. Issues such as thin windows leading to a chilly atmosphere, unpleasant smells and occasional noise from the bar also detracted from the overall comfort for some guests. Notably, while rooms were generally clean, there were occasional reports of inadequate cleanliness and maintenance in certain areas, such as the bathroom.

Despite these drawbacks, the rooms were well-equipped with necessary amenities and in many cases, quite spacious. The presence of friendly and helpful staff added a positive note to the overall experience. For those who value historical charm and basic comfort, the Greville Arms Hotel offers a satisfactory stay, though those seeking modernity and meticulously updated environments might find certain areas lacking.

At the Greville Arms Hotel in Mullingar, guest reviews of the beds suggest a generally positive experience with a few notable exceptions. Many guests found the beds to be very comfortable with descriptions such as comfortable, extra wide, very spacious and great bedding being recurring themes. The beds are also praised for their cleanliness with bedding reportedly changed twice weekly and kept in good condition.

Guests remarked on the impressive level of comfort with some mentioning that they had a great night's sleep due to the quality of the mattresses and the quietness of the rooms. Reviews highlighted the coziness of the beds, often described as plush and comfy, making the rooms conducive to relaxation.

Despite these positive aspects, some guests noted issues with bed firmness, outdated mattresses and an occasional bed that was either too soft or too hard. There were isolated mentions of problems such as worn mattresses, beds dipping in the middle and even defective or broken beds. A few guests also reported discomfort related to saggy beds and double beds made of two single mattresses pushed together.

Overall, while many guests enjoyed a restful, comfortable stay thanks to the beds at Greville Arms Hotel, there are some inconsistencies that the management could address to improve guest satisfaction.

Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar offers a historic charm and cozy atmosphere that guests appreciate with the hotel's cleanliness being a frequent highlight. Many reviewers consistently note that the rooms are very clean, well-kept and equipped with all necessary amenities, creating a comfortable and inviting environment. The hotel's bathrooms, in particular, are often described as spotless and immaculate. The hotel's overall atmosphere is neat and clean, contributing to the pleasant experience.

However, some reviews suggest that while the hotel prides itself on its clean rooms and facilities, there are occasional lapses in cleanliness and maintenance. Issues like stained carpets, dirty windows and outdated bathrooms are mentioned, although these appear to be exceptions rather than the rule.

The staff at Greville Arms Hotel are commended for their genuine friendliness and professionalism, enhancing the overall value and experience for guests. Despite a few areas needing improvements, the hotel's clean, comfortable rooms and the charm of its historic ambiance make it a desirable choice for many visitors.

The reviews for the Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar frequently highlight the excellent quality of its staff. Guests noted that the staff are consistently described as friendly, welcoming and helpful. From the moment of arrival to check-out, the service remains exemplary with particular commendations for the reception staff, including individuals like Karen and Leslie, who were both praised for their warm and professional demeanor.

The hotel's waitstaff and housekeeping also received accolades for their attentiveness and exceptional service, contributing to an overall pleasant and efficient guest experience. Whether it was the receptionist carrying luggage, a young waiter ensuring meal satisfaction or staff helping de-ice a windscreen, the team’s proactive efforts did not go unnoticed. The staff's ability to handle requests with ease and their accommodating nature significantly enhanced the comfort and satisfaction of many visitors.

Despite a minor mention of rudeness from one breakfast staff member, the overwhelming consensus highlighted the staff as a definitive asset of the hotel, often described as second to none. The hotel’s warm, family-owned atmosphere and meticulous attention to detail in service further solidified the staff’s reputation for excellence.

In summary, the Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar is celebrated for its top-notch staff who bring friendliness, professionalism and remarkable attention to detail to every guest interaction, making stays both memorable and thoroughly enjoyable.

The WiFi experience at Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar varies considerably among guests. While some travelers praise the WiFi as excellent and strong, others report issues with connectivity and speed. Free WiFi is available, but it seems to be hit or miss depending on the room and location within the hotel. Several guests noted that the WiFi didn't work in their rooms, despite being assured by the hotel staff about its availability. There were also instances where the WiFi was notably slow or completely non-functional. Overall, while the hotel offers WiFi access, the reliability and performance of the connection appear inconsistent.

