Naantali Spa Hotel
Hotel in Naantali
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From $166
Hotel with SpaSummary of reviews related to the 'Spa' categoryThe spa at Naantali Spa Hotel has received mixed reviews with some guests mentioning that it could use more renovations and water therapy options. However, many guests have enjoyed the spa, finding it relaxing and peaceful. The pool and sauna options have been praised by some, while others have found the segregated saunas to be odd. Overall, the spa is described as nice and decent with a lovely outdoor area as well. Families have appreciated the generous pool hours and kid-friendly amenities. However, some guests found the spa area to be too small for a hotel that bills itself as a spa hotel. Despite some criticisms, many guests have enjoyed their spa experience and found it to be a great addition to their leisurely stay at Naantali Spa Hotel.
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Holiday Club Naantali Residence
Resort in Naantali
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Ruissalo Spa Hotel 4.3 mi from Naantali
Hotel in Turku
From $116
From $116
Hotel with SpaSummary of reviews related to the 'Spa' categoryGuests have mixed opinions about the spa at Ruissalo Spa Hotel. Some enjoyed the spa, describing it as good and clean, while others found it outdated and in need of renovation. The pool area was described as small and minimalist, although some enjoyed the atmosphere. Water temperature in the pools was a common complaint with most finding it too cold. The spa also offered virtual water aerobics and a massage service, which guests found enjoyable. However, several guests expressed concerns about cleanliness and hygiene standards with some pointing out that slippers were not always changed after one-time use. Despite these criticisms, some guests appreciated the spa's tranquil environment and cozy bathrobes and slippers.
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Holiday Club Turun Caribia 9.9 mi from Naantali
Hotel in Turku
From $103
From $103
Hotel with SpaSummary of reviews related to the 'Spa' categoryThe Holiday Club Turun Caribia hotel offers a spa experience that is both relaxing and refreshing, according to guest reviews. While some guests note that the spa could use some improvements - such as the outdoor pool being unavailable and occasional delays in drink service - others praise the spa's size and variety of services. The spa staff is described as friendly and knowledgeable and some guests commend specific treatments like the foot massages. Overall, guests seem to appreciate the spa despite some minor issues with many describing it as a nice or pleasant addition to their stay.
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Hotel Stallbacken Nagu 20.0 mi from Naantali
Hotel in Nauvo
Very Good
From $122
From $122
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