The parking situation at the Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar receives mixed feedback from guests. Many appreciate that the hotel offers private parking at the back, which is free and secure, a feature found to be particularly useful. The convenience of ample, well-managed parking close to the hotel is highlighted and guests also note the benefit of having guarded parking facilities.

However, some reviews point out challenges, such as the limited number of spaces, making parking difficult upon arrival. The car park, described as very small and tight, often fills up quickly and the directions to it can be unclear for first-time visitors. Although the off-street and secure parking is a bonus, its accessibility can sometimes be an issue.

Overall, while there is plenty of praise for the free and secure parking options, potential guests should be aware of the limited space and possibly challenging navigation upon arrival.

Set in the heart of Mullingar, the Greville Arms Hotel offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, particularly commendable for families traveling with children. The family-run establishment is known for its accommodating nature, making it easy for families to feel at home. Positive feedback highlights the hotel's family-friendly and child-friendly facilities that cater to both comfort and convenience.

Guests appreciate the spacious and clean family rooms, perfect for accommodating parents and kids. The hotel staff receive high praise for their friendliness and support, going above and beyond to assist with various family requests, including late check-out and help with local information.

Children are welcomed and can enjoy interesting decor and activities, ensuring they are entertained. The hotel’s beer garden also adds to the relaxed vibe where families can unwind together. Overall, the Greville Arms Hotel stands out for its excellent customer service and family-centric environment, making it a popular choice for family trips and celebrations.

The area around Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar offers a bustling nightlife scene, especially appealing for those looking for lively evening entertainment. Various bars and pubs in the vicinity frequently feature live music, especially on weekends, contributing to a vibrant and busy atmosphere. The hotel's own Ulysses Bar is noted for its fun and electric vibe, drawing guests looking for a lively night out. Entertainment options include live singers, late bars and even nightclubs, making it an ideal location for a party weekend.

However, the nighttime noise is something to consider, as several reviews highlighted issues with loud music and rowdy surroundings extending late into the night, which might not be suitable for those seeking a quieter stay. Despite this, the ambiance and atmosphere of the local bars and pubs are generally perceived as pleasant and enjoyable. The convenience of having nightlife within walking distance and not requiring taxis is a plus. For those not bothered by noise, the area offers a range of entertaining options, including concerts, dance parties and sporting events on big screens, making for a lively stay at Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar.

3 Star
The Greville Arms Hotel in Mullingar offers a charming and historic atmosphere, garnering praise for its lovely family feel and excellent staff. While it is not a five-star establishment, it meets expectations with its clean environment and good value for money. The hotel has undergone some refurbishments, yet the decor remains dated, giving it an old-fashioned, antique charm. This unique style is a blend of quirky Anglo-Saxon elements and a comfortable old-world feel.

Despite the furniture and bathroom facilities showing signs of age, the overall condition of rooms still provides a comfortable stay. Meals are considered to be good value, adding to the fair service for their price point. Although the general consensus is that the hotel needs updating and modernizing, it still offers a decent experience for those seeking an affordable, historically enriched stay. For a three-star rating, it performs well, surpassing some guest expectations.

Greville Arms Hotel in Mullingar stands out as a practical choice for business travelers. The hotel provides accessible facilities that are well-suited for shipping needs and has garnered positive remarks for its good internet service, essential for any commercial stay. The efficient staff ensures a smooth check-in process, adding to the convenience for guests on tight schedules. Furthermore, the hotel is recognized for being good for business stays, offering affordable prices and suitable workspaces. However, some guests noted challenges with the car park's accessibility, which could be improved. Overall, Greville Arms Hotel delivers essential amenities and efficient services conducive to business travel.

The reviews for Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar highlight significant challenges for guests with disabilities or mobility issues. One of the most frequently mentioned drawbacks is the complete absence of an elevator or lift, making it difficult for those who struggle with stairs or have knee and hip problems. Additionally, there are 43 stairs to reach the first floor and multiple reviews report issues with the steepness and number of stairs. Though there are hints at some level of assistance, such as a porter available on request and the hotel's car park being accessible, the overall lack of lifts makes the hotel largely unsuitable for disabled guests and those with significant mobility limitations. Only one room features a walk-in shower, further limiting options for guests needing accessible facilities. Thus, while the hotel may offer a traditional ambiance, it falls notably short in terms of ease of access for people with disabilities.

No, Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar.

No, Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar.

No, Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar doesn't have a gym.

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